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23 December 2011

Electricity transmission tariffs for 2012-2015 visibility and stability for market operators • •

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Transmission tariffs provide visibility and stability for market operators and Elia for 2012-2015. The mechanisms for encouraging efficiency and good management by the company are enhanced.

The Commission for Electricity and Gas Regulation (CREG) has approved the second proposal submitted by Elia in accordance with the CREG rules on electricity transmission tariffs for the period from 2012 to 2015 (inclusive). The tariffs were defined following consultation between CREG and Elia in order to send appropriate tariff signals to market operators for both injection and offtake, and to meet the company's business requirements. They also take account of changes in the energy sector during the first tariff period (2008-2011), in a context of economic uncertainty. While costs directly linked to company management are up slightly, charges have risen due to external factors such as inflation, falling income from transmission capacity auctions with neighbouring countries, increased regulation capacity requirements due to the growth in intermittent energy sources, surcharges, subsidies and the lack of past tariff surpluses, unlike during the first tariff period. For example, a household that consumes 3500 MWh per year will see the share for electricity transmission – which represents 4 % of the total electricity price – rise from € 30.85 to € 32.18 per year. Incentive mechanisms benefitting consumers and the company have been established in order to promote efficient management while maintaining the excellent level of grid reliability Belgium has enjoyed for many years. Elia will organise an information session for its customers by the end of the year. The electricity transmission tariffs are available on the Elia website:

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About Elia: Elia is the Belgian transmission system operator, transmitting electricity from generators to distribution system operators and major industrial users and being responsible for importing and exporting electrical energy to and from Belgium’s neighbouring countries. Elia owns the entire Belgian very-high-voltage grid (150 to 380 kV) and some 94% (ownership and user rights) of Belgium's high-voltage grid infrastructure (30 to 70 kV). Elia's grid consists of 5,608 kilometres of overhead lines and 2,775 kilometres of underground connections and is a key link between electricity markets in northern and southern Europe. Belgium’s recent investments in interconnection capacity with its neighbours make it one of the most open and interconnected countries in Europe. Elia has recently expanded its activities on a broader European level and, following its acquisition in 2010 of the German TSO 50Hertz in cooperation with Industry Funds Management (IFM), is now one of the top five transmission system operators in Europe.


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