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Peter goes’ to the movies. Today was the best day of Peter’s life (according to him). He went to the movies with Shenaaz. As you already know, Shenaaz moved to San Francisco from Lebanon and since she doesn’t have her own books, they sit together in class so that Peter can share his books with her. They spend most weekends together, watching TV, doing homework and taking Checkers (Peter’s dog) to the park. They have a great time together, talking about school, TV programs and what they would like to do when they grow up. Peter is now 11 years old. One day he had an idea. “Why don’t we go to a movie together? “ he asked Shenaaz. “I’m not sure” she replied. Shenaaz had never been to a movie theatre in the United States. “How is it different from renting a DVD and watching it at home?” Peter was very surprised by her question. “It’s very different. The first thing is that the screen is huge! The theatre is dark so you can really focus on the movie. You are also with other people who are enjoying the movie along with you.” Shenaaz wasn’t sure but she agreed to try it. Shenaaz wasn’t sure about what movie she wanted to see, so she let Peter decide. Peter loves Jackie Chan so he picked the movie “The Spy Next Door” which is a comedy for kids. Shenaaz had never seen a movie with Jackie Chan so she agreed. Peter’s mother drove them to the theatre the following Saturday afternoon. She gave Peter money for the tickets and snacks and waited for them outside the theatre. Once the movie started it was fun. All the other kids in the theatre were laughing. When Shenaaz didn’t understand something, Peter explained it to her. They held hands during movie. Peter was sure he was in love. He wondered if Shenaaz felt the same way but he was too afraid to ask. When the movie was over, they walked out together. On the way out, Shenaaz gave Peter a kiss on the cheek and told him how much she enjoyed the movie. She thought that some parts of the movie were a bit silly but she didn’t want to hurt Peter’s feelings. On the way home, they stopped for pizza and ice cream. They told Peter’s mother all about the movie and decided that they must go to another one. However, the next time Shenaaz would pick the film. Peter didn’t mind. He had just had the best day of his life!

1.- sit together: sentarnos juntos 2.- great time: buen tiempo 3.-talking about school: hablando sobre le escuela 4.- grow up: crecer 5.- movie theatre: cine 6.- another one: otro