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E L I F H. E F E environmental d e s i g n

WORK EXPERIENCE Administrative Assistant 11.2019 - Present Demetres - Toronto ON.




environmental d e s i g n e r 647 745 6190

P R O F I L E Professional and creative designer with 4 years of customer service experience both in retail and food. Great time management including deadlines and busy scheduling with overlapping projects. Thrives in fast-paced environments in which leadership and project coordination skills are fully maximized to achieve project objectives.

S K I L L S Public Speaking Strategic Prospecting Rapport Building Multitasking Active Listening Communication Time Management Attention to Detail

Assisting partners with managing their dynamic growing practice Analysing company strandards executed by employees Preparing weekly reports of all stores Invoice processing Bookkeeping Marketing and Instagram post management Working on multiple creative projects to improve corporate cafes through decor and art installations

Artisan 06.2018 - Present Demetres - Toronto ON.

Flexibility of roles including Server, Barista, Plate presentation Dressed waffles and crepes to meet menu requirements Designated Marshmallow maker for all 13 locations Excellent time management to fulfill all departments

Production Assistant 09.2019 Toronto Fashion Week - Toronto ON.

Set up runways and fashion talks both in Yorkville Village and the ROM Dressed models for and during runways shows Paired the designer’s outfits to the models Excellent communicaaqwtion to get all shows started

Sales Associate 08.2016 - 08.2018 Hudsons Bay Co. - Toronto ON.

Floor planning and designing displays for merchandise Keeping track of inventory Managing top selling items for an efficient liquidation

EDUCATION Ontario College of Art and Design University 09.2016 - 04.2020 Bachelors of Design - Toronto ON. Major in Architecture. Design interior spaces and architectural structures Thorough knowledge of materials OBC knowledge of office and residential buildings Building structure knowledge and execution Intermediate Fashion Design skills Professional photography skills Excellent presentation and public speaking

PROFICIENCY 3D MODELLING Grasshopper Revit Rhinocerous Sketchup 3D RENDERING Revit 2D AutoCAD Revit Rhinocerous

IMAGE Illustrator InDesign Photoshop OFFICE Word Powerpoint Excel OPERATING SYSTEMS Mac Os X Windows

life of a crystal 4 anemone 6 sakura 8 ocadu lobby renovation 10 xv 12 xvi 14 xvii 16 thesis 18 photography 28

life of a c r y s t a l

3rd year parametric design studio

A project drawn from natures algorithm to make a simple 3 dimensional form, exploring materials and representing different elements when used at different scales.

anemone The homes main feature is an open green space located within the West side of the home, that allows a green opening through all levels, along with a hydraulic roof - being able to be opened in summer for natural air – after the main door, the green space is the second entrance to the house through the garage. The green space includes planters for fresh vegetation for an early morning breakfast. Another feature the house has is a kitchenette on the second level along with minimal seating, for the owners to have a fresh coffee and a snack while reading a book sitting across the greenspace. The house has cove lighting for indirect lighting to reduce strain, along with a lounge space on the patio - transformable to a caretaker room - and all required accessibility turning radius in case a mobility device was needed to be used.

3rd year residential design studio


A personal home design located on Queen St. E. representing private life on a busy street along with complete privacy through the means of complete open space and minimal walls.

1st year spatial design studio

OCADU LOBBY RENOVATION PROJECT This project was completed in a group. I was responsible of cad drawings of lighting and stairs, along with the research committee to find minimums and maximums of accessible school lobbies that ocadu currently breaks, and how to improve them through design renovations. The drawings provided are what we have done as a team to improve the ocadu lobby to make it accessible, by complying to the 2018 ontario building code.

3rd year accessible design studio

current lobby of ocad university redesigned lobby of ocad university

renderings by lukas chan


jacket design for the purpose of restricting the basic clothing stencils solely to the purpose of geometry and mimicking the crystallization beauty of the body through a subtle design movement. Made with three triangular pieces forming the back, shoulders and hood, along with two identical pieces to add a cover to the front.

personal fashion design project


Reconstructing the traditional hijab style, formatting it into a modern, fashion symbol. with a simple elegant pattern starting from the hair bun, wrapping around up to the waist. Not only covering hair, but having its own presence, transforming the body to a whole, rather than a separation of hijab and shirt

personal fashion design project

XVII A Jacket initially designed for the modesty of the body but can be used otherwise as well, the jacket exposes what all modest people don’t mind exposing, the back and belly, but covers what defines the Feminine body, curves.

personal fashion design project

THESIS in semester one we had to find a site, a problem and adress the problem.

thinking of toronto as a built environment, we are left behind with negative space in the air. when looked upon the city from lakeshore, the city is nothing but rectangular forms extruded from the surface. this being said, i went upon researching height limits in toronto and maximums allocated for current parts of downtown toronto, in which i came across bay and king st. that doesn’t have a height limit as of 2019. once the site was found, limitations were put into historical landmarks (td towers), no flight zone (hospital helicopter landing), bay st. (building covering the clock tower not permitted) and finally sunlight and wind current to the site.


By using airspaces, i have to build an environment in the sky that doesn’t block below by minimizing sunlight. thus, by studying sun light and wind currents i have come across first canadian place which is located right beneath the bmo building on king st. the site doesn’t get any sunlight during most of the day but has great wind current travel to it due to shorter buildings surrounding it. the first canadian place has a current building height of 9.14m and thus has potential for a courtyard. in conclusion, the proposed project would allow natural sunlight to infiltrate to the sun-less site as well as create use from a great wind currents to create an experience worthwhile for people. following recent feedback from the final critique of semester one, in semester two i will use nearby airspaces and find a programmatic method to connect all. i will also use the no height limit zone to its full potential and go even higher.


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