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The product of my freedom I’ve always found great strength in the outdoors, in the solitude and silence that can be found in the mountains or by the sea. I find freedom when interacting with nature through the many sports I practice. I’ve faced many of my demons and found many truths in the mountains around my home town in northern Sweden. When the problems stem from the modern world, I run. Literally run, up in the mountains, along the trails, away from the civilized world. I run until my legs can’t carry me and my lungs can’t sustain me with air. Away from everything that’s too complicated to solve. Every time I do I also come back with answers to my questions, sometimes answers to questions I never thought of asking in the first place. Every time I leave to explore nature, I find the freedom I feel have gone lost. The freedom which is my greatest asset in this world and the fuel for my creativity. The freedom that allows me to make up my own mind about the world. The freedom to find what’s true to me and who I really am. In this modern world we live in everything and everyone is competing for our attention. The commercials interrupting the movie we watch. The blinking ads next to the article we’re trying to read. The cell phones going off when we’re spending time with our loved ones. Numerous social media feeds with updates about anything and everyone. Tweets, texts, likes and comments, all these small distractions that keep us from putting our undivided attention on what we actually want to be doing. When all this gets overwhelming I seek out the solitude of nature. It’s my escape from all the distractions, a world disconnected from the rat race, a path leading home to my roots. Here I can sort my thoughts and find my answers. Wandering in nature, all of true importance gets distilled. Wether on skis, a bike or just my own two legs, this is where my true me and my freedom is found. A piece of my being gets clear and comprehensible, ready to be materialized into something I can be proud to leave to the world. The mountains slows me down, shows me my true pace. This I find lures out the very best in me. Without freedom this natural pace is lost, without it I would loose myself. This is a piece of my work and by that means also a piece of me. It’s inspired by things I’ve learnt and experiences I’ve had. It’s the product of my freedom. - Elias Kunosson, Action and Adventure Sports Photographer

- Elias K Photography 3

Please allow me introduce myself My name is Elias Kunosson, I’m a swedish action and adventure sport photographer currently based in Chamonix, France. I specialize in photographing mountain adventure sports and outdoor activities. Being born in the northern parts of Sweden I was naturally introduced to the outdoors very early on. I had the privilege of growing up close to nature and in it finding my playground. I’m very proud of my heritage and being from the north, it has shaped me into who I am. Calm, honest and true to itself, that’s the essence of the landscape I’m from, and I like to think that it reflects in the people living there too. My bond is strong to the vast landscape of Lapland, it’s forever my true home no matter where the road takes me. Combining athleticism with great nature experiences truly makes me come alive. It connects me with the very essence of me, it fires my passion. I’m attracted to this flame, in myself and in others. It’s the allure of action and adventure sports in a way. In the interaction with the surrounding environment an athlete is free to express his vision. It’s an art form in itself, reading the terrain, weighting ones abilities against the challenges faced and to execute accordingly. There’s no set rules or true ways to measure the achievements, just the culmination of years of training coming to life in the moment. I try to pay tribute to this through my photography. Featuring great athletes performing their art and their passion in remarkable environments.

- Elias K Photography 4

- Elias K Photography 5

In August last year I had the good fortune to be selected as one of the top finalists in the highly acclaimed Red Bull Illume image quest. The top 50 finalists was invited to Hong Kong for a couple of days of workshops and of course the magnific award ceremony at the Avenue of stars. I must say all the people behind the Illume competition had put on a fantastic show and it felt so amazing to be part of it all. The very highlight for me was seeing the reactions of all the visitors when the images were finally revealed. It’s not so often you get the chance to showcase your work in that way and I just felt so blessed in that moment. I’m so very grateful for all the people I got to meet. Some of the photographers has been my inspiration ever since I started, and to get to meet them in person was just a true treat. Needless to say this is one of the greater achievements in my photographic career and I’m so very proud and honored to have been one of the top finalists in this very prestigious competition. The image was submitted to the Experimental category, finishing in the top 5. It is now touring the globe along with the Illume exhibition, which I’m hoping soon will come to Europe. - Elias K Photography 6


From Swede

- Elias K Photography 7

in biking

en to France

Downhill rider Kristian Jakobsson in Ă…re, Sweden. - Elias K Photography 8

View over the Chamonix valley, France. - Elias K Photography 9

“When man invented the bicycle he reached the peak of his attainments. Here was a machine of precision and balance for the convenience of man.  And (unlike subsequent inventions for mans convenience) the more he used it, the fitter his body became.  Here, for once, was a product of mans brain that was entirely beneficial to those who used it, and of no harm or irritation to others.  Progress should have stopped when man invented the bicycle.” - Elizabeth West

- Elias K Photography 10

- Elias K Photography 11

Swedish rider Simon Nilsson on the trails of Chamonix, France. - Elias K Photography 12

- Elias K Photography 13

French rider Ben Lasson in Chamonix, France.

- Elias K Photography 14

- Elias K Photography 15

Professional downhill rider Robin Wallner enjoying the local pump track in Ă…re, - Elias K Photography 16

- Elias K Photography 17

The local dirt track in Ă…re, Sweden. - Elias K Photography 18

Trail ru

In the land of t

- Elias K Photography 19


the midnight sun

- Elias K Photography 20

- Elias K Photography 21

- Elias K Photography 22

- Elias K Photography 23

- Elias K Photography 24

- Elias K Photography 25

- Elias K Photography 26

- Elias K Photography 27

- Elias K Photography 28

- Elias K Photography 29

- Elias K Photography 30

- Elias K Photography 31

- Elias K Photography 32

All trail running images are shot in the n

- Elias K Photography 33

nature reserve of Vindelfj채llen, Lapland.

- Elias K Photography 34

Thank you for looking! Please contact me for any inquires about images licensing, orders of fine art prints or availability for assigned work Phone: +4670-254 38 68 Email:

- Elias K Photography 35

Elias K Photography - Vol. 1  

Elias Kunosson is a Swedish action and adventure sports photographer based out of Chamonix, France. This is the quarterly published lookbook...

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