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Vive la Différence by Richard Kendall


recently returned to the states after attending an international Seth conference in Pforzheim, Germany, organized by Vereingung der Seth-Freunde.1 The conference began on October 31, 2008 and ended on November 2, 2008. Yet the ripples in the stream of my consciousness as a result of this conference will continue to agitate long after the official date at which the conference ended. I was invited to share some of my experiences in having known Jane Roberts, and Robert Butts, as well as having attended Jane’s classes, and that was the easy part. What was not so easy, and a challenge I continue to work on, is what happens when suddenly one is faced with thirty or forty people each with their own viewpoints and approaches not only to the Seth material, but to the whole concept of how best to explore consciousness and the nature of reality. On a daily basis we usually operate with a given set of beliefs and assumptions, and feel relatively comfortable doing so. We do not go to work and have our beliefs challenged about the nature of reality, and close friends or mates generally share the same views of reality as we do. As a result, sometimes we get too comfortable in our assumptions, and in our view of the world, be it the outer one —or the inner one. And what inevitably happens at these kinds of conferences is that like it or not, you are going to be presented with a variety of viewpoints, interpretations, and approaches.

photography by Tracy Marshall

When I walked into the main conference room that first day, I was greeted by the comment “Are you the one?” I was literally taken aback, and didn’t quite know how to respond, nor was I quite sure what I would be responding to! The one thing I did know for sure was that I was not Neo from the Matrix, so as far as being “the one” I was able to rule that one out rather quickly. I realized the questioner was referring to the fact that I had attended Jane Roberts’s ESP classes and had listened to Seth speak numerous times. Now I have never been overly impressed by that fact, though I certainly feel privileged to have known Jane personally and attended the sessions she gave. But there was no magical osmosis that occurred while sitting in front of Jane or Seth whereby their knowledge or psychic abilities were somehow unconsciously absorbed by me. I remain one of those imperfect humans still struggling to understand various aspects of myself and still struggling to work through fears and limiting beliefs that roam far too freely within the corridors of my consciousness. Only a few moments later I found myself standing between two people who were discussing the notes that Robert Butts inserted in many of the Seth books. One woman said that she found the notes totally useless and just skipped over them; while the other woman stated that she loved reading them and thought they were quite valuable in adding to an overall understanding of the material. I then wandered over to some tables where various translations of the Seth books were on display and for sale. I turned around to find someone standing in front of me who promptly exclaimed that Seth was now channeling through someone in Düsseldorf. She went on to also inform me that the resulting material was not as distorted as the material produced by Seth when he was speaking through Jane. I politely told her that Seth had made a point at the beginning of his sessions with Jane that he would not speak through anyone else so as to avoid the exact kind of situation she was referring to, where someone else would claim to be speaking for Seth and thereby compromise the original integrity of the material. I told her I took him for his word.



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Eighth issue of Wisp e-zine, Dec. 2008 Join the contest to win the books of earlier published is...

Wisp #8  

Eighth issue of Wisp e-zine, Dec. 2008 Join the contest to win the books of earlier published is...

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