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Table Of Contents} 1. Poems by Me Title Page 2. Hold Your Peace + Reflection 3. Inside a Cage 4. Be You 5. A Heart of Passion + Reflection 6. Linked Hearts + Reflection 7. Poems by Others Title Page 8. Part of Me + Reflection 9. My Garden 10. Haikus 11. Membaca Tanda-Tanda Alam 12. I’m Nobody! Who are You? + Reflection

Poems By ME}

through an adult’s perspective and using the turtle as a metaphor for children.


In this poem, I’m looking at things

This poem is basically starting off as

how a turtle can be peaceful while a war is going on. I feel like this applies

to a lot of kids because when we see wars and riots happening in the world, we feel powerless.

The second stanza is talking about how riots and war shouldn’t be happening anymore because it isn’t fair to children. The last stanza is about children dying because of the war and how we should unite. This stanza was very straightforward. When wars and riots happen, people usually don’t give any mercy to children, which is unfair to them because they didn’t do anything wrong.

Hold This poem was inspired by a short

video Mr. Jabiz showed us called Caine’s Arcade. The first

stanza is about how when you see Caine’s face, you

immediately see that his eyes are always so happy and

bright and you could see his

passion for making an arcade

and entertaining people. However, people

always said he wouldn’t make it. The second stanza is about how his friends

always doubt him and don’t laugh at him

for wearing his Caine’s arcade shirt. Even

so, Caine keeps trying to succeed. This stanza

was really depressing because from the video,

nobody ever visited Caine’s arcade or even notice it. The last stanza is summing everything up and talking about how even after nobody visits his arcade, Caine’s still keeping his hopes up.

Although this poem was inspired by

the pasture poem, my version of it was very straightforward and the meaning

was totally different. In the pasture poem, it talks about Jesus washing away people’s sins but I thought that was way too deep

for a 7th grader. When we had our peace park activity, I saw friends sitting next to

each other so I decided to base my poem on that.

The first stanza is about meeting new

people for the first time. When you find a friend that’s really special, usually, you

always keep in contact with them, which is what this stanza talks about.

Whereas the second stanza is about

these two friends sticking together no matter what situation comes up.

Poems By others}

Part of me reflection Although this song was originally about a breakup, it wasn’t as strong of a meaning as the one I’ve interpreted. I did however, cut a lot of the lyrics

out so that the more meaningful and unrepeated parts remain.

The first stanza to me is about someone

betraying you and moving past it even though what they did was such a pain to you. The

repeated stanza (chorus) is about staying true to who you are, which is the overall meaning of the

song. The third stanza (2nd verse) is about trying to see who’s there for you instead of being

friends with everyone but then being betrayed in the end. The 4th stanza is about really finding

your old self again, completely getting over the

past, being happy and never being betrayed again by that certain person. Katy proves points out the topic again by saying that, that person can keep everything from the past because she’s

completely over it and doesn’t care anymore.

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