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Science Discovers Some Flaky Spiritual Stuff by Reginald Martin


saw this New Scientist article1 one day and was amazed! I received scientific confirmations in some areas of my spiritual studies. I had been reading the book “Seth Speaks, the eternal validity of the soul” by Jane Roberts. Jane Roberts channeled a non-physical being called Seth. She did this and wrote a book back in the 1970’s. You may or may not believe in channeled information but when science confirms something that was said by the channel you at least have to question your skepticism, don’t you? Maybe, maybe not. You can read the article in entirety if you wish. The link has been included. However, to sum up what is most important from my perspective is this: matter actually phases in and out of our space time continuum. Or as they put it:

“Matter is built on flaky foundations. Physicists have now confirmed that the apparently substantial stuff is actually no more than fluctuations in the quantum vacuum." The “flaky” part seems to mean they have no concrete explanation for what is happening. If you want to know before science figures it out then read Seth Speaks and tap into an incredible wealth of information and knowledge. The specific session that this article covers is on page 233, session 567. Science still does not have all of it right. There is no vacuum, the fluctuations are dimensional. Science instruments can not measure the smallest units of energy that Seth speaks about, the EE units. What I thought was important about the article was that Seth did say that matter phases in and out of this dimension. This phasing in and out of matter within dimensions is a major tenet of what Seth and others have linked to the true nature of time and of our total existence within space and time. Many of the great teachers have talked about us being eternal beings not bound by space and time. Time is simply a construct of humanity. Because of how our brains are wired we view time in a linear form. We are unable to objectively view the phases of matter. However we can subjectively view a part of us that is affected by the phasing in and out of matter, and that is past and future lives. There are many belief systems that believe in reincarnation. However, I have come to believe that how we think of reincarnation is a myth. Seth says that the phasing in and out is essentially simultaneous. The phases occur, for us individually and in mass, in our systems of probability. Because of the phasing, probabilities are able to exist and they are all occurring simultaneously. The simultaneous occurrences and probabilities are not only for our present incarnation but also in our past and future. That means even our past and future incarnations have many probabilities, but, they all exist right now! All of our lives past, present and future exist in the now! Therefore we will not die and reincarnate into a future as we would think in a linear fashion.

Because matter is not truly bound by time the phasing allows for simultaneous existence of all of our incarnations and the probabilities of each incarnation. Science has postulated the existence of probabilities. Science already knows that you can not pinpoint the exact spot of an atom at anytime because they exist within a wave function of probabilities. In Seth Speaks on page 234 it says that “sci-

ence can only explore the characteristics of an atom as it acts or shows within your system. Its greater reality completely escapes them.” At this

point science knows that atoms exist in a “cloud” of probabilities. But they can not understand the true nature. With this discovery they understand the true nature of an atom a little more but still do not have it all right —but they are getting close. With respect to reincarnation we must now remove ourselves from linear thinking. All of our being, past, present and future exist right now. All of our being has effects on all parts. The past can have an effect on the present and the future and the future can have an effect on the past and the present. This means that there is really no such thing a Karma. If the past exist now, how can you pay for a past transgression? Anything that we term past or future is simply an alternate present. Karma and reincarnation is a construct of linear time, one year after another and one lifetime after another. Again, if all existence is in the present then there is no reincarnation and no karma that anyone is paying for. The most powerful concept that we must understand is that our power is in the present. In the now we can have an effect on our past that can change our present and our future. (Wow our language does limit how this concept can be explained) We do not have to pay for the past, it is happening now. Our future is not written out before us, we simply have to decide which probability that we want to chose and we will live that future in an ever expanding series of now! How liberating! This confirmation of Seth by physicists, and many other confirmations over the years by science, since Seth Speaks was first written, gives me the confidence to take much more of what I read from Seth on faith. It opens my mind to the endless possibilities of my being. Think about this: many teachers has spoken about other dimensions of reality, reincarnation, civilizations on earth before ours, evolution and how science does not have it right. All these things are fantastic comments and flies in the face of what we know as objective reality. I believe I am much like many of you out there who feel much of what these teachers have to say; feel that it makes sense and feel that they can be right subjectively. However, if you are like me, the eternal skeptic, then you may still have some objective doubt, how ever great or slight that doubt may be it is still there. There is still no objective proof so that you can go to someone else and say, this is real. Because science has validated something that Seth says then it automatically lends credibility to other things he has stated. It also lends credibility to the other channels that have spoken on many subjects related to what Seth has said. I realize that much of what he speaks about will never be “discovered” or documented by science as we know it today. However, a “tip of the iceberg” discovery like this is a very exciting time for this spiritual traveler.

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