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ueen of Shopping-Spree Glee

(Recite to the rhythm of “T’was the Night Before Christmas”.)

A roller-shod sprinter practices her stuff,

photography Tracy Marshall In order to do this we must: 1. identify and alter the false belief held by the mental body, 2. own and discharge the emotions held by the emotional body, 3. locate and release the place within our physical forms which has stored the pain and 4. ask for assistance in altering the blueprint held in the etheric body that has transferred this pattern through time and space, from lifetime to lifetime. Many find, at some point, they are faced with confronting the more generalized layers of pain, the layers of terror, torture and violation that have been used to extinguish the Light. It is at this point the work begins to involve, in a more pronounced way, lifetimes where we were tortured or terrorized for our earthly pursuits or spiritual beliefs. It is also common to find that you are processing a more generalized and perhaps even a multigenerational grief. If you or a close relative were involved in an event such as the holocaust or the Viet Nam War, you may find yourself processing a grief that extends beyond your immediate experience. You may have inherited the grief from a parent and find you are now the conduit for the release of this pain. If this process is divinely orchestrated you can bless your experience and release this grief with grace. As you untie these knots your linked chain to the Divine becomes disentangled. Soon, enough knots have been untied and the chain frees itself. Then, with daily practice and attention you can intervene in the immediate, and, using your spiritual tools, can keep the chain free and maintained. The adult self will then ultimately merge into the Higher self and total ascension will occur. As enough of us do this we will also raise the frequency of mother earth and facilitate her ascension. In other words, instead of transcending the physical plane we are now in a place to illuminate it and bring it into a higher frequency thus facilitating its own ascension as well.

This “Princess of Plenty” has not got enough, She’s steady of hand; grabs only the best loot, From Penney’s and Mervyn’s and Sears to boot. With coupons and discounts, scrutiny and scanning, It took months and months of sheer perfect planning. She widened her scope of specials at Best Buys, Enlisting all relatives with use of their eyes. Block Busters and Suncoast are loaded with fun, Those late fees at Hollywood keep her on the run. When parking and loading at Zupan’s Market, She’ll be cocked & aimed; sighted on Target. As a great shopping warrior, she’ll be on her toes, Buying gladiator gear at Copeland’s and JOE’s. Swift as a reindeer, readying her cart, The “Queen of Quite A Lot” knows just where to start. Into a Wal-Mart and out in a dash, With the flick of her card, she doesn’t need cash. Bed Bath & Beyond sells weapons: broom & toilet brush, Enforcing “crowd control” in the mad check-stand rush. Riding escalator banisters to beat the throng, Heading to Nordstrom’s for stockings and thongs. P.J.’s and slippers of wolves, seals and teddies, Will not go unnoticed at Kmart or Freddie’s. You may scoff at the gall of this shopper… and laugh, But she’s already gone and hired her own mini-staff. Through Meier & Frank’s hustle and bustle she’ll fight, This single-minded woman is a salesclerk’s delight. As we’re thinking of turkey on Thanksgiving Eve, Her U-haul is all rented and ready to leave. The big day arrives; she squeals at pre-flight, She’s ready to leave before dawn’s early light. Shopping Spree Glee… whoopieeeeeee! The final store’s closing, at the stroke of midnight, With a contented smile, she wishes all a good night. As we arise the next morning, with a yawn and stretch, This “Goddess of Way Too Much” has schemed next year’s fetch.

Jadia L. Ward

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Wisp #8  

Eighth issue of Wisp e-zine, Dec. 2008 Join the contest to win the books of earlier published is...

Wisp #8  

Eighth issue of Wisp e-zine, Dec. 2008 Join the contest to win the books of earlier published is...

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