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CONTENT Biography Elif Akbaş

Expanding Structure’19 Architectural Studio Project 7th semester | incomplete


Architectural studio project 6th semester | Universita Degli Studi di Ferrara


Architectural studio project 5th semester

Maker Space’16

Architectural studio project 4th semester


İzmir Elektrik Fabrikası Ne Olmak İster? National Competition | incomplete


Menekşe Kibrit Fabrikası Competition National Competition | last elimination

Wi-Tes House’19

Betonik Fikirler Competition

National Competition | finalist, incomplete

Multi-Meet’19 Docexdoce

International Competition | participant


Ytong Student Competition National Competition | participant


Umöb Samsun

Ortabahçe Magazine Design’15-19

Elif AkbaĹ&#x; Personal Details birth live

1995 Istanbul

Education 2014 - present 2017-2018

Experiences Professional Social

Bachelor degree programme 4rd year 'Architecture' at Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul Technical University Erasmus Student at Faculty of Architecture, Universita Degli Studi di Ferrara

Internship in MuuM, Istanbul participant UMOB'16,5 Istanbul(34. National Architecture Students Meeting) participant UMOB'17,5 Samsun(34. National Architecture Students Meeting) graphic designer & writer- Ortabahce Magazine chief editor - Ortabahçe Magazine

Computer Skills AutoCad Blender Adobe Photoshop Adobe illustrator SketchUp Rhinoceros

Language Skills English Italiano

upper-intermediate level (B2) elementary level (A2)

Contacts email tel +90 532 173 9665

Expanding Structure F uture Vis ion s i n At h e n s 7 t h S emes ter | i n com pl e t e d

The city plan which is built around the acropolis by being articulated on the existing one begins to change in the 1800s in the city. A new city was established on the outlines. The new city plan under the influence of neoclassicism created a main axis which were reach Acropolis. Therefore, it has brought with it a different hybridization that makes the transition between the periods on the axesreaching the Acropolis. With the modernity, the tissue formed by the experiences and environmental conditions has been replaced by a sterilized and fabricated tissue. The practice of creation of a universal reality which tries to articulate, but which does not allow any of the invasions has made it impossible to hybridize with the unique texture of the city. In spite of the big economic crisis, the designs of the star architects, defined as the new focal points of Athens, started to shade the existing fabric in the city's silhouette. It was the Acropolis that made Athens Athens, but what made new buildings to the part of city?

“The man sitting at the apartment floor must be able to reach out through the window and scratch the wall where his hand is accessible. And with a long brush, he must be able to paint in pink, so that people can see from a distance or from the street: there's someone different from their neighbors -the little people who accept everything presented to them! And in this way, Even the archetectonically fake architectural masterpiece is destroyed, it should be able to cut the walls with a saw and make any changes and fill the chamber with mud or plasticine. But the lease agreement prohibits it!� Mould Manifesto

The closed, strict and sterilized structures represented a fabricated material rather than reflecting the dynamism and distinctive texture of Athens. Athens is a place where dynamism is felt and sometimes observed on the ground floors with its multi-layered and cultured structure. A structure that reflects the dynamism of the city and becomes personalized at every touch of the user turns the place it creates into a part of the city.

‘’However, the the debt debt crisis crisis of of the the country country also also facilitated facilitated initiatives. initiatives. The The inner inner city city of of ‘’However, Athens, which which was was emptied emptied by by the the abrasive abrasive effects effects of of the the belt-tightening belt-tightening effect, effect, turned turned Athens, into aa decay decay that that allowed allowed others others to to enter. enter. Public Public buildings buildings have have been been seized seized from from abandoabandointo ned municipal municipal offices offices to to theaters, theaters, markets markets and and cafes.’’ cafes.’’ Alexandri Alexandri ned



-def init ion of t he At hens w it hout p ers ona l exp er iences-def init ion of t he At hens w it h At heni ans d ai ly rout ine-def init ion of t he At hens w it hout p ers ona l exp er iences-def init ion of t he At hens w it h At heni ans d ai ly rout ine-



Pireus Street Section AA




Pireus Street Section BB

Building Typographies in Athens

It was also connected to the past as well as to the hybrid future that was formed by the intertwining of the historical layers in Athens, and the architectural culture formed in the Byzantine and Ottoman cities following the Greek city and the Roman city complemented each other's words. The relationship between the post-articulation and the existing one was visible and also reflected in the culture. The city plan begins to change with the 1800s in the city, which is built around the acropolis by being articulated on the existing one. A new face was established on the outlines. The parallelism between the axles and the new city plan under the influence of neoclassism brought a different hybridization which made the transition between the periods on the axle reaching the Acropolis. With the modernity, the tissue formed by the experiences and environmental conditions left the place to a sterilized and fabricated texture. As the city grew, its face widened and its aesthetic and cultural values became universal. The practice of creation of a universal reality has made it impossible to hybridize with the unique texture of the city, which tries to articulate, but does not allow any of the invaders. It could not be expected that a structure that was planned to be perfect and perfect would give any sense of experience or belonging. Exactly defined boundaries and lines rendered intervention in the structure impossible, discharged from the public. If a multi-layered city was to be universalized, would it be necessary to adhere to universal rules, couldn't universality be a redefined concept specific to every city?

Perspective A rc hitecture St u di o P roj e ct 5 t h S e mes ter | m ast e rpl an proj e ct c ollaborat e wi t h Pietro Be n e de t t i n i Da v ide Fe l l on i Elif A kbaĹ&#x; Edua rdo Me de i ros

Individualism Analyzing contemporaneity, it emerges how the affirmation of one's "I" prevails over community life, understood as a place where man becomes the subject of universal relationships. It is when man regains his own values and the conscience of belonging, that the quality of life changes.

Aggregation The value of aggregation as a resource for regaining the community among people, being together, belonging to something.


t ega r g ag city



rit lia





| Tracing of visual axes from the edge to the pre-existence

| Composition of a more dynamic texture than the existing one

Starting from the edge of the project area there are significant visual axes towards the pre-existence, slowing down the external path.

To support the visual axes there are elements with a different language than the area of intervention, from the formal and conceptual point of view.

3 | Balance between "residential" void and

4 | Facade differentiation

Along the way we encounter two types of voids separated by a solid; The outer one coincides with a public void, the inner one with a public / residential void, that is to say for the use of the residences.

On the external public space the facades are more closed to allow more fluidity in the path, while on the inner sides the facades are totally permeable, thus creating a candle effect. Residential life unloads the central courtyard and reflects the private dimension.

public void

p hysi cal m o d el

1 | supermarket 2 | commercial area 3 | restaurant 4 | shopping area 5 | handcraft 6 | storage 7 | gaming 8 | restaurant 9 | play ground 10 | market 11 | sport center 12 | garden 13 | permacultural area 14 | enterance 15 | otopark 16 | station 17 | bicycle park 18 | bicycle sharing 19 | bicycle path

Enterance of Residence

Fast Flow

Fast Flow Units

Slow Flow

Slow Flow Units

Fast Flow Path: The path is created by commercial spaces that provide dynamism. It contain bars, restaurant and it atracts people and socialize them.

Slow Flow Path: The path locates inner part of area. It contain permacultural area, garden, playground and it attracts people who live and work in there.

permeable impermeable


Sport Area



Commercial Area

Permacultural Area

1 | pedestrian entrance 2 | bicycle path 3 | public garden 4 | commercial area 5 | bar area 6 | play ground 7 | residental area 8 | public garden 9 | enterance and path of residence 10 | slow commercial space 11 | bars and restaurants 12 | fast commercial space

Ground Floor Plan

vocation link Units are connected according to its function to provide flow between units

activity line There are social units in every part. Social units create a social axis

volumes of different character

Residental Floor Plan


circulation space


Axonometry of Function

Cycle Ca nlÄą St u di o 5 t h S emes ter | M e ci di ye kĂśy

"The people of the earth were once venerable nobles. The Morlocans were their mechanized servants. But this relationship has come to an end many years ago, has convert a new style. The Eloiler had degenerated, useless beauty. People who are degenerated live in earth, because the Morlocks lived so long underground and ttthey could not stand the light anymore. " H.G. Wells Time Machine

Mecidiyekรถy is an interaction point where the cars and people move to the race; the center of occupation and density, in fact that the density is the units interact with each other in a different way. Perceived as a confusion, the transfer of energy to the environment from the traffic, the interaction of the earth with underground, the interaction of the soil and innumerable interaction nodes. People that moves between the interaction nodes wants to reach its goal rapidly as the necessity of Mecidiyekรถy so things that slow down energy are the distracting nodes. In fact, it is the same energy flow intensity that calls the distracting nodes there. When the system turns, the environment will incorporated to system. Unwittingly, the distracting nodes involve in the system and begin to live in the system. New nodes begin to form, free areas on the sidewalks are occupied by living and non-living system parts-distrancting nodes- The increasing energy conversion brings a number of needs, and in time, the new units take place in the system to meet the increasing needs. Contrary to the distracting nodes, the points that are met the necessities become the center of attraction. The slowness of the flow of energy, the occupation of the sidewalk is ignored in these centers.

General Flow

people walking by the route without being influenced by the distracting nodes and centers of attraction

Flow with Distracting Nodes

dealer, brochure distributor, beggar, table and chairs on the road, standing man, people density, everything that slows the flow of energy

Flow with Attractive Nodes

vendors, bus stations, sitting units, canopies, showcases

Another component that merely superficially joins the chaos that exists in Mecidiyekรถy is the manhole covers; the only trace of the underground complex system. The system, which is perceived as isolated, is the most important part of a cycle, constantly communicates with the earth surface due to bacteria hosting. This communication usually has negative consequences due to problems such as infrastructure inadequacy. The components found in the system and defined as harmful are playing an active role in systems such as nitrogen cycle and energy production.

Manhole Cover | Traditional System

Wastes are collected in sewer pipes and some of them It is used in the production of bioenergy. The rest is transferred to the containers and left in the garbage of city. This system causes many diseases together with ecological pollution. Harmful bacteria found in sewer systems are infiltrating daily life with this system. Bacteria take place in organic waste disintegration are also called '' opportunistic bacteria '' and when the falls of immunity, bacteria causes to diseas

Traditional System

Analysis of Mecidiyekรถy The project includes a large-scale analysis, starting from the bacterium and reaching a large system. This point, which is the center of the dynamism and the flow, is also the central point of the manhole covers opening to the sewers.

Center of Attraction

Distracting Nodes

Pedestrian Energy Flow Green Space Car Energy Flow Energy Explosion Density of Manhole

Produced water is used cool the surroundings of the bridge in hot weather; use to heat in cold weather


Water vapor is filtered by plants

Water-leaking pip living o

pes also enable the of moss

Carrier under the pools the machines attached to the feet help filter and circulate the water

Dried wastes generated during drying are directed to the machine for burning. Energy use for filter of water

Moisture and water vapor that accumulate during drying are transferred to the pipes in the bridge

Organic wastes collected by the sewage system are dried in a drying tube

Organic waste is collected in the pool

Ecological damages of conventional sewage systems cannot be excluded. The adaptation of the machine system invented by the Gates Foundation to the bridge by creating a different architectural language suggests a solution to this ecological problem. The machine working principle is interpreted as a bridge. According to system; sewage wastes are separated. The remaining solid is burned to produce energy. The liquid fraction is recovered by filtration and precipitation.


Maker Trace 4th s emest e r | H asköy

‘The form of the mechanism is fixtion; It is not an internal obligation; can corrupted and reinstalled, It can be played in another way’ İhsan Bilgin

Some of the Hasköy people provide their living from ateliers. There are many ateliers in the district. With the shutdown of the shipyard, the ateliers became dysfunctional. But it is possible to see the traces of the atelier tradition in everywhere. There are too many urban vacancies in Hasköy. Especially people can see traces of atelier tradition in urban vacancies. Firstly, people think that urban vacancies use as a garbage, it is not true. People living in Hasköy, store excess household goods in this area. When you examine the garbage, it is possible to see the reflections of the traces of atelier tradition in these garbage. There are too many creative products

Maker Trace

Available spaces; Structure, warehouse, workshop and circulation area. Users shape the space according to their needs. Because of this, different materials are used in the space. When people look from the outside, differences will be noticed.

User Trace

Users have chosen a different way to show their product. When people are Walking in the ramp, they can see the products that hanging on the wall. Thus the exhibition space becomes a place of experience

MultiRankine N a t iona l S tude n t Com pe t i t i on I z m i r E l ek trik Fa brikasÄą N e Ol m ak Ä°st e r? I zmir | In com pl e t e c ollaborat e wi t h A rzuha n G Ăź ze l e l Burha n Akkaya Cengi z Tan

Electric factory, which is one of the important buildings of its period, has provided industrial identity to the region with other industrial structures located around it.

Rankine cycle, where the turbines rotated by burning steam from the water heated by burning coal. Rankine represents the cycle, circulation and flow between units in our project. We aimed to interpret this system from a modern point of view and integrate different functions into the same system.

second floor

first floor

movement of visitor movement of skater movement of co-working member

The con structu is located the ex inte

ntrast relationship with the ure of the skateboard, which d between the old gaps and xisting frames, brings a new erpretation to the industrial structure.

Part of the industrial structure of the building is preserved as a catwalk. When re-functionalized, the catwalk was interpreted as a bridge connecting different functions as well as transport.


Public Workshop Area

Permanent Exhibition

Co-Working Restaurant

Museum Shop Temporary Exhibition Permanent Factory Exhibition

Alsancak Air Gas Factory One of the important buildings of the period has been restored and turned into a cultural center.

It is aimed that the shared office function given to the electricity factory located between Alsancak, the commercial center of Izmir and the new business center BayraklÄą, will create bridges between the centers.

The viaduct at the front of the factory makes the factory insignificant


The port contributed region to gaining an industrial and commercial structure

While the factory was in the industrial zone of the time, it has become an area where the young population density is increasing thanks to the increasing commercial social spaces and Alsancak effect.

Ground Floor

Rails The rails embedded in the floors provide movement of the walls

First Floor Options

Rails+Wall Walls are mounted on rails with hinges in their center

Rail+Wall+Catwalk The existing catwalk is used for strengthening. The walls on the 2nd floor are attached to the catwalk and rails with hinges in their center

The closed working unit is The resting areas of the shared formed by the separating movab- office turn into areas that can be le walls. When the walls are used by everyone when the gathered, special workspaces are moving walls are opened. Walls transformed into workshop fade the boundary between spaces that everyone can use. spaces, remove property. In this way, users can use and convert places they want.

First Floor

Second Floor

Second Floor Options

More personal areas are created On the second floor where there when all walls are closed is a high density of social spaces, workshop spaces were placed.

In case of increased office need or crowded team, the walls of the second floor workshops are closed and the shared office is converted

Co-Working Rest Areas Public Workshop Public Areas Rails



Parkour and excisting frame that carried machines

AA Section

BB Section

CC Section

Temporary Exhibition




Catwalk-Frames and Factory Exhibition

Catwalk-Frames and Factory Exhibition

Slit Na tiona l S tude n t Com pe t i t i on Menekş e K i bri t Fabri kası Is tanbul | Last El i m i n at i on c ollaborat e wi t h Eki n K ı l ı ç Ö me r Çu l cu

The historic factory structure serves as a bridge to transfer values from past to present, and therefore its new function must be compatible with this culture.

The area on the "Viaegnetia" road connecting the Byzantine to Europe still maintains its value. The historic factory structure serves as a bridge to transfer values from past to present, and therefore its new function must be compatible with this culture. The new articulated building aims to preserve this dynamism with the trade axis. The articulated structure is located below the ground, preventing the historic match factory from being dominated . There are slits on the roof of articulated structure that provide connection between new structure and ground and provide sunshine. Moreover; It is planned to publicize the previous factory building with functions such as museums, seminar rooms, and photography studios given to match factory.

library exhibition exhibition

photo studio photo studio enterance



brick glass


form inspration

recreation line

recreation line

The building is located below the ground and is prevented from dominating the existing structure.

Removed from the building endpoints to ensure minimal detection


Wi-Tes House Na t ional S tuden t Com pe t i t i on Betonik F i ki rl e r Yap ı d a Di jital Döş üş üm | F i n al - In com l e t e colla borat e wi t h Bey za Nerg i s Özbe k Burcu Karan f i l S eba Karam an

ak u ğr o d

Nowadays, the development of wireless life technology offers a flexible usage area and we aim to integrate this flexibility into the smallest living unit. We have proposed to produce the alternative current system, which is the working principle of wireless life technology, on the column which is the most basic structure of the structure. On the reinforcement of the critical columns of the structure, the coil coil forms a magnetic field inside the structure. This magnetic field uses this energy thanks to the pallets inside the electronic devices. And these pallets are not exposed to the magnetic field for a long time by a resealable system. In this way, gain is lost from the lost energy in the cables. The aim of this digital transformation is to create a flexible living space.

1876'da, İndüksiyon bobinleri setlerinin yerleştirildiği bir aydınlatma sistemini icat edildi

1880 yıllarında yapılan NICOLA TESLA deneyleri alternatif akımın ilk öncüleridir.

1886'da, AC je elektrik santra



tlı ısı


an ull


Kent elektriğini zemin kottan alıp kolonların etrafında olan sarmalın ü alan açığa çıkar. Bu manyetik alanın elektronik aletler tarafından ihtiy alınan enerji evdeki eşyaların ihtiyacı kadar olduğu için yapıda gereği Manyetik alan bobin direnciyle karşılaştığında elektrik akımı üretir. İn insan sağlığına zararlı değil

beton donatı spiral ağ

eneratörleri kullanan dünyanın ilk alini tasarlandı

1908 yılında Alva John Fisher, elektrikle çalışan ilk çamaşır makinesini icat etti. Çalışma prensibinde alternatif akım kullanıldı

ak f i t a n er t l a

1990lı yıllarda kablosuz küçük ev eşyaları üretilmeye başlandı. diş fırçaları ve kablosuz şarj teknolojısı üretildi.

Evin içinde kanlosuz yaşam...

Çelik donatıların içine yerleştirilen spiral kablo ağı bir bobin gibi çalışır. Kablolara gelen şehir elektriği kolonun içerisinde dolaşarak manyetik alan oluşturur.


üstünden geçerken gerilim oluşturarak manyetik yacı olduğu kadar alıp kullanmaktadır. Kentten inden fazla manyetik alan oluşumunu engeller. nsan vücudunda böyle bir direnç olmadığı için ldir.

Oluşan manyetik alan cihazdaki bobin direnciyle karşılaştığında cihazı şarj etmeye başlar

e esn


an l l u


MultiMeet I nt er national S tud e n t Com pe t i t i on DocexD oce Zuri ch colla borat e wi t h Bey za Nergi s Öz be k Bey za Em i r

Is it possible to break language borderline and create equal interaction space without language? A language is not spoken in here. Because all kind of information are doomed to evolve.

Switzerland is a place where all of Europe is very comfortable with its location and raillines. This leads to multilingualism and multiculturalism. In addition, Switzerland is the intersection of the languages borderlines that makes it multilingual. Is it possible to break language borderline and create equal interaction space without language? Today, we are influenced by many networks. Zürich is a plac e that is both technologically and scientifically located in the center of a network of trains and transportation lines that bring people all around the world. This project proposes a new network which is occur people’s production. Every person from all around the world brings their knowledge here. Informations that come from people’s words, movements can be converted smell, texture, sound, image, light such media. It serves as a reflective satellite which creates new kind of interaction without language.

intersection of people all around the world

intersection of social network

rail systems for movement of screens

a system that collects people's information as vibrations and converts them into different medias.

Humanbeings can not rise above ground level. Upper elevations are the area of the information network. The human movements on the floor are transferred to the city through the production of Multi-Meet. It can be viewed from the outside, but what you are watching is the transformation of human knowledge into other media.

Sıkışık UMÖB Nat i o na l A rc hitecture St u de n t M e e t i n g Herk es İç in M i m arl ı k S a msu n c ollaborat e wi t h Beril Öze l çi S imden G ü n açt ı v ideo

There was a psychological pressure that we could not measure. The more paint was observed, the more pressure it had.

what’s the city? what’s the country? what are the differences between city and country? what’s city surplus? how can we define the surplus?

After the discussions on urban surplus, the city was researched. The gaps between the buildings were too small to pass through, nevertheless; tried to functionalized in some way. Some were used as warehouses, others used as an entrance to the apartment. These voids that were not suitable for use and were not working properly. The gaps were in the range of 90cm-200cm, in fact it was wide enough for human to pass, but there was a psychological pressure that we could not measure. In the work to measure the psychological pressure; As bottles passed through the narrow spaces, were squeezing and applying pressure on person. On the one hand, the paint on the bottles was dyeing around. As bottles squeezed, touching the wall more and more. The more paint was observed, the more pressure it had.

Other Works Biographies; Ara Güler Edip Cansever Banksy Escher Mustafa Inan interview; Herkes İçin Mimarlık and design works


BANKSY Banksy, henüz gerçekte kim olduğu kesin olarak bilinmeyen, İngiliz bir graffiti sanatçısı. Hakkında çok az bilgiye sahip olduğumuz sanatçının ilk çalışmalarının Bristol’de olması sebebiyle oralı olduğu düşünülüyor. Yüzü, kimliği hakkında bir bilgi edinilmeyen sanatçının çalışmaları dünya çapında üne sahip. Sanat dünyasında gerilla-ressam diye anılan sanatçı, Stencil tekniği ustası. Brezilya’da çok popüler olan Stencil tekniği için grafittide şablon kullanarak boyama tekniği diyebiliriz. Mukavva, naylon ya da plastik üzerinde şekil oluşturabilecek herhangi bir malzeme de kullanılabiliyor. "Gerilla artist" olarak anılan sokak sanatçısı çalışmalarında savaş karşıtı, çevreci, hayvan haklarını savunan ve tüketim çılgınlığını eleştiren mesajlar vermektedir. Genellikle; fareler, maymunlar, polisler, askerler, çocuklar, yaşlılar ve benzeri objeler üzerinden mesajlarını ileten sanatçı, eserleriyle çoğu kişinin belki konuşmaya korktuğu sorunları sokağa dökmekten çekinmemiştir. Çalışmalarından bazıları suç teşkil edecek siyasi mesajlar içerir, kimliğini gizlemesinin sebeplerinden birinin bu olduğu düşünülüyor. Kırmızı alarma sebep olan çalışmalarından biri de; ABD'nin Guantanoma'daki hapishanesini eleştirmek için hazırladığı bir Guantanamo tutsağı mankenini, içerisi ziyaretçilerle doluyken Disneyland’in içine bırakmasıdır. Böylece Guantanamo’daki kötü şartlara, insan haklarına aykırı uygulamalara dikkat çekmiştir.

Ortabahçe 49 written and designed by Elif Akbaş

Ortabahรงe 51 September Written by Alperen Ergin Designed by Elif AkbaลŸ


Feeling Match: Feelings are represent in different ways such as smell, pattern, line, shape, materials. The project matches the same feelings with different line with different sharpness

Pattern Match: Similar materials with different patterns and different usege.


Feeling Match Oslo Frogner Park | La Sagrada Familia

Pattern Match Cinque Terra | Stockholm Subway Station

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