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The Failure of Leadership and Management Training and  how to Avoid It Let’s face it most management and leadership training efforts are dismal failures.  The money and resources devoted to them is usually wasted and the knowledge  and skills learned are often superficial and pointless. The reason that this occurs is that people do not understand what  leadership  training  and  management  training  are   and   how   they  should   work.  In   many  cases this failure begins with a lack of clear goals and quantifiable plans. Instead   of real plans the company has a series of vague goals for training that have no  bearing on reality. Before you organize a training effort you need to set down and set a series of   goals   for   it.   The  SMART   goals  methodology   is   often   a   good   place   to   start.  SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic (or Relevant) and  Timely. They come with a schedule and a means of measuring them. A   SMART   training   program   would   have   a   series   of   goals   that   everybody  understands   and   knows   about.   More   importantly   it   will   come   with   a   built   in  methodology for quantifying the training program and its successes. One way to  do this will be to test the employees’ knowledge of the management program and  its goals. Another   would   be   to   measure   the   number   of   people   who   actually   become  managers   after   attending   the   program.   Measuring   such   things   as   employee  engagement,   operational   efficiency   and   customer   satisfaction   can   show  managers is there have actually been improvements in the organization or not.  Making   training   programs   SMART   can   lead   to   improvements   throughout   all  aspects of an organization and help it actually create the leaders and managers  that it actually needs. 

The Failure of Leadership and Management Training and how to Avoid It  

Let’s face it most management and leadership training efforts are dismal failures. The money and resources devoted to them is usually wasted...

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