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January 2009

Photography by Tracy Marshall

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Editorial Hall Hall of of Mirrors Mirrors by Jean-Baptiste Duret

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e create our own reality. The world is a reflection of ourselves. Those who are looking for this kind of information hear this more and more lately. Fascinated as I am by the exploration of every aspect of consciousness, it is impossible for me to ignore. I wanted to see it for myself, and the potential value of such statements to me. Caught up in photography and other visual arts for a few months, I was also interested by these same aspects in what we call the physical laws. When my sister asked me to join her and the kids on a visit to the Jeff Koons exhibition in the Palace of Versailles, I accepted readily. Versailles is renowned for its Hall of Mirrors composed of “seventeen mirror-clad arches that reflect the seventeen arcaded windows that overlook the gardens”. The artist’s works (mostly using metallic material), the profusion of details of the Palace and the abundance of tourists made it a perfect place to explore these concepts of reflections. Using the analogy of light and reflective materials I could make parallels with how the world is a reflection of ourselves. Imagine you are a source of light (your energy) and you cast your energy all around in every direction and it is reflected by the world around you. With your perception and your senses (physical or non-physical) you capture the elements of your energy that are returned in your direction. Beginning simply, the first artworks were metallic and polished and thus had a very high reflectivity. Looking at these sculptures, I could clearly see that the shape of the object and its other qualities (reflectivity, color, granularity, texture…) were influencing which wavelengths of the light were reflected and how they were reflected. We all saw how our faces were distorted, as when we look in a spoon or in one of those fun-house mirrors. Despite the distortions and the coloration of the reflections, the image was still recognizable and I could identify people and objects reflected, or even reflections of reflections if there were mirrors in the room.

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With those objects that have a very low reflectivity, it is more subtle. If you have some notions of drawing and painting, you know that the color of an object influences the colors of the surrounding objects in different ways. When an object receives light, it absorbs a part of it and re-emits the other parts —that’s why you perceive some objects as red or others as yellow. But there is another trick with how our senses function and that also creates optical illusions; the surrounding colors influence the perceived colors of an object even if there is no reflection involved; as well, with the repetition of patterns like stripes or concentric circles… You can see more of that on the Internet of course. So the disposition of objects in space, their shapes, colors, the different lights, the shadows and the movements are all influencing of the picture composed by our perception. The disposition of objects, the lines of a wall, can all suggest different qualities that add depth to the scene. Looking at the world as a reflection of ourselves and using the information given to us by the laws of physics, we have a way to understand how it is done and this gives us much information about ourselves. Thus, different elements of the objective imagery have different qualities, and as they receive our energy, they absorb a part and re-emit another part with distortions depending on the characteristics of the imagery, so to speak. Some elements, acting like mirrors, would give me very detailed information about what I project in the moment, and other elements will give me more specific information about portions of my energy, always colored and/or distorted by their own specific qualities. This subject of reflection is a very vast subject and I could easily have written a longer article about it —or maybe a book. But you can have more fun in playing with it yourself. In reading this month’s articles you may have a brilliant realization of how they are reflecting your own energy and how they are also influencing of one another in their position and in the movement they create.



Inside Editorial, Hall of Mirrors, by J.-B. Duret (p.3) Jeff Koons Versailles Exposition, photography by Jean-Baptiste Duret (p.4-5) Capricorn, by Elikozoe, photography by Tracy Marshall (p.6-7) Astro Zeitgeist, Saturn, by Sabine vom Hoff (p.7) Whisper Zone, with bob strating, Sabine vom Hoff and The Snoot (p.8-9) Other Probable Realities Other Probable Paths Taken, by Faro King (p.10-11) Being on Track, by Sharon Mendenhall (p.12-13) Meeting a Probable Self, by Brenda CunninghamChadman (p.13) The Times, They are a Changing!, by P. (p.14) Beyond Bragging Rights, by Anet Paulina (p.16) A Masterful Touch, by Debi Yoachum (p.17) The Beautiful Contrary Self, by Joanne K. Helfrich (p.18-21) Zebras, photography by Catherine Dumont & Jérémie Feldschuh (p.20-23) A Wheel in the Goat Sky, Angels ATCs, artwork by Rick Daddario (p.24,26) New Circle of Friends, by Gregg Morgan (p.25-28) On Reality Creation and Skepticism, by Bill Ingle (p.29-31) Irish Proverb, by David John Drew (p.31) Miss A. Laneous, by Richard Kendall (p.32) Miscellaneous Floundering Fog, by Tracy Marshall (p.33) On Jesus and the Expansion of Consciousness, by Bill Ingle (p.34) Divinity (part 2), The Objectivity of Science, by Robert M. Kreegier (p.35-38) The Principles of Gender and Vibration, by Reginald Martin (p.38-39) Fear of Judgment, by Ken Shaw (p.40) The Essence of Yum, Dog Treats by Marcy Singer (p.41) A Tale of Two Cities, by J.-B. Duret (p.42-43)



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Jeff Koons,

Versailles exposition

by Jean-Baptie Duret

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Capricorn 6

December 22 ◆ ◆ January 21


apricorn is associated with the

Greek myth of the goat Amalthea (meaning ‘tender goddess’). The infant Zeus (Jupiter in the Roman version) was rescued by his mother Rhea from his murderous father Kronos (Saturn) who was fearful of a prophecy that a child would end his reign. To hide her newborn from Kronos, Rhea entrusted the goat Amalthea with the care of the baby Zeus on mount Ida. The goat suckled the young god with milk —or ambrosia in some versions. Having won the War of the Titans, Zeus, the new king of gods, his father dethroned and banished, placed Amalthea in the sky to honor her.


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Capricorn is thus associated with the planet Saturn. Though a faint constellation in the sky (like its Cancer counterpart), Capricornus has a long history, and is known as far back as Babylonia. Due to the precession of the equinox, its position in the sky coincided in ancient times with the winter solstice and the increase of darkness, hence most of the modern day associations with Capricorn and Saturn, reflected in the myth of Zeus as well. Another interesting myth associated with Amalthea is that of the Cornucopia, a classical symbol of abundance, also called horn of plenty. While playing with the goat, Zeus accidentally broke one of its horns. In a version of the myth, he offered it back to the goat, with the boon of its bringing inexhaustible riches to its owner.

Saturn = Love

Astro Zeitgeist


by Sabine vom Hoff

ow do I create separation?

The separation of the self is done and perfect. Now, who is doing all this?

By personalising energy.

I make Saturn a ‘being’… is that enough? No. A being is still in my perception, I can connect and identify. So how do I create a being, with whom I can connect, but not identify her/him as my Self? I cut a whole into two halves. Its symbol is a ‘line’… representing the first separation between subject and object, equal to ‘as above so below’, equal to ‘as inside so outside’.

In order to ‘unseal’ the Saturn, I consider the energy right in front (connection with Libra). But that is not enough, because the ‘seal’ goes deep into the emotional body-consciousness.

The abstract symbol (here the line) becomes ‘a lock on the door’ as well as ‘a key to a door’.

An individual in the shift must know that ‘pain’ only exists within the confines of the belief of separation… They are not real. Pain and tears are merely the point of recognition of connecting with essence. Allowing the ‘pain’ to transform into widening by relaxing is the first step to touch the veil, and to express the courage to go ahead and read the symbol for what it is: a reflection of the action of separation.

I first have to figure out ‘how I can lock a symbol’; how do I create a seal for an abstract configuration. Let’s start from the reverse; what do I want? I want that the reading of symbols is a secret, that it is not available as an ability. I take the line, cut the whole in 2 halves and pretend that the upper half is outside (the other) and the lower half is self. But that is not enough yet: I cut the whole thing again, therefore I have four quarters. In the last quarter I place the energies, which I don’t want to be recognizable. To seal that part, I put a powerful symbol on it, kind of gate and say, if you merely touch the symbol, you’ll hurt yourself. That is the Nimbus. Connecting information with a feeling. The feeling is reinforced with expressions of ‘feelings’: sorrow, compassion. Now I need another ingredient: time and practice. I practice the same process periodically in exactly the same manner: the ritual. The ritual implements the doing into the subjective… in order to become automatic. The touch of the symbol creates automatic responses: fear, retreat.


The Tumold Family is moderating this process and all other Essences are in agreement with it; because this process makes experiences available, therefore they become a choice. Consciousness is always the movement of becoming.

oats in Jimena, photography by Tracy Marshall

Wisp e-zine

Fear of pain is the most efficient seal of the symbol of separation. Translation into symbols: fear (lack of Neptune), leads to pressure (Mars expressed as force and pressure, or lack of allowance). In our perception of ‘pain’ as a thread, this sounds cynical… so it depends again on the perspective of perception whether this game is threatening or merely a whole bunch of rules… being available for experience. The purpose of it: “let’s see, how far we want to go…” Without separation, Love is knowing Love is the law.

Saturn is Love. and appreciation.

Do what you want under the law.



It’s one of those nights. You know, those nights when things are just a little off? This is one of those nights. One of those nights when things are lurking just out of sight. Or they’re not, but I feel like they are. One of those nights when I avoid looking too long in mirrors for fear there may be other faces there. Other rooms that don’t echo the one I’m in. One of those nights when, if I dared look out my window, I fear there would be faces looking in at me. So I avoid windows. I avoid mirrors. I avoid turning too quickly, making sure to give whatever lurks enough time to disappear before my eyes focus on them. It’s one of those nights when voices murmur in the empty house and I’m not sure if the voices are in the house or in my head. It’s one of those nights that make me long for the days when hiding under the blankets with a flashlight made me feel safe. It’s one of those nights when all the things I don’t believe in want to come and visit. Demons and ghosts. Aliens and angels.

It’s one of those nights like kids have around campfires telling ghost stories When the forests are full of footsteps and strange animal sounds

And I want nothing to do with any of them.

When behind every tree, behind every rock, around every bend of the road, unknown things awaited.

But it’s one of those nights where I’m not in control.

And it’s one of those nights I know my mind is playing tricks with me

I seem to be walking in an electrical field. Hair standing on end. Nerves raw.

But it’s one of those nights I wonder why. Why this night is so full of dread


Is it in me or am I reacting to something real, but unknown in the air? And I have no answers other than It’s just one of those nights.

bob strating



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Whisper Zone Presence

You intend to walk from A to B… let’s say a 30 minute walk. You art walking and engaging as much of the outer senses as possible, walking slowly, not thinking of the endpoint of the walk at all. When thoughts cross your mind, you ju look around and tune the thoughts to your outer senses, what you see, smell and hear; aware of your footeps touching the ground… That is experiencing presence… And you will notice the difference between walking and having point ‘B’ in your mind all the time. It is a fine praice to go with perception and becoming aware of choices. For example, if you are carrying a heavy bag with you, when you concentrate on what you see and smell and so on, you won’t necessarily sense the bag…

Sabine vom Hoff, dec. 6, 2008

The Snoot says: “Whisper Zone is still this month, Many must have mis-read it for a Vesper Zone...”

photography by Jean-Baptiste Duret

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Other Probable Realities Possible Other Paths Taken by Faro King

illustrated by Tracy Marshall



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hen I was two, my folks took us to the ocean, where I nearly drowned. I recall distinctly heading for “The Light”, which must have been the sun, but to me, it seemed to be an Angelic Being, holding out it’s arms to greet me. At that moment, I had a choice: Go to The Light, or Be Saved by Shore Patrol. I was so little, and my parents didn’t seem too concerned and the Lifeguard was yelling at my parents. I remember that much of it. My folks didn’t realize that the ocean had already claimed me and was taking me away. At least I hope they didn’t realize it, as they didn’t seem to think it was very serious, me drowning like that. I really was unable to get up out of the water, as the undertow had me fast. So, at that point, I entered another reality, being brought back from the dead. It is a theme that runs through my life, apparently, as this has happened to me many times since. As it is now, I am not afraid of death, there is something beyond this life. Then at age 4 I decided that I really needed to be a doctor. I was really determined that I would have a medical practice. My family made the greatest fun of me for saying so. They said that I was certainly not intelligent enough, or rich enough to be a physician, and they told me that “our kind” could not do such things, it was unthinkable and I had best get that idea out of my head, and fast. Of course, I was crushed by their words, but still determined to become a healer of the medical arts. The Drabadni allowed me to hang around with her and study plants and herbs, but that thought of being a doctor was far removed from folk medicine at the time. We really didn’t have the means to send anyone to a higher education, and with my affliction, my grades were pitiful at times. Nix the scholarship… I did however, manage to land a plum job when I was 14 as an intern for a producer at a radio station. I had never imagined myself doing anything such as that! It was a great opportunity, and I had the aptitude for it, being creative and having a vivid imagination. When I was 18, they hired me on full time and let me run the station from sunset to sunrise. I had a real Goth job!

Then, I had a horrible fall, a different fall from the second one that disabled me, so my path shot off in a different direction yet again. After the disabling fall, I had another life and death experience: actually I had two of them, and they were both radically different from each other. In the first event, I was having surgery and must have died on the table (they wouldn’t admit it but they sure acted strange when I mentioned it) and I went to see The Light once again. I travelled at a high rate of speed through a semi-dark musty tunnel only to be stopped at the exit by two women, reportedly my Grandmothers who passed many years before, and two children, a boy and a girl. The two women told me that I could not pass by them and could not enter the field with the soft golden light that was behind them. I stayed around and played with toys that had been placed out for the two children. I take it that they were my children, the two still born of my first wife. In a while, we all hugged and said our farewells and I left. The recovery room nurse told me to “forget it” when I mentioned this to her. She said “it upsets people so we don’t talk about that here”. How could that upset people? I don’t understand their reasoning…

I just went out of my body and went flying… I was myself but in light form and had the ability to see myself as I am now, and also to take the form as a globe of light and energy. I could travel at will… The second event, I just went out of my body and went flying… I was myself but in light form and had the ability to see myself as I am now, and also to take the form as a globe of light and energy. I could travel at will… I could see with my eyes and hear with my ears and feel with my flesh. There was a sound of “whooshing” in my ears, a cold sound but it was not cold where I was, even though it was snowing in Denmark where I stopped off to visit Sonny. (Odd thing the next day, Sonny said she heard me calling her name outside the window but could see nothing of me…) After I stopped off in Denmark and in a small village in Norway to visit another friend, I travelled on into the Great Unknown Beyond the Stars. I didn’t go UP I went at an angle, but it was still perceived as UP just not straight up…

Wisp e-zine

The afterworld I saw this time was quite different. It was wide open and beautiful, just like a pastoral scene. I was met at the gate by The Light, who told me that I could enter or go back, my choice. So I asked him if I entered, what would I be able to do there. I was told, I could go in and go where ever I wanted to go, and I could go high or I could stay low. It was like a huge mountain, so high that the top was gauzy and covered in misty clouds. At the bottom just past the gate were smaller hills, green and fertile, peaceful and full of flowers and butterflies with a stream running through it. This part of the green land was filled with Buddhists, chanting and meditating. They were everywhere, and the sound of their chants was so beautiful. I was told by the Light that these people had chosen to populate this area, they were chanting to attempt to raise the vibrations on earth, and to help the people that were living here who did not realize how to chant or meditate or pray. I could go there, if I wanted, or I could go “up” to the next field where people were playing and taking care of animals. There were all types of animals and all colors and ages of people there, and it was a happy beautiful place with fields and trees and streams and crystal lights twinkling among the tree branches. Then past these animal helpers was a place with only animals and flowers and trees and sunlight. The animals in this place were lions, elephants, giraffes and other wild creatures that were not having relationships with humans on earth. I had the impression they were there to heal from abuse, and chose to be in solitude away from humans. Then I saw a winding and twisting road going on past the fields and into the mist of the mountains. There were monks walking on this road, and they were smiling and having a great time interacting with each other as they travelled on toward the mountain. That was what I was allowed to see. I did ask what was on top of the mountain and who was up there. I was told “YOU are up there, if you want to go all the way to the summit. No one is stopping you, you can go as high as you like, it’s up to you”. And by being at the bottom of the mountain, the Buddhists were in no way being kept there as they were free to get up and move about as they liked, up or down, or around the mountain. I had the impression that the entire place was round, but in circumference, not a globe, but a circle.



Being On Track by Sharon Mendenhall Track Race I’m so excited that I’m still out of breath. I just had to write and tell you, in case you missed it. Hold on, I have to catch my breath. Anyway, I just came from the Company Picnic. I was over in the Zuli Family compound, because I felt like being Zuli today. There’s a track there, over behind the playground. Well, I got involved in an impromptu foot race. Why I am so excited is because I, yes, I won! I just can hardly believe it, because I’m not a real athletic person by nature. I challenged myself, and it just feels so good right now. Approval was there, and I was a little worried about that, because Approval has those long legs, and I figured she could probably run real fast. She was being real approving, like she is, coming over and telling me how cute I looked, and stuff like that. Of course, she had on a form fitting silk outfit in the Zuli Family colors. That bitch even had on purple lipstick, with matching fingernail polish. Then I noticed Trust over in the sidelines, checking her hair in that little compact mirror that hangs from a chain around her neck. So I went over and got Trust, and took her to the starting block right next to Approval, and sure enough, they started talking about manicures. Then I wasn’t quite so concerned about Approval getting the jump on me, because she would be worried about breaking one of those expensive long fingernails on the starting block. Pretty clever of me huh?

We were a little worried about not having anybody to blow the whistle to start the race. But Prosperity went over and got Fear, because Fear is always around in some capacity. It’s nice being able to give Fear something useful to do, because most of the time the rest of us try to avoid him like the black plague. Fear is not so bad, once you really get to know him, he’s just doing his job. And he really likes it when we are accepting of him. I guess he likes hanging around the girls. So Fear blew the whistle, and I was pumping my arms like you couldn’t believe. I think my kneecaps were slapping my chin, and I didn’t have time to pay attention to the rest of the group, because I was too busy trying to stay out front. In fact nothing else existed for me, but running the race. I was totally in the moment. And when it was all done, I felt so good, not because I had won, and got the big wazoo prize. It was just because I had participated. If you saw me running that race, please call. I already know I performed extraordinarily, but Admiration is here with me now, and I’m afraid that as soon as she leaves, I’m going to need to talk with someone else.

Encouragement showed up in her sweats, and wanted to be next to Approval. So I moved over one, and let her have my starting block. I mean she’s like a movie star, and I wanted to be close just in case she said something. Acceptance was there in full regalia. I don’t know where she got that outfit, much less the nerve to wear it. But take a clue from me, you never want to laugh at Acceptance, even if she has own some stupid scarf tying back her hair. Acceptance and I are pretty good friends now, although I’m pretty careful about what I say to her. She’s so smart, it’s still a little scary to me, and I’m not sure when she’ll fly off the handle and do that PMS thing she does. She selected the starting block next to me, and winked at me, so I understood that signified she was going to give me a fighting chance. I’m starting to interpret those visual clues she gives. Faith wasn’t there, and I asked Trust about that. She said Faith was busy over at the Magic Show being the magician’s assistant and passing the hat, and that she felt bad about not being able to come, but would be there in faith, lending support. Prosperity was there too, but didn’t want to race. She decided to hand out the prize. Which I won, by the way. She gives good prizes too, and I do dearly love that child.

photography by Nevit Dilmen, Wikipedia Commons



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Meeting a Probable Self Fear Since I got on the subject of Fear, I might as well tell you about him, because it seems like he’s always hanging around. Everywhere I go, I turn around and look over my shoulder, and there’s Fear. That was real unnerving the first two uphill trimesters of my life, but now that I on the downhill side, coasting, I’ve come to terms with Fear somewhat. I know you’re not going to believe this, but Fear is just a bully. Fear is actually more scared than you are. Fear does change a lot, and he really likes costumes. He loves to put on a scary mask and knock on your back door, so when you open it, he can say, “Boo!” But that’s just a Halloween prank to him too, because he’s more of a shapeshifter than you realize. You may have thought you scared him away, but Fear stayed around and built an entire wall around your house, and you don’t even recognize it. (I mean that housing you call your body.)

by Brenda Cunningham-Chadman Boredom was always my enemy when I was a child. When I was about 10 years old it was one of those times with nothing to do. I got out a tablet and some paper, and began to draw. I decided on drawing what I wanted to look like when I was all grown up. I drew my short very straight hair as long and curly. I designed the clothes I would wear. I chose the colors carefully to the specific shades. I was very immersed in drawing precisely what I hoped to look like. As I was drawing, I became aware of a presence in my room. This was not unusual for me. I was often aware of what I called invisible people. However, when I looked up, this time was different, this time I saw something. I saw what appeared to be a grown woman. She was transparent-like, or perhaps in a mist may describe it better. She looked familiar to me yet, I had no idea who she was. Nor do I remember ever seeing her before. I asked her who she was. She responded explaining that I will see her again in my future and when I do, I will know exactly who she is.

The reason Fear keeps hanging around is to watch you bump into that invisible wall all the time. Then he looks just like the bully kid on the Little Rascals, the one that laughs out loud every time something terrible happens to Spanky and Alfalfa. Now that you know about Fear, there are two ways to handle him.

During the visit she explained to me about events to come, and gave me some insight on my parents and siblings, (which turned out to not be one hundred percent correct) then disappeared. I finished up drawing, then went off to do something else, never thinking of the event again.

First, the next time you see Fear hanging around in your back yard, march right out there and grab him by the earlobe, and just give him hell. Demand that he start tearing that invisible wall down, like pronto! And then stand there and watch him. I mean really watch him, because at first he will go over and just pretend like he’s tearing the wall down, but since you can’t see the invisible wall, you don’t really know. As soon as you get distracted, that’s Fear’s cue to run away and hide. But he’ll be back, guaranteed.

I was about mid 20’s, and putting clean laundry away when out of the corner of my eye I saw her. I did a double take. It was her! Then I saw I was looking in a mirror. This was absolutely shocking to me. I immediately had to sit down to ponder what was going on. I looked at the clothes I had in my hands, and I remembered my drawings I did then. I looked over into my closet and saw I dressed precisely how I drew out on the paper that one day. The exact shades of colors even. How could this be? Who was she? Was she me? Was it time traveling? Could a futuristic version of me exist in some other time space?

When that first method becomes a drill, you may think of calling Fear’s mom, and telling her that you really don’t like Fear’s cosmic joke. But if you can even get a hold of Fear’s mom you’re going to be lucky. She’s usually down at the local bar drinking beer and picking up men. And Fear’s mom doesn’t really care what Fear does, which is probably why Fear feels so neglected and unloved.

Suddenly I felt movement, like I was being whisked through time. It was just for a split second. I found myself in a room that looked just like the room I had as a child. I saw a young girl of about 10, sitting on her bed drawing on a tablet. Beside me, was the futuristic me. It was like the event was happening all over again. This time I was beside the misted image. It all happened in an instant. Then, I was aware of being back sitting on my bed, with clean laundry in my hands.

Here’s the method that actually works. The next time you see Fear in your backyard, march right out there and grab him, and embrace him. He won’t be expecting that. Then invite him in for some chocolate milk and cookies. Toll House are his favorite, with lots of chocolate chips and no walnuts. He’s allergic to walnuts. Must people think Fear is a massive burly man that you have to challenge, but he’s really just an unloved and misunderstood little boy. He’ll keep coming back, guaranteed, but he’ll knock on your backdoor with hat in hand, politely asking if it’s all right for him to come in and chat for a while. “Excuse me Ma’am, do you have anymore of those cookies?”

Later I realized, my hair was no longer straight, it had become curly just as I had drawn out. It took me months to wrap my mind around that this all really happened and few more months to decide to look into this further. Who was she? I established contact with her once again, she explained to me that she was not me. My choices did effect her. She said she was my creator as I was the creator of many. We are all connected. She had hoped to influence me to choose particular choices. I was free to choose whatever I wished though. I realized in the original encounter, she was trying to change her present by changing her past (me). And she was wanting me to understand this too. She was learning about this stuff presently, just as I was.

“Why sure Fear, come on in.”

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or a week I found myself living the “Rip Van Winkle” life. Called to sleep, waking tired as if working hard with only bits of memory here and there, only to sleep again in a few hours. Finally, I was awake and not tired. In fact quite the opposite. I felt so much energy coming in I had to find ways to keep grounded. Slowly I began to feel all my connections in the “not in your bed snoring” world. Something was very different. As a empath I feel those I am connected to within. If someone was having a tough time, it usually came across as a pulling back by them. But this was very different, there was agitation by more than just a few. I felt several pulling. That has never happened and especially to so many at one time. As I explored it I realized there was really something different going on. “Out there” in the world it felt that many were doing the same. It was as if there was some overlay of something that was pushing and causing more than just the usual amount of Holiday Blues. Something had changed in the last few days. Everyone seemed to feel it on one level or another. My head wanted to label it as “negative” based on the reactions everyone seemed to be having. But I was curious, so finally I asked. This is what I received. There are many unseen and behind the scenes who are working with the coming change. The amount of Light being sent has been drastically increased. The first reaction is to think that should not cause a “negative” reaction, but let’s look from another point of view. We tend to hide “stuff” in the dark places. Secrets, worries, things we fear, old hurts, programs etc, etc, etc… The list is endless. We lock anything we don’t want to see away in the dark hidden recesses so we don’t have to be aware of them. On a very real level we think if we are not conscious of it, if we can’t see it or remember it then it does not exist. Well, what happens if you have hidden a bunch of trash in a windowless room where there is no light and suddenly you flood the room with light? Suddenly it illuminates everything that has always been hidden in there. What was not seen becomes visible. This is what is happening to us now. The Light has been increased. The dark hidden places are being seen. We are now left to deal with what we find that has been hidden. Some will only be aware of increased dis-satisfaction, but for many it will be violent in many ways. Anything that does not align with Truth, both internally, personally and yes unfortunately globally will either be brought into alignment or we suffer the effects of not bringing it into alignment. The Winter Solstice arrival just shows me how all things seem to work together. If your finances are out of control, or you have issues that you have never dealt with or just have refused to look at, even attitudes and behavior issues, be ready to work it all out. We have been given more Light and the opportunity to deal with anything that has been a block for that Light. Seeing what has happened from this new viewing point changes how I see what is happening. I realize that you can never judge how someone is doing by how they are feeling. With increased awareness comes the opportunity to clear the wreckage of the past. All in some way have left trash in their cage, some of us more than others. With the dawn comes the opportunity to mend our cages and take out the trash. But it won’t help us if when the dawn comes all we do is sit and cry over all the trash and damage we see. So, with that said with more Love than I could ever express with words I ask if you excuse me for a moment. I have to get this trash out of here, it’s beginning to stink! Much Love & Blessings!



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The Times They are a Changing! by P.

photography by Tracy Marshall

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Beyond Bragging Rights by Anet Paulina


e have to get those maggots out of your leg,” I tell Nathan. “The sooner, the better.” Nathan (not his real name) and I are at an energy healing practice group meeting. Although the method we are using typically does not involve past-life impressions, in about 80 percent of my sessions they come to me anyway. Usually I am not personally involved in the situations I “see,” but in this impression I play a role. The scene is vivid in my mind. Nathan and I, the only surviving members of a small military unit that was nearly decimated, have been moving through the jungle for days. Both of us are male; he is older by a few years. I see Nathan as looking much the way he does in this lifetime, which may not be accurate but typically is the way I view people in past-life impressions, probably because it helps me identify them. I am a slight, serious faced, dark-haired young soldier who had the good fortune to be uninjured. Nathan was not so lucky; a deep wound in his left calf has become horribly infected. Delirious from the raging fever, he stumbles along as best he can while I try to lead us both to safety. In present time, Nathan sits on the floor in the center of the room. I place one hand lightly on his left calf, the other a couple of inches in front of his solar plexus. The jungle scene is still running through my mind, but now I have an idea. There are plants nearby that I sense have antiseptic properties. I (as the soldier) use stones to crush the leaves into a paste, which I pack into the wound and then seal with mud. We rest for the night, and in the morning Nathan feels better. His fever has abated significantly, to the point that he is lucid and more ambulatory.

Photography by Tracy Marshall

After the session, I describe to Nathan what I saw in my mind. He rolls up his left pant leg to show me an odd mark on his calf, which he does not know the origin of. He also tells me that for the past few years he has had a slight stiffness in the left leg that makes his gait uneven and causes lower back pain. The stiffness began after intense exertion in a road race he hadn’t prepared for adequately, and has persisted despite various treatments. Is the scene I saw something that actually happened in another lifetime? I don’t know for sure, and there is no way to verify the impression. But clearly the energy block I picked up on in Nathan’s leg is valid, something that affects him on a daily basis.



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Three weeks later Nathan reports that he is able to feel energy moving through his left leg more than he has in years, and also that he has been releasing emotional blocks that have troubled him for a long time. Although he isn’t sure what he believes about the existence of past lives, Nathan feels the session has helped him. In metaphysical circles, I often have heard people comment that knowledge of their past (and future) lifetimes is irrelevant to them. Equally often, I’ve witnessed folks boasting about their “important” past lives, as if having been a well-known person in another life raises their status in this one. In such cases, I tend to agree with the folks who feel such information is irrelevant. To quote a friend of mine, “A list of my famous lifetimes and $3.50 will get me a cappuccino at my local coffee shop.” As with almost any other subject, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. In my experience, the importance of past-life information lies in its applicability to one’s current lifetime. Virtually every time I have spontaneously tapped into knowledge of other lifetimes, the information is relevant to me and/or the person I had the impression about. The very fact that I have accessed the data tells me that it is meaningful in some way; I have only to discover its applicability. In another example, a man I worked with confessed that he hated small brown furry creatures, to the point that when he was a teenager he used a rifle to shoot the dozens of prairie dogs that lived in a field behind his house. “Mike” was otherwise a compassionate person; such behavior seemed incongruous with his personality. I already was aware that he had many past lives in Europe centuries ago, in which he typically was a member of the lower social classes. Suddenly it dawned on me that his aversion to brown furry creatures was a bleed-through of some very unpleasant altercations with rats in the Middle Ages! Because Mike seemed to have largely conventional beliefs, I was hesitant to share such information with him. But one day when I encountered him standing in front of the elevator, I found myself telling him about my impression. To my relief, Mike was appreciative of my sharing the information and said it rang true for him. I don’t know for sure if knowledge of the source of his discomfort around prairie dogs, rabbits, and chipmunks improved his attitude toward such creatures, but I like to think it did.

photography by J.-B. Duret

A Masterful Touch by Debi Yoachum

“Oh God

, I don’t think I’ve ever felt such deep thrills flowing through the entirety of my being as you massage, knead, and mold me with your deeply intuitive, knowing hands. Oh yes baby, that’s it, right there, that’s the spot… oh yes, there too, yes! Please keep going, Please! I’m losing myself in your touch and I want to. Yes, yes, you’re caressing every single inch of me, and missing nothing. Nothing! I can do nothing but abandon myself to you. And I want to. Oh, yes, I want to! I want to surrender. I feel your devotion to me and only me in this moment and it is sublime. I am yours, make and take of me what you will. Mon Dieu, how did you manage to flip me over so expertly and gently that I hardly knew it was happening? Oooooooooooh… You are a master. Your touch is firm and knowing, yet more tender than the wings of a butterfly gently touching ever so lightly on a delicate flower. What is that sensation? What is that warm silken slippery sensation I have of being completely filled, and expansive beyond my wildest dreams, what is it? And the intoxicating smells mingling all around and through me… I don’t care anymore, just Please don’t stop, fill me with all of it, all that you have, I want it ALL!

I feel myself begin to rise to meet you and I am unable to resist anything but the delicious sensations filling me, yes, filling every nook and cranny, every nuance of my being. I must be in a trance; I cannot believe the luxuriousness of what you are doing to me, with me. It’s getting hot in here, OH… OOOOH it’s getting SO HOT! I don’t know how much more of this I can stand. And I am powerless to stop. Sweet torture… and I don’t know that I want it to stop. What is this? Suddenly a rush of cool air — the sensations swirling through me are indescribable as I am taken to the hottest point and suddenly jolted by the coolest of air. Breathtaking in the extreme yet pleasurable beyond anything I imagined possible. I feel myself expand and contract, releasing and clenching, ahhhhhhhh, there are no words… what is happening? I don’t care; I am beyond words, questions, anything but pure sensation. A tiny whimper of a gasp escapes me — did I just hear you say you were going to cover me in whipped cream? Did I just hear you say you couldn’t wait to taste me? I am gone, I am yours, and I exist only for your pleasure, as you have existed in this short time only for mine. Yes, Please, come closer and taste me, you made me, and I am yours.” The sensual art of making Pumpkin Pie.

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The Beautiful Contrary Self

Excerpted from Session #83, July 2, 2007 The way your Rose One works is to, in many ways, contradict your thoughts. We suggest that Rose One is a most bitchy voice that wants only to correct the many ways you provide yourself interesting but totally unhelpful information. We are not suggesting that your thoughts are ever one hundred percent incorrect; we are saying that they can be most unhelpful in allowing you to actually think. We will explain.

by Joanne K. Helfrich


y experience as a channeler is that I am consciously aware of various subtle personality tones or essences, and am able to dialog with them through autotyping and voice channeling. The aspect that I access depends on my state of consciousness. There is a personality whom we call Rose One who is the “closest” aspect to my waking state, and is very much like myself in tone, only wiser and more contrary. Rose One sometimes provokes me to access deeper states, mostly by presenting information that challenges my beliefs and expectations, and helps me address those that don’t serve me well. Rose, in all of her aspects, which currently include Rose One, Rose Two, and Rose Three, has explained that contrary Rose One is an aspect of myself that I have in some ways shut out and am now reintegrating into my normal self. This intuitively feels right to me, and I am finding the process both challenging and liberating, as “she” constantly calls me on things that “I” may not notice. It is as if she takes what is going on in my subconscious mind and brings it to the fore, into the light of my awareness, where I can objectively deal with it. It is quite odd and also familiar to have another seemingly separate voice in my head calling me on things that I then work through. The experience is perhaps the most intimate form of psychoanalysis, with subtle layers of Rose taking the roles of therapist, coach, and cheerleader. In this session, Rose Two explains that we all have versions of contrary selves that we often cast out of our psyches for various reasons, mostly cultural. So we all have a “<Your Essence Name Here> One” that is our closest connection with essence. Here she explains what our contrary selves’ purpose is, how important they are, and how we can integrate them back into our lives.


We suggest you continually squelch the important function of the contrary brain in order to assuage your fears that the child will not fit into polite society. And the way you do this was intended to include a very strong dose of your own squelching of our contrary natures, because the way you fear your own contrary natures in some ways builds up into a highly combustible blend of contrariness that affects everything you do. Your soccer moms may be the most misspent individuals in your world, because they are constantly interested in your decisions to “play nice.” We suggest that the world does not consist of many people playing nice, and to thwart the negligent individuals of the world, you need to treat them to a dose of their own medicine. In other words, you need to stand up to the bullies and the terrorists, and in order to do so, you need to learn to be contrary.

Give Voice to Your Contrary Self We suggest that you begin by allowing yourselves to embrace your contrary natures in order to assist yourselves in the revelatory information that will be interesting you, because the way you go about shunning the information will assist you in your strong desire to connect with essence. The way you may go about this would be to investigate the tiny contrary voice inside you, and allow it to speak. You hear this voice all the time, but don’t give it voice because you’re afraid of the consequences. But in order to live healthy lives, you must do so. We suggest that your cancers are the result of so much pent up energies that entice your body into sickness that you would do well to let some of it go. We suggest you begin by saying what’s on your mind, no matter how this may turn out. We suggest you can always say, “the devil made me say that,” because that is exactly what you have done with your contrary voice: you have demonized it. Your stories about your God and many of your angels were indeed your society’s ways of making you less contrary, to make you into nice little soldiers in order to succeed in your marketplaces, in your wars, in your bedrooms, so as to continue the madness that your society has incurred in your world. The United States will in many ways be the catalyst for change because of your openness to new spiritual ideas, so you will listen more. And you are a freewheeling society in terms of your interest in a variety of probable futures, so you can lead the way. We suggest you continue to read on, for there are many beautiful ways to be contrary.

Joanne Helfrich is a writer and channeler of the energy personality essence, Rose. For more information, please visit http://www.essence-of-rose.com.


Everyone who was ever born has a form of Rose One inherent in their mental model, but the contrary voices you interest yourselves in in the building of your model in many ways get silenced from the very beginning. We suggest that the contrary voices get silenced in every way: in the way you continually quiet a brightly screaming infant, from the way you interest yourselves in making little robots of your toddlers, in the way you insistently continue to trust yourselves to think you are doing children a favor by making them follow orders.

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Your contrariness will assert itself in a variety of ways, as we’ve said. We suggest that the first thing you do is to say what’s on your mind, regardless of how this sounds. Do not fear the consequences, as you do now know that others create their reality, so they can realize the kind of response they wish to accord you in your blasphemous outbursts. You will know how to handle this: with an apology. We suggest you may be sorry for saying the truth, in your terms, and you do not wish to hurt or offend others, and that this will be in some ways a good parachute out of your difficult situation.

Take on the Bullies Next, we suggest you take on the bullies. Bullies are enabled by the very fact that you wish to be nice all the time. Your racial profiling is perhaps the most interesting form of this, and to ignore a racial type that would clearly indicate the potential for trouble — while ignoring the views of individuals who suspect intuitively and would give voice to the contrary view that terrorists may be about to board your planes — is perhaps the most ridiculous way to treat terrorism that we have ever heard of. We suggest that you trust your intellects and your intuitions to seek out the terrorists, then by God make sure you [disable] or capture them. We appreciate this sounds a bit harsh, but do you really expect that terrorists will not allow you your contrary nature, and therefore allow themselves to kill others by the thousands? We suggest you grow up and get a backbone, Boomers, for your contrary natures have been so suppressed by your desire to have harmonious lives that you completely neglect to see the situation for what it is. We suspect you are now paying attention. We will continue.

Take on the Politicians Next, we suggest that you stand up to your politicians, who trust that your contrary natures are so terrifically stifled so as to enjoy the most perks of any generation. Your officials are so tightly tied to their own interests that you may have to throw out the lot of them. So we suggest you do, and you can start by assuring that your views are reasonably expressed in your political rallies, so as to assure them that their actions are not expected to win them reelections. We suggest you throw the bums out once and for all and replace them with those who know how to speak up in terms of being contrary. For what other society has had more influence in the world and has also not allowed naysayers in their government? That’s correct. We will move on. The way you may go about your indictment of your politicians would, of course, be to vote. We suggest that you don’t want to cast your votes in times of crisis because you have given up. Your contrary voices are in some ways speaking up in your terms your not voting, but your contrary voices are also being stifled because they do not heed the convictions that you hold so dearly. Why would you silence yourselves in this way? Allow yourselves to vote in your elections at every level so as to ensure the naysayers are primarily informed in ways that will prove to be most valid, for your naysayer contingent is dreadfully underrepresented, and this will in many ways be the most important thing that you can do to change the world. Your voting machines are not rigged, they are merely wishing to vote your contrary ways and feel left out — so make them happy and vote!

Take on Your Family Next, we suggest that your families are in need of a good shaking up. Use your dinner time in order to voice your contrary natures, instead of realizing your want to have a sweet Norman Rockwell picture, for your contrary natures must express themselves in families. When they do not, this will, in your terms, be the cause of conflict, not the other way around. We suggest you begin by being honest with each other — not cruel, not conflicted — for you do create your reality, and to blame your family members for their mistakes, in your terms, is not an option. You may begin by stating how you feel about something and let others sort it out, owning the problem as required in your terms by law. In other words, if you are a teenager, child (or their advocate, and we need more advocates for your young, who are getting more shortchanged than anyone on your planet) who will be reading this, it is your parents’ responsibility to provide you sound, informed, protected, inherently good social structures, and if you are not getting this, you need to say so. We suggest you may also wish to find other accommodations, for you do not need to stay with your parents longer than the required legal age. You know that they do mean well, but you do need to speak up if you are not getting your share of shelter, food, and hospitable environments. You may speak up to authorities as well, as you have every right to a safe and happy home, in terms of your weaning yourselves of your victimhood, and we will share more about this in the future. Let your parents know if you are unhappy, and make sure you take responsibility for yourselves in the process: not whining, not complaining, but articulating your contrary views on the world in order to prove helpfulness to their contrary views as well.

Speak the Voice of Freedom The way you may go about contrarily speaking your mind is a most challenging thing, we understand, but the way you may change your world is a most important thing. For how can you have a world of freedom if you do not allow yourselves to be free? We suggest that being contrary is the key, and the way you may know your best self is to embrace your contrariness. The way you will do this is in first recognizing that your contrary voice is always there to help you. This is the voice that tells you very clearly what you need to know, in spite of the fact that you may not think you need to know the information it is trying to give you. Allow your thoughts to quiet so as to allow your contrary voice to speak. We suggest you try this now. We will wait. Now, we will continue, knowing that you have tried this, for it is important to practice and to ensure that you are continuing your learning. For you do need to learn, and in a sense, unlearn many of the things you’ve been taught. We suggest that you consider that your contrary voice will allow you to play tricks on yourself. Your trickster self is in many ways the most important part of you that you could imagine, because it plays with you in the sense that you will reveal yourself to you in the process. We will provide an example.

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The Express Lane Suppose you are in a grocery store and you have a variety of items that you think would be best started in the express lane. We suggest you have more than ten items, or whatever the limit is for using the express lane. Your contrary self is saying that you should not do this, because you will in some ways be ignoring the rules, and you would be correct. The contrary self in many ways is the voice that you may consider of “good” rather than “evil”, and the way you can determine this, is, in this case, that your conscience will not be interested in berating yourself for not following the rules. The way you would know this is that you will feel a freedom in your thinking, and this is the point, as the contrary self allows you to think in ways that are most clear and beneficial. We suggest that your next example will in some ways challenge you, so we will continue to challenge you, and this is exactly the way the contrary self can also do so. The contrary self may in some cases express that you should be using the express lane, so as to create conflict. The way you determine that this is your contrary self is to pay attention to your feelings on the matter, for you will feel a sense of “rightness” about taking this action. We suggest that you have eleven items in your basket, and therefore feel that it would be very fair for you to use the express lane, since the lane is currently unoccupied. It would therefore in many ways serve the population, because the way you would get through the lane would make the most efficient means to move the excellent products through the lines more quickly. The way you would know about the rightness would be to trust your intuition. We will provide more information about this in the future, and will say, for your purposes, that to trust your intuition in many ways is intuitive, and we will move on.

Now, your contrary self, in this case, is speaking in terms of being contrary to your rules, and in some ways the rules are very important, but in other ways they are not, for the spirit of your rules is in many ways the most important thing. So your express lane was created to move your products and people through more quickly, and therefore you have every right to use your judgment to determine the appropriate scenario in which you may proceed through the express lane with eleven products. We suggest that you do know that you are correct, because your contrary self tells you, and you are so used to following your rules, that in any other sense of the word, you could think of this aspect as your intuition. But because you have become so indoctrinated in your rules, you need to focus on the idea that your intuition in some ways provides you glimmers of Divine inspiration that you may think of as contrary to your situation, but they are not. They are merely contrary to the way you have



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photography by Jérémie Feldschuh

Though you have eleven things in your basket, you sense the need to move into the express lane. The contrary self is telling you to do so. We mean, in this case, that while the previous example focused on the contrary self telling you the “good” thing to do, this time the contrary self is telling you the “bad” thing to do. We suggest that this is a very light example, for you do have many more opportunities to be “bad.” But we suggest you start with the express lane example as a means to listen to yourself in order to provide you opportunities to gently learn to pay attention to your contrary self.

entertained your thoughts, in your sense of the word, because your thoughts cannot be trusted to do much more than entertain you. The way you may think of your thoughts would be as secondary versions of intuitions that you play over and over again like little robots, because you have been brainwashed to believe they are the very most important things that you could ever have. The way you need to think of your thoughts is as important but not primary, for your intentional ways of working in the world are guided by your intuition and aided by your intellect, in that order. We suspect you are intuitively aware of this and will continue. So you can think of your contrary mind as being contrary to your thoughts, but not to your goodness, and not to your world. For your contrary mind in many ways weans you of your many addictions to your thoughts, for they hold much fascination, and you do need to quiet them. We suggest that your contrary mind will help, and will provide an example.

The Jumble of


The way you can think of your contrary mind is in some respects familiar to you. Do you know what a zebra looks like in the jumble of the jungle? We so desire you to concentrate on this that we ask you to put aside your reading material in order to consider this. We suggest you take a few moments. We will wait. We are still waiting.

Yes, the way you may think of your thoughts is as a jumble of zebras in the jungle. In some respects, they are very well hidden, are they not? Their stripes so blend in with your jungle environments that there will in some ways be no way to detect themâ&#x20AC;Ś

Yes, the way you may think of your thoughts is as a jumble of zebras in the jungle. In some respects, they are very well hidden, are they not? Their stripes so blend in with your jungle environments that there will in some ways be no way to detect them, for their stripes are perfected, in your terms, by your natural selection that they are rendered invisible. We suggest they are rendered invisible just as your thoughts are rendered invisible, for you have no idea where the thoughts are or how they are oriented in your minds. You just keep running around the jungle looking at invisible zebras with no way of removing the trees so as to discover the beautiful creations that are your thoughts. Your contrary self helps to remove the jungle of trees in order to see your beautiful thought zebras. The way you may trust yourselves to be contrary would in some ways be clear â&#x20AC;&#x201D; by trusting yourselves to continue to learn to remove the trees in order to see the zebras. We suggest that you remove the trees by simply quieting your mind in order to value the thoughts that drive through the jungle of your mind in beautiful ways, and provide a valuable way to discover your intentions. We suggest you have intention in life, and you have the ability to live happy and fulfilled lives by interesting yourselves in your intent in life, but this gets overwhelmed by your continual thinking. We are aware you do this because we essences are constantly trying to get your attention and desire to speak with you directly. In a sense, we are the contrary voice in your minds that calls to you in spite of your many tree-filled jungles, and we expect to speak with you more in the future as you learn to recognize the beautiful zebras of thought that grace your minds, so as to enjoy the scenery that you have so beautifully created for yourselves. See you in the Serengeti.

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Zebras 22


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Catherine Dumont & Jérémie Feldschuh by

t h

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A Wheel

In The Goat Sky

by R. Daddario 5 x 7 small painting - from my â&#x20AC;&#x153;daily paintingâ&#x20AC;? time. It is one of four pieces i did with the goat imagery. The moon and what looks like stars is a reference to a phenomenon I could see here in Hawaii when Jupiter and Venus were very close to the moon and very bright in early December 2008. A Wheel In The Goat Sky #034 Small Painting - 5 x 7 Inches Acrylic and Ink on Bristol Paper

Photography by Tracy Marshall



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New Circle of Friends by Gregg Morgan http://crunchymilk.multiply.com


onight was the celebration of the full moon —Dumannios— I attended a dance recital to usher out the old and bring in the new year, basically to drive away the darkness. We were ushered into a room, darkened except for light strings that bedecked the upper rafters, drifting downwards like the stars in the heavens. As we first entered the room, a dancer all in black and veiled, greeted us and asked “… Are you ruled by good or evil?” I took this to mean positive or negative influences as I do not believe in good or evil per se. The only sinister forces out there are fostered by man or woman. Since I felt more influenced in my life by negative or damaging forces, (the forces of loss and alienation have been fairly predominant in my life recently) I aligned myself with that side of the circle. Already in place were five dancers draped from head to toe in vibrant colors, particular to the emotional state and feelings that they were to represent. Apart from the amorphous darkened shape of the one greeting us, not a word was spoken. Once all of those in attendance had each chosen a spot around the perimeter of the chalk outlined circle, drawn to their respective sides, our eyes had become adjusted to the near darkness. We had arrayed ourselves as to our own inner turmoil and more than half of those present had chosen the positive side of the circle, and a feeling within of jealousy was growing. I was actually envying them for feeling that they had more positive influences guiding them (in retrospect I came to realize how much I had to learn). In the center of the circle was a column, decorated with light strings of blue and white and red, and pine rope, spiraling upwards to join the lights above. The narrator’s voice broke the silence. His individual words were lost on me, melding with the music, and another voice filled my ears but it actually came from my throat: “Pay attention…” the voice seemed to say. The narrator spoke of leaving behind of the old and continuing on, words of rebirth and hope droned on to be replaced by the pulse of the music. He circled the column once, twice, but his words went through me, as if he were speaking a language I knew I should’ve understood, but in a dialect unfamiliar to me. I found that all existed was the pulse of the music and the light ropes on the central pillar. Those surrounding the circle seemed to vanish as well. Then the music took on a different feel, it seemed to slow down, and become more melodic, where the music at first had matched my heartbeat or my heartbeat matched the music, I don’t know… But now I felt out of sync, like someone had dragged the needle across the album. Feeling like I was five years old trying to catch up to my father’s longer stride.

And then she was there, dressed all in blue, swirling in rhythm to the music. Compassion circled the column once, twice, three times. In her journey she imparted to all her wisdom, her patience and understanding. Forgiveness washed over all present: she made no judgement and shared of herself, asking nothing in return. I felt remorse overcome me, she gave so freely what I refused to. The selfishness filled me and I found myself not being able to watch her, for fear I would make eye contact and she would see me for what I was. She spent more time on my side of the circle as if to tell all of us with negativity that it was not too late, that she offered us absolution and the voice from within told me that it was true. The voice became a knot and I could feel the bile rise at my own shame. The central column to me did not so much appear as a column any longer. The steel and drywall and plaster now appeared as a living column of fire that joined the dance and pulsed with the music. The next dancer was Love, resplendent all in red from head to toe. She lost her anthropopathic qualities and she appeared to me as all the things beautiful, as she dipped I could see the rose in full bloom, and in her motions the rising and setting sun. As she danced for those under the negative influence, like Compassion, she spent more time drawing us toward her… and then the voice within spoke up: “Watch her and see what you have lost…” This time I felt regret, for all the things that I have lost and pain for all things I felt I would never have. I started to become angry. I started to project the negativity that I felt to the girl dancing before me. I asked myself ‘what do they know?’ The Anger began to turn to resentment. The voice in my chest told me to wait and see what had taken root. The narrator had circled the column once and again his words were lost to me. The timber of the music changed — the beat quickened and the melodic tones distorted and changed reminiscent of the beat of a Harpy’s wings. The shadows darkened and what little light there was dimmed and out slinked Greed. The column of living flame now turned to ice at her touch and she tempted the positive crowd with feelings of self gratification as she twirled about exuding an air of justification for their own selfishness impulses. “Do you feel it…” the voice within was raking its way out of my chest with talons of self pity… Next was Rage, adorned with flames of incarnadine retribution. She strutted and poked and prodded, exposing our faults for all to see but that all would deny. Just like the flames upon her gown, her dance inflamed all the injustices we perceive and mocked our unjustified reaction to those injuries. She tempted those on the positive side with the joy of unrestrained violence and the negative side applauded our understanding of this raw emotion.

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Angels ATCs by R. Daddario

Angel Space — Angel Waiting — Angel Watch — Accepting Angel ATCs by R. Daddario / Acrylic & Ink (and watercolor background for Accepting Angel) More at http://more19planets.blogspot.com



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New Circle of Friends, continued from p. 25 I wanted the inner voice to give me some satisfaction by sheer indignation of at least an “I told you so…” but the acids in my stomach churning over this abasement were probably enough chastisement. The music seemed to pump out faster, and harsher — the beat of wings now a shrill shriek as Intolerance took it’s turn upon the stage. Again self justification permeated the air and the purple of her gown set her above all the other dancers. She moved in syncopation to the rhythm that filled the room. She followed her own path and looked upon all on the positive side with unveiled disgust. Her head held high, her eyes closed, she stumbled as part of her dance and dared anyone to tell her she was wrong. For those on the negative side her dance seemed to explain that we had nothing to learn, and the other side wasn’t worth the effort to teach. The emotional sea calmed and the figure in black took the stage, as if the shadows spewed forth living tissue. She was a reflection of the darkness that was now filling and devouring my sensibilities. I was struck with a chord of fear that if I had looked into a mirror at that point in time that she is what I would’ve seen looking back at me through a cold querulous vacuum. The voice only had one word for me and that was: “Patience… this story is far from over.” The tempo of the music changed again and drove away the fear I previously felt. The tune slowed becoming again lyrical and confusion now filled me because as I did not recognize this new character, the narrator was silent, and the music gave no indications. The shadow seemed to float across the floor in no particular direction. She would go to the column and then to the negative influences. They reached out for her and I felt panic rise up. I knew full well what would happen if they got hold of her. She seemed to be a blank slate; for me she represented a new beginning — she was there untainted by any influence, she just ‘was’. She approached the positive influences and they reached out for her but she shied away and again I felt lost in the moment. Confusion still weighed heavily on me, and there I stood on a precipice, tottering back and forth. I discovered I was holding my breath, and found myself feeling concern for her. She moved to the

column, her head darting back and forth looking to one sphere of influences to the other. Maybe she was looking for answers, but didn’t trust her own judgement. I was at a loss, and the anticipation for answers was becoming unbearable. In this room only fifteen minutes had elapsed but I was lost in the moment. I was standing upon a road looking back; I could see stretched out before me every issue in my life that I had faced, how every decision I had ever made led me to this place at this time… The voice again… “it wasn’t easy.” The two influences, seeing her indecision, entered the circle and approached the shadow, enticing and cajoling her, pulling tugging, pleading, begging… Torn between the two influences, they sensed her weakness and indecision and separated. They started to attack her individually using their individual strengths to entice her. Anger flared up in front of her and attempted to divert her away from Love, whose open arms were only inches away. Compassion stepped in between Anger and the Shadow, it’s hold over her wavering. The ebony shape crossed to the opposite side of the circle and Intolerance tried to pull her away from the crowd of groping and ensnaring emotions, each still vying for her complete attention.

Each emotion tried to exert influence over her, to show that their path was true. Each emotion tried to exert influence over her, to show that their path was true. It seemed to me that the music built to a feverish pitch and the feeling over the entire room was one of sympathy for the lost figure in black. When it looked as though the girl in black would be torn to shreds, a wave of strength poured forth from the onlookers, not for the positive or negative influences, but for the lost one. The empathy that we all felt for her was resounding, palpable. It was then that she broke free and stood tall. It hadn’t been apparent to me that she had been bent or stooped over but now she seemed to me all of seven feet

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tall as she stood erect, reaching with outstretched arms for all to stop. All was motionless, once again I was standing beside the road. She pulled the veil from her face revealing a mask of Yin & Yang, black & white. In removing the veil that had clouded her vision, she was able to see everything for what it was. She now represented Balance. “Now you understand…” and the voice (of course) was right… But the dance had not ended there, the majesty of Balance became overpowering. She became the hunter, the antagonist, the protagonist; the influences cringed from her presence like nocturnal creatures caught in the highbeams of an oncoming car. Now she could see them for what they actually were, and the truth in this robbed them of their individual power. They no longer held sway over her; their control was gone. We were enthralled by the spell she had woven but in this moment of conquest she did not banish the negative and embrace the positive. She did the last thing any of us expected: she took hold the hands of Anger and Love and joined them together. At first there was disdain and reticence but soon they realized that they were just opposite sides of the same coin and they embraced and became one; morphing into protection. Anger tempered with Love —off they spun like two candle flames becoming one brighter and stronger flame, bonding and exploring this new sensation. Balance did not stop there, she went after Compassion next. She didn’t have to go far, Compassion never went far afield. Hand-in-hand they approached Greed, the others scattering, but Greed, aloof with arms across her chest, wanted nothing to do with Compassion. The insistence of Balance overcame Greed — maybe Greed thought that she could use this to her advantage. She held out her hand to Compassion, who stepped in and encircled her arms about Greed. Greed melted at the embrace and off they went to perform their dance, once again both becoming stronger for the union. One would think that they would cancel each other out, but no, together they became Sacrifice. Balance and Intolerance stood toe to toe; Intolerance, rigid and unyielding, was displaying strength arising from fear, a façade that didn’t fool Balance.



Intolerance tried to duck to the left or right; Balance cut off any retreat. Intolerance, her eyes prized opened and forced to look upon herself, now knew defeat. The remaining four dancers, now in pairs, circled closer until they were within arms reach of Balance. Once Intolerance had succumbed to the truth, Balance reached out to take Rage’s hand in her Left, and Greed’s in her right. On the far side of them were Love and Compassion, respectfully now as the two pairs were inseparable, the five of them fairly glowing. The lights in the room seemed to come from the dancers, auras brighter than the lights they danced among. There stood Intolerance, eyes darting from left to right looking for an escape, her shoulders slumped in resignation. Love and Compassion held out their hands to her. With a look of disdain, imbued with false superiority, Intolerance took their hands. Then the circle was joined and deosil they moved, slowly at first and, as if gaining strength from each other, they moved and pranced faster and with more energy; now no longer five distinct emotions but one driving force. “Now is when I say I told you so… “ I found myself laughing and my tears of absolution caused the lights to blur and shift; in that capacity I saw her for the first time. In my peripheral vision she was there, bathed in the pure light of understanding and forgiveness. I kept my eyes fixed on the same point and felt sublime grace and now knew what I always felt to be true.

New Circle of Friends, continued from p. 27

These players also taught me that Rage tended with Love creates an inner fierceness: temper that with Greed and you achieve a heightened Passion; add to that Intolerance and you find that you will seek what makes you happy regardless of how others feel about it. Combine all that with Compassion and you discover the tenderness that makes you want to be, and find what it is you yourself are seeking. I do not know if the players did or did not realize how prophetic their portrayal was, what they gave to us was a parable on the Pentagram itself. They gave us five emotions, each dependent on the other to provide stability. If you can picture Greed as the first line in the pentagram from 7:30 to 12:00 and apply another emotion to the next line and so forth then you may have an inclination as to how powerful this whole experience was for me. Remove Greed and you create apathy Remove Love and you foster self gratification Remove Intolerance and you won’t follow your own heart Remove Compassion and you create existentialism Remove Rage and you lose the passions that drive you If you bring two of the lines together, you are lacking three of these five emotions and achieve the emotion at the intersection of those lines…

“Silly boy. I am you. And apart from you. And within you. I have always been here only you haven’t been willing to see me…”

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1 deosil, or sunwise, i.e. following the course of the sun; would be clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere.

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To thine own self be true… Shakespeare, Hamlet — (Act I, Scene III).


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Adversity may be one external factor but integrity is the manner in which we face it:


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I learned that night that confusion only rises from not accepting ALL of your emotions, from not being willing to understand that we are a composite of our desires and influencing factors. It arises from our inability to utilize our intelligence to see the greater picture, a denial of the Balance that has to be achieved, to accomplish harmony. If any single emotion takes control then all that is left to us is frustration and ineffectuality, leading to further loss and emptiness. To fill the void that remains one has to look no further than one’s own emotions and sensibilities, for all of our compositeness and all the negativity that we experience comes from within. You have to look no further than within to discover the reasons for any negativity that abounds.

Blind Faith


The dancers still deosil1, their hands joined and held high, moving as one, and breathing as one. My heart moved and danced with them, now filled with intoxicating joy. I could now see myself as Balance, and I was there in the midst of them. I could feel all their arms about me as they collapsed inward upon Balance, giving up their individual influences to the overwhelming power of Balance. They stood and began moving deosil again as one unified force, Balance’s work done. She stepped out from the middle of the still dancing group, still joined in an unbroken circle… and I was there.

On Reality Creation and Skepticism1 by Bill Ingle http://www.realitytest.com

(I am not claiming to walk around in an ego-less state. Maybe some do, but the ego is necessary and natural for physical life. What I have learned how to do is to loosen my ego, temporarily, to varying degrees.) Colin Wilson, for example, explores such areas in many of his books, but he is just one author of a great many.


I’ve used the word “magic” in quotes to refer to “conscious reality creation” as someone else brought the term up upthread.

A basic example is scientific materialism versus what might be termed mentalism (it has many other names and these include quite a few variations, some quite old).

Some deride the latter, associating it with “New Age rubbish.” That’s their problem, as I see it. (We have a tendency to dismiss or ridicule that which we either don’t understand or which conflicts with our beliefs, usually without even investigating whatever this might be. William James and Frederick Myers faced such dismissal and ridicule for their “psychical investigations” in their time. One way people do this is by applying a label they find offensive, lumping all sorts of things into it. One such label today is “New Age.”)

here are different ways of understanding the nature of reality, and some of these — at this moment in time — are opposed, even if anomalies and poorly understood aspects point to a potential unification.

Closely coupled with this is how reality can seem very different depending on the degree to which someone is less or more “ego-bound.” Unless you’ve personally experienced or experimented with altered states of consciousness — let’s call this “expansive” (less ego-bound) and “narrowed” (more ego-bound) — you’ll have no idea of what I’m attempting to convey. There are many ways to approach these two related mysteries. As you would expect from the above, I prefer a “hands-on” approach involving methods and techniques, relying on a form of meditation or mind quieting as a starting point. This is closely connected with trance or dissociation, something I’ve also been experimenting with for the last nine years or so. Further, although I frequently meditate and experiment with trance by myself, I’ve also engaged in a variety of experiments with others (from just one other to about a dozen folks at a time), both on-line and live and in-person. If the idea of direct personal experimentation frightens you, there are endless books to read on these topics, although just reading puts you at a step removed. Still, this is better than nothing, but does nothing to address your own ego-boundedness.

Reality Creation is a key topic of Jane Robert’s channelled Seth material, consisting of many dictated volumes. (Possibly the best one for this topic is The Nature of Personal Reality.) Although many in the New Age movement state “you create your own reality” such that the phrase became something of a slogan, few give Seth any credit for creating the term, while fewer still offer the detailed explanations behind the term that Seth does, over many of his books. In some ways, Seth has more in common with ancient thought than anything “New Age” (depending on how you define that), while Jane herself — a writer living in Elmira, New York — was associated with the New Age movement after the fact, not so much while she was alive (she died in 1984) and certainly not when she began her Seth odyssey in 1963, as there was no such mass movement at that time. She’d been searching for a topic to write about and, with her husband Rob’s assistance, began to investigate the psychic realm after an unusual OOB experience which also included automatic writing. This led to experiments with a ouija board then, fairly quickly, to entering a trance and channelling Seth, Rob transcribing what Seth called “book dictation.” So “magic” can be seen as “conscious reality creation.”

1 Initially a reply made to a skeptic (see http://michaelprescott.typepad.com/michael_prescotts_ blog/2008/12/book-review-the-articulate-dead.html ) dm: “Sorry Bill, but they are claims, and I am not taunting. You are riding the fence alternately stating that you can materialize objects and that you aren’t sure you can.” Dear dm, For whatever reason, the subtleties of what I’ve been attempting to describe elude you. I’ve described certain experiences and noted how they might be interpreted, while also noting that they need not be interpreted in that way. I hope you’re not accusing me of lying or being out of my mind, but your use of “claims” certainly begins to sound that way.

Reality creation itself — per this concept or perspective — is a natural process that proceeds spontaneously. Each of us creates everything — all matter — that we directly perceive, without even thinking about it, as naturally as breathing. Matter is really a form of thought, then. Conscious reality creation involves directing or guiding this natural process, by focused thought or intention. This is an art, not a science, and poorly understood in today’s “official” society, even if endless practitioners engaged in it in previous times, each in accordance with their particular tradition and style. It directly contradicts the scientific materialist view of reality — for the most part (there is just a bit of overlap at the fringes of science, today) and thus is considered highly suspect by those who are convinced they understand the nature of reality. (In fact, most folks wouldn’t even entertain the idea, as it conflicts not just with scientific theory but common sense.)

I’ll try again, briefly.

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On Reality Creation and Skepticism, continued from p. 29 Further, although I have witnessed some amazing feats of conscious reality creation (there are some in the so called Pagan community who are quite skilled in these areas, even though they don’t seek or desire publicity, for obvious reasons) with others and captured on video, I don’t claim to be a master of these techniques myself. (Note, by the way, that if I could will solid gold into existence I wouldn’t tell anyone, least of all those reading this comment.) What I can do and have done, however, is to experiment in small ways, with small things, as an occasional hobby. As I posted, it’s very tough to prove that these techniques work, as you can come up with multiple explanations for any particular and seemingly successful instance. (Someone else might wish to spend the time and resources for laboratory experiments, multiple trials leading to statistical results, and so on, but I have other priorities, am no scientist, and don’t wish to be bothered.) Even so, I would say that focused intent does and has altered my personal reality. I could post endless stories, mostly of trivial incidents, but this would be a waste of time, but see the story below as an example. Anyone who doesn’t believe me is welcome to engage in their own experiments and decide for themselves.

as many of us do at such times. Here was the intent, however muddy in this instance. I woke up just before the train pulled into North Station and as I did so I sensed a kind of small darkish circular cloud leaving me. (“How odd,” I thought.) Hours later, I had lunch some blocks from my office. Walking back to my office, I spied what looked like cash some blocks ahead of me, lying in a pile next to the curb. This was on State Street, a busy street. This was in broad daylight, and many were about. I got closer and closer, finally picking up the cash. As I stood there holding it, in shock, a woman who’d witnessed me pick it up made a big deal about calling the police and reporting it. I had no time to process the situation even as a storekeeper, curious, came out from his shop to see what was happening. “Call the police!” The woman said; “This man’s found money!” The storekeeper did so. Even though I could have put the money in my pocket and walked away, I played along, going into the store and counting it. I’d found exactly $2,000.00 in unmarked $50 and $20 dollar bills. The policeman came and took the money, having me sign a form and giving me a copy.

If they aren’t willing to do this, I can’t value their beliefs on these matters. What’s required is simple — briefly focused intent. This can be aided by first stopping thoughts and exercising (or developing) the ability to visualize.

Far from claiming to be able to instantly materialize objects out of thin air, what I have described is using focused intent and how it seems to work… So far from claiming to be able to instantly materialize objects out of thin air, what I have described is using focused intent and how it seems to work, but in an ambiguous way. Let me be more precise. I have never willed a small object into existence, “out of thin air” and, say, in the palm of my hand. Such tricks are best left to the Indian gurus, or famous mythical magicians. Rather, an object or situation that I desired came into my possession or came into being after I focused my intent on acquiring or creating it. If I was very specific, a very particular object came into my possession or a very particular situation came to pass; if not, something suitable to my lack of specificity was the result. The most blatant example I can think of took place in the mid 90s. I fell asleep on a train going into Boston. I’d been thinking of money and how broke I was; I wished for some money,



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Free Space #032 by R. Daddario — Small Painting - 5 x 7 Inches, Acrylic and Ink on Bristol Paper

Note that my creation of this event (again, this is a way of viewing reality, and not the only one) included the whole situation; the odd initial experience, finding the money, the woman who witnessed this, the fact that I couldn’t keep it at the time, and my final receipt of it. Now — you could see this situation in at least two basic ways:  I created, not the money, but finding the money, and not with full conscious intent — I’d fallen asleep after thinking about money, so in this instance some part of my normally unconscious mind did this. (Per theories of reality creation, each of us creates all of our unique physical continuum all the time, so in that sense I did create the money, but I don’t wish to confuse you. As I said, there is some subtlety to these ideas.  The event was completely coincidental; my finding the money had no connection with my earlier experience on the train. You can’t prove what actually happened, which idea or theory is correct. This is what I meant by “ambiguity” above. “So tell me, do you think that something can be both true and false at the same time in the same way? And if you can, would you produce at least one example to prove your point?” Sure. Say you’re sitting at a diner, a waitress in front of you, behind the counter. 1. Let’s say you’re in an expanded condition (see above). In this case, the waitress seems to change a bit for a moment, such that you briefly see her as distinctly Elizabethan, in a dark interior. Her appearance in subtly altered — her hair is longer and in a different style, she is dressed differently, and so on. You recall how you once encountered her in that era, at an English inn. She was the innkeeper’s daughter. You’d stayed at the inn and left some papers behind, papers which might cost you your life if they fell into the wrong hands. Fortunately, she hid them for you. A great warm glow passes over you, as you appreciate the waitress, her greater self or soul, and her earlier edition, the glow extending to her. She smiles, and something connects the two of you, felt strongly in the eyes. 2. In a narrowed, more ego-bound condition, none of this is available or “real;” you’re facing an ordinary waitress in 2008, in the U.S.A. The waitress is friendly, but you feel no particular connection or sense of warmth.

Tile from Jorid.elikozoe.net

No one claimed the money in the course of a year, so I was able to legally acquire it one year and one day after I found it.

Irish Proverb by David John Drew


ften on the long and hazardous path of life we are called upon to commit ourselves to something particular whether it be political, religious, or social. A demand is made for our allegiance and all that it entails. And yet so often we later discover the ‘small print’ or the hidden clause which shatters an illusion that may have been presented along with the great headline and floral text. In the modern, conventional sense the terms of belief have become entangled with concepts of doctrine. In order to be accepted into one or another social clique we may be required to follow the entire ‘party line.’ eventually there may be a cataclysmic border over which we find ourselves unable to cross, and an emotional dread that prevents a reconciliation between our core belief and that which is required by society. An Irish proverb says:

“Is fearr bheith cinnte na beith caillte” (or ‘Better to be sure than lost’).

This small and beautiful saying is a lyrical play on words and meanings, and encourages us to constantly be in a state of open awareness. The term ‘beithe’ can be interpreted as ‘immeasurable’ and ‘infinite’ or ‘overflowing.’ It is related to ‘beatha’ or life, or the essence of existence. It is presented in opposition to ‘caillte’ which is translated here as ‘being lost’ but likewise it has certain correspondences such as ‘caille’’ which means ‘veil’; something hidden, not formed, limited and lacking. The proverb is telling us three things; seek a sense of balance in your choice of allegiances in life, establish an independent and balanced outlook which is based not in the temporary, fashionable and unstable but in long outstanding tradition, the mature and established. But, the balancing point is to be open-minded; literally to allow the shades of the infinite to enter into your life. The way not to get stuck in shallow details is to constantly remind ourselves of a greater potential. American society is one that has grown with an immense maze of complex laws which often causes disorder and confusion in many people, a sense of being lost: having to rely upon an army of highly educated professional lawyers to guide us whenever we drift into a problem. But, we forget the basic and most fundamental rights of freedom and liberty. The message is that we should be firm and strong in the fundamental aspects of our existence, and don’t blind ourselves with the billions of minor and often inconsequential details that can fill our every breathing moments. In other words; stop, be still for a time, relax and know who and where you are...! Biodh se

What is true in an expanded condition is false in a narrowed condition, and vice versa. Bill I.

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M iss A A. Laneous by Richard Kendall

Seth once said: “In your terms now and using your terms, an imaginative event is as real as a physically materialized one.” With that quote in mind, please indulge me as I recount an imaginative encounter between myself and a lady named “Miss A. Laneous.”

few summers ago I went to a resort off the coast of Spain near the town of Valencia. It was a truly beautiful spot and the city was filled with fantastic architecture and a vibrant nightlife. It was at one of the open-air cafes that I first met Miss A. Laneous. I was sitting outside nursing a drink made with rum and fruit juices which blended perfectly with the cool night air. A woman sat down at a table right across from me with long black flowing hair upon which rested what looked like a tiara. It was actually a band of small multicolored combs, each one perfectly spaced upon her head. I’m not great with guessing people’s ages but I’d say she was probably in her early sixties. There was something about her that attracted my attention and I kept staring at her though I knew doing so was a bit rude. After a few minutes she motioned for me to join her. I introduced myself and asked what her name was. She answered “Miss A. Laneous,” pausing briefly between each word. She told me she had changed her name to Miss A. Laneous because the word had great significance for her. She asked me if I knew the origin of the word, which I didn’t, and went on to inform me that it was from the Latin miscellus, meaning mixed. Did I know how to define miscellaneous was her next question. I started to feel like I was back in school taking some kind of spot quiz. In a way I was in school, but thankfully not the traditional kind which I never liked very much.

Photography by Tracy Marshall

Miscellaneous she explained meant diversity; consisting of diverse things or having various traits; like human beings she said. None of us are exactly alike and we should all be very grateful that such is the case. Imagine a world she went on, where all human beings were exactly alike. How utterly boring that would be. How would we learn anything if wherever we looked we’d only be seeing ourselves. And whenever anyone spoke we’d only be hearing our own words. We would lose all sense of inquisitiveness because there would never be anything new to inquire about. She paused for a few moments, not because she was at a loss for words, but I had the distinct feeling that she wanted to give me some time to let what she was saying sink in. She then continued: You must never close your ears when you hear words that are different than the words you might normally speak; and you must never close your eyes because others may see things in a different light; and above all, you must never close off your mind to ideas because they may be different from the ideas you usually like to entertain. So rejoice in the differences that surround you, and realize that they add to the overall richness of everyone’s reality. Be proud of your own unique nature and do not feel compelled as you do at times to “fit in.”


I thanked her for her words and promised I’d name a tab after her on my website. As she got up to leave I asked her if there was any possibility she could transform from being an imaginative figure to a real person. She just smiled and walked away ever so gracefully. But as promised I did name a tab for her on my website. So when you visit Miss A. Laneous expect a variety of creative fruit that cannot be squeezed into standardized jars upon which we then slap a ready made label. It shall also be a place where imaginative events proudly take their place alongside the official “facts” of physical existence. “Facts are just official fiction,” Jane Roberts once said. I can’t recall exactly when she said that, but it may have been during a vacation she once took off the coast of Spain, or was that just in my imagination…



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Contortionist, posed in studio, George Eastman House Collection

Note from the Editor: In August of last summer while writing an entry for the collaborative fiction project, Circle of Eights, the name Miss A Laneous popped into my head. Several months later I met Richard Kendall via email. Unaware of my story entry involving Miss A Laneous, he sent me his story of Miss A Laneous, also written in August. Interestingly, he set the story in Spain, which is where I live. Tracy Marshall

Well, it would be nice to be able to find what I’m looking for, Leo, Bea retorted.


ea sighed loudly, and dragged a tissue across her sweaty face. Leonora obviously hadn’t heard her, so Bea sighed loudly again.

Well if you found what you were looking for right away, you silly cow, you wouldn’t find all those other magical bloody surprises by friggen accident, now would you? There’s no need to be rude, Bea said sniffily. Now it was Leo’s turn to sigh. Why don’t you bugger off outside and find something to appreciate, you grumpy old bat. “Oh! look at this, Bea!” Leo exclaimed, “Look what I just found by accident!”

What’s up with you now? asked Leo, who wasn’t really paying attention to Bea’s incessant whining.

Leo swiveled the computer screen round so that her friend could see.

Oh I dunno, I just don’t know what I want to do, Bea grumbled. My head’s in a fog. I’ve got hundreds of ideas, but I don’t want to do any of them badly enough to even think about starting anything. So then I try to sort a few thing out, you know, so I can bloody find things again, and I just end up with a big pile of bloody miscellaneous. It’s the bane of my life, all the miscellaneous stuff that defies categorizing. I should have been called Miss A. Laneous. I start to sort things out and then I get sidetracked; I never finish any sorting out, I just end up with more and more miscellaneous… her voice trailed off miserably.

“Illi sat up and surveyed her surroundings. The sky was a deep azure blue, the sun was making twinkling stars on the waters of the lagoon, a warm gentle breeze rustled the coconut palm leaves, and birds sang and twittered in the foliage. It was indeed idyllic, and Illi decided to simply enjoy it, while her new ideas formed into a reality.

Leo swivelled round in the computer chair, took off her glasses and glared at Bea. Bea, you know you always find what you need by trusting that you’ll find what you need when you need to find it. You’ve told me that time and time again. You’ve droned on and on about that, how you love finding ‘just the thing’ and ‘by accident’ and now you’re sitting there moaning and groaning because for some inexplicable reason —Leonora rolled her eyes— you think that having things neatly ordered would be a better way.

Illi was enjoying a new found freedom in her contentment, in not pushing her energy in frustration, and meandered happily around the island taking mental snapshots of a thousand delightful and marvellous wonders, appreciating even the smallest most insignificant things. Time lost all sense of meaning: there were deep velvet indigo skies full of sequins, and there were abstract multicoloured sunrises and sunsets; there were cotton wool clouds in cartoon shapes suspended on a canvas of blue. It mattered not the day or night; there was no longer a sense of time passing, just a glorious collage of appreciation and beauty.” Bea read the excerpt reluctantly, and harumphed. Oh for Gut’s sake, Bea! Leo was getting exasperated. Try appreciating miscellaneous floundering fog then. Circle of Eights, Story#876, by Becky Vane Wrick

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On Jesus and

Photography by Tracy Marshall This is the external view, always subject to change in the light of continuing discoveries, analysis, and so on, this analysis reflecting the times and beliefs of those doing the analyzing.

the Expansion of Consciousness by Bill Ingle

Before leaving this outer view completely, I might add that in that time and place any number of wandering healers existed, while Judea was also part of the larger Hellenic world with all of its traditions, religions, mystery schools, and what not. Again, elements from those traditions were borrowed and grafted onto the newly emerging Jewish sect. The inner view is much more difficult to even discuss, owing to the charged nature of the myth, our modern minds thoroughly infused with its elements. My approach has been to attune directly to the larger entity or soul of the man upon whose shoulders the myth has been largely draped. Such beings are time transcendent.

The following is a comment to a thread on Michael Prescott’s blog1 about the teachings of Jesus and how they relate to the stages of personal development studied by transpersonal psychologists.


would rip the Christian myth to shreds before endeavoring to probe this area. One way to start might be to watch the entire From Jesus to Christ PBS Frontline documentary, available for viewing on the PBS website. (Alternatively, you might read dozens and dozens of scholarly works, including those pertaining to the latest archeological discoveries.) Our common understanding of the time, place, and situation is grossly distorted owing to the enormous influence of Christianity over the centuries, while many tend to ignore the fact that the gospels were written long after the events they allegedly describe, each written to serve particular communities, and each different in details. There were a number of other gospels, as well, and these periodically come to light — the “official” gospels are just that; four tales of many chosen by a gradually hardening church organization concerned with perpetuating itself (before long the information in these official gospels would become “true or else,” all other versions stamped “heretical”). This is aside from the fact that all gospels are primarily symbolic in nature, and clearly borrow from other traditions, including earlier Jewish myth (the killing of infants was borrowed from the tale of Pharaoh and Moses, parts of that tale itself a modified Mesopotamian myth created for the political purposes of Sargon of Akkad, while other elements in the Gospels were borrowed from Egyptian myth and even the symbolic tales of Mithras). Comparing members of apocalyptic Jewish sects alive in a time of great political and religious tension living in a particular and unique situation to “ordinary” modern people is a great mistake. How many of us are thoroughly convinced the world is about to end? None of us are currently 1st Century Jews, practicing some variation of Judaism (it was not a uniform religion at that time) in a land in which animal sacrifice was a primary element of worship at a central temple, a land occupied by Rome in what was still, after all, the ancient world.



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This is much more difficult than most might think, owing to the above infusion — how can one even imagine doing this without invoking ideas of the Christ; i.e., elements of a huge and preposterous myth? (“Christ” is a title applied after the fact, part of the myth and not a name.) This entity or soul is that of a man, a very Jewish man. How many of the words attributed to him in the gospels are likely to have ever issued from his mouth? (It’s true that there are quite a few sayings that are found in many gospels, not just the official gospels; it is likely that someone uttered these — within a context we find difficult to imagine, today — and that someone may indeed have been the brother of James. Of course these weren’t actually written down until decades after someone — or several people — said them) Restating: Attuning directly to this particular entity is made difficult owing to our present mental associations with the massive myth that has greatly influenced our civilization and has for centuries — these greatly distort whatever genuine inner perceptions may arise. You can speculate on the nature of reality based on largely imaginary teachings containing elements borrowed from various sources — you might gain something from doing this; some of these teachings might actually convey gems of wisdom, after all, but why do this when much more direct methods are available? An aside: I’m reasonably convinced that Jehoshua, brother of James, existed, and that he was a wandering healer with a following, underwent an experience of transcendence, and that some of the sayings found in multiple gospels may be attributed to him, no matter how distorted and out of context those sayings are in our minds. An experience of transcendence is notoriously difficult to transmit or convey, however, while under certain circumstances a huge unwieldy religion may result, gathering endless encrustation with the passage of time. We can attempt to create our own experience of transcendence, as free as possible from such encrustation. As part of such an endeavor, we might attempt to attune to the particular entity, larger self, or soul in question. I would say no more, not wishing to color anyone’s unique experience.

1 See http://michaelprescott.typepad.com/michael_prescotts_ blog/2008/12/jesus-and-the-expansion-of-consciousness.html .

Photography by Tracy Marshall

Divinity Part Two The Objectivity of Science by Robert (Reese) M. Kreegier


efore we begin this discussion, allow me to lay down some ideas: The true nature of reality is undefinable in exact physical terms, be it through written word or the language of math, because that nature is fundamentally multi-dimensional. Our language is couched in our objective time/space framework and so it becomes nearly impossible to describe the basic framework from which physicality emerges using just physical words. I know many out there have probably read ideas like this many times before, but they are not to be taken esoterically. This is literal. I found that it is impossible to “prove” or rigorously define anything that wasn’t objective using a purely objective base. In other words, if you are looking to prove anything, you must first venture outside of the reality of the thing you are looking to prove and then use the “outside terms” as the basis of the definition. This is a concept that is extremely hard to verbalize due to the aforementioned reasons. Consider that every system is composed of a more basic system. As an analogy, this is like saying there are three primary colors in a basic color system. From this individual system of three colors, another system of “higher” colors can be created. The “higher” colors are then composed of the fundamental system of three colors. You cannot, however, create the three primary colors by mixing any of the “higher” colors.

Now, there is a whole history behind Science that has led it into the position it is in, but in simple terms: Science, as a trademark, has looked to define our reality using an objective perspective. It looks to separate itself and then define and categorize the “things” around it. This is partially in vain, for when it comes to people who claim that there are the three primary colors, following our analogy again, Science has no choice but to try and “prove” or create those primary colors from the “higher” color scheme that it couches itself in. Note that in our analogy, I am equating our physical reality with the higher color scheme and “spirit” as the primary colors. Science, seeing that it cannot “prove” the primary colors, gladly dismisses them. Were Science to take a perspective from that of the primary colors, it would see that they not only exist, but that they are the fundamental building blocks of all other colors.

Illustration 1: For those of you in the business of mixing colors, I’m sure I just brought out your inner nerd, so just play along…

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Divinity, Part 2 — The Objectivity of Science, continued from p.35 Trying to define or prove spirit through physical means is like trying to define the feeling of love with mathematics. Mathematics was created as a way of describing the physical and so mathematics became the language of physics; however, it is because of this basic virtue that mathematics is essentially unequipped to describe anything that is NOT physical. In the process of trying to prove and explain the reality we experience, Science comes up with theories based off laws. It comes up with theories based off of the theories. It mildly acknowledges that the laws are laws in the first place because it cannot define them in any simpler terms. The Law of Gravitational Attraction is a law because all we can do is assume it to be true. There is no other way of proving it other than to simply admit that it’s there. Suppose we follow Einstein for a moment and admit that gravity is a by-product of space-time… but then we must ask what space-time is made of. What is time made of? Science settles on law only when it cannot go any further in its reasoning. If one studies science long enough, they will realize that everything about it, no matter how logical and objective it is, has its base in fundamental assumptions and laws. If science were to view our world not from an objective perspective, but from a subjective perspective, then it would easily arrive at a new set of assumptions that would easily redefine all that it thought it knew. Now, just as I was saying, there is a vast history behind the western sciences, but what I would like to approach now are their interrelationship with religion, particularly Christianity. When Science emerged at the end of the Dark Ages and gained steam, it was seen as a fledgling religion in the subconscious of the then religious elite, prime to take its followers away and claim them as its own; prime to veer followers away from the faith. The scientific followers would see this and look to justify their scientific standing with scientific rules based off of scientific rules in an attempt to justify their scientific observations, even when justification was never needed. Science looked to separate itself from those inner feelings of divinity and in the process created the objective perspective that became its trademark. In a manner of speaking, as time progressed and religion felt more threatened, it would openly detest scientific work and in the process turn science into an adversary. Science, now feeling victimized, would try to reject anything subjective or irrational or anything else that would smack of religious overtones. This all follows a very wide and loose time frame that continues to this day. This religious war is best epitomized today by the debate between Evolution and Creationism, a fine example of duality and polarization. Now, the main intent behind the teachings of Christ were of love and confidence in direction. However, following along side Science, Religion reasoned, and in the process contorted its original message and meaning; it assigned all kinds of bells and whistles to its wardrobe and made itself look very fancy indeed. It pushed out all other religions around it saying that its way was the only true way. In just the same fashion, Science followed the path of a religion. Just like any religion before it, Science tried to explain what we knew and felt was true with



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its own type of logic and reason, creations of physicality, even when the basic nature of what we know and feel is essentially based outside of logic, reason and physicality. It too became contorted beyond its original intentions and looked to push away all illogic in the name of its true way. Despite being polar counterparts of each other, neither Science nor Religion can defeat the fact that they have intimately influenced each other. As one took a position on one issue, the other would automatically take the opposing stance. This is the nature of a dualistic system. Despite each side trying their best to be different, the choices of either are dependent upon the other. And so both follow paths that are opposing yet similar in direction. Much like the double helix of DNA, Science and Religion form two counterparts of an intertwined whole, contrasting and in many ways complimenting each other, but basically working off each other. However, despite Science’s reluctance to accept anything that hinted of religion, it was still open enough to allow change and expansive enough to incite some pretty far out theoretical ideas. Whereas Religion was based off of ancient ideas that were considered to be divine and hence infallible, Science was based off of ideas that, if given enough scrutiny, could be sacrificed in the name of truth. This was allowed in Science; however, it still was not without its “ancient” and infallible laws. In this sense, Science carried a dogma all its own. Now, Scientists are very good followers of their religion, of their belief. Even in light of paranormal experiences, they will hold to their belief in science and logic and push the experiences aside as unofficial: explained as phenomena of the “complex scientific nature” of their reality. Visions of demons are explained off as delusions, a product of the nervous system. Dreams are pushed aside as flights of the subconscious, a product of a certain harmonic state of the brain. Faster than light travel is impossible due to the theories of relativity, but I ask you to argue this with someone who has had an out-ofbody experience. The scientific belief system is so built up that nearly every experience can be “explained” via some means, usually a currently entertained theory. Anything that cannot be explained is pushed even further to the side with a general blurt of “we’ll get to that later”. For the longest time Christianity did the same thing by rejecting the scientific explanations of Galileo and others in favor of their own religious dogma. I should point out that if the spiritual ideologies within any one of the religions, Science/Atheism included, had any sort of sound and empirical logic, we would not see the massive split in preferences that we see en masse.. The only reasonable explanation that I can derive from this phenomenon is that each mainstream ideology has within it kernels of truth. Each ideology speaks to its followers because there is something within it that has a basis in reality. For instance, if the economic ideologies within the conservative or liberal mindframes had any sort of rigorous logic, then we wouldn’t see a split. If either camp was definitive in their views, everyone would be in consensus. Your economic outlook on the world, your economic ideology, truth be told, requires just as much

faith for it to work as does any religion believing in some invisible entity. It is no wonder the economic status of the world right now is in the position it is in when all faith in it was lost. However, if scientists and religious followers alike are to continue to hold so faithfully to their doctrine, they are doomed to never allow themselves the freedom to experience the world in its purest form; they are doomed to their own type of fantasy world where the experiences and observations of their counterparts are considered invalid, even when each side’s experiences are valid within their respective perspective.

The attempts to answer questions such as how black holes are composed are really an attempt to answer the fundamental questions, “What creates our reality? Why are we here? What is our purpose? What is the meaning in all this?” And I will state it again and again that the answers to these questions will only be found if and when science begins to accept the multidimensionality and spiritual nature of our combined reality. It is no accident, for instance that every human who has been bored long enough has eventually asked “Why am I here?”, or some variation on that theme. It is that very question, that very subjective and divine question that is the basis of science itself.

At least religious followers have a somewhat acceptable and simple surrogate for divinity by living vicariously through their symbolic gods, saints, and lords. At least within this framework, these feelings of connection can be accepted and rejoiced.

Author’s Notes 1 Translated into English this reads “I think, therefore I am” 2 In the coming years, science will begin to reflect the esoteric nature of reality more. As scientists begin to approach those questions it so diligently pushed aside, it will begin to change its perspective, and subsequently its theories. New beliefs will emerge that begin to more adequately reflect the true nature of reality. As time progresses even these beliefs will be seen to be choices and individuals will more openly experiment with manipulating energy. Our shift will then be well under way and toward completion. Credit for the background pic of the lake for the Divinity article in Wisp 7 goes to Jeremy Johnson

Scientists must relegate any explanation of divine feelings they experience to the mathematics and science of biochemistry. Within this framework, those feelings of connection must be diminished to a series of chemical reactions that have little or no other meaning beyond the reactions themselves. The felt connection is then seen as a reaction to outside stimuli rather than an actual merging of consciousness and subjective communication. The validity behind science, however, remains in its expansive and self-reinforcing belief structure. Added together with a very convincing argument for its view, the fact that it is widely accepted by most current cultures and that it is seen as separate from religion, Science is allowed to flourish and evolve without considerable consequence. These aspects of the scientific world are appealing: universal acceptance, basic flexibility and an in-grown separation from “religion”. They allow a common ground to be maintained between cultures and creeds and reinforce the need for critical thinking. Science only needs to accept the validity behind all religions and spiritual practices and incorporate some of the basic truths that lay within them in order to become its full fledged self. Only when these concepts surrounding subjectivity are accepted into mainstream science will Science then be able to answer some of the more evasive and fundamental questions that it has been striving so long to answer. Now, as I have been saying, Science has become self-involved, searching for answers to its deepest questions within what it has already created. Some of these questions have been topical, such as what creates the electron. But these topical questions hint at the true underlining wonderment that scientists and most other people posses.

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It is no accident, for instance that every human who has been bored long enough has eventually asked “Why am I here?”, or some variation on that theme. It is that very question, that very subjective and divine question that is the basis of science itself. There is a basic proof for divinity in Descartes’ statement “Cogito, ergo sum”1. It is not only certain, but it is so true that nearly every person willing to contemplate the idea cannot claim to inwardly feel any different on the subject. It is such a part of our selves and inner knowing that nobody can recite the concept without having profound feelings about it. What evolutionary purpose would render a whole species to ask such questions? What cause and effect would produce such self-reflection? What benefits could self-reflection have given to a struggling creature? Why is it that we cannot find the missing link from when primates had enormous K-9s and barrel chests but no introspection to humans with small arms and teeth but with a knack for self-reflection? Religion needs Science if it is to become flexible enough to appeal to continuing generations. Science needs religion if it is to answer its most pressing questions. The divide between these two pillars of thought must be closed if we are to move ahead and advance ourselves as a species2. The more separation these two pillars impose upon themselves, the more we will feel a loss of hope for a meaning in life. As inhabitants of this great world, we not only experience what we see before us, but also experience a rich subjective world full of meaning. Without the objectivity of life, the solidity and diversity of our world would obviously fall apart. Yet without a subjective

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Divinity, Part 2 — The Objectivity of Science, continued from p.37

recognition of the meaning in our world, not one object would have any sort of validity.

The Principles

If an individual were to accept their world for what it was, holistically, whether or not they claimed a belief in a personified god, they would at least have somewhat of an unbiased view toward what they experience. If an individual, on the other hand, were to continue to adamantly hold to their ideological persuasion to such an extent that they effectively filter, bias or outright reject their personal experiences, then they would only be limiting their own personal understanding of the world around them. My point isn’t to insist that the world at large, be it objective or subjective, be empirically categorized, for in doing so limits are automatically created no matter how expansive the categorization. As well, my point isn’t to insist that all categorization be abolished. Rather, my point is to realize and accept the current perspectives as they are and to come to a holistic understanding; to accept the validity behind all perspectives and understand those validities to augment what understanding you already enjoy. Thankfully, not everyone in the world is a scientist, just as we can be thankful that not everyone is Christian. Many of us have a rudimentary understanding of the belief systems surrounding science and do not hold tightly upon them. Many of us take from religion what we want and integrate it with our own private understanding of our reality. Most do not need everything spelled out for them. We know that we dream and we can feel that there is meaning. We know there is something greater than what we see and we do not need experiments to prove it. Why would we need to prove what we already know? Were we to be as Science says we are, atoms and molecules first and brains and bodies second, it would be impossible for us to consciously make sense of the world around us. It is only because our basic nature is essentially outside of physicality that we can perceive, interpret, feel and understand our connection with it. We are all creatures of physicality, but more importantly we are souls of the universe. We experience objectivity from a reality that is couched beyond it and so it is not hard for many of us to understand that there is more to an object than the object itself. All of us, no matter how much some of us try to fight it, innately know our position and know the implications of that position. All of us innately know that words and numbers can only hint at the world we experience; that in order to understand physicality, we must use the “outside terms” I mentioned earlier: the immaculate language of emotion.

of Gender and Vibration by Reginald Martin


here are no accidents, coincidences or luck. The universe is a beautifully woven tapestry of events which we bring into our existence based on its principles. Those that understand and practice those principles live a vibrant illuminated existence. Those that don’t know or understand those principles struggle in this human existence. Unfortunately the majority of us fit into the latter category. I believe that it is fair to say that the majority of the world does not know and understand and/or do not put into practice the principles of the universe. When we do understand then war, poverty, sexism, racism and any other kind of ism will be non-existent. Yes, it is a bold opening statement. Bear with me and I will explain my position. I will start with the ancient Hermetic teachings of the Kybalion. These teachings predate all religions. It is safe to surmise that the Kybalion and its teachings is the root of religious thought and practices. Unfortunately many of the principles espoused by the Kybalion were misunderstood by the religious teachers or the students and set off a string of events that has put mankind in the unfortunate position of judging and killing each other all in the name of their God. The Kybalion speaks of seven principles that are valid on the mental plane, the physical plane and the spiritual plane. In other words, a principle will work for all of creation no matter what form or plane it exists in or on. If you have ever heard the saying “as above so below, as below so above” then you are familiar with the Kybalion and just didn’t know it. This principle simply means that if it works on one plane of existence, it is a truth and it works on all planes above it and below it. Two of the principles that I would like to concentrate on in this article are the principles of Gender and Vibration. Let’s first go into Gender. Gender in the physical plane is represented by the sexes male and female. However, Gender has a broader meaning than on just the physical plane. “Gender” is derived from the Latin root meaning “to beget; to procreate; to generate; to create; to produce.” If we approach gender from the root meaning then we can get a better understanding of how it can work on all planes and therefore develop a deeper understanding of the universe we live in.



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The next principle is that of Vibration. The Kybalion states that everything in the universe vibrates. Science has come around on the vibration theory. If you have ever heard of the “M theory” of quantum physics, then you are aware of science now coming around to what the Kybalion said thousands of years ago. Science and the Kyablion say that nothing is at rest, everything moves and vibrates. Let’s take water for an example. In its three different forms of ice, water and steam it is simply a matter of the level of vibration as to what form it exists on this plane. Ice is the slowest vibration and steam is the fastest vibration of the molecules. The level of vibration is the amount of energy that is be expended. All of creation vibrates or puts out a form of kinetic energy or an energy of motion. All energy has a masculine and feminine counterpart. At the most minute level everything in the universe is energy. Energy manifest itself daily in all of creation. As humans we are creators of our world. Our world is a manifestation of our interior being. We are powerful in the ability to create. How do we create? We start with a thought. A thought comes from seemingly no where. Based on the principle of Gender it had to have a masculine form that attracted a feminine counterpart to enable itself to become manifest in our mind. Then that thought attracted more energy that was on its vibrational level and after being thought over and over it then created a belief that can then create an image in your mind. That image then vibrates on a level that produces certain emotions that will then be a catalyst to attract to you the experiences that will create the image you have in your minds eye. There is nothing that you see outside of man that was not created in the mind of man first. These two principles of Gender and vibration manifest themselves in our lives every day. As I stated before there are no accidents, coincidences or luck. Because humans are woven into the fabric of the universe those principles work for us, on us or against us. Our thoughts are magnets in creating our universe. Thoughts abide by the principles of Gender and Vibration, “as above so below, so below as above”. The energy that we create thought from is infinite. We will not run out of material to form any of our thoughts. Therefore we can not run out of anything that our thoughts can form. Most of our wars are due to people thinking they have to obtain some form of a limited resource. When we finally come to the realization and understanding that we create all things in our existence then we will not need to take it from another. We will simply create more.

Tile from Jorid.elikozoe.net

When we speak of the universal meaning of Gender we speak of all of creation having a masculine and feminine counter part. For example when we speak on an atomic level there is a positively charged proton (masculine) and negatively charged ion (feminine) that will join together to form or create an atom. An atom can then have a positive charge (masculine), seek a negatively charged atom and form a chemical or element. On the physical plane a male and female can create offspring. As above, so below. Science has proven this principle on an atomic level here in the last century or so. However, they are way behind the Kabylion which is thousands of years old.

Our thoughts create our state of mind. Our thoughts create the way we view our world. When we create any thought it takes 17 seconds for its feminine counter part to attach to it. The process continues until a tipping point of 68 seconds. At that point in time the universe starts to orchestrate itself to manifest that thought into your reality. The universe orchestrates itself and your reality based on vibration. In 68 seconds of “pure thought”, meaning nothing resistant to that thought and it starts to manifest into your world. That does not mean it happens instantly. It does mean that the feminine part of that conglomeration of thoughts start to seek out the resources and people it will need to manifest. The only way it will not manifest is if you start to offer a resistant or opposite thought process. The thoughts vibrate at a certain level. We think thousands of thoughts everyday. Imagine if they all manifested. It is a good thing that the laws of the universe work without error or a lot of us that were previously married could be in a lot of trouble! The bottom line is this: thought is formed from an infinite pool of energy. That energy seeks its masculine and feminine counter part in order to create. Our thoughts form our reality. If you want to change your reality more to your liking, simply start with a thought about how you would like it to be. The ALL started the universe and everything in it from a thought. We are endowed with the power of the The ALL. We are creators. As one of the Kybalion principles states: “As above so below, as below so above.” The ALL creates (above), therefore we create (below). As I stated above I will state below: There are no such things as accidents, coincidences or luck. How do we know which level we are vibrating at? Simply by the way we feel! Thoughts that make us feel bad are of a low vibration. Thoughts that make us feel good are at a high vibration. Emotions are the universes guidance system for us. The universe wants us to feel good. Any thought you think has to find its feminine counterpart to create. What reality will you create from this day forward? Why not create a reality that you enjoy? If you focus on negativity you will vibrate with those thoughts that are produced. That is what will be manifested into your reality. We don’t want that do we? Happy creating and Happy New Year!

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Therefore the most precious and valuable aspect of me… “who I AM”, has just been relinquished to those I love and care about most based solely on the importance that I myself have given these “loved ones” in my reality. This process for me, and maybe you, is somewhat seamless and it occurs almost without notice. It’s only when I’m forced by circumstances I’ve drawn to myself to face this “truth” in my reality, that I find it necessary to analyze and pontificate on the subject.

Fear of Judgment by Ken Shaw


t is apparently a bigger factor in our life decisions than I, for one, had given anywhere near enough recognition to… until recently. Okay, let me re-phrase that a little.

Far too often I believe that I, and maybe you, tend to make decisions in life according to what we think others think about us, whether what we believe others think about us is rational and true or not. This isn’t my supposition alone. Psychiatrists, psychologists, sociologists, and others have made this an “axiom” of psychological analysis for decades. So, largely our decisions about “who we are” are a reflection of how we think our world sees us based solely on our innate fear of being judged by those we hold dearest in our hearts. In our youth we all tend to focus on what others think of us, because we are constantly seeking validation as worthy beings. Perhaps we’re just too young and confused at that point to realize that we should be developing our own innate uniqueness, as opposed to thinking only about how to look and act like everyone else. We all are acquainted with the “teenager” mentality that insists on either looking and acting exactly like the crowd or, as a rebellion born out of low-self esteem among other factors, to turn exactly the opposite direction and by doing so accentuate the differences that others see between “us and them”. It’s relatively easy I think, as one matures and gains real life experience through longevity, to largely ignore the opinions of others as far as how they view your personality. So their judgments often lose their sting over the years. I know that has been my experience, at least, and of course that explains what I believe is often mistaken for arrogance and self-importance in my personality by those who don’t know me very well. Guess what! I don’t care! But then, I’m old, so I can usually get away with that. The older you get, the more people seem to consider you “eccentric”, “cantankerous”, and sometime just plain stubborn. Either that, or they tend to just leave you alone, cause you’re an A-hole… in their opinion. However, those I love and hold closest to me have been given by me a special privilege it seems, to judge me at will, and because I love them, those judgments are sometimes extremely important to me. I find myself making every effort, in fact, to anticipate those judgments and adjust myself and/or my actions accordingly. So in effect I begin living the life that I THINK those I care about the most think I should be living.



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Of course, there is a “flip side” to this coin that causes me to recognize these thoughts and be moved to express them in print. The fact that I’ve been learning over the past few years to view my reality differently has brought all of these conjectures and musings to mind. That too is by design – the design, I believe of my own “essence”, my own “guiding light”… my soul/spirit/source… All That Is. It is specifically this Essence that spurs me on in my life to experience the fullest of every situation I encounter, and in doing so, live life to it’s fullest for my Essence’s sake. After all, this body will someday turn to dust, but that Essence has, does, and will exist forever in my belief. So it is that Spirit that has taught me to view life moment by moment by moment… focusing on this NOW moment, always. Secondly it has shown me the true value of living life from the “inside out” rather than from the “outside in”. Ever heard the phrase “garbage in – garbage out”? I know that that phrase was coined about an entirely different subject (computers). However, my physical mind is mostly a computer of a different sort, but a computer, nonetheless. Living life based on what you think others think about you is living your life from the “outside in” and will, I believe lead to ultimate dissatisfaction in your relationships, your station or status in life and your general overall sense of well-being. That last part is pretty important to me, because since passing the “Big Six O” a couple of years ago, “Well-Being” is a very big part of my life. I believe my physical health is very greatly connected to my sense of well-being. My spirit reinforces my belief that I am “phenomenally healthy” simply because of the enormous regard I have developed in my conscious waking reality for the overwhelming capabilities of this magnificent creation – the body that my Essence created for me by “focusing attention” on this dimension and the resulting “physical me” has been given the responsibility for maintaining that remarkable creation. I maintain that creation (my reality) by what I think of ME. If I believe I’m a victim, then I act like one and those I interact with will pick-up that energy and react accordingly. In other words, I’ll be treated like a victim and will draw to me those experiences that mirror or reflect that belief in my whole reality. If I believe, on the other hand, that I’m a unique and magnificent creation of a distinct part of “All that Is”, then so be it. “I AM”, to quote a very notable spirit. Okay, so that’s just my take on things, and you may agree or not. That is of course your choice. But to bring the thought back full circle, it is my recent recognition through circumstances I’ve drawn to myself, that living and expressing thoughts that mirror my inner being, rather than the outer stimuli that I draw to myself is a much more satisfying approach in the long term and has allowed me to accept what others think of me, without causing me to drastically alter “Who I AM”. After all, if I am creating all of my reality, as is my belief, then what I think others think about me is also a creation of my own and is a reflection of my own thoughts about myself. I’ve drawn these recent experiences to myself that have brought about this thought process in the first place for the simple purpose of recognizing these truths. “Please… pay… attention to the man behind the curtain!” (paraphrased of course)

by Marcy Singer



his past Christmas I decided to try my hand at some homemade dog biscuits to give to the many dogs owned by my various customers. They were a big hit (although most dogs will eat anything that comes from the kitchen since it’s probably ‘people food’!) So in the spirit of fun, I decided to pass along my recipe. I have altered the original recipe, cutting out the sugar (how many dogs really need sugar in their diet?) and making a few other changes. I use all food grade ingredients and I have sampled these myself, so you know your doggie buddies will be getting something healthy and without all the questionable ingredients that come in commercial dog biscuits.

Photography by Jean-Baptiste Duret

The Essence of

Dog Treats Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 30 Minutes Cook Time: 30-40 Minutes INGREDIENTS 1 cup rolled oats ⅓ cup canola oil 1 cup boiling water ¾ cup cornmeal 2 teaspoons beef or chicken bouillon granules ½ cup milk (or can subitute ½ cup water and a generous 2 T. nonfat dry milk) 1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese (Or any cheese. Dogs don’t care what kind you use.) 1 egg, beaten 3 cups whole wheat flour DIRECTIONS: 1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 °C). In a large bowl, combine rolled oats, oil, and boiling water. Let and 10 minutes. Grease cookie sheets or line with parchment paper. 2. Thoroughly ir in cornmeal, bouillon, milk, cheese, and egg. Mix in flour, 1 cup at a time, until a iff dough has formed. 3. Knead dough on a lightly floured surface, mixing in additional flour as necessary until dough is smooth and no longer icky. Roll or pat out dough to ½” thickness. Cut with cookie cutter and place 1 inch apart onto the prepared cookie sheets. 4. Bake 35 to 45 minutes in the preheated oven, until golden brown. Cool before serving. Store in a loosely covered container. Note: This recipe easily doubles or halves. If you make small biscuits to accommodate small dogs, roll dough to ¼ inch before cutting. Treats will brown faer if your cookie sheet is dark or if you make smaller cutouts, so adju time accordingly.

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A Tale of Two Cities by Jean-Baptiste Duret I had a dream one night in which I was wandering in the countryside.It looked like Normandy and I was to go back to my friend Éric’s parent’s house when suddenly I felt a strange vibration behind me. First, I thought it was a car and that it would just pass, but no. So I thought it was bigger, maybe a tractor and that’s why it wouldn’t pass before me… Well, fortunately I was approaching a parking lot and decided to go there and let it pass. As I was hurrying my pace, it seemed to me that it was following me into the parking lot. I wasn’t afraid nor irritated and eventually I turned around to face it. The vehicle was like a big weird bulldozer and it was emitting a strong vibration. I could see a man inside; he was simply waiting, now that I had stopped. I climbed into the vehicle and once I was seated he gave me a piece of paper, some kind of brochure. I took it by reflex and looked at it closer. The document was peculiar, having its own vibration not unlike the bulldozer. The more I was looking at it, the more my attention was attracted, and it was like it triggered memories and my objective awareness: I knew I was in a dream area and I wanted to do things from that awareness. I looked back at the driver and asked him to drive me to the City. He smiled enigmatically and… we took off with the bulldozer! Wow, what a trip! going to the City in a flying bulldozer! To help me keep my focus on that dream area I had to hold my attention to the piece of paper. I felt that otherwise I could be distracted and lose my focus in that area before we arrived —which I did not. Soon enough I began to see lights in the night sky and there it was, splendid with its buildings which seemed made of light, all white and shiny. At first it seemed to me to be on an island, but I may have seen only parts of it. It was quite big and crowded and some of the rocks were hanging in mid-air or in positions that wouldn’t have been possible according to official physical laws. I soon felt that it was still in the making and not quite ready to be manifested. Then I woke up. Filled with wonder and excitement with the thought that now I knew the way to the City. And I knew how to find it again.

What is the City? The first time I heard of it was in a Seth Book. It was some kind of dream platform where people could share their fun and express their creativity in many unknown ways. This was presented as a game to help us connect with our various aspects and our dream selves. A few years later, I heard of it again. Well I thought it was the same City, but apparently it was a bit different. This new one, so to speak, was special in that it had already been manifested



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long ago in our past and that it could well be manifested again in our future, but different from the previous version… Hard to assimilate or accept from where I was. But presented as a game it had the flavor of fun in it. The similarities in both games were that we could add buildings, places, fountains, parks and gardens… a lot of useful or less useful artifacts just for fun. In the Dream City it really mattered not if the buildings were hanging out or upside down, in dreams you have a kind of freedom that it seems we lack in our waking reality. In the other one we would have to design it so it wouldn’t collapse once it is manifested. At least that was how I thought of it. A description of the “physical City” existed in the book Oversoul Seven, by Jane Roberts and in that book there are references that have been made to some “tiles” that would have different qualities and would be connected to certain actions and families of consciousness (see notes). Several of these tiles have been offered during the Elias sessions by some of the members of the Elias forum and their insertion “confirmed”. Some of them are also created by people who are not aware of these connections, or that they are symbols and have specific functions —symbols at times widely spread in our everyday lives (see the ejector, the pearls etc.). Following our own sense of the game and realizing that some of the symbols we had seen in dreams or during meditations could well be some of those “tiles”, Éric and I began to create our own tiles and vaguely insert them in the City. We first created only the numerical painted versions of these tiles and offered them for confirmation during the sessions. Then, we expanded our game in connecting with the different functions and qualities of these symbols and began to use them during some visualizations or meditations, not really thinking that they could really appear physically in the City. There was that desire to discover more of them and more of the possible connections with our own lives, and in doing so we were discovering more of ourselves and of our different qualities, expressed or unexpressed. For me, there was also that desire to render them more physical and make them manifested physically, if not in the City at least in our own lives, but I didn’t know how to do so. During a trip to Marseille where my parents have a family house, we bought a big watermelon, and one day that we’d found a few other tiles and sketched them, Éric suggested that we could even carve them on the watermelon rind. Slightly reluctant at first to do such things at that time, wondering too much if they were the ‘right’ way or if they were something I really wanted to do, I let Éric begin and watched him. Soon, his application on the carving triggered my desire to play too. And there we were, carving the watermelon rind with a toothpick and darkening the grooves with burnt matches. These were our first objectization of our tiles. I must say that was really fun and we took some pictures of our works in different parts of the garden. The door was now open to new activities and avenues of exploration and we soon found new ideas for making objects with tiles —wood carving, glass carving, a calendar and a tile handbook— and the idea of really manifesting the City began to take a different coloration. It was no longer imagination or supposition; it was manifestation of objectified energy in our reality.

In a way, changing our intention led us to find new tiles with functions adapted to our new direction of exploration. These new tiles (named ‘the chrysantile’, ‘the puzzle’, ‘the silver bird’) along with the previous ones could help us manipulate concepts, ideas, and our energies in new ways that could help us manifest our desires. Some of the concepts exposed by Seth or Elias concerning the process of manifestation of these Cities may appear difficult to accept or understand, but approached as a game and “pretending” it is a great way to let the free flow of our creativity and of our energy projected and reflected in our world (see the editorial). Soon after that, I felt a connection with a focus of mine who is living in the City in a probable future. The information was coming bit by bit, a piece of the puzzle here in a dream, another there in a meditation, and yet another in a spam! We began to gather the pieces and unfold a creative picture of what details we were allowing in our awareness. I even spent some time meditating and exchanging concepts with him, at least, that’s the best how I can translate these experiences. I’m not focusing on a particular outcome, I’m exploring the many avenues at my disposal: my imagination, my visualization, different arts (photos, painting, writing) and so many different games. You can clearly see how intensely children play their games, and how much energy they put into being the pirate or the interdimensional cop. Well, I decided that it would work well for me too and as I had no expectations regarding how other individuals would respond, I was lessening the possibilities of frustration. All the civilizations, organizations, and religions had been created by people putting their energy into the actualization of their dreams. This is no different. These tiles are part of our own language to ourselves, symbols and archetypes that we can manipulate to communicate to ourselves a tremendous diversity of information, and using them as tools we can focus our energy in specific directions. For me, these two Cities are different yet complimentary, they have different purposes. They are focal points to help us release/realize our creativity and our abilities. They are in the making and it is up to us how we would manifest them in our dreams and in our realities. Let’s do it with fun. Notes: For more links, go check the article on the Wisp website

Salt City, photography by Jean-Baptiste Duret

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Wisp #9  

Ninth issue of Wisp ezine, happy new year

Wisp #9  

Ninth issue of Wisp ezine, happy new year

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