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Term Basting brush/syringe Blender Bread knife Can opener Casserole Dish Cleaver Grater Colander Cookie cutter Cookie sheet (Baking sheet) Chop sticks Cutting board Double boiler Egg timer Faucet (tap, spigot) Flour sifter Frying pan (skillet) Funnel Garlic press Grill Ladle Loaf pan Mallet Measuring cup (spoons) Meat thermometer Mixing bowl Mixing spoon (wooden spoon) Mortar and pestle Muffin tin/pan Oven mitts Pastry cutter (blender) Plastic wrap (syran, cling form) Pressure cooker Potato masher Potato peeler Potholder Rack Rolling pin Scale Scoop Sieve Skimmer (spider) Slotted spoon Spatula (flipper) Scrubbie (steel wool) Strainer Steam tables


Inserts Tinfoil (aluminum foil) Tongs Whisk

Utensil List  

List of Kitchen utensils for ESL learners

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