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Planned Giving

From the President & CEO Dear Friends of Eliada, I wish to thank you for the generous support we receive from individuals, families, businesses and churches. For over 100 years we have been able to provide the children and families of Western North Carolina with services ranging from Child Development Services (Pre School, After School, Summer Camp, More at Four); Residential and Day Treatment for children and adolescents; In Home Services; Foster Care and Therapeutic Foster Care; and Therapeutic Recreation Services. We want to continue, for the next 100 years, our commitment in helping children succeed. Your generosity is an

essential ingredient in helping us continue this commitment. By considering Eliada as part of your estate planning goals you help us to fulfill our mission, both now and in the years to come. This brochure is designed to guide you through estate planning options, explaining the avenues that will benefit, not only Eliada, but you and your family as well. Please consult your own financial advisor before entering into any gift arrangement.

Mark Upright, J.D., MBA President/CEO Attorney at Law Eliada Homes and Foundation


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Ways to Give

Gifts of appreciated securities: Stocks, Bonds, Mutual funds

Life Income Plans: Pooled Income Fund Gift Annuities Charitable Remainder Trusts Real Estate Life Insurance Bequests Retirement Plan Assets Lead Trusts

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Life Income Plans Defined Pooled Income Fund

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Offers many benefits including the opportunity to make a meaningful gift to your organization, receive income for life, avoid capital gain taxes on appreciated, long-term securities, and receive a partial income tax deduction in the year of the gift.

The donor can choose the trustee and, in most cases, can be the trustee. The charity can also be an income beneficiary. The donor can choose the type of payment and the frequency and the timing of the payments, and can choose one or more charitable organizations to share in the trust principal upon termination of the trust.

Gift Annuities

Real Estate

Offers the opportunity to make an irrevocable commitment to your organization, receive a lifetime payment (or provide support to another person), avoid immediate capital gain on a gift of appreciated long term property, receive a federal income tax charitable deduction for a part of the gift, and remove property from the probate estate.

Real Estate is versatile. The donor can contribute real estate in many different ways. The easiest way is the straight outright gift. Or a donor can transfer it in a bargain sale. Additionally, the donor can transfer the deed for a personal residence or farm to a charity and continue to live on the property for life while receiving a current tax deduction for the discounted remaining value.

Faith, Hvoepe, & Lo Life Insurance

Retirement Plan Assets

Life Insurance is both easy to give and receive. The donor simply names the organization as beneficiary and owner; he or she can make a marvelous gift without disturbing other assets and without loss of income.

Retirement accounts are often exposed to income taxes and estate taxes at a combined marginal rate that could rise to 65 percent on large, taxable estates. Yet many of these taxes can be avoided or reduced through a carefully planned charitable gift. By donating retirement assets, those funds avoid estate and income taxes, and you can be certain that 100 percent of your retirement funds support your philanthropic objectives.


Lead Trusts

The donor can provide a gift to the organization through their will. The donor can choose from a specific bequest (“my grandfather’s clock, “my savings account” etc.) or a general bequest (usually cash).

The donor can choose a charitable way to pass assets to their heirs. The donor can contribute cash, securities, or other property to a trust. The trust makes fixed annual payments to the organization for a specific period of years. When the trust ends, the remaining principal goes to his or her heirs. The donor qualifies for a gift tax deduction and all appreciation that takes place in the trust goes tax free to his or her heirs.

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Faith, Hope, & Love


Eliada was founded on the principles of Christian faith, honoring the intrinsic value and dignity of each person. We offer an environment of unconditional love and respect to encourage the development of spiritual growth and personal confidence as a foundation for achieving one’s potential. Eliada is committed to excellence in a solution-focused environment.

For more Information Contact: Debbie Pope

Planned and Major Gifts officer

Teamwork Integrity

Eliada is a dedicated and diverse team of professionals who support one another in achieving the agency’s mission.

Eliada is guided by inherent honesty, ethics and accountability.

Office: 828-254-5356 ext: 108 Email: 2 Compton Drive P.O. Box 16708 Asheville, NC 28816

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Endowments and Memorials Wills Bequests

Year End Giving

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Faith, Hvoepe, & Lo Excellence Teamwork Integrity Helping n Childerde Succe

Planned Giving Brochure  

Information on planned giving opportunities available at Eliada.