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Local film maker gets ready to premiere “The Black Moses” a documentary film about the life & times of the the Father of the Nation Sir. Lynden O. Pindling! DENNIS PHOTOGRAPHED BY: PETER LANGONE TRAVOLTA PHOTOGRAPHED BY: DONALD KNOWLES


After a rigourous few months preparing for the Miss Bahamas Universe Pageant and not being selected for the final five, many thought Vandia Sands was broken.












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We here at eLIFE 242 Magazine have been watching the young Tanaj Cartwright better known as Najie Dun develop as an artst for the last ten years. We have seen him through many stages in his musical career, and the one thing we can say about this young artist is that he is consistent.





Like the natural beauty of The Bahamas, the beauty of the people extends far beyond the borders of Nassau. So with that in mind we traveled to the nation’s second city to find this month’s feature Ms. Dwanae Thurston. This 19 yr old model, singer, dancer and actress sits down with us to tell us more about herself and her love for the industry!

A whole year has passed and yes eLIFE242 Magazine is still here, a little older and a little wiser. It’s been 5 years and no we won’t say ‘5 long years’, because truly we were having fun and the time went fast. It could be said we started at the bottom and now we are here ... and no it’s not the top but we are getting there. Who would have thought that the little magazine that could, would be sitting down with international icons to talk about how they have found interest in the history of The Bahamas and how they are working along with Bahamian artist to preserve it (We Sure Didn’t). So we are looking forward to what we and the 242 can do together in the next 5 years to bring the music, entertainment and culture of The Bahamas to the world! - eLIFE 242 Magazine | Managing Editor


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Living the Life WORDS BY PHOTOS BY

eLIFE 242 Event Writer Alden Chisolm




@ FAM FEST 2013 Fam Fest is an annual family festival built on the foundation of Bahamian gospel music, good food and good clean fun. Fam Fest has grown tremendously over the years since its debut in 1996. Fam Fest has provided the alternative for Bahamian families; offering fun, uplifting entertainment for the entire nation. In previous years, it has taken the form of nightly sessions for one week, climaxing with a day of activity zones (kid‘s, youth, culture, health & fitness), sporting events, water parks, food courts and a grand showcase of all the fine artists from the Fam Entertainment label. This year’s two

day event featured international gospel artist Tasha Cobbs and Caribbean Gospel Hype Man Nigel Lewis. Over the two days gospel music fans were treated to a high energy production and for the first time a “Sing Off” Talent Show was hosted to highlight upcoming vocalists. The show was one that should not have been missed and encouraged attendees to Live The Life and be the change they wanted to see in the country. Fam Fest founder Mark Cartwright says he “was once again happy to bring to the Bahamian people a show that they could bring their families to, to have fun and bring honor and glory to God”!




BEAUTY WITH PURPOSE After a rigourous few months preparing for the Miss Bahamas Universe Pageant and not being selected for the final five, many thought Vandia Sands was broken. Although she was a clear favorite for queen and had an amazing support system during the journey the public opinion was that she was overlooked for what ever reason. After the MBU pageant was done Vandia was contacted by the Miss Earth Bahamas Organization and asked to accept the title and travel to the Phillipines for the international pageant. We catch up with Vandia to see how she feels so far about her new experience. Have you always been interested in the modeling and pageantry industry? A: Yes, I have always had an interest in modeling. I remember vividly being a child and hosting play fashion shows with my neighborhood friends. Although I was a “tom-boy” growing up, I would model with my mom in Fashion Shows that the Police Force would put on. This was something I looked forward to every year and continued to pursue even after graduating college. Do you remember your first experience in the industry?



A: I remember walking in the mall while on vacation with my family in Florida and a few scouts from Elite Model Management approached me but neither my aunt or myself knew any better so we declined. But my first professional experience came after college when I was scouted and signed by Quatre Modeling Agency in Dallas, Tx. So Vandia you were just a contestant in the MBU 2013 pageant, now you are the official Miss Earth Bahamas. How does that feel? A: I knew you would ask me that question! It actually feels AMAZING! The Miss Bahamas Earth Organization is like a dream come true. I must say that they play an important role in my life not only in preparing me for internationals but they operate like a family and they’re doing a tremendous job seeing to it that I am comfortable at all times! After MBU I knew it was not over for me but just the beginning because I’m not one to ever give up and it made me aware that all of my hard work was not in vain.


How did you choose your platform? A: I chose to promote recycling because it is something I began to love unknowingly as a college student. Recently, I participated in the International Coastal Cleanup day with Dolphin Encounters and that encouraged me with my platform and made me aware that is inevitable that we keep our environment free from waste that can contaminate our beautiful beaches. Has there been any unexpected barriers or support since taking on the Miss Earth crown?




A: Not at all! I feel that I am in the right place at the right time. I have a wide range of supporters worldwide. Most importantly, my family supports me 100% and I must say that they keep me grounded and through them I develop the strength to go on.

LAST SEEN<<< What do you look forward to most during your year as Queen? A: I look forward to creating my own coastal cleanup day which will catapult the notion of keeping the Bahamas Clean, Green and Pristine. I also look forward to spending more time with younger females and becoming a role model for them. I want to pay it forward to my community and those young ladies just as my life experiences propelled me to do so. What advice would you give to young girls who may be aspiring to be a Queen? A: My advice to young girls would be to always put God first in all that you do! In any competition it is good to know your competitors but most importantly know yourself. Believe in yourself because if you don’t, no one else will. Please don’t become entangled in the physical crown and sash because it’s not just about a title but more importantly about your journey and making a difference in the lives of others.

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Makailan Ferron Ken Nguyen


We here at eLIFE 242 Magazine have been watching the young Tanaj Cartwright better known as Najie Dun develop as an artist for the last ten years. We have seen him through many stages in his musical career, and the one thing we can say about this young artist is that he is consistent. Consistent in his thirst to put out great music, but also in spreading the message of God in his music. After his debut release “Relentless Pursuit”which featured hits like “Walk With God” and “Pray for You”, Najie Dun was right back in the studio preparing for his upcoming release “The Pursuit Continues”. We caught up with the young artist to get a sneak peek into the new project. So tell us about “The Pursuit Continues” ... what was the inspiration ? A: Well to answer your question, it’s a pursuit that start- Which producers did you work with on this project ? ed a long time ago when my dad was diagnosed with A: Showtime Shaddy, Sniper,P.C (aka Problem Child), King Meco and Zoltan Johnson cancer. At that time I stopped believing in God, despite all the great things He had already done for me. I guess How have you grown as an artist since the last project? you can say I was just being a typical teenager. You A: I have matured a lot mentally, spiritually, and lyrically. With this album I raised the know, happy when things go my way and mad at the bar musically by incorporating more diverse musical styles, in order to deliver the mesworld when they don’t. This whole project was inspired sage. You will not only notice my growth but also the growth of the producers I work with by God and how I handled my situation. I hope to mo- on this project as well. tivate anyone that’s going or went through the same or Any songs that you feel will really reach your audience ? similar to what I went through. A: First of all I want to say this album targets the street and the church. I was able to Is it a true continuation of the debut album “Relent- collaborate with two GREAT Bahamian artist Showtime Shaddy and M-Deez to create a street anthem called “How The Story Go”, and for the church I was also able to collaboless Pursuit” ? A: Yes it is, my first album spoke about me finding God rate with the talented Dano Rolle to create a Worship song called “Praise You”. in my darkest moments. Truth is, I was straight wilding, partying, girl after girl, on the block with the dope boys When can we expect the album to be available? etc. Nobody could believe that this was the same young A: The album will be in stores and on iTunes for download January 11th 2014. man with a powerful testimony. See I was six months premature and I had what was called a Tracheoesphageal Fistula which mean my esophagus wasn’t connected to my stomach. I spent the first 3 and a half years of SOCIAL MEDIA CONTACTS my life in the hospital surgery after surgery. The doc- Twitter - @teamnajie tors all said it was up to God . With a loving God and a praying family I’m here today. Through it all I have Instagram - @najie_tpc been through I’m holding on to God. I’m happy I found Facebook Page - Najie Dun Him. My second album speaks about me spreading and sharing the knowledge I have grown to know. 6



8 8



If these pages had speakerphones you’d all be treated to, arguably one of the most powerful and gripping, but soothing voices in Hollywood. It was just after 8:00 p.m. on a Monday night local time and just after 5:00 p.m. in Los Angeles, California and Dennis Haysbert was on the telephone. The Allstate Insurance spokesperson. Cooped up in a corner office with the speakerphone on high and my recorder running, making sure I don’t miss a beat with this interview, I wait with bated breath to hear that famous voice that’s been letting Americans know they’re “in good hands” for years now, speak…to me. “Hello, Ianthia,” the calming, but thunderous roar of Dennis’ voice bounces off the office walls. My heart silently thuds.


It’s hard to have fathomed that a country filled with black people was once governed solely by white people. That in and of itself is fascinating.

Dennis says he was fresh out of meetings and more than happy to do an over the phone interview for eLife242, but even happier to talk about the new Bahamian film he has the lead role in, The Black Moses: The L.O. Pindling Story – a mythical documentary on the father of the nation. “Just the history of The Bahamas is fascinating and the Moses that you know, encompasses a lot of different people over a large amount of time,” Dennis says. “It was extremely fascinating to learn the way your country was developed and ran. “It’s hard to have fathomed that a country filled with black people was once governed solely by white people. That in and of itself is fascinating.”

Writer, producer and director of the movie Travolta Cooper says the movie is not a narrative but toys with being, “part British play, part documentary, part poem, part mythology.” “Dennis Haysbert isn’t playing Lynden Pindling,” Travolta adds. “Dennis Haysbert is playing the mythical character the Black Moses.”A role Dennis says is right up his alley, having a love for being a mythical storyteller and an actor who breathes new life into the times and work of great men. Travolta explains that the story of the Black Moses could very easily be told in many parts of the world and is not unique to The Bahamas. “That story is the African diaspora worldwide,” he says. “I think every country that’s had 10

African slaves has had a Black Moses. “South Africa, of course has Nelson Mandela, America of course has Martin Luther King, Jamaica, Marcus Garvey, America again with Harriet Tubman, Tanzania has Julius Nyerere, and that list could go on and on. So that’s really the concept and really, I just imagined that this film could be centered on this character, the mythical Black Moses. The premise basically is that Black Moses surfaces because he’s been talked about for ages and we had this idea that, what if this character decided to finally show up and tell his story, only now he’s telling his story through the life and times of L.O. Pindling.” “This film is pretty much me falling into what I love doing,” Dennis continues in our phone conversation. “I enjoy what I do very much so any chance I get to do it, I will give it my all and have an incredible time doing it. “I gotta tell ‘ya, [I didn’t have to do] a heck of a lot [of research] because a lot of the history was in what I was saying so I was learning as I was doing it.”He says he’s visited The Bahamas a number of times and while he’s fallen in love with the entire archipelago, he’s particularly fond of New Providence and Cat Island. At this point I’m beaming on the other end of the line listening to this acting legend praise the beauty of my country. It was

dark outside the office window but I imagined that the sun was just setting where he was and maybe he was re-

minded of the warmth of the Bahamian sun beating on his back as soft, ticklish ocean waves crept up his ankles at the beach. He loves The Bahamas. Dennis also lends his legendary voice to the one minute and 21 second trailer for the movie. While his face is never clearly shown, his voice reverberates through the speakers. It’s definitely worth watching. Travolta writes on the movie’s page’s plot summary section, “Was L.O. Pindling, first black prime minister of The Bahamas, one of history’s greatest national liberators, or was he one of history’s greatest national drug dealers? The Black Moses takes a looks at the popular folk ‘Moses mythology’ as it was manifested through the life and times of Sir Lynden Pindling. It follows L.O. Pindling as he sets on a course to bring about social, political, and economic revolution to the British Bahama Islands.”




Clearly Travolta Cooper is not afraid of a little controversy. “If you’re going be a film maker you have to understand ambiguity,” the filmmaker says. “You have to paint as balanced a world as possible. There are those who will say it’s controversial but I really believe people are going to walk away with a sense of Sir Lynden the man. I had one person see it so far and he says he thinks it’s the greatest Bahamian film ever. What he loved most about the film was that he walked away with a sense of Sir Lynden the man and not Sir Lynden the myth, that we know him to be – the father of the nation etc. He got a great sense of Sir Lynden as a man, a common man.” And Dennis says it doesn’t matter if the man he is bringing to life, the father of The Bahamas, is an actual Bahamian or not.

on set, it was almost magical,” he explains. “It seems as if Dennis loves mythology just as much as I do and I think what he was most attracted to was the mythological quality of this character.“I flew to L.A. and we filmed his scenes in a recording studio and that was one of the most remarkable experiences of my life. He was great, he’s brilliant, he’s powerful, he’s talented and he’s going to blow audiences away with his performance in this film.”


“There are lots of actors from a lot of different places in the world who play characters that are outside of their world,” Dennis adds. “But I don’t feel I am outside of that world considering we’re all of African descent and all taken from that large and beautiful continent. “The first place we stopped was in The Bahamas and then we were brought to the United States, so in actuality I am a Bahamian four, five times removed. Also it depends on your commitment to the role. I once played Nelson Mandela and the people of South Africa embraced me wholeheartedly, so I have no fears that the Bahamians wont embrace me as well.”

“I hope everyone takes from this movie, a strong sense of what our collective and separate histories are and understand that we are all connected in spectacular ways,” Dennis says. “All I can say is sit back and watch and learn the history. There may be a lot of things in it that you may not know. I hope you can gain some strength from what you learn.”Travolta says he wants this film to be bigger than The Bahamas and to tell the universal story that, just so happened to also take place in The Bahamas, while at the same time painting a picture of “the world’s statesman that Pindling was.” The film crew traveled all over the world to interview a number of big names for the documentary like, American civil rights activist and minister Jesse Jackson, American politician and activist Andrew Young, Anti-Apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela, former South African President Thabo Mbeki, former Jamaican Prime Minister P.J. Patterson and more. For a movie that Travolta says was three years in the making, has encountered many setbacks and obstacles, he’s happy that it’s finally done.

He not only loves The Bahamas, he says, albeit not directly, he’s Bahamian as well. Travolta says nationality and citizenship were all out the window during filming as he says Dennis embodied the true essence of Sir Lynden and his spirit, aspects of the man that are so engrained in historical stories of him. “While we were

Meantime, Dennis says he’s now working on a number of other movie projects including Think Like a Man Two, Sin City, Welcome to the Jungle and Life of a King. He says if his busy Hollywood schedule allows, he’ll hop a plane to The Bahamas for the premiere. I can hear hearts thudding all across the island.






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When people think of the Trap, they think of drugs, crime, murder, and poverty. They envision a place where hope isn’t present. What they never think about are the people who are determined to make it out of this place, by any means necessary. These are the people who Trap Mogul represents. Established in 2013, Trap Mogul Clothing is a streetwear brand that draws inspiration from the Trap and everything that makes it what it is. As we continue to grow as a brand and separate ourselves from the crowd, we look to be a source of motivation to those who are on their grind, working to achieve a goal that many see as impossible. We started in the trap, but we’ll finish at the top


Trap Definition Tee: Everything has a meaning. There isn’t a word in the English language or any other language that doesn’t have some sort of definition. The word “Trap” is defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary as a device for taking game or other animals, but in the urban community it means something completely different. For those not in the know, the Trap Definition tee gives a brief definition of what the trap is, and it even provides the uninformed with synonyms and antonyms.



James Weech Trap Mogul

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island Tidbits

If you missed the last few months of events here in the 242, here are a few small bites to keep you in “The Know”. From fashion to music to art our eLIFE 242 street team was out and about at all the major events! WORDS BY


Elite Model Agency

Discovers Top Bahamian Models! She’s tall, young and Bahamian, and now she is $500 richer as well as closer to winning an International Contract with Elite Modeling agency. Shavon Nottage, won the local Elite Modeling Competition and is going off to represent us on the world stage. The competition was filled with talented models (and by “talented” I mean tall, models between the age of 14-16, which is why you couldn’t enter the competition Mom!) from all over the country who were asked to send in their photos to the national representatives. Let’s all wish her luck Bahamas.

British Colonial Hilton gives back with its “Give A Child A Ride” Program The Bristish Colonial Hilton along with a bevy of other corporate sponsors came together for the 1st Annual Give A Child A Ride Charity Event. The event is a bike race that helps to race funds for education in the country, along with other activities that support our country’s children. This year over 100 riders converged on Pompey Square for the big race that had two routes, one for the more experienced riders that went out as far as Clifton Cay while the junior riders went to Cable Beach. Event organizers say the event was a success and are already planning next year’s race day.


The Bahamas International

Cultural Festival is still a HIT !!! Every year, thousands of Bahamians of every background descend on a mystical garden that has remained untouched since Beerfest of the previous year to celebrate The Bahamas International Cultural Festival. Countries from all over with citizens and descendants living in The Bahamas set up stalls to represent their culture through dance, song, food, dress—but mostly exotic alcoholic beverages. (editor’s note #TeamBahamas was all up in it selling every kind of fritter you might want, from Curry conch to guava dessert fritters) There was plenty of cotton candy, ice cream and marching bands to keep the kids entertained and the performances of various cultural dances were performed on the stage. From my first Thai spring roll to my last Malaysia barbequed chicken on a stick, if you missed it you should put it in your calendar now for next year.


WANT YOUR EVENT FEATURED IN TIDBITS - Send us an email to w/ Photos, a Paragraph, and your contacts!

eLIFE 242 p r e s e n t s


Girl Cooks w/ Jasmine Forbes

Stuffed Beef Bracialo

Butterfly the flank steak (Carefully slice the flank steak in half lengthwise but not all the way through to form one flat thin steak). Season the flank steak with thyme, rosemary, salt, pepper and olive oil on both sides. Crisp the bacon in a large pan then remove the bacon leaving the excess fat. Sauté mushrooms, onions and garlic. Let the mixture cool then spread evenly over meat. Add bacon, cheese and spinach. Roll the meat tightly then truss with twine. Chill for 15 minutes so that stuffing can set.

INGREDIENTS • 2lb Flank steak • ½ T Thyme • 1tsp Rosemary • 2T Olive oil • Pinch Salt & Pepper • Stuffing • 8oz Mushrooms, thinly sliced • 4oz Onion, small dice • 2oz Bacon, diced • 8oz Spinach, fresh

Sear the meat in a hot pan on all sides until a brown crust is formed then remove. Add onions, garlic and tomato paste. Deglaze with red wine and add tomatoes then stock. Place the meat back into the pan making sure that the liquid is almost covering the meat but not completely. Cover tightly with foil and a lid then braise in a 350° oven for 2-3 hours until fork tender. Remove the meat roll from the pan and allow to rest before cutting into it. Add basil when finishing the sauce. Slice the meat and top with the sauce.

• 4oz Mozzarella Cheese • Braising liquid/Sauce • 8oz Onion • 3 each Garlic, diced • 1oz Tomato paste • 2oz Red wine • 8oz Tomatoes, chopped • 6oz Stock • 3 Basil, chopped


If you add the wine to the pan over the flame, the alcohol will begin to flambé. For safety precautions, alcohol is always added to the pan when it’s off the flame.


If you tried any our recipes email photos along with your contact info to with the subject line “I Tried Pretty Girl Cooks”

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w w w . i s l a n d i k o n z . n e t | 242.467.1664 15

Like the natural beauty of The Bahamas, the beauty of the people extends far beyond the borders of Nassau. So with that in mind we traveled to the nation’s second city to find this month’s feature Ms Dwanae Thurston. This 19 yr old model, singer, dancer and actress sits down with us to tell us more about herself and her love for the industry! So Dwanae what do you think best describes your personality? I’ve got a gIowing personlality, but, I would say humble, innovative, ambitous, positive and driven. I am easy going love socializing & meeting new people it doesn’t hurt to live a little!

What first inspired you to get into modeling/acting? ...we heard you sing as well ?

The talents I posess are gifts from the man up above. I mean dancing is nowhere in my family’s genetics, music surely is though; my great grandfather played in a band although I never Met Him Or Probably It’s This Jamaican Blood I’ve Got (Lol) Thank God For Them Regardless. The Modeling Aspect Of My Life Arose From My Style, Like I Said People Are Drawn To Me Naturally But Somehow Most Of Them Were Photographers And They All Would Request A Shoot. So From There I Carried It On Nothing Can Alter Destiny! Yes I Do Sing, Im A Freshman In That Field. I Have Gift, A Vocal Is Trainer Helping Me Hit Those Notes Right And There Are A Few Projects I’m Working On In The Island Dude Records Studio In Freeport Bahamas.

When people approach you what is their biggest misconception of you?

The Biggest Misconception Would Have To Be That I’m Stuck Up, But Very Few People Would Actually Have The Guts To Approach me. It’s Not Until A Proper Introduction Takes Place For Them To Realize How Down To Earth I Am. Like I Always Say Do Not Judge A Book By Its Cover.

So if eLIFE242 was to ask you out, how do we get it right?

Let’s Just Say Personality And Presentation Is Key The First Impression Is A Lasting One, Be Yourself Humor Humor Humor! I Love To Laugh, And Seek Intellectual Compatability Proffesionalism And Passion.

What do you feel is your most attractive quality?

The Fact That People Are Drawn To Me Naturally It Shows That My Glowing Personality Is Evident Inside And Out. However I Feel As Though My Eyes & Smile Play A Major Role In That As Well I Get Uncountable Compliments On Them. 16

What is your most memorable experience so far in the Industry?

There Was A Fashion Show I Did Recently, And The Turn Out Was Amazing. It Was At Pelican Bay Canal House, I Wore A Piece From Tstyles Salon A Clothing Store In Freeport Grand Bahama. The Outfit Was Red And Black Long Leather Tights With A Little Mesh Detailing At The Knees, The Jacket Was Red And Black With Zippers (Micheal Jackson thriller Lol). The Boots I Wore Were And Red Laced Up At The Ankle. My Hair Was Done Be Nikaya Of Tstyles As Well, I Had A Mohawk At The Time So They Surely Did Have Fun With The Sides Of My Head. The Make Up Was Mind Blowing And I Had An Eyebrow Full Of Rhinestones. I Opened Up For Nikayas Group With A Dance The Crowed Loved Us The Reaction Was Awesome, Our Little Segment Was Buzzing Months After! The Show!


MYSELF ON THE COVER OF A MAGAZINE REAL SOON Where do you want to see ‘Dwanae’ in a few years?

Dwanae, Dwanae, Unpredictable Dwanae Sometimes I Surprise Myself (Ha Ha), But I See Myself In The Process Of Completing A Few Goals I Have Set Out To Accomplish. I Hope To See Myself On The Cover Of A Magazine Real Soon. Finishing Off Performing Arts School, Empowering Youth In Terms Of Being Themselves And Keeping The Dream Alive. Being A Well Known Choreographer Around The World Representing The 242 Is Also One Of My Long Term Goals.

Photographer: Foto Factory



Dwanae Thurston

eLIFE 242 Magazine #31 ::: The Black Moses  

Bahamian film maker Travolta Cooper partners with Hollywood Star Dennis Haysbert to tell the true story of the Father of our Nation (Bahamas...

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