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When Robert came to Eliada, he rarely ever played outside except at his school. His neighborhood had no place to play, and it wasn’t very safe anyway. Children from distressed neighborhoods have rarely experienced the beauty and peace that comes from being outside. When they come to Eliada, they love to walk on the grass, sit under the trees, and visit the animals in the pasture. The four cottages where the children live surround Eliada’s Quad. As our campus ages, the Quad is less and less inviting. Right now, there are no gardens, benches, or flower beds there and our sidewalks are old and uneven. But the landscape is changing! Our new Outdoor Living and Play Area creates a seamless sea of lush green grass in the Quad. Abundant flowers, trees, and bushes add color, and make homes for birds, butterflies, and bees. We’re adding a large patio onto our dining hall to provide even more chances to be outside.

Remember the feel of grass on your feet and sun on your face? Give a child the gift of nature and a lifelong sense of wonder.

Make a permanent contribution to Eliada with a Naming Opportunity: Flagstone Patio and Garden - $100,000 (1 available) Chapel Entrance Foyer and Trellis - $75,000 (1 available) Chapel Window Garden - $50,000 (1 available) Cottage Fronts - $25,000 (4 available) Garden Corner - $5,000 (5 available)

For more information, or to come by and see our transformation, call Tami Ruckman, Director of Development, at (828) 254-5356, ext. 306, or email her at

Large Tree - $1,000 (32 available)

Naming Opportunities close July 1, 2014.

YES! I want Eliada’s children to feel sun on their face and grass under their feet!

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You can help Eliada’s children feel sun on their face and grass under their feet! Every contribution is welcome! You or your friends, family, or group can sponsor. Each naming opportunity will be individually recognized. We’d be delighted to honor or memorialize your loved one as well. For more details on how you can be part of Eliada’s Quad Project, contact Tami Ruckman at (828) 254-5356, ext. 306 or at

Spring appeal final  
Spring appeal final