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Elina's Edition I

My name is Elina Hsueh and I am a sophomore at Holmdel High School. Currently, this is my second year in Key Club and I am very honored and proud to be able to serve as the Lieutenant Governor of Division 9 in the year of 2013-2014. I believe and know that I am fully ready to take on this great role to serve my home, school, and community. When I walked into my first meeting last year as a general member in my high school, I became instantly intrigued with this club. Everything from the members’ excitement to the fun agenda of the next year really interested me. As the year progressed and I attended more and more events and learned more and more of the club, I was sure that this was something I wanted to continue throughout the next couple years. Thus, when I heard of the Lieutenant Governor position, I knew that I wanted to fulfill this position immediately. Besides joining the Key Club, I also play on the tennis team, participate in my school’s band, and dance. I am the Head of sponsorship for FASCA and the Marketing Leader for Teach-tolearn. These activities have given me so much joy in the past coming years, but Key Club has opened a new door for me. As Lieutenant Governor, my goals are to: • • • • • • • • •

Connect and form deep bonds with all the clubs in my division Have close relations with my Kiwanis family Attend many district events Organize and attend many divisional events Increase the number of participants for Fall Rally and DCON Support clubs and help them when they have troubles Increase the awareness of helping others Fundraise for the Eliminate Project Serve my home, school, and community I hope to achieve these goals next year with the honoring help of the Kiwanis organizations, the District Board, and my divisional clubs. I will strive to make the next coming year a fun and exciting one. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please contact me at Thank you for your time. Yours in caring service,

Elina Hsueh

UNICEF Article Hamiyyet Bilgi UNICEF is one of the three preferred charities of Key Club International. It is the only organization of the United Nations that focuses specifically on children. UNICEF shares the Kiwanis family’s universal dedication to children and service by providing extensive resources and leadership to help eliminate Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD) permanently. Over the years Key Club has been an adamant supporter of UNICEF. Since 1994 Key Club has raised almost $5 million to contribute to the elimination of Iodine Deficiency Disorder. Currently, Key Club and the rest of the Kiwanis family are working with UNICEF for the Eliminate Project. The Eliminate Project is a global campaign to raise money to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus off of the face of the planet. Tetanus is a deadly disease that comes from spores in the dirt. During unsafe birthing routines, these spores have the potential to enter the mother and baby’s body causing infection. The first few hours of the baby’s life is filled with excruciating pain and sensitivity to even a mother’s touch. The goal is to raise $110 million by 2015. The most popular way Key Clubbers work with UNICEF is in fall with Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. Every October during the Halloween season Key Clubbers collect loose change instead of candy when they go Trick-or-Treat. Some even establish competition to see who can raise the most money! Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF can even take place during school hours in the cafeteria or in the hallways passing by, so always have your little box on you! Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF although the most popular is not the only way to raise money for UNICEF. Clubs can implement their own ideas to raise funds for such a great cause!

My ICON Experience The easiest way to explain ICON is to call it DCON times ten but it’s so much more than that. Think of all the key clubbers at DCON in one room and multiple that by ten and you’ll just be describing the meet and greet. Our chants were deafening; the movement and shuffling of a thousand feet dizzying but it’s with your key club family, the nicest people on Earth. You’ll meet so many people and trade so many pins! It’ll be worth your time. Even the bus ride there was a beautiful thing despite meeting in the rain and having the bus be more than an hour and half late. Charisma and the art of jokes is what key clubbers excel at! Oh! If you ever decide to come to ICON, never fall asleep on the bus ride or your drooling knocked-out-cold face will end up in someone’s camera. Don’t worry you’ll have plenty of people to talk too! The tour was also no joke. Washington D.C is the best place to be July 4th. This fireworks show was something that can’t happen anywhere else in the world. You know when a fireworks show wraps up to an end they have a “climax” where they bring all the leftover fireworks out. In DC, that happened every other minute and this firework show’s “climax” sounded like bombs were going off in the distance continuously for a good five minutes. We also got to visit the Capitol building, a spy museum, memorials left and right, and our choice of Smithsonian museums. Now when it comes to workshops, ICON has some of the most fun and most informative workshops ever. Taught by trustees and even the international president, they know how to engage an audience and arm you will all the tools you’ll ever need. And if workshops aren’t your thing, the dances won’t disappoint. And if you don’t like any of those things, well we’re New Jersey so getting random rounds of applause for all our awards are quite satisfying. For my first ICON, it exceeded expectations and I will definitely come back next year. So if you can’t make it this year, don’t you dare miss it next year in Anaheim, California! Disneyland here I come! By Eric Zhu

Officer Training Conferences (All located in Panera Bread in Middletown -->776 Rte 35 Middletown, NJ 07748) •

August 4 --> Marlboro (10-11 am) --> Matawan Regional (11-12 am) --> Raritan (12-1 pm)

August 11--> Keyport (10-11 am) --> Keansburg (11-12 am) --> St. John Vianney (12-1 pm)

You can bring a notebook, pen/pencil, and some money for brunch/lunch. If there is any conflict with the dates, please contact me. 732-241-4166


(From Left to Right) 1. Yuya Ong-District Webmaster

2. Kelly Tran-District Secretary 3. Ryan Clarkin-District Governor 4. Penny Xu-District Treasurer 5. Pak Chau-District Editor

Elina's Edition Volume 1, Issue 1  

Key Club, New Jersey, Div 9