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Samsung EX1 By Mendelson Tiu

The Samsung EX1 is a point-and-shoot camera that is able to deliver good pictures at any angle. Its dual dials and front wheel key lets you adjust settings in an instant while its f/1.8 Schneider lens allows a user to focus more on the subject. The first thing that a user will notice upon holding the EX1 is its solid build. It may be a bit heavy (356g without batteries), but Samsung really made sure that the camera is ready for almost anything. At the top of the camera are two dials (mode and drive mode) for quick setting adjustment, a power button, zoom rocker, flash release switch, hot shoe, and popup flash. Other control buttons such as AEL, Metering, Navigation (also functions as Flash, ISO, Display, and Macro), Menu, and Video Record are located on the rear. The unit also comes with a 3-inch rotating AMOLED screen. The hand grip up front made it easier for us to hold the camera, while the front wheel key allowed us to adjust manual settings quickly. The HDMI and USB/AV

ports are located underneath the flap, while the battery and SD/SDHC card slot are located at the base of the camera. Taking photos using the EX1 was fairly quick and simple. The dual dial helped us to change the camera settings without having to go through the menu, while the front wheel provided instant access to manual adjustments. The swivelling AMOLED screen also allowed us to take overhead and low ground shots.

Samsung EX1