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Using upload tool to create a pro forma in SRM based on xls-file

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1. Introduction This tool allows you to enter easier a pro forma containing several items instead of using the catalog in SRM and selecting items in this catalog. This can be useful when there are more than 10-15 items to select in the catalog. This tool is only to be used for uploading the items, not for attaching documents of encoding texts. When using this tool, the pro forma is set “on Hold”. You have then to confirm the pro forma by using the standard menu “Confirm Goods/Services”. By using this tool, the registration of a pro forma is consequently made in 2 steps : upload + confirmation. In order to use this tool, the xls-file must contain the following columns :



PO : purchase order number 481xxxxx on which the pro forma must be registered.


POitem : item number in the purchase order on which the pro forma must be registered.


Supp partnr : supplier product number that must registered in the pro forma. This ref. must be the same as in the catalog existing in SRM.


Qty : quantity that must be registered in the pro forma for the relevant catalog’s item.

The xls-file must be first converted in TXT-file before it is used for upload.

2. First step : upload Vendor confirmation Menu in SRM : Click on “Confirmation Upload Tool�.


Fill in Purchase order nr and click the “Search” button. (or leave PO blank and press Search)

For the PO/item found, click on the “Create” button :


Fill in “Confirmation name” and “Reference document” and click on the “Browse” button.

Pick up the file that needs to be uploaded. The file should be saved in TXT format.


Example (with the xls-file on page 1) :


Remarks : 1. The first record will be skipped as it expects to contain the column header. 2. Pay attention to the decimal point indicator being a comma. 3. Supplier part numbers that are not found in the catalog are skipped (so record 9 “FRANK” of the file will not be uploaded). 4. Only records for the correct PO / PO item are uploaded. Click on the “Upload” button.


Result :

If the result looks OK, put the confirmation to “Hold� :


Remark : If the amount of the purchase order is not sufficient anymore, you will receive following error : “Purchase order limit exceeded”.

In this case save the confirmation on “Hold” and take contact with the responsible to Elia so that the amount of purchase order would be increased.


3. Second step : confirmation of the pro forma When the confirmation is put on “Hold”, you can either click on the “Back” button or copy/paste the confirmation number and go to the standard menu “Confirm Goods/Services”. - Click “Back” will bring you to the initial search screen :

- To finalize the confirmation, use the standard menu “Confirm Goods/Services” : Select then the pro forma in “Display mode” on the basis of the number, of Status.


Click on the pro forma number and on the “Change� button.


Change or complete whatever needed, add text, attachments and finally confirm the pro forma with the “Confirm� button.

So, you always need to use the standard transaction to finish the confirmation.



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