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Putting the Fun back into Fundraising. Fundraising today can be very challenging. There are many competing causes and ideas on how to raise funds, not to mention many organizations are facing donor fatigue. Public funds are becoming harder to come by each day and in spite of it’s great promise, online fundraising is not as easy as many expected. Conversely, live benefit events continue to be a major source of revenue for non-profits and charities the world over. Properly organized and executed events can generate media buzz, as well as reinvigorate existing donors and staff while bringing in new supporters. In spite of the potential gains, many organizations still do not hold live fundraising events because they believe they lack the resources.


Bidders at a Live Auction

“Totally professional, totally charming, totally captivating -Elias is the total package. Hire this guy!�

Sonny Wong Founding Director. Board of Change

How We Can Help. Elias Arjan has generated over $12,000,000 as a fine art auctioneer. Prior to that he was a performing artist who traveled internationally. By unifying his experience as a performer and producer of large scale events with his knowledge of the high stakes world of the art business, Elias has designed a unique and effective program. This program is available to any charity, nonprofit or community organization and is not available for commercial purposes. Clients that have implemented this program have generated 30% 300% more revenue with Elias then with their previous auctioneers or fundraising consultants.

“Elias did so much more than perform on stage, he spent time with us preparing the items and presentation, and he trained our staff to maximize revenue. He revolutionized the way we think about and administer our auctions, and his work led to far more auction revenues than we have ever had in the past.� Alix Rosenthal. Esq. Board Chair. Black Rock Arts Foundation

B.R.A.F. Fundraiser at the Bently Reserve


A Turn Key Auction System. TIME and MONEY are the main barriers to a successful benefit event. Here is how we solve them: TIME: We have taken the guesswork out of this process. Elias will consult on how to plan for the event, provide timelines, and brainstorm with your team to create unique ideas, ensuring your event is a total success. Elias will also train the staff and/or volunteers on how to acquire items for auction and guide the process to maximize revenue. We also have recommended partners who are skilled in event production and auction management available for a small fee. MONEY: We do not cost anything, we make your organization money! Fees are very affordable and on a tiered system. We are so convinced we can generate more funds for your event we will even guarantee our services! (contact us for details)

“Elias is thorough, dependable, and delivers. He strives for the highest level of quality in all of his actions, and gently helps to raise the bar for any group, organization, or individual that is fortunate enough to call him an ally. As a master communicator, I have seen him soothe the nerves of tense Executive Directors and gracefully command the attention of vast conference halls. I whole heartedly give Elias my highest professional recommendation.�

Brian Wallace Event Planner Elias Arjan in action


Past Clients Include:

Services Include: Fundraising Consulting and Planning

Comedic or Classy Event Host

Calling an Exciting Live Auction

Strategy and Creative Direction

“Elias illuminated us with his professionalism, wit & expertise. Make your fundraiser shine from the benefit of his knowledge & experience. We look forward to working with him again.� Geoff Waltrip Director of Operations Madrone Studios -5-





Let Elias Arjan and his team achieve all your fundraising goals and create a successful event for you.

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Elias Arjan Auctioneer and Emcee  

How Elias Arjan can assit you in achieving your fundraising goals at your next benefit event.