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It’s hard to believe that such a major $3.5 billion project that was expected to up the ante on tourism and employment, among other things in the country is now faced with so much legal, personal and government drama.

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Twenty-one-year-old Dekel “Bowflex Barbie” Nesbitt was born and raised in Freeport, Grand Bahama and says she first became a gym rat at just 14 years old. But with athleticism running through her veins, a passion for health and fitness and a strong social media presence, she’s taking her Bowflex Barbie brand to the world.

Serving Face /////page 18 As we all know this year The Bahamas took the leap of faith into the bacchanal universe and launched it’s first ever Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival. Some Bahamians thought the whole thing was a rip off of the highly acclaimed Trinidad Carnival and Crop Over in Barbados and of course the debates ensued.

Top notch Bahamian makeup artist Shauna Ferguson is giving some insight on how to put your best face forward this fall season with some makeup tips to take us through the rest of the year.

Never Late for a Real Junkanoo Carnival Recap!

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editor’s note \\\\\\\\\\ The eLIFE 242 (entertainment LIFE 242) brand has been in existence for 7+ years. What started as one of The Bahamas’ first online entertaimment video blogs has developed into the leading entertainment brand in the country. While we may not have thrown many parties and events, we made it our mission to capture it all and bring it to the wider Bahamian public and the world. This issue of eLIFE 242 Magazine is about change and about growth and the literal beginning of a new chapter. With a new look and design The Bahamas’ premier magazine for all things art, entertainment, culture and fashion is

back! eLIFE242 has rebranded and is bouncing back with a new logo design, set up and new content across its pages and digital channels. Get ready to read our take on some of our country’s mainstream issues as well as more lifestyle pieces. But we won’t forget our roots, so stories on your favorite Bahamian artists, musicians and celebrities will still be featured in our issues. As we here at eLIFE 242 Magazine grow, the brand and all of the products attached to it will grow in order to keep the content we provide on the same level. Enjoy the new eLIFE 242!


Farreno Ferguson | Editor eLIFE 242 Magazine

FOR SALES/ ADVERTISING CALL (242) 454 0264 TWITTER & IG: @elife242


Local Artist Gets Viral Attention! Bahamian artist Allan Pachino Wallace could use almost anything to bring his craft to life. Anything from paint, pencils, fallen leaves, clothes, cereal and even salt...yes salt! The celebrated artist has for years had his amazing work shared, retweeted, and posted in local social media circles for years. Using the faces of international celebrities to make unusual portraits of, Allan has for years posted the results on social media, garnering several hundred likes and comments. But on August 17, American comedian and actor Kevin Hart got a whiff of the art work Allan did of him using salt, tweeted the photo and put this Bahamian artist on front street. “It felt great for Kevin Hart to see and acknowledge my work,” he told eLIFE242. “I mean he didn’t have to do that. First posting it on his twitter account then calling my name and IG tag on Facebook.” Allan says he’s actually been doing art with various odd materials for years now and 4 eLIFE 242 Magazine

receiving much love from fans on social media. But no doubt, he says having a celebrity with as much clout as Kevin Hart publicly give him the seal of approval on social media has definitely been a plus. “The social media impact was huge. In one tweet you can enter so many different kinds of markets. For my ‘Design Strong’ brand it’s a plus for sure,” Allan adds. The pint-sized comedian isn’t the only celebrity Allan has made portraits of using his crafty materials. He’s posted photos of salt portraits with rapper/producer Kanye West, rapper Rick Ross, legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, US President Barack Obama and actor Nicholas Cage. So what’s next for this talented Bahamian artist? “I’m always working,” Allan says. “I have God to thank for that. A lot of commissions and projects (are on the way) but I’m really looking forward to my art show. It’s called ‘Vanity’ and it opens December 11, 2015.” FOLLOW ALLAN ON INSTAGRAM - @ALLANPACHINO


Ever since it was first announced that Baha Mar had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the drama just kept on unfolding ...


There’s so much legal wrangling going on with this issue, it’s kind of hard to keep up with the daily developments. So many more questions than answers are in the air that it seems the project that seemed to once provide so much help and hope is now only a burden on the country. We do know that many people and companies have of course bounced back from bankruptcy and some have even used it as strategy, but whatever Baha Mar’s move was, it’s left many Bahamians scratching their heads. The story has of course been picked up by the international press, especially when thousands of excited tourists who had booked rooms for vacations and trips as far back as March, sounded their fury on various travel sites. Again we ask, what happened?

What really happened with Baha Mar? Like for real, what happened?? It’s hard to believe that such a major $3.5 billion project that was expected to up the ante on tourism and employment, among other things in the country is now faced with so much legal, personal and government drama. Ever since it was first announced that Baha Mar had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the drama just kept on unfolding. From public spats between Baha Mar CEO Sarkis Izmirlian and Prime Minister Perry Christie and the government, an ongoing blame game between Sarkis, the government and the Opposition, fruitless and VERY expensive trips to China to sort out the issue, Baha Mar has certainly left many Bahamians bleeding out blue. Even worse, thousands of Bahamians who were employed at the resort were left high and dry.

For the majority of Bahamians, a lot of the complexities surrounding the legal issues are either not understood or even cared about. What many Bahamians want to know is if and when will the resort really open? Does Baha Mar still have the potential to be the savior it was once pegged as? Are Bahamians still excited or even hopeful about this project? What’s going to happen next? And so now a half way built gorgeous resort property with three grand entrances just sits there. In a perfect world the resort, which did have at least three delayed openings, would have been opened by now with thousands of eager Bahamians working around the clock to keep it ticking; working to make, what was supposed to be the Bahamian Riviera, the best thing tourism has seen in the region. But alas, we don’t live in a perfect world. And until we really are able to plug this wound, we will continue to bleed out blue. LIFE242 242Magazine www.elife242.com3 5 eeLIFE




It may have been one of the smaller mas bands to hit the streets at the Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival, but as the saying goes, “Big things come in small packages.” GEMS of the Sea was formed by Gigi, a Trinidadian with Bahamian roots and the group made a great impact in a short time. eLIFE242: Tell us about your self and your history with carnival and culture? Gigi: As a young lady I have always had an appreciation for festivals and historical celebrations. The spirit of Carnival has been a great fascination because of the conceptual illustration of the practice. Dating as far back as the 18th century, Carnival has become a worldwide hallmark for the celebration of identity. The greatest attribute to me is the emancipation of slaves in 1838, which symbolized freedom for all and the world to come.

GIGI | Founder


eLIFE242: What Fuels your love for carnival? Gigi: The African heritage of using masks, feathers and ornaments to encourage expression of art is a testament to major aspects that connects our roots to the great unity celebration. These ancient African traditions of using arts to assert the symbolic celebrations to ward off evil and rise above any problems, pains or illness and uplift the spirit in unity has been a driving force behind my love for the art of carnival. eLIFE242: Do you feel that Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival compared well to other carnivals? Gigi: Having roots in The Bahamas gives me the opportunity to appreciate the Bahamian junkanoo experience and how it merges with the rest of the carnival culture. I found the Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival is very uniquely set apart by the rich sounds of bass, trumpets and the ruction of heavy drums. No collaborative instruments of whistles, maracas, and the rush of sounds can move you the way anything else does than of junkanoo. The handmade cardboard junkanoo signature pieces give the Bahamian culture their own expression of identity. This was a great contrast to the other ongoing carnival parades. I was also very pleased at the diverse attendance, which brought folks from around the world in awe of the first annual celebration of junkanoo carnival. It was certainly a great start to an ongoing festival. eLIFE242: How did your carnival group develop? Gigi: My ideas for a carnival production began as a well thought out idea from years ago when I entered my music businesses master’s degree. Bringing my business experience and a true passion was always a desire for me to put together something that would impress the world. The Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival was a special opportunity to bring my ideas to light for a new celebration. I was able to showcase what I thought was the highlight of carnival; the combination of arts, beauty, culture and the sounds of junkanoo brought everything I had envisioned to life.

6 eLIFE 242 Magazine

eLIFE242: What do you look forward to most for the 2016 Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival? Gigi: I will be bringing more African elements to my Carnival experience and other members to bring awareness to just causes for the purpose of celebration. This will give the meaning of carnival a more significant message to every attendee and participants of the parades. As a business professional I think when there is an opportunity to showcase something to the world then you should ensure that it has a positive and lasting message that can evolve into a lasting appreciation for years to come.

Carnival Rundown

It’s been four months since thousands of Bahamians and tourists wukked, gyrated and “Lucy-ed” through the streets of New Providence in the first ever Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival. For months controversy and drama did and still continues to shroud the event. But those of us who took the politics and economics out of it, and simply wanted to have a good time enjoyed every aspect of the inaugural festival and are counting down the months to the next one. While some have stayed in Nassau marking “x’s” on a calendar for their countdown, many other bacchanalists decided to take a different route: attend every other carnival event around the world. Yip, social media has spilled their secrets! We don’t know if the Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival is solely to blame, but it’s evident that may Bahamians have totally bought into the carnival culture and have vowed to attend as many fetes as they possibly could, not matter where it’s held in the world. Photos of Bahamians getting loose in Los Angeles, Canada, Barbados and other countries that were transformed to party sites surfaced all over various social media platforms. It was once thought that Bahamians, with such strong ties to junkanoo, would never fully embrace carnival; but that myth has surely been debunked. Not only has carnival opened more cultural and artistic ventures for Bahamians, it

also brought about a spirit of unity. How we see it here at eLIFE 242 we agree that anything that brings Bahamians together in a way that was not centered around violence or corruption is a win. The carnival created an air of fun and frolic and even in its infancy, created jobs. Many companies were formed around the hundreds of mas bands and all with some help from the government were mildly successful. Companies like The Bahamas Masqueraders, Fusion, Enigma and Magic are some of the companies that capitalized on the government’s new venture. We’re waiting with bated breath for the Miami Carnival in October where we’re sure to see our flag waving in mass numbers!

TOPWE5LEARNED THINGS .... 1. The rum and sun do not mix 2. A reasonable percentage of Bahamian women have great bodies 3. Bahamians might love soca a little more than junkanoo! 4. No Bahamian man can efficient keep up a whine to soca music. (Well under 1% of them) 5. The government is totally bad at accounting of any sort

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The Devil Is In the Details


10 accessories to grab for the fall Accessories are the punctuation mark on any outfit. With summer 2015 now a thing of the past, it’s time to start prepping our wardrobes for the fun, funky feeling that fall season brings with it. Here are 10 must-have fall accessories.


The always in season floppy hat; this head topper is perfect for a cool night out or a day on the strips.



Suede loafers - perfect for the many events, happy hours and office parties in the making.


Fringe, of all kinds! You can find bags, earrings and jewelry with the fringy accent.



Aviator shades - because they’re always so cool to have!


Low top boots - A fall must have; you can pair them with shorts, long jeans, skirts and dresses. Choosing between buckles or zippers is the fun part!


Mules - Another vintage, but modern look.

8 eLIFE 242 Magazine

The bucket bag - helps to take a bit of summer fashion into the fall, while holding all your valuables.

Chunky heels/sandals - Add a more vintage touch to any look with playful chunky heels.

10 Sneakers - Add a youthful appeal to any look while keeping comfy all day long.

Tassels - They literally add a finishing touch to your look.


nourish your senses 851 West Bay Street • Compass Point Studios • Nassau • Bahamas • tel: 242 677 3991 email: • Like us on Facebook • Instagram: Studiobahamas15



B A H A M A ’ S


arbie B


Barbie has always had a pretty glamorous, girly life. Shopping sprees around the world, pool parties in Malibu, racing through cities in drop top luxury vehicles and her muscular, fit, obviously gym addicted boyfriend Ken on her arm as an accessory. But there’s a new Barbie in town and she’s the one with the muscles. While Malibu Barbie, Pop Star Barbie and Rainbow Hair Barbie are at the mall, Bowflex Barbie is more than likely at the gym. Twenty-one-year-old Dekel “Bowflex Barbie” Nesbitt was born and raised in Freeport, Grand Bahama and says she first became a gym rat at just 14 years old. But with athleticism running through her veins, a passion for health and fitness and a strong social media presence, she’s taking her Bowflex Barbie brand to the world. 10 eLIFE 242 Magazine

“It all started in 2008 when I was just 14-years-old,” she tells eLIFE242. “I had just lost my mom to breast cancer that year and my brother came home that summer and he invited me and my dad to go to the gym with him because he was really into the gym at that point; he was a basketball player in college and he loved working out. We went with him that one day and we just got hooked and it became apart of our daily life. If it wasn’t everyday it was at least three or four times a week we’d be in the gym and honestly that’s where it started. I literally fell in love with it.” Dekel says when she went off to school, going to the gym was just as scheduled and routine as attending classes and studying, and her schoolmates noticed. “My Bowflex Barbie name started out as just a twitter handle,” she says laughing. “A college mate in Missouri gave me the nickname and I liked it! Every time I would

My Bowflex Barbie name started out as just a twitter handle

eLIFE 242 Magazine 312


BOWFLEX But Bowflex Barbie says working out just to work out, doesn’t work for her. With a need to test her strength and share her love for the sport, Dekel followed her father’s advice to start a training boot camp in Grand Bahama.

Dekel (her real name) graduated from Mississippi State in 2014 where she was an international business and management major was also certified in personal training through the International Sports Science Association. Before that she played volleyball for two years in Missouri.

“The first time I put on my Bowflex Barbie Boot Camp, I was home on a school break and I had about 30 people apply. The next time I came home, I did it again and this time my numbers more than doubled and I had like 100 people sign up. People were telling me they loved it, they were seeing results and I love sharing my love for fitness with people and I love seeing their love for it grow as well. I realized that this was a way I could make a living and I could be happy with that because it’s something I love to do and something I’m passionate about. So it’s something I put my all into.”

“I’ve always been athletic, I’ve always been into sports and I’ve always had an athletic frame,” she adds. “So when I got into the gym it wasn’t difficult, it was almost natural to me and I loved it. I love the intensity, I love challenging myself, and I love the discipline that it gives me. When you work out you release endorphins, it makes you feel happier, you feel more relaxed. I just love knowing that I’m getting stronger, seeing improvements in my body and my strength.”

Dekel holds her outdoor boot camp in Grand Bahama four times a week and also runs an online

training program. But never one to settle, Dekel now wanted the world to see her talents and over the past year, got into bodybuilding where she now competes as a novice in the sport.

I’ve always been athletic, I’ve always been into sports!

go to work out he was like, ‘Ok Bowflex Barbie,’ and I fell in love with the name. I used it as my twitter handle and it just became apart of me, so I decided to make it my brand. People probably don’t even know my real name.”

“I’m still learning a lot about it, but it’s still something I love,” she adds. “It’s my first year and I don’t know how long I plan to compete but my goal is to get a pro card, so I’m going to compete for a few years and try to get my pro card and try to get as far as

X BARBIE I could in the sport, for as long as I still have the passion for it.

“It’s such a rigorous and demanding sport and it’s one of those things that are left up to the judges. So it’s human judgment and you always hope it’s fair. I love the tunnel vision it gives me to accomplish some short-term goals. I like the fact that competing lets me work out for something. Some people work out just to work out, and the sport is so intense and so hard. I like knowing that I’m doing it for a purpose and going amongst all those people and showing them what I was working so hard for.” This summer while Malibu Barbie and her friends were lounging by the beach, Bowflex Barbie was flexing her muscles at her first ever competition in the United States. Earlier this year Dekel participated in the 2015 National Physique

Committee (NPC) Southern States Championships in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and she says much to her surprise, she was among the top five in both categories she performed in; third in the Novice and fourth in the Open Women ‘B’ Class Figure. Three weeks later she returned to The Bahamas to prepare for and compete in the 42nd annual Bahamas Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (BBFF).

“Although I wasn’t in my hometown, Grand Bahama, it was good to go out and do it in front of the Bahamian people,” she adds. “I was happy to bring home some hardware again when I placed first in both the Novice and Open Women ‘B’ Class Figure. It was a great experience and I had a great time. With the shows we have pre-judging and then the evening portion is more entertainment for the audience so it was a long day, but a great day all around.”

Despite the toned physique, muscular frame and abs of steel, the Barbie in Bowflex Barbie is not just there for show. Dekel says she’s still a girly girl who loves to go out with friends and family and yes, have a glass of wine accompanied by the occasional cheat meal. “I read up a lot on this sport before I really went after it and a lot of people said you lose friends, you lose support because the people around you wont understand,” she adds. “People in the sport were saying that relationships fail a lot, and I understand why because you dedicate so much to this sport; so much time so much money, you’re in the gym all the time, you still have to work your full time job and it is hard and demanding but I always said I will enjoy the process and will not get lost in it. That’s where it’s not fun any more.

eLIFE 242 Magazine 14

“I haven’t lost any friends, I still go out with them, I allow myself cheat meals to go with my friends and family and I just balance it all. Even when I couldn’t cheat because a competition was near, I would still go out but just watch what I ate and drank. It made no sense working out and being home alone sore, so I need my friends to go out with sometimes just to relax and have fun.” And being a female in such a male dominated sport, where Bowflex Barbie is clearly stronger, faster and bigger than a lot of men, she says dating is not a sore topic. “I do have a boyfriend,” she says smiling. “But I do think guys are a bit intimidated by me. I would go out and they would automatically challenge me to arm wrestling competitions or they would try to be super macho to approach me. But because I have a boyfriend, I guess I don’t really notice the ones who are trying. He met me into fitness and we jumped on this competing thing together. He’s actually a trainer as well, but he’s not into it as

15 eLIFE 242 Magazine

“I do have a boyfriend, but I do think guys are a bit intimidated by me!”

“I think a lot of people are now conscious of their image,” she adds. “Being a trainer, a lot of females come to me saying they want flatter stomachs, they want nicer butts. I think the aesthetic part of it is a huge part of the craze. But I do think it’s a lot about health too, people are dying so young from heart attacks and other illnesses so I think in a lot of ways that has opened people’s eyes to get up and do something. I think with the younger people it’s more image and with the older people it’s all about staying healthy and being in shape.”

much as I am. And no we don’t arm wrestle! When we first started dating, he used to challenge me

Well for sure Bowflex Barbie will be staying in shape as her wins at the BBFF competition snagged her a spot on The Bahamas’ team that will be competing in the upcoming Central American Caribbean (CAC) Bodybuilding Fitness Championships to be held in The Bahamas October 4. “I don’t do this for the money because there is no money in it,” Dekel adds. “I do it for the love of this sport. There is no money to be made from all this hard work and intensity and right now it doesn’t matter.”

but now I think he’s scared since I’ve gotten a little bigger and stronger, he might think I’d beat him.” And while the fitness craze is all the rage these days, the personal trainer, bodybuilder and athlete says she’s happy to see that a lot more people are paying more attention to what they eat and drink and how much they exercise.

I don’t do this for the money because there is no money in it!

eLIFE 242 Magazine 16




The eLIFE 242 photographers were out and about for the last few weeks, capturing some of Nassau’s hottest events. From all white luxury to great cigars, this edition of Around Town is a tantilizing sample of a socialite’s dream!

White Party\\\ They say Bahamians never stick to the script when it comes to themed parties, the dress code and color scheme. But let us just debunk that myth right now as one of the hottest events to top off summer 2015 popped off Sunday night in grand style. The White Party held at Casa Al Mare’ and hosted by Ryan Knowles and Shamon Campbell brought out Nassau’s elite socialites for an evening of fun, frolicking and frosty white. Everyone was decked out the in the angelic hue SEE MORE @

////Smoke Night REMY MARTIN Smoke Night was a cool smart casual affair where patrons were treated to specialty cocktails by Remy Martin and signature cigars by Graycliff that was hosted at the VIP lounge at Palm Cay. Silky jazz music, smooth Remy Martin and the sweet aromas of Graycliff cigars made the night.

Fashion 4 Foundation The annual Fashion for Foundation Benefit Fashion Show in aid of the Ranfurly Homes for Children took the Hilton by storm on a Sunday evening and organizers are touting it a success The lineup of designers featured collections by Cardell McClam, Harl Taylor BAG, Ria Georgina, Leah Eneas, DKLYPSE Swimsuits.

17 eLIFE 242 Magazine




The government says it had to introduce VAT at 7.5 per cent as a way to broaden the country’s tax base and make more money. But Bahamians weren’t really feeling it from day one and made it known. From campaigns, to news stories, yes, those radio songs we spoke about and even rallies and marches Bahamians wanted nothing to do with having to pay more money for anything and as the calendar inched closer to January 1, the more panic, hysteria and fear set in. And then D-day arrived, or should we say V-day (VAT Day), and everyone’s receipts broke loose. Social media was buzzing with food store, restaurant and even pampers and milk receipts of people publicizing their first VAT tax, whether as a show of disbelief or “this is really happening,” everyone wanted everyone to know that they are now paying VAT. From properly calculating the numbers to ques-

tioning whether or not the government would use the new money for its intended purposes, VAT is now on everyone’s mind. Eight months later, eLIFE242 took to our own Facebook page to see how our readers have been coping with 7.5 per cent being added to just about everything.

You can’t even accidentally hear one of those anti-VAT (Value Added Tax) songs on the radio these days, even though they were in heavy rotation prior to January 1, 2015; the day the tax that has seemingly angered thousands of Bahamians was implemented.

The government says it had to introduce VAT at 7.5 per cent as a way to broaden the country’s tax base...

Word on the Street!

DEVIN MONAY - I think that it (VAT) was implemented at the wrong time and was rushed into being. I have a problem with the way it’s calculated and added. I don’t understand why we pay VAT on utilities and duties. Personally I think that it needs to be revised.

MICHAEL COOPER - “I feel as a consumer I often have had to re-adjust my spending habits monthly due to the inception of VAT basically because businesses around town cannot keep a consistent price point. “

CHA-NEA HEPBURN - If they have a better control on who what VAT revenue is used for and how it is recorded then VAT is ok for me. I believe people who are able to pay taxes should help the development of their country.

If 7.5 per cent is bad, imagine if the government actually implemented VAT at 15 per cent, as originally suggested! YIKES! eLIFE 242 Magazine 18


Serving Face Top notch Bahamian makeup artist Shauna Ferguson is giving some insight on how to put your best face forward this fall season with some makeup tips to take us through the rest of the year. As our bright pink lips get set to dawn more darker hues and our eye lids pop with shinier layers, here are some fall MUA tips from a pro. Shauna suggests:


Bronzed eye shadow or glitter on the eyelids - “This is more for night time makeup and can be worn with red or plum lip color, that 90’s lip we will talk about later.


Graphic liner. This look is similar to cat eye and it helps to lift the eye and elongates it for a chic look.


Smudged under eyeliner. Use this look for a dramatic smokey eye, that also helps to make the eyes look wider and more full.


Red or berry colored. These shades are a must have for every season but work so much better in the fall. This look is also known as “the 90’s lip.


For fall I’d suggest “flushed cheeks” which is really more neutrals and pinks on the cheeks.

Check out Shauna’s work on her Facebook and Instagram accounts

@ShaunaSinclairMUA. 19 eLIFE 242 Magazine

eLIFE 242 Magazine | Bowflex Barbie Makes Fitness Social!  

New Look, New Design, and Better Content - eLIFE 242 Magazine is back featuring Freeport's Dekel Nesbitt, better known as @BowflexBarbieFitn...