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The queens are here! The queens are here! And they’re going to global by doing what they do best, representing The Bahamas and trying to bring home their respective crowns

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Four years ago we published an issue of this magazine featuring four of the top female journalists local; reporters who excel at their craft. Four years later, we stop to feature the new school class.

Around Town

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We know it’s not the easiest thing in the world to do when having to choose a gift for someone. If they don’t specificially say what they want, then you could find yourselves straddling the counters of your favorite stores hoping the saleslady helping you could brig about a miracle.

The eLIFE 242 photographers were out and about for the last few weeks, capturing some of Nassau’s hottest events.

TOP 10 Gifts for Him and Her this Season!

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editor’s note \\\\\\\\\\ Well what a year it has been, a year where we here at eLIFE 242 have taken the time to reorganize and re-energize. This year saw us increasing our online content generation and in addition a complete rebrand of the eLIFE 242 look and feel was completed. With every year since the magazine was launched it has been our goal to feature Bahamians who are blazing a trail in all aspects of entertainment. Whether it be art, film, music or fashion we keep our ears to the street so that we can expose the wider public to the brighter side of the Bahamian talent pool. There is so much this country has to offer the world and over the years every Bahamian has had the opportunity to

see up close on some level the potential. eLIFE 242 is that medium, the vehicle that is seeking to expose all of the great ideas and movements that are stirring up in recording studios, photography labs and design houses across the country. The beautiful thing about what we do is that we get to experience the culture shift up close. Over 6+ years ago when we first started this magazine there was a class of creatives out there blazing the trail that the creative class of today gets to walk a long and we are happy that on that trail there are signs by eLIFE 242 pointing travelers in the right direction. Thank you for an awesome 2015, see you in 2016!


Farreno Ferguson | Editor eLIFE 242 Magazine

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Artist portrays Christie as Hitler: Is this government really that bad? There was one piece entered into this year’s Central Bank Art Competition that has garnered much attention and even news headlines. The piece called “Proven” was done by artist Everette Mackey and stunned many Bahamians with its very blunt and expressive depiction of Prime Minister Perry Christie. We don’t know where to start! The Pinocchio nose, Hitler mustache and stance, crime and police tape wrapped around a hibiscus flower and what seems to be the Bahamian people, the “Believe in VAT” banner flying over the country, a cemetery in the back, the Chinese flag on his tie…geesh! Talk about expressive art. This piece addresses many of the social and economical issues Bahamians are faced with today. Based on a continuing debate on social media, for some, this piece is spot on and is a true 4 eLIFE 242 Magazine

reflection of our nation’s leader and the dire situation we are faced with as a country. For some it reflects the way Mr. Christie has “sold out” to the Chinese, the “lies” that have been become characteristic of Mr. Christie’s administration, the PLP tidal wave taking over the country, the crude, military, dictatorship, the perceived ill effects of VAT and among other things the death of our culture. The piece has been reshared thousands of times on social media and have garnered thousands of comments cheering him on, thanking him for his bravery and for “speaking the truth.” We looked, but found it pretty hard to find any comments bashing the artist for this piece of work. The Central Bank was also applauded for allowing to piece to hang on its walls. So what do you think; too wrong or right on point? FOLLOW ELIFE ON INSTAGRAM - @ELIFE242

|||| THE GIFT OF GIVING It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Who doesn’t love the Christmas season where the weather is delightful, the food seems to come in endless supplies, the parties don’t stop and of course, we’re treated to gifts and trinkets by our loved ones. We know it’s not the easiest thing in the world to do when having to choose a gift for someone. If they don’t specificially say what they want, then you could find yourselves straddling the counters of your favorite stores hoping the saleslady helping you could brig about a miracle. That’s why we compiled this list to help you out as you shop this season.

1 3 A good camera! From taking shots of her favorite outfit, fave meal, travel experiences or to up the ante on her website, every girl needs a good camera… better than the phone cam!

top 5

gifts for her! 2

Personalized anything! We love to feel like something was bought just for us and we’re the only ones with that item! A wine glass, a mug, a diary, a robe, a desk set for work, a new phone! Make her feel extra special this holiday!

A good purse! The throw it around, throw everything in it, durable but still fashionable handy purse! While a good Birkin could kind of break the piggy bank, opt for more wallet friendly options like Dooney and Burke, Michael Kors and other brands.

Luggage! A jet setter, trend setter, fashionista needs her an amazing luggage set. From a quick weekend trip with the girls, to a long luxurious trip to the Maldives, nothing says travelista like a cutely coordinated luggage set. It’s like the new accessory, it has to be just as fashionable as her outfit!

5 4

Jewelry! No long explanation needed here. Earrings, bracelets, chains, watches...they all make really good gifts. But a trick to really make her happy...the shinier the better! ;)

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2015 seems to be the year of the wearables and they are catching on like wildfire. Though we are not walking around with Google glasses just yet, the smart watch is highly trending this year and no self respecting techy guy will want to be caught without one. So if your guy is any where near a techy, look into a smart watch for him this season.


top 5

gifts for him! The eLIFE 242 Magazine crew has also compiled a list to keep the guy in your life, friend, family or lover, happy this yuletide season. With gifts ranging from the super high tech to the traditional, take a look at our selections and see which one best fits your special guy!


Well this gift is for your new home owner guy who is more than likely very paranoid about leaving his new home during the day. The digital door bell is something he definitlely will appreciate. The doorbell will send a notification to his smart phone and allow him to live chat with all visitors to his door even if he is not at home. It doesn’t take a lot to set up, but the benefits are endless to a homeowner who wants to be able to check on his investment during the day.

4 The old adage says, “Everything Looks Good From Above” and with this new toy your guy will be able to take his toys and fun to new heights. Drones are cool and have an easy learning curve, so basically any dude with sense can get one of these up and be flying right out of the box.

If your guy is a self proclaimed “Dapper Don” then you might want to veer into the fashion world and get your special someone a custom tailored sports coat. What guy doesn’t need an awesome sports coat for that special holiday event or better yet New Year’s night. There is something about a tailiored coat that just makes a dude more confident, and confidence is one of those things you cannot pay for.


6 eLIFE 242 Magazine

This gift is another one for the new home owner or the guy that just scored an awesome apartment. What bachelor pad is complete with out some room shaking sound? The sound bar is the new way to go because of its sleek design and great sound quality. They come in at a very low price and are easily installed with out the need for running wires to connect.


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Toriah Penn Chantel O’Brian

Daronique Young

We Three Queens! The queens are here! The queens are here! And they’re going global by doing what they do best, representing The Bahamas and trying to bring home their respective crowns. Miss World Bahamas Chantel O’brien recently headed off to the Miss World pageant in Sanya, China in December. She will try to bring it all home on December 19 at the finals. While Miss Earth Bahamas and pageant veteran Daronique Young reprsented The Bahamas at the Miss Earth finals in Vienna, Austria, but unfortunately did not place. Ms. Phillippines took home the crown. And then on December 20 pageant newcomer and our Miss Universe Bahamas Toriah Penn will go for the big one as she represents our country at the Miss Universe pageant. Since their September 13 wins at the Miss World Bahamas and Miss Universe Bahamas pageant competitions held at the Atlantis 8 eLIFE 242 Magazine

Hotel and Resort, the ladies, their crowns and sashes were seen hitting several spots around town and abroad. While the events ranged from TV shows, to movie premieres, charity events and others, the queens’ every move is elegantly documented via the “@MissBahamasOrg” Instagram page which highlights the queens’ crown duties. While Miss Universe Bahamas is still prepping for her main event, it seems as if though Chantel is having the time of her life as she frolicks with the other beauties in her pageant. From glammed up selfies, duck faces with the world’s other queens, photos of them dancing, outdoors in the snow or showcasing an amazing outfit before an event, these ladies are certainly repped the 242 in style! Follow the Miss Bahamas Organization on Instagram to stay in the loop! IG: @missbahamasorg


B Y S H I C A A I K M A N | P H O T O S C O U R T E S Y M I S S B A H A M A S O R G A N I Z AT I O N

Miss Universe Toriah will be judged in three separate categories; evening gown swimsuit, and a personality interview. There is no talent competition. After the winner is crowned, they are whisked away to New York City and are prepped for a media tour where they make multiple appearances at media outlets, networks, charitable organizations, sponsor events, etc. The titleholders spend their reign representing their platforms, raising awareness and funds for charitable alliances, and traveling.

To win Miss World Chantel must score the highest points, awarded for a range of activities and events which take place from the moment the contestants arrive at the competition. Five challenge events take place in the run up to the final; Beauty with a Purpose, Multimedia,Sports, Talent, and Top Model. These offer the chance for our Miss World to shine, giving her the opportunity to win important points.

Miss Earth is an annual international environmental event and beauty pageant promoting environmental awareness. Darronique and the other candidates participated in prepageant activities and winners receive medals on each activities. Secret judges observed each candidate and determined who had the most determination, attitude and willingness to do the heavy duties as an Environmental Ambassador. Preliminary swimsuit and evening gown competitions also took place.

Because taste is everything. Nothing comes close to the unique taste of Kerrygold pure Irish Butter, made from just two ingredients.


KerryGold1/2pageAdvert.indd 1

slut shaming & the

08/10/2014 16


standard by eLIFE 242 Writer

The term slut shaming is offensive in its own right.

It suggests that if a woman goes about exploring her sexuality as fluidly and openly as a man she’s already being labeled, called out of her name and ridiculed. These “Say no to slut shaming” campaigns confuse me because it seems as if though they’ve already accepted the label and all it stands for, but just don’t want women to be shamed about it. Locally, the issue came up recently during the aftermath of Hurricane Joaquin and a popular reporter’s handling of the story of the Doppler radar system and whether or not it was working. It snowballed into a tit for tat between she and the government, and some of its operatives who went on a full out attack on her character, reputation and, to keep it real, her vagina. One Facebook status was relentless in

its attack on her, shoving in Bahamians’ faces, this woman’s alleged involvements with at least a dozen politicians. Yikes! Dubbed “the pantyless reporter,” the post crucified the very being of this reporter as a woman and human being. Whether the allegations about her bedding these men is true or not should not have ever been dragged into the convo and is not up for debate here. But what we do want to know is; why is it in 2015, that a woman is still shamed for exploring her sexuality but a man is praised and exalted for making his trysts and sexual encounters known? Why is it that, if in fact a woman does have multiple sexual partners and makes it known, she’s made to feel less than? I’m sure we’ve all listened to Beyonce’s “Flawless” a couple million times. And while the beats are sick, the dance moves are crazy and we’d all like to think we “woke up like dis,” some

else stands out. The song features a portion of the speech, “We should all be feminists” by Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie which in parts states, “we teach girls that they cannot be sexual beings in the way that boys are.” And this is so true! But, why? This is what is at play here and quite frankly it’ßs rude, disrespectful and degrading. It’s almost as if society these days see women as less than human. When she’s hurt she couldn’t cry out loud or she’s called emotional; when she finds the strength to be strong, she’s called a bitch; when she wants to explore her sexuality she’s “slut shamed” and labeled a whore. These labels do little to move the world forward and to bring about some sense of gender equality and respect, forcing young boys to learn and grow up with the same mindset and attitudes. When will it change? eLIFE 242 Magazine 9




New media is where it’s at and the new crop of Bahamians crafting exactly what that is, is bringing the heat! Sure, we were trained to think that media consists of a perfectly manicured TV broadcast where the face and voice we see and hear mimics that of perfection. Or we’re forced to believe that the only information valid to our lives has to come from thin pieces of black and white sheets that make up the daily newspaper. While these elements of media are still very relevant today and of course have their place in society…there’s a new kid on the block, but for the purposes of this article…six of them. Four years ago we published an issue of this magazine featuring four of the top female journalists locally; reporters who excel at their craft. Four years later, we stop to feature the new school class. The bloggers, the vloggers, social media enthusiasts and budding photographers who’ve upped the ante, changed the game and are changing media as we know it. With social media being what it is today, it’s kind of hard to believe that people still discount the relevance of social platforms as “real media” when clearly they are. Because media and all it stands for has transformed and reinvented itself so drastically over the past 10 years alone, this new phenomena of sharing, following, liking and instant dissemination of information is the way forward. And we at eLIFE242 see the way forward through the eyes of a group of young individuals who are taking social media and making it their own. Through them we get to see the new wave of culture, travel, entertainment and fashion emerge. Through them we’re able to witness the turn of the century, in real time.

10 eLIFE 242 Magazine



@pinksands242 @caytostyle

eLIFE 242 Magazine 312


I want to educate, show Bahamians what Bahamians look like, what we do, how we still living...

Culture Aficionado “PZ.HEAD” by Theo McClain He’s painting the new picture of The Bahamas, one Instagram post at a time. The artist behind the @pz.head account quietly sits on social media, randomly posting, hardly “liking” and commenting but amassing such a huge following in such a short time. Using a mixture of his trusty iPhone 6 and his professional camera, Theo McClain is surely making his mark on Bahamian culture. “While I’m driving, walking, whatever I’m doing, I see moments and capture them in real time,” he told eLIFE242. “I don’t ask people to pose, nothing is staged, it’s just me seeing a composition. Even doing this interview right now, there’s a little girl sitting there and I already captured photos of her. So you have to just be ready for that moment. Moments are everywhere and some people see them in front of their faces and let them slip by. Sometimes when I don’t have my camera, I don’t feel bad that I don’t, I just let the moment live. You don’t have to shoot everything.” And while social media is where pz.head now thrives, Theo says the popular platforms aren’t what really drives him to do what he does. While we get a good dose of his culture creativity on IG, he also runs his website where he shows off even more of his love for photography, culture and Bahamian life...something he calls therapy.

es and metaphors than just images. I don’t know how long people look at my photos, or if they stare and analyze or just skim through, but if you look long enough you’ll see the message. I will always continue to push the envelope.” And in a world obsessed with counting likes and follows, the pz.head master says, while they’re racking up on his page, he hardly takes notice. “With social media, I tend not to be very open. It isn’t about me or the likes or the followers but more about exposing our environment. A lot of people do it for the fame but I don’t. I really don’t follow people, I don’t really read the comments but I realize I have to and I go through sometimes and I give thanks to those supporters.” In case you were wondering where the pz.head moniker came from, let’s just say Theo is a true Bahamian at heart and admits to knowing a thing or two…or should we say a cousin or two about a real peasy head!

“I don’t post my best on IG,” he surprisingly says. “I keep them. I have a catalog, I’m working on a show. If you go through IG there are various styles, composition, lights, shadows and I toy with them for my bigger projects. This will be my first show and I’m very excited.” The 28-year-old said part of the reason he’s taken an interest in photographing Bahamian culture as he sees it, is because he doesn’t want to be one of those Bahamians who left his country for an education but never returned to put those skills to use. “I want to educate, show Bahamians what Bahamians look like, what we do, how we are living,” he says. “And for me there are so many m e s sag10 eLIFE 242 Magazine

See more of his great images on INSTAGRAM


Travelista “PINKSANDS” by Nikia Wells No longer can someone mention “pink sands”

and our minds immediately go to the beautiful sprawl of pink sandy beaches synonymous with Eleuthera. These days, an up and coming local blogger, her work, photos and website rival the popular island for the name. Nikia Wells is our “travelista and foodie,” who, through her PinkSands242 brand is telling us amazing stories of travel, food, fun and frolick. “Pink sands is basically my passion,” she beams. “When I moved to Nassau from Freeport I met all these different people; different cultures, different nationalities that just opened up my eyes and so from there I just decided to document the travels I was taking at the time. I was fortunate enough that when I came to Nassau I got a job that had me travelling around the Family Islands, but before that I was ac-

massive as they might have thought, there are financial barriers but you can hop on a plane and go anywhere you want to go.” Again, with this new wave of media, telling our travel and food stories have become increasingly popular as more and more bloggers find it easier to reach millions of people with just the click of a button. And PinkSands242 has carved out its spot among that list of travel enthusiasts, and she’s cozily sitting in her corner and making her name, brand and stories known. “I think I do see myself as a storyteller, I am telling the story that The Bahamas is painting,” Nikia tells eLIFE242. “I try to keep it very easygoing and light. Obviously I am very passionate about a lot of things but, with PinkSands, since there is so much negativity going on I always want to keep it positive. I like to keep focused on what’s important and what created our culture.” Still wondering where the name for her brand came from?

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tually terrified of flying. I used to take a cruise ship from Freeport to Fort Lauderdale, a bus or train from Fort Lauderdale to Tampa to go to school. So this is a big change for me. But flying doesn’t bother me anymore.” And that statement couldn’t be more true! Miss PinkSands242 could be seen writing and recording her travels around the world, from Tokyo to Canada, through the Bahama Islands or wherever it is, Nikia should be deemed the queen of travel. “Once I got over the initial fear, I realized that I could go anywhere I wanted to and that the sky is the limit,” she adds. “When I first started I really didn’t expect much of a response but it has grown from there. A lot of the photos that I post, especially for many Bahamians who live broad, they say that those photos remind them of home and makes them miss home. And then when I post photos from my international travels a lot of people then tell me that they’ve always wanted to travel these places and ask me for travel tips. Those people who are actually looking for travel tips are my favorite because I’m able to tell them that this isn’t as scary or as

“I am in love with Eleuthera,” she adds. “My first time there was in the ninth grade. I come from very humble beginnings so this was one of the major trips I took around The Bahamas at the time and when I saw that pink sand in Eleuthera, I was in love! We went to Harbour Island and that trip changed me from then on.” Nikia says she loves to keep her finger on the pulse of pop culture in The Bahamas and is quite in tuned with the local blogging community. “Any Bahamian who has a blog, I follow them and I can get something from them,” she adds. “Whether it’s controversial, or fashion or comedy, I love them all and they all have a unique voice. We born, bred, ga dead Bahamians but we still can enjoy the world out there. One of the things I hate is when people limit themselves to one particular type of food or genre, or one particular anything. I just want us to get out as Bahamians.” So where to next for Miss PinkSands242? She says either Brazil or Singapore is on the map… and of course, a blog will follow!

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Enter tainm ent J unkie T hey say there’s no s “3A room for entertainment meMIGO dia in The Bahamas but the guys behind S” by Three Amigos Media (3AM) is setting out to debunk form Timo that myth. For Timothy Bain, it all started out as a ploy thy B to shut up a friend who once believed this and doubted to let the world know who you ain that his love for all things media, music and entertainare if you’re involved in the arts. I ment in The Bahamas made any sense. “A friend of mine told me a few years ago that it was foolish for Bahamians to partake in music and art so I really just am trying to prove her wrong all these years,” he explains. I feel like, talent-wise we are on par with everyone else in the world but we just need to get people to see it. Everyone is doing a lot but everyone is doing something different. I love music, my heart beats for music. YouTube has made the world smaller and through my vlog and blog people in France and Japan and elsewhere can watch and see The Bahamas. I think we’ve gotten to the point where entertainment is bubbling and we’re about to break the glass ceiling.”

think with my vlog I can build the network and share that out.”

And that’s where his portion of the 3AM empire comes in; Timmy hosts an online show called ‘Who Dat’ that features local artists and their craft. But when it comes to sports, that’s all Amo. “Anything locally I write concerning sports for 3AM,” Amo says. “I feel like it’s

While Amo finds ways to separate himself from the crowd through his knowledge and writing, Mick is third piece of the 3AM pie that ties it all together. “Anything to deal with the production I am in charge of,” he boasts. “We’re trying to create this subculture by bringing awareness through documentaries, vlogs, blogs, etc. We know what the young people like us want and we want to keep them aware of what’s going on and we use the tools they’re using to keep them informed.”

But Timmy has some help in shattering glass ceilings locally. He teamed up with two friends, Mick and Amo, to created 3AM. The friends, journalism students and entertainment enthusiasts came together and soon realized that they could build a brand that simultaneously shined the spotlight on local Bahamian talent and helped to broaden the entertainment base locally. “We were just friends doing things together and we just decided that since we love many of the same things we decided to come together to expose this whole underground art scene here,” Timmy adds. “There are some people who don’t know that their neighbor could be the most talented person in The Bahamas so I think that us in the entertainment media community need to come together and put our strengths together and make this network where you just can’t miss it. Like reggaeton, that had it’s moment where the whole world knew about it, I want it to be a point where we have our reggaeton moment, where the whole world knows us. We have to do it through the Angelique Sabrinas or Alex Christies, I just want one Bahamian to make it to that level. We had Baha Men and Johnny Kemp but we need someone now, just one. My plan is to use my plat15 eLIFE 242 Magazine

randomly. I immerse myself into what I love, and that’s sports. I don’t go one day without watching Sports Center or reading the local sports news and having those conversations. I like to write in a sarcastic, witty tone but I say important things as well. I try to keep it youthful and interactive and my style of writing is what separates me.”

important to highlight the young athletes here and I think we should try do our best to get their stories out to the public and even internationally. Social media is a big tool for me because I’m active on Twitter. It helps you get a pulse on the culture and what people like. When you write articles and hear what people think about it helps to build that constant conversation. I know there’s a lot of negative feelings about social media and sometimes it kind of lessens the strength of journalism but it’s essential because it provides the constant dialogue.” The COB journalism senior says for him, social media isn’t just about being social, but more like…research. “I think I differentiate myself from people who just tweet

Through his witty graphics, photography and production skills, Mick ensures that everything that 3AM lays its hands on is properly planned, well executed and goes off without a hitch. “We want to make sure that our artists are recognized, poets, actors, singers, all of them. We try to expose Bahamians to things they haven’t seen or done before, we want to help get the young people away from the usual and help to expose them and in that, support our Bahamian people. I don’t often stop and think of myself as a storyteller in that way, but when you really think about it, I would say I really am a new storyteller, a new version of media in the country. But really day-to-day, when I’m doing it, it’s me just doing it for the cause, doing it because its what I love.” So if it’s on YouTube, Twitter, Periscope, Instagram, Snapchat you can best your bottom dollar that 3AM is on it!

My personal style is always a reflection of what I’m feeling...

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tiful and tiny and beautiful and bald headed and beautiful and I love being able to tell those stories in different ways.” “Initially when I came up with Cay to Style I thought about my love for cay hopping and I how love the Exuma cays and I love that a Bahamian can look at the word “cay” and know exactly what that means and it’s a perfect combination for my love for island life and my love for style,” Aneka says.

Fash ion M eets by An The I eka S sland tewa s “CA rt Let’s Y TO be real, shopping is hard in The Bahamas for a fashionista! But a real fashionista knows how to put it together! Known for her unique style Aneka Stewart, to us, tells the story of style and how it fashionably collides with the islands in modern day Bahamas.

“My personal style is always a reflection of what I’m feeling and what I’m in the mood for,” she says. “I try not to give myself any rules and I try not to live by any fashion rules because I feel like that’s what fashion and style is, its an expression of yourself. So some days I just feel like wearing black, some days when I’m feeling sexy I might wear my tummy out and on days like now I’m looking like Frank Hanna’s daughter because I was feeling very vibrant and excited about the day so it’s just an expression of who I am.” And expressing precisely who she is via social media has paid off, big time! “I got my job (at Sandals) through social media and was hired through Instagram,” she adds. “This is the new way people are marketing their business and I wanted to be a part of that, I stay up literally all day

“I used to pressure myself with looking at the numbers to see how many people read the blogs and how many people read a post and it took away all the fun for me so I promised myself to stop looking at the numbers. I think culturally it’s (social media) still new for us so Bahamians don’t really understand it but we’re getting there.” While her blogs often paints the picture of 24/7 glam and fashion day to night, Aneka says behind the screens, there’s really none of that.


discovering new apps and just doing things to help tell my story though social media. I do think I am a storyteller. My now boss reached out to me and told me she was following me and loved my posts and videos and I now manage three of our social media accounts. Even though my company is 34 years old and my bosses are much older they realize there’s a new way in marketing and storytelling and they support that so I live it and breathe it every day.” The merger of fashion, island life and social media has crafted the perfect concoction for her Cay to Style brand to blossom. With so much going on in our country these days, Aneka says she likes to tell the story that we still live in paradise and that, “You can be black and beau-

“I am seriously an adrenaline junkie, sometimes hyperactive and weird and loud who really loves adventure and new experiences. But I love just being home reading and watching Netflix and just editing or chilling. I could be home on a Friday night with my boo and my favorite glass of wine and just watching a movie. The self proclaimed odd beauty says the fact that she has been able to find selflove and be celebrated for it has spurred her to teach others to do the same. “I really want to work on, ‘There’s a brown girl in the ring,’ to highlight brown girls in The Bahamas,” she explains. “I remember people calling me “the dark one” and I was like, “Am I really that different?” And when I got older and shaved my head, people took notice and I want this project to let people know it’s ok if you’re dark skinned or light skinned or have a pixie cut or bald head or just have natural or permed hair. I have accepted how I look, and accepted my skin tone and I celebrate who I am and we need to develop a culture for that.” And it seems we’re developing a culture for all of it! Whether they go voluntarily or they have to be taken kicking and screaming, it’s evitable that Bahamians will have to be dragged into the New World and wholeheartedly jump on board the social media train and accept and appreciate new media for all that it is; relevant, now, a force to be reckoned’s the future. And these new storytellers are already hashtags ahead of the rest.

eLIFE 242 Magazine 16




The eLIFE 242 photographers were out and about for the last few weeks, capturing some of Nassau’s hottest events. From food to fashion, this edition of Around Town is a tantilizing sample of a socialite’s dream!

Paradise Plates\\\\\\\\\

Each year the Hands for Hunger Paradise Plates event draws together the biggest foodies in the capital for a night of fun, frolick and...of course food! This year’s event was no different as the event drew in a massive crowd of people who not only wanted to indulge in tasty treats, but also help the fight against poverty.

//////Let It Snow Bahamian Fashion designer Cardell McClam brought the snow, cold weather and straight out, “brrrrrrr,” at his Nov. 15 fashion show! The Fall/Winter collection gave the fashionista all she or he needed for this season’s styles. Jewel tones, textures and textiles galore! He did that!

////// The Follower “Follow me,” took on a whole new meaning this Halloween season as the YNGDRTS group put on a spectacular party for all the ghosts and goblins that night. Bahamians came out in droves decked out in their costumes which made for a scarily good time!

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Hurricane JoaquiN : BY IANTHIA SMITH

The devastation left in Hurricane Joaquin’s wake is still being seen and felt by thousands of people living in the southern Bahamas. Homes, businesses and lives were flattened, ripped apart and destroyed as the category four hurricane ripped through the islands which became a target for Joaquin’s eye. And it all happened so fast. Joaquin quickly strengthened from a tropical depression, to a tropical storm and then to a category four hurricane all in a matter of hours between October 1 and October 3. Hurricane Joaquin came, left and in its wake caused massive destruction and devastation throughout many of our southern islands. It’s a national disaster that has left thousands of Bahamian homes, businesses and yes, lives, in shambles. Since then the clean up remains ongoing and relief efforts to provide even the basic necessities to residents in Long Island, Crooked Island, San Salvador, Acklins, Ragged Island, Inagua and others continue. Phone lines were knocked out, power was gone, there was no food or water to come by easily and things were indeed rough. The debate has been ongoing (and going and going and going) as to whether or not the doppler radar at the Met Department that was supposed to be used to warn these residents of the storm was working. But Good Samaritans wanting to help their country men didn’t have time to figure out what went wrong or who did what, and sprung into action to assist.

his fury over parts of The Bahamas, what we all quickly realized was that he also helped to bring about a sense of Bahamian pride and hope so strong, it was unshakeable. Almost immediately the men and women who have given of their time, efforts, money, food and clothing to assist our brothers and sisters in the southern Bahamas, whose lives have been ruined by Hurricane Joaquin were being deemd heroes. Social media played a big role in the relief efforts too. Photos of plane and boatloads of food, bedding, hygiene and other supplies being flown and shipped out, people on the ground assisting and photos of the mass devastation were enough to spring thousands of Bahamians to action. Our Family Islanders needed help and it’s what they got…in droves. Amazing photos of people pulling clothes out of their closets, food items off their shelves and purchasing shopping carts full of supplies made their rounds and highlighted the strong spirit of being Bahamian. Some people loaned their airplanes, vehicles, time and other resources to help with the relief efforts. Almost as if on cue, several relief and care organizations were instantly and simultaneously set up and Bahamians went into serious aquamarine, gold and black mode. The hashtags #saveoursouth #prayersforthebahamas #helpisontheway, kept us all in the know and connected. It was a true display of Bahamian pride that lives deep within us.

THE SUPPORT CAME IN DROVES Bahamians for Bahamians definitely became a movement once the storm passed and we all realized the devastation left behind. Although Joaquin dumped

WHAT NOW? This is the big question. What now for our family in the southern Bahamas? What kind of Christmas will they have? How will they move on from this point? How will



their kids perform in school after this and how will they bounce back? The recovery efforts are still underway and will likely be for some time to come. Disasters of this kind often have a lingering effect on those caught up in its wrath. Look at what Hurricane Katrina did to New Orleans and how today, 10 years later, they’re still reeling. But even right here in The Bahamas, think about what the twin hurricanes Frances and Jeanne did to Grand Bahama and how now a decade later that island, too, is still feeling the effects. We’re hoping though that things turn around for the south and that they’re able to rebound from the massive loss and devastation. In the meantime, we need to continue to #prayforthesouth.

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Fall fashion is great, but when it’s the holiday season you have to go off! The parties will come out of the woodworks and you have to be prepared. Play with textures, sparkles and shiny things in your wardrobe.

Go for full sparkle and shine in a full sequin or glitter dress.

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An awesome pair of shoes can bring to life any outfit for guys and this holiday season a dope pair of Oxfords will help you stay sharp at every outing.


A little faux fur goes a long way. Whether it’s a vest or a coat, faux fur sets the mood. for the holidays.

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Go big or go home! Let your accessories do the talking and slap on huge earrings, bracelets and chains for the full effect.

Well the season does get a little cooler even here in the islands, so be sure to take care of your dome with a stylish beanie or tam (like we like to say in The Bahamas)

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