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Astro Zeitgeist by Sabine vom Hoff Jupiter Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius (22 november - 21 december).

The Wound


am a wounded healer in the best tradition of shamans, who knows a path of suffering and being and healing.

I have a wound and celebrate the wisdom it gives me. I honor it — it travels with me and I give it freedom to open and fester and complain and heal. It is an ally. I take a shaman path of experiencing and listening and find strength and wisdom in suffering and living fully. I see joy and light and being as one — even this volcanic wound with lava ribbons oozing exploding. I suffer people and myself ignoring the wound and castigating and delegating it to a trash heap, but it never disappears. It festers and irritates until experienced and respected. It is wisdom and life itself like a volcano opening to the heart core of tenderness and the sun within.

Peter Pynchon

Every experience is purposeful!


his is an insight which is perfectly related to this planet: expanding ‘knowing’ with one’s own experiences and therefore generating an understanding through inner and outer senses. That is widening (one’s awareness). Often ‘knowing’ is understood in a different manner than what is meant here. For instance, you may know the name of the capital of a specific country, but nothing else. That is a kind of knowing which is flat, because it does not include individual experiences. Any individual experience with this city leads to ‘knowing’ in the sense of incorporating the senses through experiences. It doesn’t matter how one experiences, it enhances the understanding part of ‘knowingness’; it can be reading a book about this capital, it can be an encounter with somebody who lives there or has visited the city in question and of course, visiting the city yourself will also enhance the knowing and understanding of the ‘word’ which is ‘attached’ for recognition to a specific place, which is the capital of a specific country. As long as there is no experience (association) in connection with anything, there is no ‘knowing’ in the meaning of understanding, which is related to the planet Jupiter. On the other hand, Jupiter enlarges what is. ‘What is’ depends on the individual choices and already accomplished understandings in any regard. No matter what that is, Jupiter enlarges what the individual concentrates upon: when you concentrate upon lack, Jupiter enhances lack. When you concentrate upon luck, Jupiter enhances luck! Exploration and understanding are very closely connected; what you explore, you experience, hence you understand, hence you are more aware of, hence you become aware of choices. The most significant knowledge is and has always been related to the planet Jupiter: Jupiter is powerfully associated to fire signs, curiosity and courage going hand in hand. Somebody with strong Jupiter aspects will never be stopped by ‘mindful’ so-called ‘reality oriented’ advices. Jupiter reinforces a natural expression of self-trust and of following one’s own impulses… which never leads to disappointment —this having more to do with doubt and expectations, expressions that Jupiter’s energy doesn’t incorporate. Another quite common expression of a ‘strong’ Jupiter in an individual horoscope is ‘optimism’. Underlyingly every individual with a strong Jupiter knows in his or her subjective (or “subconscious”), that there are always choices, that exploration never ends, that everything is movement and a ‘becoming’. So, why not be optimistic? Jupiter supports the evaluation and exploration of experiences individually ‘felt’ as negative. One knows, that there is a purpose, and one knows, that this purpose will be understood after the experience; therefore the great support of self-trust in uncomfortable situations as well as in comfortable ones. Jupiter is reflecting the energy that is lending lots of courage, inspiration and support for the shift of our times.

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Wisp #8  

Eighth issue of Wisp e-zine, Dec. 2008 Join the contest to win the books of earlier published is...

Wisp #8  

Eighth issue of Wisp e-zine, Dec. 2008 Join the contest to win the books of earlier published is...

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