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Why Are we named «Air Nordic»? Our new feet... Service onboard... We're hiring! Our destinations...

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Why are we named Air Nordic? We are named Air Nordic, because we have our main hubs in Norway. The CEO and Vice CEO of Air Nordic, Is both from Norway. Air Nordic is very happy to be an Scadinavian airline. And we will always be. On all of our fights, we have: Nordic Style Nordic Service And Nordic Comfort

Our new feet Air Nordic, has recently updatet the feet. We have now ordered 10 Boeing 737-500, 5 Boeing 757-200 and 10 Bae 146-200. The B737-500 is operating in-european fights, the B757-200 is operating outeuropepean fights, and the Bae 146-200 is operating domestic fights inside Norway.

Destination of the month is... ...Berlin! Berlin is the perfect destination for a «boys only» or «girls only» trip. With us, you can get an cheap ticket, a nice hotel, and good service. We can fy you to Berlin to any of our destinations. You may need to change plane, but don't be afraid if you miss your fight, there's always a way to get there. Get there on under 40 tix!

Wanna job with us? We always need workers in Air Nordic! We need employees right now! To apply for a job, go to > Hiring > Fill Out My Form

Written by: Zetzr Sentio (CEO) Zetzr (Vice CEO) (C) Copyright 2013 I Nordic Vision – Air Nordic

Nordic Vision - May Issue  

Air Nordic

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