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Welcome! 6th National Selection Conference of EYP Cyprus


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editorial Hello, and welcome to the session. We imagine that today will be a lot to take in. The media team has prepared this little booklet to share both impressions and some perhaps useful information to get you through the next few days. Our main recommendation to you would be to keep an open mind throughout the session, and to socialize as much as you can. With the session’s theme focusing on strengthening European ties through solidarity, we suggest you approach this as an opportunity to meet people you otherwise would not unless you found yourself in this position. As a press team, we hope to produce a newspaper that you can use both as a reference and a memory. Expect updates on the happenings of the session, and reports on current European issues. Have a good time, Elina & Teresa


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contents What is EYP?


Session Structure


Story Time


Work hard, play harder



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what is EYP? Welcome to the 6th National Session of Cyprus! As former delegates, it is an honour to give you some information on how it all started and tips about the procedure. It all started in 1987, in the cold mountains of Fontainebleau in France, as a school project. Twenty-five years have passed since then, with the simmering flame of EYP spirit growing into a great blaze with time. This translated into the growth of EYP as an international, non-profit organization with the basic goal of providing youngsters with a


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The pre-selection day has already given you some insight as to what to expect at this session. Here is a closer look at the organisation on a national and international level.

platform for learning, sharing ideas and getting to know each other and each others’ cultures. This goal has been achieved and the family has grown to 36 European associations and organisations. Events are organised on two levels: National sessions, where as the name indicates each nation’s students come together for a session, and international sessions, where delegates from all over Europe gather for a session of the same format but on a grander scale. The first step for a delegate towards

attending a session in Cyprus is the PreSelection Day taking place in April. Here, as you already know, each committee is formed by one school delegation. The jury selects the schools to attend the Annual National Session, which is held between the end of August and the beginning of September. At the National Session school delegations are divided into different committees, in which they work throughout the entire process. After that the independent jury selects the three delegations to attend each of the three International Sessions

taking place throughout Europe each year. Cypriot students have been attending international events since 1990 with the first Cypriot national event taking place in 2006. It is organised by the national committee, elected at the Annual General Meeting which takes place every December. Each session is made up of three main parts: teambuilding (bonding experience), committee work

towards a resolution that represents each committee and the General Assembly (GA). The resolution formed during committee work is then discussed in the GA where ideas are presented and thoughts are discussed. The whole experience is not only rewarding from an educational aspect, where delegates can learn valuable life skills such as debating and researching. It is also

a bonding experience with people from all over Europe, while having fun! You know that by being a member of EYP you can have close friends in almost any European state.

by Christiana Karamalli & Mark Merkouris


issue 0 Observing EYP with the benefit of hindsight, the picture drawn up reveals the basic framework that forges and constitutes a session. Indeed, one can easily picture a monument in construction gradually building up and progressing towards the

session structure An explanation of exactly

how the cookie crumbles.

top. A constant work in progress where each brick, each person, participates in cementing the whole. However, a house in order to erect itself and to avoid any potential deterioration and eventual collapse requires a foundation. During a session, a pattern is used as a means of cautiously structuring how the session unfolds,


issue 0 followed in order to create a special environment satisfying the needs of the participants. This is achieved through providing entertainment alongside work and brainstorming. At first one may find the way the days are planned out rather disconcerting since EYP represents a new experience, a fresh start. Thus, keeping in mind that moving towards a General Assembly rich in visionary and stimulating ideas demands hard work completed progressively through team work, a quick insight on the 3 pillars of an EYP session will broaden your view on what to expect. Pillar number one, entitled TEAMBUILDING, is at the heart of everything associated with EYP. Whether it is used during CommitteeWork, coffee breaks or the General Assembly, teambuilding sparks up at any given moment, infiltrating everything. Sticking to the obvious, teambuilding implies

creating a team spirit which will strongly bind the individuals that constitute the group, ultimately giving birth to a TEAM. Whether it be with energizers, songs, thinking games and so forth, the team is rallied under common values such as respect, tolerance and listening; and common goals such as bonne entente, friendship and of course the success of their resolution. Indeed, all these aspects brought up and established through teambuilding are considered EYP milestones, crucial for a session to unfold safely and in the most enjoyable way. Second in line comes COMMITTEE WORK – another set of scaffolding which serves to heighten the ”EYPbuilding”, essential in making it fully accomplished. For two straight days, minds will be shaken and activated; inconflict and in agreement. Given the tension

roused and the quarrels that are likely to be triggered, the process is difficult, tiring and demanding. It is however full of potential and highly stimulating. COMMITTEE WORK provides each individual with the opportunity to stand out and voice his or her thoughts. It is a platform for free expression representing an exchange with people that think differently and eventually the chance to learn from their differing standpoints. This melting pot of bubbling ideas allows the TEAM to achieve their target – draft their resolution – nurturing it with fruitful debating prior to the upcoming General Assembly. The last, but not the least, pillar, the GENERAL ASSEMBLY culminates on the 2nd September. Marking the end of intense committee work and opening the floor to heated debates, the GA gives each committee

the chance to defend their resolution wholeheartedly. Chaired by the President of the session with the close assistance of the board, the GA models after the European Parliament assemblies during which speeches and open debate take place. This serves the purpose of creating an impetus favourable to the free flow of thoughts and exchange which constitues the core of GA. Ultimately, one can see how EYP mirrors and re-enacts Europe’s diversity in culture and in thinking. A GA demonstrates the commonly-known “united in diversity” throughout this intercultural commotion from which a genuine sense of European spirit, of belonging. emerges.

by Marie Poupinel


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story time

... and the reasons why we keep coming back

by Anastasia Liopetriti & Laia Silva

When we start thinking about past EYP sessions, lots of stories come to our minds. Here, we want to go back to the beginning to describe our very first impressions of EYP.

fool-of-yourself games. I was telling myself that it was probably a waste of time. Three years later, here I am, writing about the best thing that has happened in my life.

I was the shiest person in the world and even though I met wonderful people, I cannot say they were my friends back then. I was not open enough, but while ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon was playing at the Closing Ceremony and I saw every participant crying, I felt that something was not right with me. So I took the challenge to involve myself in all the future sessions I would attend. This led to so many stories that now it is hard to tell which one is the best. - Laia

We both agreed that what we love about EYP is single moments. It gives you moments that you’ll always treasure. Like the one time when I met some guys from Portugal during the 1st Interregional

I remember myself being absolutely bored while waiting for the check-in at my first EYP session as a delegate. There were people rushing everywhere, unfamiliar faces and silly, totally-make-a-

Youth Forum in Graz, Austria back in 2010 and some weeks ago I met them again after two whole years! It is the friendships that you keep. - Anastasia Or for example the happiest moment of my life was during the day off in the Extraordinary International Session in Lillehammer, when we went to the mountains o sled. “Best way of relaxing after committee work ever.” You can forget all your stress while sliding down the hill with all

your fellow committee friends. - Laia EYP stirs various kinds of feelings in all of us. In only a few days, as a result of hard team work, lasting connections are formed. This is something we would like to thank EYP for. You spend four days with complete strangers that turn out to be some of your best friends when the last day of the session comes and you have to say goodbye. It is one of the toughest moments in EYP. But of course you always meet the friends you made during the session again, and that is the best part of it. No matter how many things we say or how many words we write, the real magic of EYP cannot be understood unless experienced. So our best advice is this: live in the moment during the session and be prepared for some of the most valuable experiences of your life!


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work hard, play harder Stamina will be the key to make the best of both aspects of the session No need to worry delegates - EYP is not just all work and no play. Within these four days we can guarantee that you will attend the best parties and have the most fun you have had in a long time. From expressing your talents to dressing like a complete lunatic, EYP will provide you with the opportunity to let your hair down. The organisers have filled up your days with wonderful events that will take

your mind off the hard work, so strap yourselves in and get ready for the ride of a lifetime. It is safe to say that at EYP having fun is a tradition. A key element of every session is the Euroconcert, also known as Europe’s Got Talent. No matter which special talent you have, anything from playing an instrument to crazy dance moves is allowed. This will be your

time to take the stage! The Euroconcert brings together the talented young performers with the audience generating a wonderful atmosphere. We remember from our time as delegates that by the end of the concert, all the delegates and the officials ended up singing together. Sharing is the fundamental principle of EYP and the Euro concert provides a platform for young EYPers like you to demonstrate

their skills. Another event we enjoy greatly is one that brings out the best and worst in people - the theme party. This is by far one of the greatest events in EYP as it is not just a party but one with a motto. Judging from previous years, the theme party is definitely the most exhilarating and enjoyable of all the evening events. No matter how ridiculous you dress, you

will always be accepted in this crowd. With this year’s theme being Hard Rock, we are sure it will be very interesting to see what you will all come up with. For all of you who do not have a costume yet, pick something random and accessorize like crazy to make it rock! The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple are what we are looking to find. Trust us in saying that this will be an unforgettable experience.

At EYP you will have the chance to take part in some amazing events which you will remember for a long time. After all your hard work we cannot wait for the fun to begin but do not forget that it is up to you to use this opportunity to the fullest.

by Joune Kawas & Rifat Koseoglu



Hard Rock - but no CafĂŠ Dress up and let loose

If you have never seen the great rock legends of our days from up close, this is your day. Not only will there be a chance to go autograph hunting with the most hardcore musicians of all time, but you yourself will be able to reach for the stars and morph into one of them. All your teenage dreams will come true tonight when we slip on leather skirts and studded jackets. So put on your hard rock outfit and let your hair down for a night full of sentimental classics and outrageous partying, tonight at the 6th NSC of EYP Cyprus.

EYP‘s Got Talent A night of superlatives

On September 1st, Mariah Carey and Elton John will go green with envy when our very own EYP talents take the stage. Expect a night of acoustic and visual pleasures, bursting with talent. Anything, from touching instrumental pieces to comedic acting is in store for you. The best part? The artists are your committee members and friends. So watch them give their best and scream your heart out from the audience when they perform, or join them on stage to show off YOUR talent.





Welcome Issue - 6th National Session of EYP Cyprus 2012  
Welcome Issue - 6th National Session of EYP Cyprus 2012  

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