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REALTORS速 Making A Difference in Lincoln

Left to Right: Elinor Lane, Nicole Jensen, Judy Sasek, Dennis Mehrhoff, Home owners Delores and LaVerne Renz , Liz Bruce, Diana Schilf, Midge Pace, Les Hubert, Londi Rutan, Sharon Wulf. Not Pictured: Gloria Aron, Mary Artz, Jennifer Schuller.

The REALTORS速 Association of Lincoln, along with several local businesses across the city, teamed up to lend a hand in keeping Lincoln homes looking their best, August 13, 2011. Through the annual, city-wide Paint-A-Thon, the RAL team was responsible for giving a fresh coat of paint to one of the many homes selected for the community project. Lincoln Paint-A-Thon takes place every August and is a community partnership designed to paint the homes of elderly and disabled homeowners who are unable to do the work themselves and cannot afford to hire a commercial painter to do the work for them. Provided by the REALTORS速

Association of Lincoln

Realtors® Making a Difference in Lincoln Jeanne Cuda is hitting it out of the park for disabled youth of Lincoln

Jeanne Cuda, an Associate Broker at Woods Bros. Realty with thirty-three years of real estate experience, is doing her part to serve the Lincoln community as co-organizer of the 2009 Salt Dogs junior baseball league, Homer’s Heroes. Six local Optimist Clubs organize the summer program that started in 1992. The program was created to provide an outlet for boys and girls with wide ranging disabilities to experience the fun and emotional development of participating in a team sport. The 2009 season has 96 children participating, playing at 9:30 a.m. every Saturday between June 6th and July 18th at Lewis fields. The game is not played by the standard rules of baseball; no score is kept and each player is given the same number of opportunities to bat. Safety is the organization’s number one concern, assigning “buddies,” or volunteers, to assist each child in running bases, catching the ball and batting. Cuda, active for several years with the Sunrise Optimists, has been assisting in the program since its early beginning when

she was asked to help coach. Her first thought being, “but I have no athletic skills!” After that first season Cuda quickly saw that Homer’s Heroes was about much more than the art of baseball and says the best part of the program is, “being able to see the children laugh, smile and go home really happy after they have been able to play ball like other kids.” As co-coordinator of the program, Cuda has no problems finding volunteers to help with the league. People from all around the community offer their help and keep coming back year after year. “It’s contagious once you see how happy it makes the children.” Cuda thinks that this is one of many reasons that make living in the Lincoln community so wonderful. “As REALTORS® it is our job to also sell the community, telling our potential home buyers how great a place this is to live. Homer’s Heroes is a true example of what we’re talking about.”

Provided by the REALTORS® Association of Lincoln

Water Worries: Signs To Look For With Drainage Problems With all the rain this season, many of us may be dealing with more water than we know what to do with on our property. It’s important to take time to check problem areas around your house early, which could end up saving you thousands in the end. 1. Overflowing Gutters

If you have water spilling over in your gutters it’s likely you have debris blocking the flow and causing the spill-over. Other signs may be paint peeling in vertical strips or mud on your siding. If left, problem gutters can cause rotted siding and destroyed paint jobs. In the worst cases it can cause structural damage. Make sure your gutters are clear each year to prevent back-up.

2. Moving Mulch

When your property isn’t draining properly rain may run-off in sheets, carving out unwanted paths in your landscape and spilling onto the sidewalks and driveways. Hiring a landscaper to create a simple berm to reroute water flow away from the house could save you thousands.

3. Dumping Downspouts

Large amounts of water in a short amount of time can really put your downspouts to work. Just one inch of rain fall on a 1,000 square feet house creates more than 600 gallons of excess run off! That’s enough to fill 10 overflowing bathtubs! That much water that close to your home’s foundation can send it right to the basement. In order to prevent unwanted water indoors, add gutter extensions to carry water at least five feet away from the house.

4. Foundation Cracks

Small, hair-line cracks are purely cosmetic. Larger, wider cracks may spell trouble. Not always, but it’s important to see how deep it goes and if it’s growing. If it is growing, it’s best to seek a professional opinion from a structural engineer to assess the problem and suggest a plan of action. Remember! Information provided cannot be assumed accurate for your particular drainage problem. If you are unsure of the level of damage to your home, always seek a professional’s opinion.

Provided by the REALTORS® Association of Lincoln


Articles written by Elinor K. Lane


Articles written by Elinor K. Lane