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Program for at-risk four year olds expands Residential internship program celebrates 10 years Eliada Charity Classic to be held May 3, 2013

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From the President & CEO Dear Friends of Eliada, We just began our latest strategic planning session at Eliada. i know the words “strategic planning” have a tendency to make people glaze over, but i couldn’t be more excited. our strategic plan is so much more than words on a sheet of paper. it’s a roadmap of how we will achieve our mission. To me, there is nothing more fulfilling than thinking about how we can “Help Children succeed.” Every day that i come to work, i am reminded of the power of strategic planning. in a strategic planning session over five years ago, i first began talking with Eliada’s Board of Directors about an idea for a new program to serve youth aging out of foster care. Recognizing how many former foster youth were homeless, incarcerated, and living in extreme poverty, we discussed what Eliada could do to serve this population. over the coming years, the idea for The Eliada school of Trade Arts (EsTA) program was born.

Eliada CEO Mark Upright leads the first strategic planning session of the 2013 series.

EsTA welcomed its first class of students this past summer. The program gives free housing, vocational education, and life skills to young men who have spent their lives in foster care. For them, the opportunity to be a part of EsTA is life changing. it’s a path to self-sufficiency, success, and independence. our first students are truly amazing. i am so proud of these young men, and also proud to serve an organization that is putting success within reach for them. The potential of programs like EsTA are the reason why i am so enthusiastic about strategic planning. As we enter this new session, i know we can innovate even more new strategies that will make a real difference in the lives of needy children and families. As we go through this process, please keep Eliada in your hearts and minds that we may be led to do the most good for those we serve. As always, thank you for being a part of the Eliada family.

Mark C. Upright, J.D., M.B.A. President/CEo Attorney at Law

The first class of ESTA students are in the culinary technology degree tract. ESTA offers housing, vocational education, and life skills for youth aging out of foster care.

Interview with Devin, an ESTA Student Q: Tell me a little about your life before ESTA A: in terms of my education, it was a little all over the map. i came to north Carolina from new York when i was sixteen. i lived in a shelter for runaways temporarily, then i was put in foster care. i hated foster care at first but grew to love it and love the people who took care of me. i went to school at Eliada Academy and was part of the day treatment program. My foster family homeschooled me for awhile. My life was kind of crazy and jumped around a lot. i didn’t really have the steady school or home life that a lot of kids have growing up. Q: Before you joined ESTA, what were your plans after you turned 18? A: i thought i would move to virginia and live with some family that i had not seen in awhile. i did not know how i would earn money, so i thought maybe i could live off disability or something like that. i was making bad decisions. i went to go visit my family in virginia and it was definitely not the best choice for me to live there. Q: What have you learned so far in the program? A: i have learned to cook and really enjoyed all the classes. i have enjoyed baking and everything that goes with working in the kitchen. i have learned how to control myself, to multi task, and to understand other people. i have learned how to speak in a well mannered way and convey my ideas positively. i have learned about work ethic and to never take a situation, a gift like this, for granted. Q: What are some experiences in ESTA that have stood out for you? A: For me it is the little things that matter. The aspect of EsTA i have found to be most helpful is that i can do anything i want here. i always have support. i always have someone there for me. And in the world, that’s the most important thing. The experience has also taught me how much potential i have to be successful, potential in the past that i just put aside and did not use. Q: What are your plans for the future? A: Well, right now i’m working on finishing my GED. After that i’m thinking big. i want to be a business owner and use my skills to grow a chain of interconnected companies. i also want to help people, with big things and small things.

Devin is a 19-year old student in the inaugural class of The Eliada school of Trade Arts (EsTA). EsTA is a transitional living and vocational education program for young men aging out of foster care. This group is at extreme risk for homelessness, incarceration, and lifelong poverty. EsTA students live, work, and attend school on Eliada’s campus. They learn job-ready skills, participate in service learning, and build character through high-adventure teambuilding activities. Through on-campus work study opportunities and communitybased co-op experiences, students earn wages and gain resume-building experience. Two-thirds of their earnings are placed in a savings account accessible after graduation, meaning that students can accumulate as much as $10,000 to use as a springboard to independent life. There is no cost for students to participate in EsTA. students can, and often do, arrive in the program with nothing but the clothing on their backs. ESTA is a new program in need of financial support. If you would like to give to ESTA, contact Carolyn Ashworth at 828.254.5356 x 300 or email

“Rise” celebrates ten years of service

The Residential interns seeking Excellence (RisE) program began at Eliada ten years ago. Founded as a unique service learning model, the program has brought over 200 new college graduates to Eliada from across the globe. Representing many states from across the UsA and countries as far flung as south Africa, France, Australia, and England, RisE interns all come with one thing in common: the desire to help children succeed. RisE interns live and work at Eliada, committing to one year of service in exchange for housing, utilities, a living stipend, and health insurance. They rotate through Eliada's continuum of advanced educational and treatment programs, gaining experience working with a variety of student populations and evidencedbased interventions. RisE interns have numerous opportunities during their service to lead projects of personal interest and deep significance to the agency. These leadership opportunities, exposure to a wide variety of programs, and training in specific models make RisE interns extremely competitive in the job market. The program is a true win-win. RisE interns gain realworld, resume-building experience, while Eliada's

students benefit from the enthusiasm and energy of new college graduates. After completing their service, roughly half of RisE interns go on to take full-time leadership roles at Eliada. of the remaining half, most go on to graduate school. According to Eliada CEo Mark Upright, “Many go on to get a Master’s in social Work, but we’ve had graduates go on to get MBA’s, attend law school, and even one who accepted a position with the CiA.” A decade after the program’s inception, Mr. Upright has high hopes for it to grow even further. Ultimately, he envisions partnerships with organizations like Eliada from other parts of the country. “i think it would be great if we could expand the internship experience, rotating RisE interns through our program but also other programs in different states. What a great way for us to share resources while giving our interns diverse experiences,” he says. A reunion is currently being planned for any RisE intern who has served over the last ten years. if you’re interested in receiving information about the reunion, contact natasha Evans at

Two New Members Join Eliada’s Board Eliada is pleased to welcome two new members to our Board of Trustees. Jessica Martin-Lane (pictured at right with her family at Eliada’s Chrismtas Tea) is a partner at Martin-McGill, McGill Associates, P.A. A graduate from University of Tennessee at Knoxville, she has since engaged in a career focused on management consulting. Jessica has also been a long-time active member of the Junior League of Asheville. since joining our board in late 2012 Jessica has already been an active participant in the Eliada community attending the EsTA open House, the Christmas Tea, and sponsoring two children for Christmas. Ellen Carr (pictured at bottom right) is a fixed income portfolio manager, formerly for Capital Group, and now privately. she is also an adjunct professor at Columbia Business school. A graduate of Harvard College and the Kellogg school of Management at northwestern, she has since served our community through her work at the WnCA, Brevard College, oxfam America, and the Carr Family Foundation. Ellen has also served on boards for a KiPP charter school in nashville and The Fulfillment Fund in Los Angeles. We couldn't be more pleased to have Jessica & Ellen's wealth of expertise serving the children and families of Eliada through our board.

Save the Date: 5th Annual Eliada Charity Classic May 3, 2013 The Fifth Annual Eliada Charity Classic Golf Tournament, presented by The Littlet Golfer, will be held May 3, 2013 at the Grove Park inn golf course. All event proceeds benefit Eliada’s programs for children and families in need. Join us for a wonderful day on the links that includes lunch, a commemorative gift, and a first-class tournament reception. sponsorship opportunities for the event are also available. To register or receive more information, contact Carolyn Ashworth at or call 828.254.5356 x 300.

Program for at-risk four year olds expands Eliada’s nC Pre-K program is a kindergarten readiness initiative that is proven to help at-risk four year olds gain basic skills needed for success in elementary school. The program serves children whose family is at or below 75% of the state median income level. students may also be eligible if they have a disability, limited English proficiency, chronic health condition, or parents in active military service. nC Pre-K helps ensure that every child is ready for success in school. Peer-reviewed studies have found that programs like nC Pre-K can make a significant long-term difference in a child’s academic achievement, financial stability, and overall quality of life. one study found that children enrolled in quality preschool ultimately had higher earnings, were more likely to hold a job, had committed fewer crimes, and were more likely to have graduated from high school than adults who did not have preschool. Preschool’s lasting effects into adulthood may be due to critical brain development occuring during this time. The period between birth and kindergarten is a key window for early learning and skill development. Past this point, the opportunity may be lost. For this reason, Eliada views child development programming as a valuable preventative service. nC Pre-K costs just $34 per day, yet the long-term payoff is far greater! Last year, Eliada’s nC Pre-K program served 71 children. This year, we will serve 96! We are excited to grow this program, which is making a significant difference for children in need.

Chickens join therapeutic animal program! We’ve added chickens to the growing family of animals that are a part of the Therapeutic Animal stewardship Cooperative (TAsC) program! students from across Eliada’s continuum of care learn responsibility, compassion, and other lessons from taking care of the animals including many horses, a miniature horse, a pig, goats, a llama, a donkey, and an ever-increasing population of barn cats. “i know that many of our students get a lot from their interaction with the horses and other animals,” says Carrie Melear, Eliada’s TAsC Coordinator. “often, our students bond with a particular animal in a way that’s difficult for them to do with people. They learn empathy and kindness by taking care of their animal friends. The hope is that, eventually, this will carry over into their relationship with their peers.” Ms. Melear manages the TAsC barns, pastures, and other facilities with the help of Eliada students and several dedicated volunteers. if you’d like to volunteer for the TAsC program, contact Ms. Melear at

Kourtany and Mary Alice Become a Family Kourtany was born in Texas into a life of abuse and neglect. social services removed her from her home at an early age, placing her with family members in north Carolina. Unfortunately, this situation was equally unhealthy. Kourtany saw many things that a child should never have to experience. Eventually, she found her way to residential care at Eliada. Traumatic childhood experiences often manifest in a young person’s behaviors. Many times, this can look like aggression, self-harm, anger, and running away. This was the case for Kourtany, who was dealing with a lot of anger over the circumstances that had led her to Eliada’s doors. Fortunately, she had many strengths to help see her through difficult times. Her energy, creativity, humor, and outgoing personality all helped her weather what was initially Kourtany and Mary Alice, her foster mother a very challenging period in her life. Kourtany worked hard at Eliada and finally began to feel safe again. she developed relationships with staff across campus that nurtured, supported, and encouraged her. she began to see that people loved and believed in her. When she graduated, she was placed in a loving foster home. she continued to come to school at Eliada Academy and see the therapists she had grown close to while living here. This continuity helped give her a sense of stability while she adjusted to life in a new home. Kourtany grew close to her foster mother and sister, but the transition to foster care was difficult. When she began to decompensate, foster care staff members decided to try something new. They placed Kourtany with a foster mother named Mary Alice, a wise and patient woman who immediately connected with her. While her support team at Eliada thought Mary Alice’s home would be a good match for Kourtany, they had no idea just how strong this relationship would become. At Mary Alice’s home, Kourtany thrived. All of the building blocks she had learned previously began to come together. Kourtany graduated from Eliada Academy and enrolled in Job Corps to study carpentry. Mary Alice stayed involved in her life, visiting Kourtany at Job Corps, taking her shopping, bringing dinner for Kourtany and her friends, or just spending quality time together. in return, Kourtany came to Mary Alice’s home during holidays and on weekends, seeing it as her home, too. in the past two months Kourtany earned a driver’s license, got her GED, and completed Job Corps. she is preparing to begin school at AB-Tech. she hopes to one day be a special education teacher. Recently, Kourtany returned to Eliada, not as a student, but as an employee! Kourtany got a job working in our central purchasing center and in digitizing archival records. it is a joy to see her around the Eliada campus! Congratulations Kourtany and thank you, Mary Alice! If you are interested in becoming a foster parent or just want to learn about the process, call Kelly Shusko, Eliada’s foster care director, at 828.254.5356 x 318 or email

New Summer Camp Programs to Begin in June

summer Camp is important! in a study done with over 5,000 families, the American Camping Association found that: 96% of campers say they make new friends at camp. 94% said they made friends with people different from them. 92% said camp help them feel good about themselves.

Eliada’s campus transforms each summer as hundreds of summer campers converge to be a part of our day camps. For the past forty years, Eliada’s summer camp program has been an important resource to working families. We offer five-star accredited programming on our pastoral 300acre campus, yet we remain an extremely affordable option for all income levels. We are also one of the largest acceptors of Buncombe County child care vouchers. Providing high-quality, low-cost summer camp programming is an important part of Eliada’s mission. We believe that summer camp is an opportunity for learning, personal development, and lifelong friendships. Camp exposes students to new experiences and new people, helping them expand their horizons and grow in self-confidence. For this reason, summer camp has been a part of our continuum for over forty years. summer campers have always enjoyed taking advantage of Eliada’s recreation center, animal program, pool, gymnasium, driving range, playgrounds, and vast acres of play fields. This year, they’ll have something new to look forward to! Beginning this June, Eliada will offer specialized summer camp programming to “tweens.” These exciting new initiatives are focused specifically on the 9-12 age bracket and include 2-week learning tracts such as nutrition, art, music, sports, and outdoor adventure. To register or learn more, contact Ashley Trimnal at or 828.210.0224.

74% said they did things at camp they were afraid to do at first. Parents agreed: 70% said their child gained self-confidence at camp. 63% said their child continued to participate in activities learned at camp. 69% said their child remained in contact with friends made at camp.

A Look Back: Eliada’s Founding As Told By Dr. Lucius B. Compton Eliada began in 1903 when Dr. Lucius B. Compton founded Faith Cottage, a home for unwed mothers. Faith Cottage later grew to become Eliada, which was formally established in 1906. Eliada is a biblical word that means “one for whom God cares.” Dr. Compton lived from 1875-1948. The words below are his personal account of Eliada’s founding, a ministry he undertook entirely on faith.With little money and no benefactors, Dr. Compton began an organization that has been home to literally thousands of children over the last century.

“Finally, in May of 1903 i found myself conducting a tent revival in downtown Asheville. The meetings were especially blessed of God, to the salvation of many. it was at this time that a burden came on my heart for unfortunate girls. now, to the worldly minded, there is quite a romantic history connected with the Rescue Home that we established, but those of us who know God and the value of prayer, we can only say, What hath God wrought? My wife Etta and i, with our God given love for the homeless and unfortunate girls, moved out of our single room, with our meager belongings, into an eight-room home we called “Faith Cottage.” it was open day and night to the unfortunate and homeless girls. it had no solicitors, nor anyone to beg means for its support, excepting on their knees in prayer. some lasting good was done, and we quickly became crowded and needed more room. The Lord provided, and soon we moved into a seventeen-room house. While engaged in this rescue work among the fallen girls of Asheville and the surrounding country, homeless and destitute children were frequently brought to us to be provided for. if they were illegitimate children, we could find no homes for them. Finally, after three years of rescue work, the Lord laid it upon our hearts to also open a Home to care and educate the neglected children of the southern mountains. our first two children were received while living in the Rescue Home that was rented property. When the Lord later gave us property for Faith Cottage, this home was partitioned off, and part of the upstairs used for the children. We had not a dollar toward buying a home for them, but prayer was made without ceasing to

God for a suitable location for a permanent orphanage. several places were contemplated and prayed over, but finally we felt the Lord clearly led us to a certain five acres and small cabin, four miles west of Asheville. The cabin was a very poor structure, and when it rained the roof leaked like a sieve. our little family lived in this cabin for over four months; then they were moved into a planked up room about 24×24, which the workers called Glory inn. some one asked, “Whatever did you give such a place such a name for?” The answer was, “We had the glory in-side.” They lived there for seven months. Many prophesied that the Big House, which we then built, would never be raised. But it was built as a visible witness to the fact that what is prayed for in secret, God rewards openly. From the time the work on the building began, it continued right on until the shavings were swept out and the family moved in. To God be all the glory for what was done. He merits it. Many years have passed since that first step of faith was made. All through those early struggles we saw by faith better things, and constantly rejoiced because we were assured of better days. At the beginning of the Eliada orphanage, there was not an institution in the state that accepted infant children, or children born out of wedlock. We stood alone in this ministry and service. These past years have been mixed with tears and triumphs, great joys along with inexpressible trials and heartaches. Every prop of human trust has been knocked out, and i have been left many times with only my Bible, and my faith in God. His unspeakable gift. But whatever our burden, our work cannot in any wise be well done unless everything we possess, whether talent, money, or gifts, is laid at his feet for His possession and use at any time or place. He chooses. May it be so with all of us.” Top: Dr. Compton with some Eliada orphans; Middle: Dr. Compton, matrons, and the first children to live at Eliada; Bottom: Three Eliada orphans reading together.

Thank you to our donors Thank you to all of the individuals, businesses, churches, foundations, and civic clubs that make our work with children possible. inDiviDUALs Blan Aldridge John & Linda Alford Harry & Gloria Allison Kenneth & Brenda Frank & Rebecca Ambrose Terry Andersen Walter & Alice Andersen G. Martin Anderson James Anderson Carolyn Ashworth Dennis & Pamela Atkins Lewis Augustine Michael Babb Ray Bachmann Gerald Baker Gloria Baker susan Barnes Harry Barnes Corajean Barrett Carolyn Bartlett Charles Bassett Bill Beckett Benjamin Becton Eric Belsterling Arnold Benfield Alicia Bergeron Cecil Beumer Daniel Billings Karl & Mary Gladys Bitter Madeline Blom Edward Bonnville Russell Borghere David & Laura Bourne Charles & Pat Boyd Jeanne Boykins Robert Brackett Charles Bradley E. C. Bradley Jerry Briggs Faye Brinson

Buster & Karen Brown Pamela Browning Patricia Brumbaugh William Buckner Penn & Runek Bullock Larry & nancy Bumgardner nina Bumgarner Thomas Bumgarner s. Philip Burton Dottie Burton Mike & nancy Byer Larry Cabe Dominic Caliendo Barry & sheila Campbell Randall & Rebecca Campbell Charles Capps Avery & Jennie Carpenter Ellen Carr Lee Carter and Greg Bradley Carroll Case Allen Case Gerald Cassell Elaine Cave Dr. William Chamber & Dr. Angela Baechtold James & Hazel Chapman Charles Chapman Robert Chason sandra Cheek Cary Christopher Robert & Margaret Christy Peter Ciaccio Melvin Clark T. Michele & nancy Clark Dr. Kenneth Clark natalie Clark Walter Clarke isabel Cole Myles Compton Thomas Cook Debra Cooper

Michal & Mary Louise Corn Wayne & Frances Coulter Joseph Coyle obera Currin Alan & Joyce Cutter Angela Daniel Jeanne Daniel C. Richard Davis Mary Dean Barbara Deegan Georgia Defrancia Boyce & sandra Deitz Janet Di Marco Jurgen & Leslie Dierks Brenda Dillingham Thomas & Margaret Dills Jack Ditto Rock & suzanne Doddridge Mike Dorato Abbott Dorel Barbara Dougherty Chuck and Mary Ann Durand Marceleen Duty shirley Easter Zachary Eden James Edmiston H. Bruce & Edith Edwards Thomas Edwards Janet Egan Rudolf & Laura Ekstein Charles Elmer Gail Embler Michael Farlow Jamel Fayson Paul Fleisig Hayes & Anita Fletcher Charles & Patricia Foley Marjorie & sharon Foster Jeff & Judy Foster Dennis & susan Fox Helen Franklin

Dr. Robert Freeman Wayne Freeman Ronald & Brenda Gaddy Chris Gallaway Lee Galloway David Gantt Gary & Judy Gaulin sharon Gee Donna Gentry Roscoe Gentry Melissa Gibbs James Gillespie Dr. Ronald Godbold Matthew Godfrey Dr. Joel Goldsby Gregory Goodman Timothy Goodson Rebecca & Bruce Greene Allen Greer Carl Groth Laura Grover Deborah Gunter Conradine Gutierrez Maggie Hagen Hattie Hailey Helen & Donald Hall sarah Hall Mary Hamby Wade Hampton Richard & Jean Haring James Harrington Lara Harrington Larry Harwood Carl & Meredith Hawkins Ruby Haynes John Hazelhurst Andrew Heggeman Ernest Henderson Kevin Henderson vivian Henson steven & Rebecca Heob LR & Carol Hidgon Wayne & Marsha Hoffner Amy Hollifield Elizabeth Hooper Dr. Keith Hopper, DDs, PA Katie Hornowski William & sara Hoyt

Hunter Huffman Thomas Hughes Dianne & Harold Hughes Kenneth Hughes Matthew & Lynn Hull nancy Humphries Kenneth & shannan Hunt Wes & Debora Hunt Robert C. Hunter Robert H. Hunter Elizabeth Hunter Michael & Rebecca Huntley Anne Hyder R. G. imbt Juanita ivey Danny Jackson Leslie James James Jarratt Harvey Jenkins Dr. oscar & Elizabeth Jenkins John & Linda Jenkins Marie Jensen Alvin & Mary Elizabeth Jepson David Jernigan James & Mary Ann Johnson Jerry & Pamela Jolly Rebecca Jones Dennis & ingrid Juelfs Rubye Keever Tim & Lee Ann Kelley Paula Kempton susan Kieffer Bruce Kimble Michael Kimble Alberta King Ms. King & Church Members Catherine Kinser Dr. Philip Kiratzis William Kisken Gabriella Klein Georgia Koeth Gladys Koon Harald Kowa John Kuzma Diane Kyker Ralph Lambert Dr. Richard & suzanne Landau Landy Laney

Brian & Angela Langford Floyd & Lonnie Layman Carl & shari Leaven Andrew Lesko Martin & Christine Lewis Karen Lindsay Karl Litten Randall & Jerelene Lutz Barbara Lynch Edgar Lyngholm Lois Macks Walter & Joe Mandzak Peggy Mann Emily Manning David & Helen Marcis Jessica Martin Lane La nelle Massey Dr. W. C. Mathis Bill & Bebe McClain Celeste & Johnny McClure Hugh & Carol McCollum Walter & nancy McConnell Julian McCracken Tracey McCrain Mike & virgina McCrary Jim & Marion McCully W. Lee & Latrella McElrath JoAnn McElrath Joe McFee Jean McGuire ian and Aspen McKenna Jeff & Pam McKinney sarah McMahan Martha McMullen Alexander McWilliam Jolene Mechanic ingeborg Meeke Joe & Georgia Melton Charles Messer Lloyd Middleton Kathleen Miller Harry Miller Lloyd & Gladys Miller James Miller James Mills Robert & vinnie Mills Robert Molezzo Phil & sarah Monk

Coy & Dana Moore James Morgan George Morgan John Morrill Francis Morris Charles Morris Gerard & Mary Mozian William Myers Roger & Patricia Myrto John nichols Robert oast nancy osborne Frances oshields Phyllis Parker Howard Parks Roland Parris Dr. Jerry Parsons Burgin & Phyllis Patton Milagros Payne Lowell & sally Pearlman James Penley Jane Mars Perkins Alfred Pfaff Karen Pfotzer Willard & Judy Phillips George & Cathy Phillips Edward & Martha Pierson Darla Pinkerton Arizona Plemmons Paula Plott Larry & Deborah Pope Mary Powell William Presley Margaret Pruitt Roy Ramsey Dr. Eric Randall Peggy Rash Mark & Jean Raymond Kenneth Redmon David & susan Reece Robert & Helen Renner Alicia Rhodes C.J. & Azalee Rich Monte Richardson Lawrence Riddle Robert Riddle John & nancy Riggins Judy Roberts

Gary Roberts Dorothy Robinson Judge Peter & Jane Roda Craig & Lynda Rogers Dr. Richard & sharon Ross Joe & Joyce Rowden Kirby Ruland Diane Rule Fred & Pat Russell Henry Rutledge nora scheff Dan schultz Beverly schumpert Ralph & Mary Helen schwartzkopf Leroy & Annie Jo scott stephen & Lynn sellars David & Christin sellers Karen selz John sharpe Alan shaw Max & Glenda sheppard DeRae shuffler Ed & Barbara siler Mark & Kathy silo Charles silver William & Lenae simmons Jerdie simpson Rev. Charles sisk William & Carolyn slawyer shirley sluder sesalie smathers susan smathers Charles smith William R. smith William smith obra & Barbara smith Canie smith Clinton smoke stuart & Jeanne smolkin Mary sneed Reece snyder Mike sorrells Doris sorrells samuel & Helen sosebee s.L. stambaugh Lena stebbins Dr. Harry steiner Janet stewart

Margaret storey Leslie & susan stradley Madelyn strickland Donna stringer Harry swilling Grant Taibi Matthew & Michelle Tallman William & Mary Taylor Dr. James Teague iii DDs, PA Dr. Glenn Temple Robert & Marilyn Thygeson George Tipton Lee & Bobbie Ann Towery Paul Tremoulet Ted and Debbi Trivette Ruth Unger David & Christina Upright Mark & Donna Upright Michael & Beverly Upright Marilee van Wye Randall vanderbeek Marleen varner Charles & Paula vasey Eugene & Lori voth Robert & Lorena Wade steve & Kathy Waldrup Rolland & Marilyn Walk Cora Ruth Ward Fran Ward Robert Warren stuart & Ann Weidie Carolyn Weidner Dr. Jim & Thea Weilbaecher Derek Weilbaecher neal & Evelyn Weinmann Kevin & Amy Westmoreland Pink & sarah White Ken & Ann Wigg William Wilcox Pat Williams Rebecca Williams Ernest & nancy Williams Corwin & Deborah Williams Loretta Williams Larry Williams virginia Wilson Tammi Wilson Kris & Keri Wilson

John & Cindy Winkenwerder nancy Witek James & Katy Womack nancy Wood Dr. Matthew Wood James Woodruff, iii James & Lynn Wooten Cynthia Wright Laurie Wright Gail Wurdeman Traci Yawars David & Carolyn Yawars Keith & susan Yeatman Lewis Young Jane Young virginia Young Dennis & Mary Younts steve & Frosene Zeis Robert Zerden

BUsinEssEs & FoUnDATions A to Z Glass, inc. Allstate Andrews Lions Club Arcadia Dairy Farms, inc. Asheville Compounding Pharmacy Asheville Pool & Patio, inc. Bent Creek Lodge of Asheville, inc Blake, inc. Blind Pig supper Club Blue Ridge Roller Derby, inc. BoYs ARnoLD Brown & Brown insurance Buncombe County sheriff's Department Canton High school Class of 1957 Champion Credit Union Cheek insurance Group, inc. Cintas Corporation Clyde & Mildred Wright Endowment Fund Cole vending Company, inc. Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro Community Foundation of Henderson County Community Foundation of

Western n. C. Continental Auto system inc. Coventry Health Care of the Carolinas Davis Technologies LLC District 31-A Lions Estate of stanley Mcintosh Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Galileo Planning inc GE Foundation German Lunch Club Great smokies Medical Center Green Earth Development Harris Private Bank - Michigan Land syndicate Holston Anesthesia Associates HomeTrust Bank inG innogive Foundation James McCallister Charitable Trust Jeannette Long Trust Joseph F. Mongovis Charitable Fund Kerr Drug KoHL's Merck Partnership for Giving Parsec Financial Performance Food service Red Hot Moutain Mamas Rhodes Glass Co., inc. Roberts & stevens, P.A. silver-Line Plastics Corportation sisters of Mercy of nC Foundation Tarrants Agency inc TD Bank, n.A. Telco Community Credit Union Tupelo Honey Cafe UsW smoky Mountain Local 507 verizon Wireless visix, inc W.C. shuey Family Endowment Fund W.C. shuey Family Endowment Fund Walgreens Walmart Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation Matching Gift Western north Carolina Knitters

Wolf Creek Engineering, PLLC CHURCHEs Calvary Baptist Church Central United Methodist Church Central United Methodist Church - The inquirer's Class Chestnut Grove Baptist Church Emma United Methodist Church Faith Baptist Church of Asheville Faith Missionary Baptist Church First Baptist Church of Asheville Hominy valley independent Church Pleasant Grove Union Church United Methodist Church - Matilda Dryman Circle Walnut Free Will Baptist Church Weaverville United Methodist Church - Grace Waugh Circle Woods Memorial Baptist Church

This is a publication of Eliada Foundation, inc., supporting Eliada Homes, inc. in the mission of Helping Children Succeed.

Eliada Foundation P.o. Box 16708 2 Compton Drive Asheville, nC 28806 Phone 828.254.5356 ADDREss sERviCE REQUEsTED

Financial information about this organization and a copy of its license are available from the state solicitation Licensing Branch at 1-828-830-4989. The License is not an endorsement by the state. Florida registration number: CH-19854, 100% of contributions are received by our agency.

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