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From A to Z Vel谩zquez L贸pez Elisa 6102-C



He’s my boyfriend and the man more important than I have in my life...

B   Bob Marley

He was an excellent musician, guitarist and composer Jamaican‌ Marley is the most known and respected performer of reggae music, he's considered a legend in this genre and is credited for helping spread the Jamaican music and the Rastafari movement to a global audience.



She’s one of my three best friends, she’s an wonderful girl and I love her…


My family is most important to me and though my parents are not together... I love my mom, my dad and my sister...


G   Gina

That I say of she… With she I lived incredible moments, is other of my best friends and I’m very grateful to her for all that we spent together... I love her!


She’s other of my best friends… With she I lived a lot of moments that I don’t change for nothing…


Julia Roberts


She’s my favorite actress an I think that she’s very sexy and I love all the movies that she was made…

L   Luis Javier

He’s my best friend… He’s a great guy and I love him, always he's with me in good and bad times, supporting me and listening to me...

M   Mirror Mirror

It’s one from my favorites movies… This very nice and funny!


He’s the best teacher that I had of accounting... I love him a lot and I will miss him when I finish my studies...



The reggae is my favorite music... This was first developed in Jamaica in the 60's‌




It's where I have lived great moments and I'm about to complete my studies in that school‌

  Teacher Gloria

She’s an excelent teacher and also consider her a friend... I love her very much and I appreciate the support given to me!...



It’s the best place I've traveled...


Z   Zoo of Chapultepec

Here I lived a lot of moments with my partners, I promise that never forget those moments‌

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