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Helping Children Succeed w w w . e l i a d a .o r g

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Dr. Lucius B. Compton 1875 - 1948 Founder of Eliada



Dr. Lucius B. Compton founded Eliada in 1903 with a deep spiritual conviction to reach out to an overlooked segment of society—unwed mothers. With little money, Dr. Compton rented a house in Asheville as a safe and short-term haven for these young women. He named this house Faith Cottage. Though he was eventually able to buy a permanent home for this purpose, he initially depended solely on faith to provide the monthly rent. As Eliada grew throughout the years, so did Dr. Compton’s reliance on providence and community support to sustain Faith Cottage and those who lived there. Many of the unwed mothers who sought refuge at Faith Cottage were unable to provide for the children they birthed. As the number of infants and toddlers living in the cottage swelled, Dr. Compton envisioned a permanent home with land for them. In 1906, with the purchase of a small cabin and a few acres of land, an orphanage was born. Dr. Compton named this special place Eliada, a biblical name for one of King David’s sons and a Hebrew word that translates as “one for whom God cares.” Over the years, additional acres were purchased or donated; schools, barns, and residential cottages were constructed; and what was once just a

visionary idea grew to become a home for thousands of children.

Much has changed over the last 104 years; residential childcare in America is dramatically different than it was in Dr. Compton’s day, and Eliada now offers a broad continuum of care to meet the needs of today’s children. Though residential services for abused, neglected or troubled children is still an important part of our work, we also provide family and therapeutic foster care, community support services, day treatment at Eliada Academy, clinical outpatient services, and child development services such as our daycare, More at 4 program, afterschool, and summer camp. These core elements are enhanced by support services like STEP, our free adolescent afterschool program; seven competitive athletic teams; and therapeutic equestrian and minibike programs.

Although Dr. Compton has long since passed, much of his original vision lives on in the changed lives of the children and families Eliada serves. We continue to pioneer innovative ways to meet community need, remaining committed to the fulfillment of our mission statement: Helping Children Succeed.


Growing up in Mississippi and later serving in the courts of New Orleans, I often met children who were living in hopeless circumstances. Their families lacked the community resources and support they needed to reach success; alone, they were unlikely to break generational cycles of poverty and desperation.

Now, I am fortunate to have been blessed with six healthy, happy and energetic children. I serve on the board of Eliada because I feel called to make a difference, and to be involved in an agency that can turn a child’s life around. At Eliada, we are able to give children in need what so many others around the country and the globe lack—a bright future. Stuart Weidie Board Chairman Eliada Homes, Inc.

I am pleased with the progress this agency has made over the last several years. Less than five years ago, Eliada was in dire straights; the financial viability of the agency itself was in question. Now, with five years of solid growth behind us, we are looking towards the future, building our endowment and proactively seeking ways to ensure that Eliada exists for another century.

As I take on the role of board chairman for this historic agency, my primary focus is two-fold– returning the agency to the founder’s philosophy of nurturing the spirits as well as the minds of the children we serve, and continuing to find strategies which sustain us amidst the changing storm of governmental funding.

In Eliada’s early days, founder Dr. Lucius Compton described his workers as those who would "stand on the principles of New Testament Christianity, in that they hold out helping hands to the unfortunate and to the homeless destitute children without distinction as to faith or creed.” We plan to honor this vision in many ways; for example, we are committed to finding funding to hire a chaplain within the next year. In this way and in so many others, we will continue to “hold out helping hands” to children in our care. By offering professional training and educational opportunities for personnel, building our community resources, and improving our internal communications and organizational framework, Eliada will continue to pioneer the great work begun by Dr. Compton over a century ago. -Stuart Weidie, Board Chairman of Eliada Homes, Inc.




Stuart Weidie Chairman Jean McGuire Vice-Chairman Gary C. Roberts Treasurer Richard A. Sills Secretary James Lesko Imm. Past Chair Elizabeth Biggers

Debora Burchfield Judy L. Carver

Karen Donatelli

Kenneth Etterman Martin Lewis

Co-Wefa Lyda

Steven Sizemore Electa Smith Joann Smith

Robert VanWagner James Weilbaecher


During my five years as a board member I have seen Eliada go from a struggling residential facility to the statewide leader in innovative treatment and educational services. This was not a change that happened overnight, but the accumulated efforts and commitment of over 200 staff, administrators and Board Members that make up the Eliada family.

Jim Lesko Past Board Chairman Eliada Homes, Inc.

In a world that is continuously changing, Eliada has a living legacy of providing compassionate care to the most needy children in our community and continues to help students who have endured adversity to build remarkable character and resiliency. Many of these students become the best, brightest and most determined young people in our community. Eliada’s mission of Helping Children Succeed is realized each day as staff members work with each individual student to unlock his or her potential, discovering the unique gifts and strengths that reside in each one of them.

As the outgoing Board Chairman, I am pleased with the direction and service that this institution brings to the children and families in our community. Through a highly effective residential school, day treatment, foster care, daycare, summer camp and after school programs, hundreds of children and their families have grown stronger over the last year through their shared experiences at Eliada. Creating the optimum learning environment in each of Eliada’s programs is the key to our success as an agency, and to the progress of the children we serve. My thanks to all the donors, foundations and businesses that have contributed so much to Eliada’s success; our accomplishments could not have happened without all the support and encouragement you provide. As a Board Member of both Eliada Homes and the Eliada Foundation, I thank each and every one of you for your continued support of the children and families of our region. -Jim Lesko, Immediate Past Board Chairman

Eliada’s mission of

Helping Children

Succeed is realized each day as staff members work

with each student to unlock his or her potential,

discovering the

unique gifts and strengths that

reside in each one of them.


In 1903, Dr, Lucius Compton recognized and considered the serious societal problems posed by the plight of unwed mothers, orphaned children, the poorly educated and homeless. His commitment and compassion to the disenfranchised earned him the reputation as Shepard of the least, last and the lost. In meeting Dr. Compton, one would quickly understand the spiritual commitment he brought to his work with children. His firm belief that every human life has a profound purpose that is destined by God was the driving force in everything he did and envisioned.

Mark C. Upright President/CEO Attorney at Law

It was out of this commitment to children that Eliada Home became a reality over 100 years ago. The Eliada Home identity has always been and forever will be linked with the development and nurturing of children so they can reach their fullest potential. As the programs of treatment and education changed over the years, the basic tenants remained the same. Eliada strives to create a unique and positive environment where children can strengthen their emotional, educational, social and spiritual selves. Age old principals focus on the virtues of hard work, sacrifice, achievement, and compassion for others.

The focus on each and every child we serve, a tradition of employing the most highly skilled professionals, the search for the most creativity and innovative techniques available, and the commitment to creating the optimum learning environment is the bedrock upon which we have built our programs. Through this pledge to children, Eliada has become the premiere service provider for children in North Carolina. As with other visionary companies, our quest does not stop here. We are dedicated to becoming the nation’s best provider of child and family services. Eliada is a living example of what is possible when excellence comes together in the form of dedicated staff, innovative services, beautiful facilities, talented administration and a visionary Board of Trustees.

Last year, more children were served in our treatment and educational services than at any other time in Eliada’s history. Our Day Care and After School programs were both awarded Five Star commendations by the State of North Carolina, the highest recognition that can be awarded. We continue to make campus wide improvements in our facilities to enhance the experience of

Photos: Left; Eliada Thunderbolts run in the Biltmore 5K. Middle: An Eliada Academy teacher helps a young girl solve a math problem. Right: An Eliada child bailing hay.


each student and staff member. Our financial performance continues to be strong based on a fine team of senior managers and support staff. All of these accomplishments were made possible by a carefully executed strategic planning process.

In this annual report, you will learn about the progress Eliada has made over the last year, the course the agency is charting for the future, and the status of our strategic planning process. You will read about each of our programs or services, hear from agency leadership, and learn about Eliada’s phenomenal fiscal growth over the last five years. Should you wish to learn more about Eliada, we invite you to visit our new website: One of the most significant achievements we have made over the last year, the new site gives web readers access to news, press releases, and program information. We also post our job openings, monthly Success Stories, archived newsletters, and much, much more. You can sign up to receive periodic emails regarding Eliada’s progress, and even donate online via our secure server. After you visit the website, please take a moment to let us know what you thought of it. Your comments are invaluable to us as we look to strengthen this important vehicle for communicating with the public.

As always, our children, staff, administration, Board members from Eliada Home and Eliada Foundation and I thank you for our interest in our organization and your commitment to our mission of “Helping Children Succeed.” -Mark C. Upright, President/CEO of Eliada Homes, Inc.

The Eliada Home

identity has always been and forever

will be linked with the development and nurturing of children so that

they can reach their fullest potential.


This year has been one of ongoing mental health reform. Like many care providers in North Carolina, Eliada experienced many challenges in adapting to the new community-based, consumer-driven system. Competition amongst local providers, a new utilization management system, and chaotic confusion at the local and state public agency levels represented a test of Eliada’s tenacity and ability to respond to rapid change. Constant audits and reviews of our services, mixed messages from the state regarding rules and service definitions, and inadequate rates for service provision made this year extremely challenging. Marie Jensen Chief Operations Officer

The confidence, determination, and dynamic growth Eliada has exhibited during this time is a true testament to the reason the agency has survived for over a century. During this and other difficult times, Eliada has a tradition of maintaining our focus on providing the highest quality of service possible. Our philosophy of going the extra mile and doing whatever it takes to get the job done ensured that even amidst a time of great change, Eliada continued to improve upon programs and services to children and families of Western North Carolina. We search for creative strategies to keep students and families focused on their goals, and have an absolute belief that our students can shape the blueprint of their lives with positive choices and influences. Staff members have a genuine concern for children and families struggling to cope with emotional, physical and daily living issues; they truly live our mission of “helping children succeed.”

As an agency, we have a focus on service quality and provision of value-added services that go beyond the minimal service requirements, exemplified by our expanding therapeutic animal, mini-bike, and athletics opportunities for our students. We strive to increase therapy resources for students and their families, and to build intensive partnerships with families of children in care. We seek out biological family members, confront family relationship issues, find creative strategies to help families deal with their child’s anger, and even arrange ceremonies to help a child grieve the loss of siblings or parents. Eliada administration leads proactively, anticipating and planning for upcoming changes and shifts in service delivery. We strive to offer


“For my daughter’s

smiles, her humor, her gifts you’ve given

back to me; There

are no words – none

imaginable to me; To

thank you for Eliada’s trusted care; Your patience, your

strength to persevere. Against great odds

and circumstance,

you remain lovely and


-Poem from a very thankful parent

Photos: Left; Daycare children play on Eliada’s playground. Middle: A teacher counsels an Eliada Academy student outside the Greene building. Right: A teacher and student on Eliada’s campus.

flexibility in service delivery, and pride ourselves on a knowledge of state and local system reform, advocacy for quality services, and provision of data that clearly demonstrates needs and solutions.

These foundational principles carry us forward into another year of opportunities and growth. Overall program goals for 2006-07 include:

 Development of a comprehensive model of program evaluation including outcome measurements, longitudinal surveys, and ethnographic interviews.

 Expansion of our continuum of care to include a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) and adoption services.

 Feasibility studies on our existing community-based services to determine the optimal level of operation, and on other services to add to our continuum of care.  Formal and informal marketing efforts to a broad range of referral sources.

 Quality improvement of medical records; central intake; and support services.

The following pages describe the past year’s successes and the future year’s goals for each program in our continuum of care. Please read on to learn more about how we are working to fulfill our mission of Helping Children Succeed. -Marie Jensen, COO of Eliada Homes, Inc.

We search for

creative strategies to keep students

and families focused on their goals, and have an absolute belief that our

students can shape the blueprint of their lives with

positive choices and influences.



Eliada Residential Treatment serves high risk students with a history of emotional and/or behavioral problems who are in need of residential care and treatment. Eliada offers both Level III (unlocked) and Level IV (locked/secured) treatment services. We are currently in the process of opening a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF). This level of care will include additional psychiatric, clinical and medical oversight. The addition of the PRTF will expand and enhance our current continuum of care so we may better serve children and families in need from across the state.

Each of our facilities utilize the Eliada Model; a comprehensive behavioral, educational and clinical intervention approach that is individualized to meet the needs of each student and/or

Photos: Left; Eliada’s 5K team on a January trip to run in the Disney marathon. Right; A view of Eliada’s residential cottages in the spring.

family served. Our Residential Programs work closely with our Day Treatment program, our local Public School System, our Clinical Services as well as our Enhanced Services such as TASC, NYPUM and our Athletic Department to provide an exceptionally well-rounded and dynamic approach to treatment services. ACCOMPLISHMENTS

In the past fiscal year our Residential Treatment staff accomplished the goal of reducing the use of restrictive intervention by 25%. We accomplished this by incorporating weekly training and formal debriefing of direct care staff, increasing the quality of supervision provided to Overnight Awake staff and Residential Interns, incorporating bi-yearly working retreats for frontline and supervisory staff and formally implementing a

progressive and proactive treatment/skills based approach to student services. The guardian of a recent graduate of our Level IV and Level III programs summed it up best, "We used to fear that she would not make it to her next birthday. It was not until she found the safety and security of Eliada that she began to work on her goals. We are so thankful to the Eliada staff for the quality of treatment they have provided." GOALS

Our goals for the upcoming fiscal year include a further reduction of restrictive intervention, increased clinical training for our treatment staff, increased family involvement, improved medical services, successful transition to public school for appropriate residential treatment students and the successful launching of the PRTF.


Photos: Left; A loving family is the goal of every foster placement. Middle; The National Youth Project Using Minibikes (NYPUM) in action. Right; Earl Cottage, home to Eliada’s foster care staff.


& THERAPEUTIC FOSTER CARE Eliada’s Foster Care Program consists of both Family Foster Care and Therapeutic Foster Care components. Family Foster Care provides foster homes for children who are in custody of the Department of Social Services and need out of home placement. Therapeutic Foster Care provides homes for children who need level II treatment. Foster children experience a range of emotional and behavioral problems of varying degrees. These problems are addressed in a nurturing family environment that will help children concentrate on their strengths and enhance their self-esteem.

Eliada’s Foster Care program averages 40 active foster families with another 8-10 families in training at any given time. We have the staffing capacity to serve 35 therapeutic foster children and 10 family foster care children.


Foster Care successes over the past year include 3 Therapeutic Foster Care Adoptions. Adoptions for Therapeutic Foster Care children are often rare occurrences because of the nature of the problems Therapeutic Foster children exhibit. One of these adoptions was completed by Eliada Foster Parents Kitty and Dallas Logan, who were featured along with their adopted daughter in a recent Eliada Success Story. Permanency is a goal Eliada has for every child that enters our Foster Care program.

Hiring an Intake Coordinator has helped Foster Care have a very successful audit and licensing year. We had no Medicaid paybacks and we were re-licensed for two more years as a Child Placing Agency. This position has also assisted with making Therapeutic Foster

Care financially profitable by ensuring that Therapeutic Foster Care Respite was successfully utilized over the year.

Foster Care has enhanced its services by making TASC equestrian and NYPUM minibike services available for weekly use by Foster Parents and their children. Both of these programs are excellent motivators and exciting incentives for children and their adoptive families to partipate in together. GOALS

Our goals for the coming year are to begin offering adoption services and, as always, to increase the number of licensed foster homes. An ongoing goal of the Foster Care program is the continued enhancement of training and support available to new and potential foster parents.

CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER SERVICES Eliada’s Child Development center provides preschool, More at Four pre-K program, summer day camp, and afterschool. We are here to provide a safe, wholesome environment for children while their parents are at work. Here, nurturing and learning go hand in hand. We work in partnership with the child's family to provide an atmosphere for children to develop cognitively, socially, physically, and emotionally. We believe in meeting the needs of each child as an individual, emphasizing the positive, useful, and fun aspects of learning. We provide a variety of developmentally appropriate activities, experiences, and materials that are selected to engage children in active, meaningful learning. ACCOMPLISHMENTS

Photos: Left; A young boy in a daycare arts & crafts project. Right; Summer campers compete in a sack race as part of field day.

This year, Eliada’s Child Development program received a five star child

care license, the highest that can be awarded to child care organizations in the state of North Carolina. Fewer than 10% of child care centers in North Carolina receive the 5 star rating. We also maintained our accreditation with the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Other accomplishments include the addition of a junior counselor program to our summer camp, in which six teens volunteered their time during camp to assist group leaders and gain valuable experience interviewing, working, and training with the staff. We are also excited about the introduction of new components to our afterschool program, including weekly horseback riding, minibike riding, music, dance, and a ‘positive action’ program by ARP Phoenix, an organization that facilitates youth outreach and education.


Our goals for the upcoming year include raising our enrollment numbers for After School to 60 by September 30th as well as pushing our average summer camp attendance over the 100 mark. In addition, research is being done to add an Outdoor Adventure Camp component to the summer program which will target the teenage population. The program will likely involve two week sessions in which a relatively small group of children will camp, climb, hike, white-water raft, and generally be challenged in the great outdoors.

Longer term goals include developing our relationship with ARP Phoenix, establishing a parent advisory committee, and researching the possibilities of expanding our programming to reach more middle school age children.


Photos: Left; An Eliada Academy teacher helps a young man with homework. Right; The historic Allred building, home of Eliada Academy. Opposite Page: Left; Hillary Seidler, Eliada’s staff psychologist. Right; Green, one of Eliada’s historic buildings, houses administrative staff as well as clinical staff members.


Eliada Academy serves students up to 17 years of age, which usually entails up to the 12th grade. Academic and special education teachers provide a dynamic curriculum for students. Last school year, approximately 50% of the students who attended were from the communitiy. Our school day consists of three academic blocks and one – two enrichment blocks. During enrichment blocks, classes can include TASC, NYPUM, Art, Strength Training, Health, Driver’s Ed, P.E., Drama/Dance, Yoga, Ceramics, Tutorial and Technology/Computers. We follow the NC Standard Course of Study and use the same textbooks approved by Buncombe County Public Schools. Class sizes range from three – eight, with a one to four ratio. The treatment of mental health and education are tightly woven together throughout the day for all students.

Eliada Academy students are also invited to attend the STEP program after school. ACCOMPLISHMENTS

Our students experienced great academic success. Of Buncombe County Schools students who took end of year tests, all but two students passed. 67% of students made the honor roll. Our summer program allowed 15 of 16 high school students to receive additional high school credit. The school improved educational resources through the purchase of computer reading and math programs for all students. All classrooms have 1- 2 computers. We also implemented a computerized grading program, and a credit review and information process for all high school students. We successfully implemented a summer program and involved outside agencies, such as ARP Phoenix, Our

Voice, and Flood Gallery. These organizations focused on substance abuse and sexual violence education, as well as educated our students on filmmaking and made it possible for the students to write and film a class movie. GOALS

In the coming year, we hope to improve academic instruction and outcomes while strengthening the treatment of Eliada Academy students. We will do this through implementation of remediation instruction, utilization of a revised behavior model, scheduling of therapy groups for community students, an increased focus on reading and math skills, and many more strategies. It will be an exciting year for Eliada Academy, and one of continued growth and success.



Family Partnership Program (FPP) is Eliada's Community Support Service which works with children and their families to link, arrange and monitor services as well as provide in-home and community support to divert out-of-home placements, support successful reunifications and transitions, and provide skill development to families. In total, FPP has 8 staff and works with 35 families. ACCOMPLISHMENTS

Over the last year, 85% of clients receiving services remained in the family home at discharge. Clients decreased negative behaviors during services as follows: 21% decrease in assaults; 93% decrease in self injury; 54% decrease in school suspension. We exceeded goals for staff training, clinical supervision, hours of in-home services, and number of family and consumer interventions per visit. Additionally, we achieved revised census goals for community support services. GOALS

Goals for the coming year include sustainability of the program with appropriate growth and expansion, identification and mobilization of resources for FPP staff, strengthening marketing efforts, and integration of central intake to include all mental health services at Eliada. We also hope to educate Eliada’s staff about FPP services.

Eliada’s Outpatient Clinical Department provides individual, group and family therapy for all of Eliada's residential students and for the majority of community support and foster care students. We provide dual diagnosis counseling for students with substance abuse and mental health issues. In addition, we provide campus-wide clinical supervision to all facets of Eliada's treatment programs. Outpatient services are provided by a psychiatrist, psychologist, and licensed clinicans. ACCOMPLISHMENTS

This has been a fantastic year. We have improved the time in which we respond to sexualized behaviors, expanded clinical preservice training for new residential staff, and in partnership with our community support program successfully completed several diagnostic assessments, a new service required for all families. We have seen children reunite with their birth families, find loving foster homes, and return to their biological homes. GOALS

Next year, we will continue expanding outpatient services to meet the growing needs of the agency, including more group therapy across campus, increased dual diagnosis treatment, and more family therapy. We also will expand Eliada's clinical internship program, working hand in hand with higher education programs, to make Eliada an excellent internship site. We will assist with opening of the PRTF, including expansion of clinical services, skills and training of staff.

Support Services at Eliada Children need more than a strong education and a positive environment to succeed; they need to develop skills they can be proud of,

learn the importance of goal achievement, and experience things in life that inspire them.

That’s why, at Eliada, the minimum standard of care is simply not enough.

Enhanced services like our equestrian,

minibike, athletics, and afterschool programs are a big part of what makes Eliada unique.

These programs provide important behavioral

and academic incentives, instill self-esteem,

and often have a strong vocational or

therapeutic component as well. These

programs are not state supported, and exist because community groups, private

individuals, and foundations believe in their

importance. No other provider in the state of North Carolina offers such enhancements.

Photos: Left- Right

A golf team member; Eliada’s historic dairy barn in summer; A TASC lesson on Eliada’s campus; NYPUM participants; A Lady Thunderbolt playing softball.


STEP ADOLESCENT AFTERSCHOOL The Striving Towards Excellence Program (STEP) is a free adolescent afterschool program that was developed due to the increasing need for adolescents, particularly those at risk for dangerous behaviors, to be involved with a fun, safe, stimulating, and healthy after-school experience. Research by Afterschool Alliance has shown that the hours between 3:00 and 6:00pm are prime for juvenile crime and experimentation with sex, drugs, alcohol and smoking. The same organization’s studies also show that students who participate in extracurricular activities have higher grades, lower truancy, and higher levels of college achievement. ACCOMPLISHMENTS

This year, STEP obtained funding from Mission Hospitals and Blossman Gas. STEP served 35 at-

risk students, and was open every day that public school was in session. The curriculum incorporated a wide variety of special interest classes and activities including crafts, yoga, cultural foods, community service, field trips, homework help, and fitness. GOALS

Next year, we will expand marketing efforts, increasing the total number of students enrolled in STEP. We also hope to increase the weekly attendance by students, and to identify and focus on individual interests and goals of each participant. We will also expand transportation options from local schools. Lastly, we will re-design outcome measurements and data collection systems, and meet monthly to evaluate demographics and outcomes data.


Eliada’s Therapeutic Animal Stewardship Cooperative (TASC) provides animal-assisted therapeutic activities for high risk clients with behavioral or emotional problems. Currently the TASC family includes eleven horses, four cats, three goats, and a donkey. ACCOMPLISHMENTS

This year, TASC served hundreds of children in Eliada’s residential, summer camp, STEP, and day treatment programs. We hired an experienced new coordinator and acquired 3 new horses, 5 new saddles, and other equipment such as bitless bridles and stirrups for English saddles. GOALS

We hope to acquire more English saddles, continue building a safe and healthy herd, develop formalized documentation system including sequence of lesson plans and testing, and increase staff training. Our long term goal is finding the funding for a new barn and/or shelters.


The National Youth Project Using Minibikes (NYPUM) motivates children to change their negative behaviors by rewarding positive choices with the opportunity to ride a minibike. Participants learn bike safety, small engine repair, and more. ACCOMPLISHMENTS

NYPUM served 80 students last year. We passed our national site visit, hosting national NYPUM officials in December and May. A program coordinator position was created, and the STEP program manager attended NYPUM training and certification. GOALS

Next year, we will increase the number of students served, contract with outside agencies to provide NYPUM services for their clients, and determine an appropriate fee structure. We will incorporate increased mechanical skills into the program for advanced students, and increase the overall number of community volunteers assisting with the program.


Athletic teams are a way for children to improve their social skills, make lasting friendships, and instill healthy lifestyle habits. Currently, we have 9 sports teams: running, girl/boys soccer, golf, girls volleyball, girl/boys basketball, boys baseball, and girls softball. ACCOMPLISHMENTS

Four students traveled to Disney World for a 5K race in January, and four students won medals at local 5K races in the spring. We hosted the first winter basketball tournament for boys and girls teams, and participated in Eliada’s golf tournament sponsored by the Rotary Club. We obtained golf equipment from area golf courses, and organized area college baseball players to do a work day on Eliada’s athletic facilities. GOALS

This year, we hope to increase involvement in all athletic teams, particularly baseball, and to implement wrestling classes for interested students.

RESIDENTIAL INTERNS SEEKING EXCELLENCE RISE is a residential internship program that offers recent college graduates valuable professional experience, free housing, and a living stipend in exchange for a year-long commitment. Many RISE staff members go on to become full-time employees on Eliada’s campus. Others leave the program as some of the most highly skilled young professionals in the human services field, with a number of alumni going on to graduate social work programs across the nation.

Photos: Left: A staff member talks with an Eliada Academy student Middle: A teacher helps a young student with classwork. Right: Duplex housing is a benefit of RISE participation Opposite Page: RISE staff members pose for a group photo during Eliada’s annual fall festival.


ACCOMPLISHMENTS This year, 18 RISE staffers contributed immeasurably to the success of the agency. RISE staff coached volleyball and basketball teams, supervised students during summer groups, and covered approximately threequarters of the open shifts in Eliada’s residential program. Two of last year’s staff, Annie Simkin and Lindsay Hill,

have been accepted to the University of Michigan’s master of social work program, which is the top graduate school for social work in the nation. Many RISE alumni stayed on at Eliada to accept positions as resident counselors, lead resident counselors, and program managers.

GOALS This year, three new extremely dynamic lead RISE staff members will assist first year program participants as they learn more about Eliada’s care continuum. With their guidance and the support of the RISE program coordinator, RISE staff members will be instrumental in facilitating the success of new programmatic endeavors for the coming year. RISE staff will help to support students transitioning to public school, and will assist other staff members in providing

support coverage for the new Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF).

This year, we will also focus on maximizing the RISE experience by helping individual RISE staff members identify personal career goals. This information will be used to tailor each staff member’s experience at Eliada to reflect the skills and knowledge most important to them. Some RISE staff members will also spend time shadowing others and learning responsibilities specific to program and case management. We hope to continue growing the RISE program and, as a long term goal, plan to partner with an area university to offer graduate course credit as another benefit of RISE participation.









The financial statements of Eliada Homes and Eliada Foundation have been prepared on the accrual basis of accounting conforming to accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America as applicable for not-for-profit organizations. The 2006 figures are unaudited.

Expenses are allocated on a functional basis among various programs and support services. Expenses that can be identified with a specific program are allocated directly. Other shared expenses are distributed to programs and support services proportionately. Property and equipment is recorded at historical cost or fair market value on the date of donation. -Becky Williams, CFO





Becky Williams Chief Financial Officer










Day Treatment at Eliada Academy Community Support Services

Therapeutic Foster Care

Family Foster Care

Outpatient Treatment

Diagnostic Assessment Daycare

After School





Level IV Residential Care




Level III Residential Care


More at Four

Summer Camp $5,045,865 $1,123,571

$674,022 $114,636 $109,136 $102,202 $93,142 $91,558 $79,860 $40,663





June 30, 2006 (unaudited) CASH





















$209,045 $247,182




























$672,896 $2,019







$434,388 $209,046



July 30, 2005

$37,434 $59,600

$218,328 $219,083

$2,669 $9,639 -

$314,333 $324,900












“However beautiful the strategy, you

should occasionally look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

Eliada offers a full continuum of

Eliada began a formalized strategic

and their families each year. As

conducting an environmental scan

care, serving hundreds of children with most non-profits, funding for

these desperately needed services

(surveys of students, parents,

referral agencies, legislatures,

is often limited and finite. That is

school administrators, community

received from the federal and state

We also conducted SWOT Analysis

why it is essential that each dollar government, private insurance,

activist, foundations and donors). (Strengths, Weaknesses,

foundations and private donors be

Opportunities & Threats) for each

Eliada’s proactive and innovative

objectives and reviewed Eliada’s

agency for over a century. This is

child and family services in North

used effectively and efficiently.

ethic is what has sustained the only accomplished by careful

monitoring of quality and fiscal

indicators, effective communication within the organization and a

continuous strategic planning

of our programs and services. We developed quality and financial

position as a provider of quality


Once this process was completed the Senior Management and the

Board of Trustees met for a two day

mechanism to ensure optimum

retreat to review information and

strategic planning efforts will be

for Eliada. Just two years into our

performance. Over the next year,

develop short and long term goals

strengthened by the addition of a

strategic plan, Eliada has

position to our staff. This

short-term goals and 60% of the

Director of Program Evaluation

individual will help agency

leadership comprehensively

evaluate the impact of treatment participation, and will help to identify ways in which to

continually refine programming for optimal success.


planning process in 2003 by

accomplished 98% of the identified long term goals. This is a true

testament of how effective this process can be for Eliada in

developing programs that Help

Children Succeed. The following outlines the goals that were

developed in 2004 and what has been accomplished to date.

Photos: Left: Spring on Eliada’s campus. Right: Eliada’s Strategic Planning Team.


Eliada looked at Charter Schooling, Psychiatric Residential Treatment,

Facility-based Crisis Services, After School Services for at-risk

adolescents, and Private Pay

Residential Clients. After reviewing

these options and carefully weighing

the pros and cons of each, the following was decided: 



Eliada sought and received a license from the State of North Carolina to

provide this much-needed service in

North Carolina. Starting in

September 2006, this program will

be the only PRTF in Western North Carolina, allowing Eliada to serve

some of the most needed children in

the region. With generous grants from the Janirve Foundation and the Mental Health Trust Fund,

Eliada was able to renovate the

Reynolds Cottage into a state-of-theart treatment facility.



In 2005 Eliada received generous

three-year grants from the Mission Foundation and Blossman Gas to

provide After-School programming for at-risk adolescents. Housed in

the newly renovated PARC facility, almost 40 local adolescents

participated in a free after school

program that focuses on tutoring, prevention and exciting age

appropriate activities. The students participated in Eliada’s TASC equestrian program, NYPUM

minibike program, and on our seven

competitive athletic teams. The goal is to reduce the problems these students encounter in school,

eliminate the use of alcohol, drugs

and tobacco and encourage each

With a team of highly trained and

dedicated staff, Eliada provides an

array of services to families

throughout Western North Carolina. The goal of avoiding out of home placements is the key to this

initiative. The team also provides a great deal of services to students

and their families for reunification when a child returns home from a

residential or foster care placement. Eliada focuses on preservation and growth within the family. 


Eliada has further developed its

TASC program (Therapeutic Animal Stewardship Cooperative),

established NYPUM (National

Youth Project Using Minibikes) and

developed several competitive sports

student to develop appropriate skills

programs: Boys Baseball, Girls

Wrestling, Boys and Girls Soccer.

to help them succeed in adulthood. COMMUNITY SERVICES

Eliada now provides diagnostic

assessment, therapeutic foster care and community support services.

Softball, Boys and Girls Basketball, Golf, Cross Country, Volleyball,

All of these programs help each

student develop new skills and

develop confidence and self esteem.


 Eliada developed a detailed Capital Improvement Plan that outlines initiative through 2011.  Numerous improvements such as: Renovations of all bathrooms, refurbishing of Eliada Academy, new roofs on all the buildings, repainting of all student bedrooms, renovations to Lions Cottage, wooden fencing of pastures, renovations of pools and landscaping around the campus.  Major renovations of the old Tabernacle building into the PARC facility- a multi-purpose building that houses the agencies after-school program, summer camp, meeting and recreational rooms and a weightlifting facility. ESTABLISHMENT OF ELIADA


 Eliada Foundation was established as a supporting organization to Eliada Homes, Inc. With its own Board of Trustees especially skilled at fund development and investments, they have taken on the challenge of developing effective methods to raise new funds and build the endowment.  Eliada Foundation has focused on the goal of building a 10 million dollar endowment by the year 2010, a vital task to ensure that Eliada continues to provide unique enhanced services and will be in the financial position to provide quality service for children for another 100 years.


 Eliada Foundation also oversees the organization’s investment options and property management for a campus of 188 acres.  The Foundation provides educational scholarships to Eliada graduates who desire to pursue a college education or trade school. During the last two years Eliada has provided financial assistance to several students attending school at UNC – Charlotte, UNC – Asheville, AB-Tech and Marlboro College in Vermont. ENHANCED STAFF RECRUITMENT, TRAINING AND EVALUATION

 Eliada now employs a full time recruiter who focuses on the search for the best and brightest staff for Eliada. The recruiter travels each year to dozens of colleges and job fairs to find those potential employees whose core values are in alignment with Eliada’s core principles.  RISE Program – Eliada established a one year internship for newly graduated college students with backgrounds in Psychology, Sociology, Education, Recreation and Criminal Justice. 18 Students live on the Eliada Campus and work in all aspects of the treatment and educational programs to develop their skills as effective teaches and clinicians.  Treatment staff education is provided on a daily basis, headed by Eliada’s clinical staff and Human Resources department.

This ongoing curriculum addresses skills beyond initial training and the development of managerial and administrative skills.  Eliada established an evaluation system that provides continuous feedback and formal evaluations twice a year. This allows each service area to achieve alignment with the agency’s objectives and goals, while developing the skills of each individual staff. OUTCOMES AND EVALUATION

 Eliada is committed to effective and high quality services to the students and families they serve. Eliada has received two important grants from the Duke Endowment to develop and implement outcome measurements.  During the next three years Eliada will develop and utilize tools to determine indicators of success, while a child is in treatment and longitudinal studies to track the success of each student after they graduate from an Eliada program and progress into adulthood. As you can see Eliada has had a wonderful period of success and growth. Through careful strategic planning we continue to develop and refine the continuum of services that makes Eliada unique in the nation.


The Eliada Foundation, Inc. was organized and exists exclusively as a supporting organization of Eliada Homes, Inc., which in turn provides services for children and families in need. Many of you know about the day to day operations of Eliada, but might not be familiar with the role of the Foundation. The purpose of this annual report is to educate and inform you about the Foundation and disclose activities that have transpired during the past year.

Timothy Kelley President Eliada Foundation

The Foundation’s focus is raising unrestricted support to subsidize operating activities and programs of Eliada and also building endowment funds that will provide future support. The primary assets of the Foundation are the land and buildings that comprise the Eliada Campus and the current investment portfolios. A portion of our investment portfolio for permanent endowment funds are presently maintained under an agreement with The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina. At June 30, 2006, the Foundation had total assets of approximately $10.3 million. Those assets consist of approximately $7.8 million in facilities, $1.9 in investments, and $600,000 in promises to give, receivables, and cash.

Our goals are simple. We want to create financial stability for the operating agency through various development activities and the management and care of those financial assets that have been entrusted to us. Our success has been, and will continue to be, attributable to our donors for their annual support and endowment gifts and the many other supporters who provide grants and other financial support.

Grant writing, proposal requests, special fundraising events, and other support requests are just a few of the many things that our development staff devote their attention to throughout the year. This enables us to strengthen the Foundation financially and ultimately the success of Eliada. We are truly thankful for each gift that enables us to support our ultimate mission.




Timothy A. Kelley President

Hugh E. McCollum Vice-President

John M. Isgrig


James M. Lesko Jean B. McGuire Gary C. Roberts Richard A. Sills Stuart E. Weidie

Photos: Left & Right: Eliada’s annual Christmas Tea, held at the Inn on the Biltmore Estate, is an important fundraiser for the agency.


 JANIRVE FOUNDATION $150,000 for renovations related to the new Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF)  DUKE ENDOWMENT $150,000 for a new comprehensive program evaluation staff person and outcomes program  MENTAL HEALTH TRUST FUND $52,500 for PRTF start up costs  PARSEC FINANCIAL $13,000 for operating support  MONGOVIS FUND $5,500 to hire a staff chaplain and volunteer coordinator  RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE $2,000 to purchase health & recreation equipment for Lions Cottage SPECIAL EVENTS

 Annual Bass Tournament  Rotary Club/Century 21 Mountain Lifestyles Golf Tournament  Christmas Tea  Annual Fall Festival  Ingles’ Markets Icon campaign  Annual Blood Drive  Founder’s Day

One of our most lofty goals over the next several years is to grow our endowed investments to approximately $10 million. At June 30, 2006 our endowed investments are approximately $1.1 million. The Foundation’s budgeted goal for the coming year is $1.5 million in new restricted endowment gifts. We have over the past several years received endowed gifts from donors such as Mr. Paul Amos and others. But to reach our goal, we will need additional gifts and support. Planned giving, bequests and corporate gifts are just a few ways we hope to accomplish our goals. Some of our current endowments allow us to accomplish such things as funding annual higher education scholarships for deserving students beyond their years at Eliada. OTHER STRATEGIC INITIATIVES

 Building endowment  Seeking ongoing support for our annual operating programs  Funding facility improvements  Raising support for various program positions as currently needed, such as a chaplain.

As we reflect on our past, we must take time to express our appreciation to Eliada’s long-time planned giving officer, Linda Humphrey, who has decided to pursue other interest. Linda was a vital part of the success of our past development activities, particularly in facilitating planned gifts that have contributed to our current endowments. Our organization has been blessed by what Linda has done for Eliada and the many children and families that her dedication has benefited.

On behalf of my fellow Foundation board members, we are truly thankful for the opportunity to contribute to the success of Eliada. But in order for us to accomplish our ultimate goal, we need the support and heartfelt giving from those in our community and state to make sure that Eliada is able to serve children and families for years to come. -Tim Kelley, President of Eliada Foundation, Inc.











$1,979,054 $532,719



$1,353,876 $3,152

$1,657,712 $926,310



























July 30, 2005

(unaudited) INVESTMENTS


June 30, 2006









Foundation & State Grants 35%


Legacies & Bequests 23%

Individual Donations 18%

Corporate Gifts 10% Special Events 5%

In-Kind Gifts 1%

Church, School, & Memorials & Civic Gifts Honorariums 5% 3%


$12,000,000 $11,000,000


$10,000,000 $9,000,000 $8,000,000 $7,000,000 $6,000,000

$7,535,013 $6,401,942





$5,000,000 $4,000,000



$3,000,000 $2,000,000 $1,000,000







2003 Operating Budget

$3,839,868 $2,100,857 $1,562,921

$1,039,489 2004 Operating Budget


Operating Budget Net Assets Endowment & Investments Operating Budget Net Assets Net Endowment &Assets Investments Endowment & Investments

Net Assets


Net A

Linear (Endowment & Investments) Linear ( Endowment & Investmen Linear (

Endowment Investments Linear (ofEndowment Investments) ( Endowment & Investments) Change in&net assetsLinear in 2005 was, in part, due to the transfer ownership of&property and

buildings from Eliada Homes, Inc. to Eliada Foundation, Inc. A certified appraisal of these assets was necessary to facilitate this transfer. An increase in net assets of $6,036,079 was realized.


Since its inception in 2004, Eliada Foundation has raised over

$2,157,586 toward the annual fund to support the programs and

operations of Eliada Home for Children. In addition, the

Foundation has secured almost $700,000 for Eliada’s Endowment. The endowment represents a permanent fund, the interest from

which will provide uninterrupted income for support of Eliada into

the future.

All of us at Eliada extend our heartfelt thanks to our donors who

make our work possible. Many of our donors are long-time friends Michelle M. Robinson Development Director

who share their interest in Eliada with their family and friends.

Others are special supporters who make a very personal planned gift which benefits Eliada for decades to come. We honor their

contributions in this publication and with the work we do each day. The Eliada Foundation recently created a new website,, which provides information on all of our programs and services. There, you will find historical information, stories of

individual children whom our programs have benefited, and news of recent agency happenings and successes.

In the coming year, the Eliada Foundation will establish Leadership Giving Societies to recognize donors who make a substantial

commitment to ensure the future success of Eliada Homes for

Children. They are to be named in honor of leaders and significant events that have shaped Eliada.

In our fiscal year of July 1, 2005 through June 30, 2006, over 2,000

generous individual and corporate donors contributed to the success of our children with their gifts to the Foundation. As Eliada

continues its mission of Helping Children Succeed, we hope you

know that your gift is vital to achieving our strategic goals and to

continuing to provide exemplary programs and services for children and families of our region.

-Michelle M. Robinson, Director of Development


“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” -Winston Churchill


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This is a publication of Eliada Foundation, Inc., supporting Eliada Homes, Inc. in the mission of Helping Children Succeed.

Eliada Foundation P.O. Box 16708 2 Compton Drive Asheville, NC 28806 Phone 828.254.5356 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

Financial information about this organization and a copy of its license are available from the State Solicitation Licensing Branch at 1-828-830-4989. The License is not an endorsement by the state. Florida registration number: CH-19854, 100% of contributions are received by our agency.

Eliada's 2006 Annual Report  

Eliada's 2006 Annual Report

Eliada's 2006 Annual Report  

Eliada's 2006 Annual Report