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22 June 2010

Results of the subscription with preferential rights to 12,071,043 new shares with VVPR strip to be issued in the framework of a capital increase with extralegal preferential rights for the existing shareholders Result of scrip private placement Subscription of 100% to capital increase Elia System Operator SA/NV announced this morning that during the subscription period with preferential rights that ended on 18 June 2010 it had received subscriptions for 11.085.617 new shares. This represents a take up of approximately 91.84 % of the offering size of EUR 299,4 million. Publi-T, Publipart and Arco Group have exercised their rights and subscribed to new shares for an amount of respectively EUR 135,8 million, EUR 7,6 million and EUR 31,1 million. Following the end of the subscription period with rights on Friday 18 June 2010, the 3.941.704 rights that had not been exercised at that date were offered for sale as scrips in the context of a private placement reserved for institutional investors today Tuesday 22 June 2010. The 3.941.704 scrips were sold between 8 AM and 9 AM at the price of EUR 0.20 per scrip which corresponds to a price per share of EUR 25.60. Purchasers of scrips will irrevocably undertake to exercise the scrips and subscribe to four new shares per scrip at the subscription price of EUR 24.80 per share. At the end of the public offering, each of the 48.284.172 rights has been sold and, as a consequence, all of the 12,071,043 new shares have been subscribed. The capital increase considered for an amount of EUR 299,4 million will normally be fully realized on 25 June 2010. The new shares with VVPR strip will be traded on the regulated market of Euronext Brussels from 25 June 2010 on. Payment and delivery of new shares with VVPR strip, coupon nr 7 and following attached, will take place on 25 June 2010 Net proceeds (after deduction of some costs) of the scrip private placement due to holders of non-exercised rights comes up to EUR 0.20 per coupon nr 6. This amount will be available as of 28 June 2010. For more information, please contact Media: Lise Mulpas Eva Suls

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