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The ladies of the Little Pink Party celebrate 5 years of shopping party fun in a BIG Way ... see more on




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Bahamian Pop Princess Gia Miran makes waves in the music industry with dance influenced track “Don’t Get Me Started” .... PAG E 6


NOTE As a new year approaches we here at elife 242 are happy to say that we are entering our third year of publishing this magazine. Our mission here is always to promote the new upcoming talent in the country no matter what they do, once they keep it positive. We have had up and downs but through it all we have remained true to this cause. With that in mind we want to remind you not to keep eLIFE 242 to yourself but to share it with your family and friends who would be interested in our content. We get emails everyday from around the country and the world telling us how much they enjoy what we are doing. So for you we will be here 2013 and beyond have a great year! Editor eLIFE 242 Magazine

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The Little Pink Party Returns! THE LITTLE Pink Party started out as a small pre-celebration for the first Sex In The City movie launch back in 2008. Now, it has developed into one of the most highly anticipated shopping parties, attracting thousands of female patrons yearly.

On December 7th the annual fashion, business networking and shopping event celebrated five years, during “The District” event at the Wyndham Nassau Resort. Proceeds from the event are donated to support the fight against breast cancer.



This year’s event featured 70 exhibitors in clothing, accessories, beauty, cosmetics, food, beverage, health wellness, lifestyle and culture. “The vision of the Little Pink Party is to provide stylish, smart, trendsetting and on-the-go women with a eLIFE 242 Event Writer The Little Pink Party

unique opportunity to learn and experience products presented directly to them by a variety of craftsmen, retailers and brand representatives,” said Ms Hanna. The Little Pink Party provides a sensational platform to interact with and sell to an

engaged and captivated target audience intent on learning about and buying the latest products. eLIFE 242 Magazine has seen the event grow over the years and look forward to it every year, and its contribution to the entertainment land-

scape in the 242. Did we mentioned this year they gave away a car .See above image of ROBYN CAMPBELL, the grand prize winner of the 2012 Suzuki Celerio. Kudos to the ladies of TLPP for making the event better every year! 3




MARSHALL The 2012 Miss Bahamas Universe must be congratulated for her stellar representation of The Bahamas at the recent Miss Universe Pageant in Las Vegas. Unlike recent queens the 19 year old queen has received a mass of support from Bahamians and foreigners alike as social media sites have blown up with messages of support from fans across The Bahamas and the world! We salute Celeste for her hard work and although she did not advance to the top 16 as expected, she has made her mark on the international pageant scene and we are sure that her hard work will not go in vain. The local Miss Universe pageant will have a task to find another queen to fill Celeste’s shoes and continue The Bahamas’ dominiation in the pageant circuit!

“Thank you everyone for the support. Again this was a great experience. I am humbled and moved by everything that has happened. I will continue to represent you over the next few months.” - excerpt from Celeste Marshall Facebook Page Photography: Kovah Duncombe Hair Styling: Devon Hanna (D-Factor)


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The Summer was on fire in the 242!

Our hottest issue of the year was of course our #GirlsOfSummer edition. We were not able to keep copies of this edition on stands long enough, as our 12 Girls Of Summer became the hit of the summer here in the 242! Our cover girls Jasmine and Tavette were instans celebrities in the town and the cover is definitely in the top 2 covers of eLIFE 242 Magazine history.

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When most people come across Gia Miran in person they might say she was unassuming and quiet. Little do they know that behind that quiet exterior is a power house voice that has been belting out hit songs for 7+ years. When eLife 242 first came across Gia Miran earlier in the decade she was belting our crowd pleasers with the Xtra band along side the likes of Dyson Knight. We also were impressed with her solo Christmas album. Fast forward to the present and we were slapped in the face with her latest single, the techno/dance inspired hit song “Don’t Get Me Started”. The single has been getting major spins locally in dance clubs like Aura and Bambu and is now available on iTunes. So we sit down with Gia Miran to see where she sees her music career over the next few years. WORDS BY

Makailan Ferron


Kovah Duncombe

Who first introduced you to singing? As far back as I can remember I have been singing. I think I just started mimicking the singers my mom listened to. When I was about 7 or 8 my parents got me the Mariah Carey Music Box album, It was then that I knew ok this is something I want to do for the rest of my life.

What is that one experiencie about singing that you will never forget growing up?


I have so many epic memories, but I think that one that will probably sticks out the most is when I had to sing at my uncles funeral. It’s a sad memory, I know, but the fact that I was able to get through that, because he was someone very close to me, I knew I would be able to get through anything.


What was your first album?

What do you like most about

Mariah Carey Music Box, changed my the new single “Don’t Get life forever ! Me Started” ? I like the fact that the first listen of me is the truth! a lot of new artists Which singer in the industry are usually pushed in a direction thats not necessarily who they are...This is do you look up to most ? Thats easy Mariah Carey!! I began me!! I tell it like it is and i’m very bold mimicking her so in some weird way I and I write from experience. I feel that feel as though I owe being able to con- when you can sing about something trol my 5 octive vocal range to her. Of and do it from experience then people course I know it was my dedication to will like it even more. perfecting my craft, but hey ..she got me started.

Are there plans for a full album to go along with this If you had the opportunity single ? to work with an artist, one I hope so!! thats the definately the international and one Baha- aim!! I’m working on it so hopefully mian, who would it be and it will be soon. Keep checkingiamiran. com for updates!!! why?

Internationally I would love to work with Neyo because he is awesome at what he does. I respect him as both a writer and an artist. Being a writer myself I think we could bring the magic! Bonus...I would also work with Rihanna because i respect her as an artist she is very similar to me in choice of music..and we could rep for the caribbean!! Locally I would love to work with Julien. I just love his voice and he is a great writer as well, so again, I think there would be some magic making going on!!

Ok so who do people say you sound like when singing? I have gotten Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey and I have even gotten Teena Marie.

The latest single is getting a lot of attention, what inspired the lyrics? LOL!!! I wrote that song about a relationship I had in College. it was a a 4 year relationship and by the end of it I had figured out that pretty much everything had been a lie! I learned alot from it though. people say experience is the best teacher...well it most certainly was! But luckily Im able to write about it and share it with the world so I guess I get the last laugh!

In your opinion how is the music industry here in The Bahamas progressing or not progressing? I think it’s progressing! We have so much talent here and we are slowly turning it into something thats looked at as more than just a far fetched dream. People are now beginning to understand that this is something that can be achieved through hard work and dedication.

What are your plans for your music career in the near future? In a simple explanation, I plan to take this global! I have up to the fourth single written so far and thats just in the dance genre!! eventually my love for music is going to come out in all the genres I love doing. I plan to be here for a while!

@giamiran “Gia Miran”




Every generation grows up with the memory of the music that was the soundtrack to the important moments to our lives. What we also remember most are the people responsible for bringing us those magical moment, also known as the dee jays. In the 242 some generations might say “Da Butler” others “Yellow & Da But-



M. Ferron Farreno Ferguson

Mulah cha” and others “DJ Fynes”, but the new generation (the 20 & younger) are now singing the praises of the “Young Mulah” sound. With parties that attract 1500+ teens consistently this young sound has got it on lock and wants to talk about it. We jumped at the opportunity to talk to these young music maestros! 9

Alex Rahming aka Fatha Ajay

A talented determind 18 year old Bahamian DJ from George Town, Exuma who always had a passion for music and was determined to enter the entertainment world. After transitioning from Exuma to Nassau he was in his last few years of high school and came in to contact with a young man by the name of Terran Beavans AKA “Dj Onetime” who confirmed that music was his destiny. Supa Mario Entertainment has shown me the way to reach a successful career is by respecting people and developing your talent. There are not a lot of Dj’s who see it necessary to pass on knowledge , but Supa Mario did and we all appreciate this. “Young Mulah Baaaaaaabyyyyyyyyy”

“Kevin A. Sylvain Jr Aka ‘Crank Leon’

born February 3rd 1994 Nassau Bahamas is a Bahamian selector/upcoming artist signed to Supa Mario Entertainment’s Young Mulah. He is the 3rd child of 4 who grew up off East Street. With his parents being heavy junkanoo’ers and party goers he was always surrounded with music which he always loved from the age of 5, he and his family soon discovered that he could play the drums at the age of 7, the recorder and piano at age 9 all naturally. He is a musically gifted and talented and is willing to conquer the world with his God given abilities.

Terran Bevans aka “Dj Onetime The KrazyKidd”

grew up in the Grove were he lived next to a Night Club. Music was always his best friend and always kept him humble and focused. As he grew up he was introduced to the field of Disc Jockeying. He started by watching lots of YouTube videos and other websites which Inspired him to reach for his goal of becoming an entertainer. He has been dee jaying since Senior High school which was C.V Bethel were he was the president of the Dj Club. I cannot believe I have the opportunity to make a living and do what I love at the Same Damn Time. “One Time for Onetime. 10

We love to entertain the youth but we are also diverse enough to spin for adults. So our music style is all across the map. signed

Young Mulah What brought Young Mulah together ?

The thought of connecting one generation to another is what brought Yung Mulah together...

Which music style does the sound prefer ?

We love to entertain the youth but we are also diverse enough to spin for adults. So our music style is all across the map.

Were you nervous when you did your first event ?

There was truly no need to be nervous at the first Yung Mulah Teen Event. We took all measures with marketing and advertising as usual to ensure success.  No matter the Market, the tactical stratergies remain the same.

- Tell us about it ?

There is one word to describe the party... EPIC... I can reference it to a Teen Black Out... No offence to our good friends over there @ K.O. Productions. We went as far as to even clear this with the owners in efforts to show respect and maintain great business relations as we have now.

What Dee Jay influences you guys the most ?

Bugz of the Show Boyz comes to mind ( and of course Supa Mario and Ignite) but right now we are trying to build the Young Mulah brand - Ajay, Onetime and Crank.

Tell us about your favorite event ever in Young Mulah history ?

The most memorable ones out of 4 were the birthday for Ajay and the birthday for Terran. Both were more fun than work The VIP was packed and the love from the faithful supporters was breath taking.

How has being apart of Young Mulah change your lives ?

It definitely improved our lives and gave us a better appreciation of what a team of dedicated people can accomplish once we stick together.

What’s the strategy for getting people out to your parties ? SME has been known for throwing great parties, as Young Mulah connected we combined all of our experience and influence to get an even greater crowd to these new Young Mulah branded events.

Does the team only consist of you guys or are there others involved in the magic ?

(Supa Mario) - The team has some hidden treasures and we want to strongly mention Jamaal Mckenzie (aka DJ Smooth) who has held a Ladder for SME for many years we climbed 11

on the strengths of persons like him. Additionally Sean Ferguson (aka DJ IGNITE) through the toughest time we made it look easy. I have great respect for his talent and him as a go getter. If you take notice he is still going. Then there is the Man who helped me with the first SME EVENT Handle Sands (aka Dj Reality). After 5 years I can still pick up the phone and ask his advice.  Last but not least special thanks to Michelle Fox, Charlie Johnson and Leslia Miller who worked with me over the past 5 years.  “If the people around me are not successful then I was not successful in my contribution to their lives”

What music style do you find the kids at your parties prefer ? Music is selected from all categories. The youth today are usual fashion sensitive which aligns them with what

What’s next for Young Mulah, what do you guys have up your sleeve ?

The next item on the drawing board is Young Mulah Stole Xmas. It’s the Last Party of 2012 and anticipated to be the biggest one of the year. We will also be launching our female team Cache’ so keep your eyes open!

ever music is current, reggae hip hop and more. General speaking we play all types even Bahamian Jams can be played at our events in addition to the Junkanoo.

More @

SUPA MARIO’S take on the Young Mulah Movement


How do I feel about this movement? I honestly felt confident there would be success. As I exited the year 2011 I was looking for a way to expand Supa Mario Entertainment which at the time consisted of Supa Mario and Dj Ignite.  With this in mind I remember wrecking my brain as to where do I find this talent. I had remembered my little cousin Terran Beavans who was at the time tag teaming with this kid, known as Alex Leroy Rahaming.  I looked at their talents and researched their backgrounds.  Later that week I had decided to meet with both of them.   I had 2 immediate questions for them...  1) Are you done with school  2)  what are your GPA’s right now.

Both Terran and Ajay were already well versed in the game of entertaining and hosting parties. At SME Normal is never good enough. So as I agreed to have both join the team, they were well excited about the move. As it was also necessary to give this new clique its own identity so we strongly felt it had to be something with a touch of youth in it.  This is how we got Young Mulah.  Young represents youth and Mulah represents money. This is where the name and crew began and it has been a wild ride from that point on.

Hair & Beauty


“ Where your Beauty is the MAIN Factor!” Book your appointment today!

p. 242-464-5220 | 954-636-4005 (USA)

Mr. Devon ‘D-Factor’ Hanna

D-Factor Hair Artistry

The Official Hairstylist for Miss Bahamas Universe 2012 & Miss Teen Bahamas Universe 2013


+ Bahamas Speed Week

is a collaborative effort to bring back the spirit of Nassau Speed Week. This year the programme included a Gala Concert, Auto Trade Show, Out Island Excursions, Beach Party and much more. see more at their website


island Tidbits WORDS BY


Bahamar unveils the ‘Tree of Trees’ When most people first see this tree, their first reaction is usually that of disdain and horror; some have gone as far to label it as the ‘voodoo’ tree. It is not your average Christmas tree with the captivating scent of pine needles, or the lush green color and fluff that we are regularly accustomed to; but this tree has proven to be quite special. The Baha Mar Tree of Trees is a one-of-a-kind art project, created by people in the community for everyone to enjoy. The sculpture and its ornaments show that we can do small things to be more environmentally conscious by reusing items that we normally would discard. This tree was created by artist Antonius Roberts and was crafted from a Casuarina tree felled by Hurricane Sandy and driftwood found after the storm. Students from throughout New Providence creatively transformed plastic water bottles collected from Baha Mar properties into eco-friendly Christmas ornaments for the tree.

featured at Central

bank Gallery!

The work of seventeen young Bahamian painters was showcased at the Central Bank of The Bahamas Art Gallery on Thursday, December 6, 2012 in an exhibition dubbed “Artshowfix”. The students are all participants in the after school art programme “The Studio of Sonia Isaacs”, who is operated by Sonia Isaacs. Ms. Isaacs is known as a skilled mood painter, who has a versatile, bold, alive and colourful style of art. She is dedicated to working in her studio providing private art classes to talented students like the seventeen artists who made the cut for the Central Bank exhibit. So far, Sonia has had five students go to college to study art. Isaacs says “I always encourage them; If you do not feel the work than you are not going to do good work,” she said. The exhibit runs until Friday, January 4, 2013.


Fash|Art is one of the biggest fashion and art events on the local entertainment calendar. Guests were treated to a cocktail reception and an after party at Bambu nightclub, hosted by Dj Ignite and Absolut Vodka. The event this year was held at the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort where The Harl Taylor Emerging Fashion Designer showcase took centre stage, as well as the Next Face Model Competition hosted by PTG Modelling Agency and Profiles98. From the event’s inception the goal has always been to bring together artists of all disciplines and provide a platform. The goal of Fash|Art is to provide an opportunity to gain exposure for new and emerging talent in visual arts and fashion design, while helping to cultivate and acclimate them to the wider industries. This year’s event was sponsored by BMW International.

Young artist


Models Rip The Runway @ Fash + Art

If you missed the last few months of events here in the 242, here are a few small bites to keep you in “The Know”. From fashion to music to art our eLIFE 242 street team was out and about at all the major events!

The Caribeean Slide

is a high-energy line dance song by Bahamian Pop artist Julien that has been taking the country by strom! The vision is to have people learn the dance & post it on YouTube! The song has gotten gotten rave reviews from the local market & tourists alike. Get on Google and search “Julien Caribbean Slide” to see more! 15

When you hear the name “October” the last thing you think of is a beautiful Bahamian young lady, but we here at eLIFE 242 were pleasantly surprised when we first introduced to October. A young ambitious college art student who is working toward a bright future. She graced the pages of our summer edition and was such a favorite we had to bring her back to get to know her a little more!

October Johnson AGE: 19 HIEGHT: 5’7 SIGN: SCORPIO MEASUREMENT: 32DD - 24 - 36

So why October, did mom or dad pick that name ? When I was born, my mom and dad had a fight over what to name me. Yes, they had a fight over my name at birth! lol. It was my father’s decision to name me October because we both share the same birth date. As I grew older, I decided to create different entities for each of my names. You see, October began from a fight, so she is the more aggressive, alluring, “different” side to me that I use for modelling. As for my other, other name, let’s just say that I hope to create a Bahamian clothing line for big boobie females with small waists like me, in the near future.

work out like a man! I’d get real aggressive and real focused when I work out or dance. Throw a little bit of karma sutra in my daily routine and I’m good to go.

Do you find yourself attracted to the artist types or the bad boys ?

What do you love most about being eccentric? I always knew I was different. Though growing up I had a hard time being comfortable with that. I guess it was a silly childhood fear I had, living to think everyone was supposed to be the same or they wouldn’t be “cool”. A lot of people in my old schools couldn’t understand me and so they depicted me as someone who was crazy in a bad way. I struggled with being able to accept myself for me, until I got a little older, I just let myself win. I feel that people notice things about me that they find admirable and the best thing about me being eccentric is that nobody can pull off what I do. Every photoshoot I did with Donald Knowles was a triple threat and I had no regrets meeting him. Big up my brethren DK!!

+ TOP2 October’s


Top 2 Foods Top 2 Places You Bahamian dishes want to travel & Italian dishes

Tokyo, Japan and Paris,

Clothing France (more than 2 I know) Brands Favorite Anything that works for Music R&B and Pop my body type!


*Laughs* both? Ok, I was once obsessed with being in the company of bad boys because I felt a certain kind of safety in past relationships when dating them. However, now that I’m older, I realise that a bad boy is just that. I think that’s a minor issue some of us Bahamian girls have. We usually don’t go after what we really need Where do you plan on taking the October ™ brand as an artist & model? in relationships; We chase what we want! I want October™ to become a household name. So eLIFE242 takes you on a date what I’ve always had this obsession with doing my best. With modelling I want her to be the best should we know ? You should know that 1. I’m crazy. But you will and as a young artist I want her to be the absohave a great time around me (If I like you) and lute best. I try my hardest not to waste anybody’s Your body is a work of art, but what 2. I’m open to explore new things. I haven’t time but still have fun in the process when it kind of art inspires you? been many places or experienced a lot of comes to modelling or being artistic. I’m interested in making music also, so who knows? MayUmm, I gravitate more to the expressionist things yet so If you can blow my mind for the be I’ll look into that in the near future. Anything short amount of time we spend together then art type and I enjoy abstract art as well. The dealing with Art is where my interests are. who knows… freeness and the unapologetic nature of the two remind me much of the days I would

eLIFE 242 Magazine ::: Young Mulah  

Upcoming DJ Sound out of The Bahamas "Young Mulah" cover eLIFE 242 Magazine

eLIFE 242 Magazine ::: Young Mulah  

Upcoming DJ Sound out of The Bahamas "Young Mulah" cover eLIFE 242 Magazine