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OUTREACH Issue 21 | Jul - Sept 10

The Official Elim International Missions Magazine

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CHRIS JONES The theme for this edition of Outreach is ‘positives’ and I am particularly pleased as this gives us the opportunity to celebrate the many incredible people we have on the mission field and to give thanks for what is happening across the world. It’s important to ‘accentuate the positives’ as so often these can easily be overtaken by the latest challenge or the next problem faced.

There are those who have laid down their lives, and in Elim’s past we remember this*, but as we celebrate the positives and the incredible things that are happening for the Kingdom, let us also remember our people in prayer who daily run the risk of laying down their lives for Christ.

As it thought on this my mind wandered over the wide range of exciting things that are happening, from India to Europe, from Africa to the Amazon; stories that need to be heard that are exciting, life changing and seeing the Kingdom come, stories that tell of the goodness and provision of God and so much more!

God bless you.

Then this past week I was in Honduras with some of our young and upcoming ministers (you can read the story more fully on page 15) when the team, along with one of our missionaries and folks from the local Elim Church, were robbed at gun point. I thought of the many amazing caveats that came from this incident, one being the total disbelief of the local community that no one was killed. As a consequence of this incident many things impacted me afresh. Most poignantly the number of our missionaries who live in difficult situations, where their lives are in danger, and those who may not live daily with the risk of losing their lives, but who nevertheless face the very real prospect of persecution. These people are heroes and heroines who are doing an amazing job at the sharp end. The other thing that impacted me is the very real sense of the covering of prayer. Whilst in the ‘valley of the shadow of death’ the team in Honduras felt they were being prayed for.

* You can read more about Vumba on the Resources > Downloads section of our wesite

Chris Jones Elim International Missions

in Macedonia

Part of our desire in Lifelink is to encourage women into all things mission and one way of doing this is to actually experience mission by going on one of our Lifelink Team visit


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ACCENUATING THE POSITIVE Read a summary of some of the amazing things that God is doing through the workers and ministries of Elim International Missions.


by sophie lavery

Recently I was away on a mission trip and could feel that towards the end of the trip something had changed in me. Sometimes when we do something differently or experience a different culture we see life through different eyes. As a Christian I know I’m called to love others, to give to the poor and so on, yet to go with missionaries to local grocery stores and invite people to church, and then take those groceries to the poorest families, is an expression of love I will never forget. As Christians it is in our DNA to be people that preach and teach through our heart, head and our hands - threeway action. We shouldn’t be labelled as Christians for the things that we don’t do or the things we have chosen to give up. It is important that we are known by what we do get involved with, by our actions, by what we speak up for; and that through that the message of God’s love is communicated to our broken world.

04 OUTREACH | Jul - Sept 2010

One of the fascinating things I find about being a Christian is how much you can be blessed as you bless others. It is overwhelming to think that God is always planning the best for me and for you. It’s simple really, yet for some reason we can, if we let ourselves, lose sight of what God has called us to do. When Jesus tells us that he is the true vine and that we are the fruitful branches, you can grasp that we need to remain in God in order to be fruitful. Yet the challenge is to always be that way, and ensure that we bear lasting fruit.

I sit here today as a challenged Christian. What will people remember me for? How can I make an impact? Several years ago a youth leader told me that it was time to be the same person at home that I was overseas. I don’t want to keep telling myself that people are more open to church overseas and make myself feel better for not inviting my local hairdresser or shop keeper to hear about Jesus. I feel more challenged to get to know the locals, know the town where I live and to have something suitable to invite them to. We need to be prepared to tear down the walls of our churches and open them up to the lost no matter what country we are in.

“If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15: 5b I am challenged to not rely on the next experience to inspire and motivate me, but to daily consider how I can actively take part in sharing God’s love and communicating His heart for the lost and the poor. Let us not be Christians that are noticed for what we don’t do, but for what we do do. Sophie is married to Jamie and they have just moved to begin pastoring in Hoddesdon.

It’s all change in the Missions Department! Sophie left us on 13th May as she and Jamie went to take up the pastorate at the Elim church in Hoddesdon. We will miss her at Malvern, but we are not losing her completely as she will be continuing to work remotely for Elim Missions for five hours a week, particularly to help with Lifelink administration. We were delighted to welcome Christina Barron on 26th April. Christina has taken over from Sophie and is settling in well. So our Missions Team is now:

Chris | International Missions Director Kathy | Personal Assistant to Chris Paul | Missions Development Director John | Missions Design and Promotions Dan | Missions Finance Christina | Missions Administration Mandy | Missions Applications and Teams Sophie | Missions Lifelink Administration

On 18th April my wife Siobhan gave birth to our baby boy, Elijah Philip who weighed in at a mighty 9lbs 12 oz! We already have a two year old daughter, Niamh, who adds such richness to my life and Elijah has now added to that. I feel like I am having the best time of my life so far and God’s blessing on us as a family is just amazing and gives me such a positive view of the future.”

I’m really excited to have joined the Elim Missions Team this April and can’t wait to get stuck in. I feel overloaded with information but I love that it shows how much work is going on across the globe. I’m thrilled by the stories of transformation that I’ve heard already and I’m looking forward to being part of many more to come.

OUTREACH | Jul - Sept 2010

Many UK organisations working overseas are excellent at social action; feeding the hungry, educating children, providing homes; setting up micro businesses and much more. In fact we acknowledge that many organisations are far better placed for such social action that we can ever hope to be at Elim Missions. But whilst we recognise that caring for people physically and emotionally is incredibly important and something we need to do, alongside this Elim Missions can offer so much more, we can introduce people to Jesus and He can meet all their spiritual needs. Praise God that at the core of absolutely everything we do is the desire to bring people to a personal knowledge of Jesus as Saviour and Lord. That’s what it’s all about, that’s what we exist for, that’s what we strive to do. Pray with us that His name will be glorified and His kingdom extended through everything we do.




by john m

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I recently heard a talk given by Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, a non-profit Foundation that exists to bring a global encyclopaedia via the web. Jimmy said that over the next 5-10 years there is an expected 1 billion people who will go ‘online’, and the majority of these people will be in the developing world, most of them using a mobile device to access the web. This is a challenge for the Church. A challenge to not fear what this shift in modern technology may mean but instead to acknowledge that in an ever-changing world the Church needs to step out and meet with the world. From the very beginning the Church has used various media such as letters, liturgy and art to spread its message. The advantage of the new media is that it enables the Church to do the same but much faster, across larger distances and to a potentially much bigger audience. I am sure we can all see that this instant society is not always a positive thing but it is the nature of our world.

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06 OUTREACH | Jul - Sept 2010

There seems to be a lot of talk about ‘social media’ and churches even talking of employing ‘Social Media Pastors’... so what is all the fuss about? Social networks are rapidly growing in popularity and used by all ages in society. They include sites like facebook, MySpace and Bebo. For individuals, social networking sites provide potential opportunities for staying in touch with friends and family.

WHAT ABOUT MISSIONS? It was reported that in the US in 2009 one out of every eight married couples met via social networks. Sites such as Twitter are used in unprecedented ways; for example the 2009 Iranian elections. In May 2010 the BBC website reported that “British web users are spending 65% more time online than three years ago... the average surfer spends 22 hours and 15 minutes on the net each month.” The largest percentage of that time, the report stated, is spent on social networking and blog sites. We live in an age when connecting and communicating with people across our world has never been easier. The ‘ends of the earth’ is a reality! Not only are these sites a great tool for communicating and resourcing the Church they also have the potential to raise up the next generation of missionaries and, who knows... may even be tools that are used to extend the Kingdom.

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At Elim Missions we are seeking to connect and communicate with those who are part of these social networks and use the web. We are seeking to resources, communicate and dialogue through our website, Facebook and Twitter pages. We shouldn’t be afraid of this technology, we need to use it to reach people as never before with the age-old, unchanging message of Jesus Christ.

Find out all that Elim Missions is doing overseas plus buy your Gifts4Life products as well applying for missions teams all online now!!

OUTREACH | Jul - Sept 2010



The all new Elim Missions Website



He raises th heap; he sea e poor from the dust an d ts honour. For them with princes and lifts the needy from the ha as the foundatio ns of the eart s them inherit a throne h of h are the Lord ’s; on them he has set th e world. (1 Samuel 2:8)

>> Through your giving we can make a difference in the lives of some of these children. We are getting alongside an orphanage in Port-auPrince run by a young Christian woman caring for 67 children. We are providing clean water, food, clothing, beds and medical care plus an educational programme. This orphanage can then be used as a model to train other orphanage workers in good practice. On 10th January 2010 Haiti’s worst earthquake for two centuries hit the island, with the epicentre 10 miles southwest of Port-au-Prince. Up to 200,000 people died in less than one minute. As dawn broke the next day the dreadful extent of the damage became apparent. Elim Missions launched an appeal for funds to help and our Elim family responded amazingly. We were able to send funds quickly to help many thousands of people with immediate relief including water, food, temporary shelter and medical supplies. Funds were also sent to Habitat for Humanity towards building permanent, durable housing. 08 OUTREACH | Jul - Sept 2010

One of the heartbreaking results of a disaster such as this is the number of orphans, children who have no family left, who have been incredibly traumatised and who need love and care to help them move forward into the future.

Amongst other things we are also helping a local church with training, counselling and outreach, plus providing for the church orphanage caring for 175 children. 800 people were recently baptised at the church wonderful! There is a real move back to God in Haiti since the earthquake. Through your giving we are helping people to rebuild their lives, helping children to grow strong. And at the same time we are introducing them to Jesus, the greatest gift of all.

Tim, Claire, Andrew, David, Sarah and Jonathan set off for Israel in April 2010. Jonathan shares about their adventure.

We arrived in Jerusalem, and my apprehension slowly faded. There’s so much happening in Jerusalem; the old city is like nothing I’d ever seen before, and I doubt that there is anywhere in the world quite like it. The sights and sounds of the old city are sensational and the aroma is breath-taking. We found ourselves lost in the hustle and bustle of market traders, walking bewildered through the endless market tunnels that weave their way around the ancient buildings, mosques, synagogues and churches. There are so many different kinds of people walking around the city, dressed in all manner of traditional Jewish, Islamic and Christian costume. Step outside the old city through the Jaffa Gate and you find yourself in

a commercial centre that rivals any that you would find in the UK. The Israelis are classy people; everyone is well dressed in Jerusalem... well maybe apart from a few British tourists! Jerusalem is certainly a unique place and so requires a special ministry, CMJ is one such ministry and we stayed in the CMJ guesthouse just inside the Jaffa Gate. CMJ was established in England in 1809 by prominent Christians and was the first organisation to build a Protestant church in the Middle East. The ministry exists for ‘supporting and educating local believers, praying for the peace of Jerusalem, combating anti-semitism, teaching Christians about their Jewish Roots and proclaiming the return of the King.’ Bridges for Peace is another organisation with a similar ministry and they want to see Christians and Jews working side by side for better understanding and a more secure Israel. They offer practical assistance such as food programmes for the poor and support for the victims of war. We spent a day at one of the Bridges for Peace food depots in Jerusalem and helped pack some of their food parcels and met lots of interesting people from around the globe all united in their effort to help the people of Israel. I came back to England with a bigger sense of adventure, the short trip to Israel was over, but the adventurous journey with Christ continues... and one thing is for sure, no matter where I am in the world, the safest place is close to the heart of Jesus.


When Tim and Claire, our 18s-30s group leaders, suggested that we go on a mission to Israel this was an opportunity not to be missed, despite not being particularly adventurous and not having been on any previous overseas missions. Whilst there we wanted to find out more about some of the existing mission work that’s taking place in Jerusalem and to discover more about God’s heart for this incredible place. For me, the prospect of staying in Jerusalem seemed quite daunting; I suppose I was quite naive about the situation in Israel and was apprehensive about the general level of safety.

OUTREACH | Jul - Sept 2010


church in y t i c y b r e d

in Macedonia

Part of our desire in Lifelink is to encourage women into all things mission and one way of doing this is to actually experience mission by going on one of our Lifelink Team visits. This year the Lifelink Team went to Elim’s developing work in Stip in Macedonia.

The team was made up of Mandy Campbell, Amanda Blount, Karen Green, Jill Anderson, Lynn Tugwell, Angela Mudge, Sophie Lavery, Christina Barron and John Martin – all those women and one man!! As we waited for our plane at Heathrow, we saw this volcano erupting on the TV screens. We didn’t think much of it and boarded our flight.

10 OUTREACH | Jul - Sept 2010

When we arrived we met Pastor Angel and his wife Daniela and Tony and Norma Coles, our missionaries there. We had taken money with us to bless the people and discussed with them the best way to give this away. The next day we bought many things we would consider ‘normal’ such as eggs, cheese, ham and sugar – items that are a luxury for many in Stip. We visited an old lady called Svette, whose married daughter Susanna is in a wheelchair and who has a little daughter. Svette lived in one room

where the plaster was falling off the walls, the ceiling crumbling and the window had just been vandalised for the third time. We gave her food and paid for repairs to her home. She was so overwhelmed, it was impossible for her to speak for a long time. Our hearts broke for that dear lady who loves the Lord and has great concern for her own family. We also visited gypsy families, singing songs and giving away shoes and T-shirts. What a joy and a privilege it was to be able to do this, and it was such a witness for the neighbours to see how God had provided. On the Friday evening at the Stip church Mandy and Christina shared testimonies of God’s power to change lives and to heal bodies. Then we ministered to the ladies by doing haircuts, manicures and make-up. This really broke the ice and many of them came along and brought unsaved friends the

“Svette lived in one room where the plaster was falling off the walls, the ceiling crumbling and the window had just been vandalised for the third time.” following evening, when we had coffee and cakes in a local restaurant and Karen and Lynn shared their testimonies. There were over 30 ladies there listening and asking questions.

next day we started our road trip home and the cushions we had been given were a Godsend. Thirty hours, three films, two books and eight countries later we were at Calais and within four hours were on the ferry home. We all felt strongly that God had provided, protected and gone with us every step of the way. We had spent seven days together and known God ministering to our hearts as we have never known before. We have all come home changed and all because we went on a Lifelink mission. What an adventure.

On Sunday morning we prayed at strategic points around the town including the orthodox church and the mosque. In the evening we shared in the church service and we were all given a gift of a cushion with the Macedonian flag on. We were due to fly home at 2.15 pm the next day so that evening we shared a meal with Angel and Daniela and Zoki and Ole, the pastors and their wives.

OUTREACH | Jul - Sept 2010


The next morning we were informed that our flight had been cancelled due to the volcanic ash and were devastated later on that morning to discover we wouldn’t be able to get a flight home for another eight days. Frantic activity ensued, and by mid-afternoon a mini-coach had been hired. At 8.00 am the

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................................................................................................. At Elim Missions our desire is to see lives transformed. So it is always wonderful to get news from our missionaries of people committing their lives to Christ, of people being baptised, of churches growing. Yes, there is some tough stuff and it’s not always easy, but we want to share with you just some of the great things that are happening around the world - praise His Name!

As William Cowper wrote in his hymn, “God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform.” Dave Hodgson left the UK in February 2009 to serve as an Elim Missionary in Spain. He had been praying for 17 years for his parents to come to know the Lord. In April 2009 Dave’s parents visited him and his mother committed her life to Christ! Praise God He has a plan and purpose in everything!

Ephesus Prayer Event: Our missionaries were present at this amazing event when 2500 believers gathered to pray and intercede for Turkey. The four-day event finished with a celebration service on Pentecost Sunday in the ruins at Ephesus. There was an overwhelming sense of the presence of God as everyone called on the name of Jesus.


Japan: Jim and Kayo Davies lead a small congregation in Kobe. It is not easy for the Japanese to break away from strong family traditions and follow Christ. Recently Jim and Kayo witnessed the baptism in the Spirit among the congregation and then one of their neighbours, Kazuko, gave her life to Christ.

OUTREACH | Jul - Sept 2010

Philippines: The church at Montalban is growing under the leadership of Willard and Marjorie Baxter and now has around 150 attending each Sunday morning. 20 people were baptised at the end of June.

................................................................................................. “Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Let the congregation of Israel repeat: “His faithful love endures forever.” [...] Let all who fear the LORD repeat: “His faithful love endures forever.” Psalm 118

... Mozambique: One Sunday in June Gregory and Sharon Kane moved their service to the banks of the Rovubue river where there was much celebration as three young men were baptised, testifying to the complete transformation that Christ has orchestrated in their lives.

Mr Ngwenya lives near the Hawane Farm church in Swaziland. He had severely debilitating sores on both his feet, preventing him from walking. His condition had been pronounced untreatable and he had been sent home to die. He was very angry with God. Through the loving medical care he received from Elim Missionary Jane Bradshaw and the medical outreach team, he gave his life to the Lord and is now regularly attending Hawane CLC. Praise God the Lord has been healing Mr N’s feet and recently he was able to put on a pair of shoes and actually walk to church - now as an active believer and part of the body of Christ.

Romania: Having pastored in the UK for 40 years, Bob and Edith McDonald moved to Sardu to run a ministry reaching out to children and young people in the surrounding area. To address the growing numbers, a two-storey purpose-build youth centre has been built which was officially opened earlier this year.

You can read more amazing stories of transformation at

OUTREACH | Jul - Sept 2010

Brazil: Martin Davison reports that at a recent Encounter Weekend, 30 people committed their lives to Jesus. At an isolated riverbank community, 68 adults are attending a new cell group and three recently committed their lives to the Lord. The church now has 23 different cell groups across Maues. Over 100 children, representing the neediest in Maues, attend the school and learn about Jesus.


Honduras: The youth at the Elim church in Tegucigalpa held a prayer meeting at 8 am recently in preparation for an evening youth service. John and Rachel McDonough joined five young people as they worshipped, fasted, shared words and prayed ‘with desire’ for five hours! The evening meeting had the largest turnout for weeks and at the end 12 young people committed their lives to Christ.


Did you know that Elim Missions is totally funded through the freewill giving of people in our churches? Without your giving, we wouldn’t be able to reach people around the world with the good news of Jesus. We know much of your giving is sacrificial and we do appreciate this and assure you that the money is used wisely. Many of you work tirelessly to put on events to raise money for missions (here are a few examples). Many send regular ongoing giving for our missionaries and ministries. We do appreciate you and thank you on behalf of all those whose lives are changed through your giving.

The Wigan church raised £42 for Project Joseph in Honduras through a Christmas fundraiser to guess the name of a chocolatescented cuddly reindeer. Coventry Lifelink ladies held a fashion show, with new and nearly-new clothing and jewellery being donated. Posters advertised the event and the local press had an article entitled, “Catwalk for charity.” The successful evening raised over £1000. This year our World Missions Sunday challenge was to save money on your weekly shopping – immediately we returned to the office from our Elim Conference we received £30 from someone who had saved through not buying meals and coffee during the Conference week. Six brave people with an average age of 63 took part in our Malvern sponsored walk on a swelteringly hot Saturday in May and raised £860 between them for Haiti and Nepal.

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OUTREACH | Jul - Sept 2010

april 2011 (max team size 15) £500 sign on fe e £2000 min. spon sorship

The money raised (after costs) will go to Elim’s work in Nepal.

More Info: Elim International Missions, Elim International Centre, De Walden Road, West Malvern, WR14 4DF | T: 0845 302 5780 | E: | Registered Charity 251549 / SC037745

Prayer really does work... We ask people to pray when teams are visiting overseas and an incident took place during a team visit to Honduras in June that really brought home just how imperative our prayers are. Matt Gregor, Carl Johnston, Lexie Gardiner, Paul Mudge, Penny Upson, Mark Price, Chris Jones and John Martin visited our Elim ministry in Honduras in June. John Martin, who was there to film the Elim ministry there, takes up the story.

Earlier in our visit I had a conversation with Nelson, a local guy who knows the area well and was there to escor t us, and par ticularly shadowing me. He had said that if anything happened, he would take care of the cameras and run if necessary! As the gun was pulled, Nelson courageously nodded slightly to me to indicate he would grab the cameras and run. In that moment instinct kicked in and I shook my head back at him as I realised it would be stupid to do anything, risking his life and ours over material possessions. Although this only took seconds, it was long enough for me to think that if he was to run, he would likely be shot and maybe even us for not handing the goods over.

We went straight back to the church and sat together to pray, all of us were praying the same thing that what the enemy means for harm God can turn round to good. And we thanked God that no one was hur t. We later discovered that word had got round the community where the robbery took place. In fact one of the local gang leaders was offended on our behalf over the robbery because we had played football and made friends with the locals. We also discovered that the gang who held us up are notorious for shooting their victims, Westerners as well as locals. Talking and praying together as a team, we forgave the men who robbed us. Locals knew exactly who the perpetrators were. We showed our forgiveness by giving the gang the charger for the camera via people in the church who knew other people who knew the gang. Prayer really does make a difference. Your prayers and the grace of God meant we only lost material possessions and we were given wisdom not to overreact in the midst of the situation and have wisdom.” Please keep praying for our teams, for our missionaries, for our national workers. Pray that they will be given wisdom in every situation they face.


We stopped to take a shor t break and sat together on the wall outside a church member’s house, just 400 yards from the local police station. The road we were on was a dead end. One of the team noticed two men blocking the road exits. Then another two guys came towards us, one pulling a gun out and loading it. There was no exit we could take. The guy with the gun pointed it at us and demanded watches and money and then saw the cameras. He came over to me and pointed the gun directly at me, demanding the cameras and my watch.

So I handed over the cameras and my watch. Everyone was frisked, but thankfully the others had no phones or wallets with them.

OUTREACH | Jul - Sept 2010

“On the Friday we spent two hours walking round the barrios at Bendicion in Tegucigalpa, playing football with the local lads, inviting young people to the youth service on the Saturday night and just getting to know people and showing that we were not just visiting ‘rich’ areas but wanted to be with people who needed help. It was then that we encountered something that would change our outlook radically on the reality of the world that our missionaries live in on a day-to-day basis.

prayerdiar y


JULY Week 1 - 4th-10th

Christian Solidarity Worldwide is an advocacy organisation speaking out for persecuted Christians, a voice for the voiceless. Pray for them this week as they take action on behalf of persecuted Christians across our world.

Week 2 - 11th-17th

Please pray for the Area Missions Directors who are meeting at Malvern this week. Pray that as they meet, along with some Missions staff, to discuss and plan for the future that God would be at the very centre and that decisions that are made would be right and honouring for Elim Missions for years to come.

Week 3 - 18th-24th


Pray for all those going on short term missions trips in the coming months. Pray for the Halifax team going to Swaziland, Paul Hudson leading a team from Sheringham to Kenya, a team from Yeovil to Romania, and a team to Spain from Whitewell. Pray that they would know the protection and guiding hand of God. Pray also that all the teams this summer would know the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit as they serve.

OUTREACH | Jul - Sept 2010

Week 4 - 25th-31st

Pray for all our missionaries who are serving so faithfully overseas. Pray for safety as they are travelling and also protection as they serve God in what can be very isolated situations. Pray that just like Joshua, wherever they go they would know the assurance of God being with them and that they may be successful wherever they go.

Pray for Lifelink and the team that heads up this ministry: Mandy Campbell, Jo Rubens, Rachel Hesketh, Karen Green, Amanda Blount and Lisa Lenton. Pray that the favour of God would be upon Lifelink and that doors would open for them to help more women across the world who are in desperate need of the love of Jesus Christ.

Week 2 - 8th-14th

Pray for Muslims across the globe during this time of Ramadan (11th Aug-9th Sept). Pray Christians working with Muslims would be a strong witness and show the amazing transforming power of Jesus Christ. Praise God for those who now have a relationship with Jesus. Pray that they will have boldness and courage to share their experiences with friends and family. For a more in depth guide to praying for Muslims during Ramadan visit:

Week 3 - 15th-21st

Many were impacted by our missionary in Brazil, Marty Davison, who spoke at our Bible Week in June. Working in the heart of the Amazon, Marty and his family are doing a great work. Pray for Marty and his wife Rebeca and their two children. Pray for the church and work they are doing, that it would go from strength to strength and that many more people would be impacted by the love of God. Praise God that people such as Marty are raised up for such a time as this pray that God would raise up more.

Week 4 - 22nd-28th

Pray for Chris Jones and the International Missions Department. Pray that as they work, travel and serve they would know God’s blessing and favour and that in the day-to-day running of the office they would know God is using them all to extend His Kingdom.

Week 5 - 29th-4th Praise God for those who take time out of their busy schedules to fundraise for Elim Missions. Pray for those who are taking part in fundraising activities within the coming months. Pray especially for those taking part in this year’s Great North Swim, including Michelle Nunn, Megan Jones, Chris Jones and John Martin.

Week 1 - 5th-11th Training is an important part of any job and is a vital part of both long and short term missions experiences. Pray for those attending and teaching at our Missions Training course at Malvern 7th-10th September and a one-day training course 11th September for short-termers. Pray that as we meet together this group will be inspired and spurred on to carry out all that God is calling them to do.

Week 2 - 12th-18th Pray for the nation of Haiti. Although the news headlines have moved away from the devastating effects of the earthquake on 12th January, many are still traumatised and without essential services. Pray that as this nation is re-built that those in charge would seek the best for the people and that God would be at the centre of this nation’s policies. Pray that Elim Missions will invest wisely the generous donations given via the ERA appeal to help the people.

Week 3 - 19th-25th Praise God for all that he is doing within the Elim family across our world. Pray that we would hear increasing stories of lives, communities and nations being transformed by the love of Jesus. As situations within our nation and across the world become increasingly unstable, pray that many would turn to Jesus.

Week 4 - 26th-2nd Boureima Diallo was ordained at our Elim Bible Week in June. Pray for Boureima, Susanna and the children in this new season. Pray for Boureima’s work among the Fulani people of Burkina Faso and across Africa. Pray this will be a season that is greater than the former and that God would use him far beyond his own expectations. 17

Week 1 - 1st-7th





OUTREACH | Jul - Sept 2010


Women connecting locally To make a difference globally “But just as you excel in everything - in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in your love for us - see that you also excel in this grace of giving.” 2 Corinthians 8:7

18 OUTREACH | Jul - Sept 2010

We may not always feel it, but we are a blessed people in this land and I believe that we are blessed to be a blessing. When we hear stories of people fulfilling the Scripture to ‘excel in giving’ it is a blessing to all of us in the Lifelink Team, and we want to thank everyone who takes part in praying, in any kind of fund-raising, or giving in any way towards missions - you change lives when you give. We thought you might like to know of some other things that have been happening in order to raise money and bless others. On our recent Lifelink visit to Macedonia some of the women took money with them that had been raised

in their own churches, to help local people in desperate need. These are some of the ways that they raised that money. Lynn Tugwell from Merthyr Tydfil “We raised money by asking the ladies to come to a ladies meeting and bring with them things that would sell. One of our ladies brought free range eggs from her farm, others made cards, cakes, chocolates, jewellery, knitted items and much more. Some did hand massages and nail painting. It was a really relaxing and fun time with tea and coffee. We also had some money given from three ladies from another church just because they wanted to support the Lifelink

Five ladies from the Lifelink group in Halifax have recently taken part in a sponsored walk around Malvern, to raise money for Project Joseph in Honduras. Instead of having separate sponsor forms they had one for the group so they were able to get many people in the church to take part in sponsoring them. It was great watching them gear up for it and get excited as the time grew nearer. They made a real time of it by staying over for a couple of nights at Malvern and enjoying the time away as well as missions benefiting from it. And despite the extreme heat on the day, they

‘Women connecting locally to make a difference globally’ Next Lifelink Team visit - October 2011 Turkey - £600 maximum cost Contact

LIFELINK NEEDS YOU! There are many different ways to raise money that will make such a difference in the lives of people in countries that we may never manage to visit ourselves, but where we can indeed leave a legacy. For more information contact us | 0845 302 6750


Angela Mudge from Guernsey just told her church that she was going on a mission to Macedonia and they gave her £150 to take with her. She used this to help a family repair a boiler in their home as well as providing food for them. You can read more about the Lifelink Missions to Macedonia on page 10.

The Elim church in Gloucester successfully opened a Lifelink charity shop a few years ago and so we were thrilled to hear of Mary Davies taking on this challenging task at Cheltenham Elim. Mary says that she has always been a busy person so when she was coming up for retirement she told her pastor that she needed to keep busy and asked what she could do. He suggested she took on the job of Lifelink Co-ordinator, which she did with great enthusiasm raising money through coffee mornings and the like, but it wasn’t enough and so she talked with him about opening a charity shop. Over the next few months our old Headquarters building was transformed into a thriving charity shop with its own bookshop, sorting room, steaming and ironing room and a prayer room. They have 14 volunteers, opening Wednesday to Saturday 9am-5pm and take between £400 and £450 per week. The shop is a haven for those in need too, people are coming to be prayed for, they come to talk and be a part of something, they are being invited into a better ‘story’ through a charity shop. How exciting!!

OUTREACH | Jul - Sept 2010

Jill Anderson from Pontypridd “We raised money by holding an open day at our house where folks came round and had tea and coffee with us and home-made cakes. Ian announced in the church that I was going to Macedonia and the money raised would go to help people over there. People just gave. There wasn’t a charge, just donations. I think they were ready to get behind someone who was actually doing something with Elim so they responded. We are only a church of around 50 so I was amazed at how much we raised.” It is amazing what happens when people’s hearts are moved by God. Jill was able to take over £600 to shower on the Macedonian people. Part of that ‘showering’ included buying shoes and T-shirts for gypsy children. I know that Jill really enjoyed being a part of that blessing.

all completed the nine mile walk with great team spirit.

The Lifelink Macedonia Team

trip.” Lynn joined us on our mini-mission to Macedonia and by having this event the ladies raised over £400 that Lynn was able to take with us. That money helped to support a family where the breadwinner had just lost their job, as well as meeting many other needs.




@ Elim International Centre Malvern

::Being prepared and equipped is essential for a successful mission::

This training is for anyone who has applied for or is considering overseas service




For more than one year: Wednesday 8th September to Friday 10th September 2010

Programme Schedule ........................................................................................... ISRAELI/ARABIC WORLD | 21st September 2010 EAST AND WEST AFRICA | 22nd September 2010 CENTRAL/SOUTH AMERICA | 30th September 2010

For less than one year: Saturday 11th September 2010

SOUTH EAST ASIA | 18th October 2010 WEST & EAST EUROPE | 19th October 2010 INDIA | 1st December CENTRAL/SOUTH AFRICA | 2nd December 2010

For more details contact:

If you are interested or involved in any of these overseas areas, then you are more than welcome to join us Contact for more information or to register

FOCUS GR are held OUPS at Malvern EIC 10.30am from – 3.00p and inc m lu de lunc h

Transforming Lives Transforming Communities Transforming Lives

Transforming Nations Transforming Communities

If you are a Pastor, leader, Missions representative, or someone interested in short or long term missions work why not come along to a day designed with you in mind.

Get to know what Elim Missions is all about and have an opportunity to share your heart with us. Plus a tour of the new Elim Malvern site

REGISTER TODAY! Elim International Missions Elim International Centre, De Walden Road, West Malver, WR14 4DF | 0845 302 6750 |



Inc. l refr unch a esh men nd ts

OUTREACH | July - Sept 2009


Transforming Nations

JUST LOOKING @ MISSIONS 10.30AM-3.30PM : 11.11.10

Outreach : July - Sept 2010  

In this edition read about all the amazing things God is doing through Elim Missions and our partner organisations.

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