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Eliada Helping Children Succeed 2010 Annual Report

Letter from the President & CEO

When I reflect over the last year, I am filled with hope. For those of you who have seen the news of ongoing state and federal cuts, this may seem like a surprising statement.Yet, when I think of all the incredible progress we’ve made at Eliada in the last twelve months, it’s hard to feel anything but optimism.

about many of these achievements in this report. We renovated our historic dairy barn to a world-class recreation center, improved the nutritional standards of the food our children eat, introduced evidence-based models, and even added a llama, pig, and chickens to our therapeutic animal program.

Eliada’s history has always been one of triumph over adversity. Even from the earliest times there have been challenges that threatened to close our doors forever. Through fires that destroyed primary buildings to the Great Depression and even the recent Great Recession, Eliada has weathered many storms. We did it without the financial security of a large endowment or patronage of a wealthy benefactor, and often in the face of many who said it could not be done.

It is because of adversity that Eliada is resilient, and so in many ways I am thankful for it. I know that, no matter what challenges might come our way, we will turn them into opportunities. Guided by the conviction of our mission, our love for Eliada’s students, and our faith in God, together there is no goal we cannot achieve. The successes in this report are proof of that.

We often tell our students that there are two types of people in the world: those who become victims of circumstance, and those who allow challenges to become character-building experiences. This is true for organizations as well. This last year, despite the economic climate and the continued threat of funding cuts, we were able to make changes to our programs and updates to our facilities that will significantly improve the lives of the youth in our care. You will read

Eliada is a community of families, board members, staff, businesses, donors, and others who have one singular goal: Helping Children Succeed. Thank you for being a part of this community, and for your support in helping us fulfill this mission. In service of children, Mark C. Upright, J.D., M.B.A. President & CEO Attorney at Law

A Year of Growth and Change “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not... nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genuis will not... unrewarded genius is almost legendary. Education will not... the world is full of educated derelicts. Peristence and determination alone are omnipotent.” -Calvin Collidge

Top Left: A residential student stops for a photo. The student is part of Eliada’s Physical Education program, in which our newly-added PE teacher works with students to help them achieve their physical fitness goals. Top Right & Bottom Left: Students in Eliada’s Child Development programs play outside in an area that will soon be renovated, thanks to a grant that will change the play space by adding new equipment, landscaping, and elements to improve the outdoor learning environment. Bottom Right: A view of the administration building shows the irises in full bloom. Over the coming year, many volunteer groups will complete landscaping projects on our campus, helping to further beautify the living environment for students in our care.

Letter from the Board Chairman

Front Row: Kevin Westmoreland, Gary Roberts, Charles Smith. Middle Row: Ken Hunt, Jean McGuire, Latrella McElreath, Sally Pearlman. Back Row: Stuart Weidie, Jim Lesko, Debbie Burchfield, Co-Wefa Lyda, Dr. James Weilbaecher. Not pictured: Harriette Winner, John O’Neal, Karen Donatelli, Chad Roope, Kris Wilson, & Bill Smith.

Dear Friends of Eliada Home, It has certainly been an exciting year for the Eliada Board of Trustees. The economic condition of our local economy has been in the forefront of our minds over the last year. One of our main priorities has been monitoring our annual budget to provide the most efficient services we can offer to our children. I am pleased to say that we as a board have achieved some wonderful things for the Eliada. We have been certified as a Critical Access Behavioral Health agency; we have made vast improvements to the efficiency of Clinical Services to better serve our children and their families; and our staff has worked very hard on improving the dietary and physical fitness activities for our children. In the coming year, we are committed to continuing to look for ways to begin a Vocational

Transitional Living Program. We will also be working closely with the Eliada Foundation on creating a Master Plan for the Eliada campus. This will help us to more effectively layout our facility needs and improve the services we offer to our children and their families. We will continue to look for diverse funding opportunities to help with reducing our dependency on Federal and State revenues as our main form of support for our children’s services. I greatly appreciate all of the support everyone has given to Eliada Home and our children, and sincerely hope you will continue to support us in the future. Sincerely, Gary C. Roberts, Chairman Eliada Home Board of Trustees

A Community of Caring If you enjoy stories like this one, consider signing up to receive monthly student Success Stories via email. Each month, you’ll receive the inspirational story of one of our students and more information on the Eliada program he/she participates in. Sign up at

Isaac is a student in Eliada’s More at Four program. More at Four is a free kindergarten readiness program that aims to ensure all children enter kindergarten on a level playing field, equipped with basic academic and social skills necessary for success. More at Four provides families with a community of teachers supported by early intervention specialists and child development professionals; for Isaac, this community became especially important when he was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis Type I. This diagnosis meant that Isaac had a tumor on a nerve in his brain that had to be removed. Learning disabilities are common with Neurofibromatosis, and while Isaac was developmentally on track with his peers, his mother worried that Isaac would lose skills as a result of the multiple surgeries he would require. His family and teachers agreed that after surgery, being a part of More at Four would be more important for Isaac than ever. Isaac and his family made several trips to Duke University Medical Center to prepare for the surgery. These trips often included painful procedures that left Isaac feeling depressed and angry. His mother worried about the psychological effect this would have on him. All the while, Isaac missed his friends in class, who anxiously awaited word on his condition each time he missed school. Throughout the time leading up to surgery, Isaac’s teachers stayed in touch with his family to ensure he was staying on track with his classmates. They provided moral support to his mother and were always there to lend whatever support they could.

Being friends with Isaac was an important learning experience for the other students, many of whom had never had a friend or loved one who dealt with such a serious medical issue. Just before surgery, Isaac’s teachers and classmates presented him with a Build-A-Bear they had made just for him. The students voted on every aspect of the bear, even the name (Dr. Sunshine). They stuffed the bear with 22 hearts; one for each of the students and teachers. The day of his surgery, Isaac’s family surrounded him wearing t-shirts they had made in Isaac’s favorite color, red. The shirts said “Go Team Isaac!” and matched a shirt that Isaac wore which said “Hero!” The surgery went well and left Isaac with 15 stitches on the back of his head, which was quite the topic of interest for his classmates. Isaac is back in class and reports that life after surgery “is great.” He loves being back with his friends and is back to enjoying being a four-year-old. When asked how he got through it all, Isaac smiles and repeats the class cheer that each student in Eliada’s More at Four program says every day: “I am awesome!”

Education Programs: A Closer Look Child Care, More at Four, & School-age Care

Pictured Above: Students in Eliada’s Child Development Programs, which include child care, More at Four, and School-age care. These programs provide 5-star services to working families at an extremely affordable rate. Eliada’s Child Development Center serves students without regard to race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status.

Top 5 Successes in Education Programs 1.

More at Four Program Eliada’s More at Four Program, a free kindergarten readiness initiative, successfully graduated 86 students! These prekindergarteners leave Eliada prepared to enter public school on a level playing field with their peers. More at Four remains a leading reason why North Carolina places second in the nation for kindergarten readiness.

2. 5-star Rating Once again, Eliada’s Child Development Center maintained a 5-star rating.Very few child care centers earn this distinction, and of those that do, even fewer serve as diverse a population as Eliada. Also, the center achieved

superior sanitation ratings and earned special mention for a stellar curriculum.


Cultural Competency Child Development programs have placed an emphasis on cultural competency, including special meals and activities for students such as a Ramadan feast, a Christmas celebration, and much more.

4. Community and Parent Partnership The Child Development staff has worked to facilitate increased community and parent partnership. Several teachers have taken conversational Spanish to better serve their Hispanic students (the center is

serving 18 students who speak only Spanish). The Kindergarten readiness committee maintains a high level of participation, and we have forged relationships with Buncombe County Services to improve nutritional standards for students.

5. Continuing Education The Child Development staff members continue to excel in continuing education efforts. Director Tracey McCrain graduated with her MBA this year, while teachers Mary Ann Huggins and Tara Robbins graduated with BirthKindergarten degrees. Through their example, the love of learning is modeled to our students.


Need for Child Development








Care while parent(s) work


Care while parent(s) are in school


Child in a foster care placement

Number of Child Development Students With Special Needs ADHD Speech & Language Sensory Disability Autism Cerebral Palsy Asthma 0






Treatment Programs: A Closer Look Residential Care, Foster Care, Day Treatment, Case Management, Outpatient & Recreation Services

Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility Care: A step-down placement or alternative to psychiatric hospitalization for children and adolescents with multiple diagnoses dealing with issues like cutting, aggression, violence, attachment, depression, trauma, and substance abuse. Under the direction of a psychiatrist, residential, clinical, educational and nursing staff work together to provide comprehensive treatment around the clock based on each student’s specific treatment needs and goals.

Primary Diagnosis & Focus of Treatment

Family Foster Care & Therapeutic Foster Care: Family foster care provides a safe, nurturing temporary home for children who have been removed from their home due to abuse or neglect. Therapeutic foster care students benefit from therapeutic interventions in the family environment with the support of professionally trained foster parents. Many have had conflicts in other placements and difficulty forming trusting relationships with caregivers. 25% Oppositional Defiant

Day Treatment: A day program for children and adolescents who are unable to function in a public school setting. The program includes therapeutic activities, crisis management, treatment interventions, and skills training integrated with academic instruction.

21% Depression 14% Bipolar 12% Mood Disorder

Case Management, Outpatient Therapy & Therapeutic Recreation Services: All students in Eliada’s treatment services can receive individual, family and/or group therapy from licensed clinicians who utilize equine, art, and play resources as well as evidenced based therapies designed to treat the child’s primary needs. Intensive case management services are provided in each program and for students from the community with mental health needs. Our therapeutic and recreational activities range from animals to mini bikes to physical fitness and intramural sports.

8% Conduct Disorder 6% Generalized Anxiety 5% Post-Traumatic Stress 4% Reactive Attachment 5% Other

Top 5 Successes in Treatment Programs 1.

Critical Access Behavioral Health Agency (CABHA) Eliada achieved certification as a Critical Access Behavioral Health Agency (CABHA). Of the 600 plus agencies in North Carolina who applied to receive this designation, only 175 were successful. In bestowing the CABHA designation, the state recognized Eliada as an elite provider of comprehensive care for the most needy youth in our community.

2. Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) In the past year we completed the conversion of our residential services to Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF)-level care. Students who need PRTF care are the most


high-acuity in the mental health system. They have often suffered significant emotional trauma and require a long road to recovery. Eliada’s is the only PRTF in WNC; in offering this level of care, we are bridging a critical gap in access to needed services for the most vulnerable kids.


Therapeutic & Recreational Activities We continue to seek ways to positively enrich the lives of students in our care through the development of Therapeutic & Recreational Activities. This year, we added a climbing wall, hosted the first-ever Southeast Regional NYPUM Minibike Rodeo, and oversaw the rehabilitation of our historic dairy barn into a firstrate student health & fitness center. In addition, we established


a unique partnership with the UNCA student athletics department to create an intramural sports program for our students.

4. Day Treatment Our Day Treatment program continues to change the lives of young people who have not found success in public school. In this program, 85% of students made up one or more grade levels in reading, while 61% increased one or more grade levels in writing.

5. Program Evaluation Model We have made great strides in our program evaluation model, which seeks to define and measure outcomes and satisfaction with services for children and adolescents in all treatment programs.


6% Hispanic or Other

5% Ages 1-9

42% Male

11% African-American

25% Ages 10-13

58% Female

8% Biracial

71% Ages 14-18

76% Caucasian

A New Path This Success Story is a bit different in that it is told from the perspective of a parent of an Eliada student. Some of our students are placed at Eliada not due to abuse or neglect, but because of mental health issues outside the parent’s ability to manage. We hope this provides insight into another aspect of our treatment programs.

Last summer, I discovered my daughter was cutting herself. At 14, she was spiraling down and I was unable to stop it. Maggie started therapy in September, and although it helped for a short time, the cutting resumed and her depression worsened. I didn’t know how to help her, but I became good at seeing the signs that she was cutting. As this behavior increased, our relationship deteriorated. Maggie began threatening suicide; I was terrified and overwhelmed. I placed her in the psychiatric ward of the hospital, fearing for her life. Her room was white with a flat mattress and little else. I made it outside before I broke down. They don’t keep patients long, and she came home a week later only to end up back in the unit within two weeks. There, someone told me about Eliada and the Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility Program (PRTF). I resisted at first, trying so hard to come up with any other solution that would allow her to stay at home. Everyone in her treatment program supported placing her at Eliada and I knew it was something we had to do. I don’t know how I made it through the day that I took her. I had to wait until that morning to tell her. As we completed the paperwork and the staff examined her, I saw long red stripes on her precious body where she had cut herself the night before. I felt I couldn’t breathe from the tremendous guilt about leaving her yet again. I don't know how we made it through that first month. My daughter was extremely angry with me for putting her at Eliada and our visits usually ended as soon as they started. Her progress was slow at first but then I began to see a difference.

The staff was so impressed by her progress, they asked her to give a tour of the cottage to a visiting group from The Duke Endowment. The group included Eliada CEO Mark Upright and William Anlyan, the Chancellor Emeritus of Duke University Medical Center. Mr. Anlyan was so impressed by Maggie that he told Mr. Upright if she hadn't considered it yet, Maggie should look into applying to Duke. When Mr. Upright returned and told her what Mr. Anlyan had said, he gave Maggie his card and told her to use him as a reference. Talk about self-esteem! She was shown a new path to follow, one filled with promise and self-fulfillment. Maggie left Eliada 7 months later. She was able to return to school and, with grace, handled all of the questions she was asked about where she had been. She is on the yearbook staff and is doing something she loves, journalism. It is one of her dreams to be a journalist. She plans to learn this at Duke University, a dream she has held since fifth grade. As time moves forward, I am beginning to see the true Maggie reemerge. She is enjoying being a teenager again, playing soccer, going to girl scout camp, and learning to play guitar. She is working on getting her driver’s permit so she can take her friends to the mall. Now I am able to see my daughter as an individual on the new path Eliada helped lead her to, one that has empowered her to become the successful person she is today.

Environment Matters At Eliada, we believe in the importance of creating an environment that honors the students in our care. In fact, our vision statement is “Creating the optimal environment to allow children and their families to succeed.” This year, we renovated our historic dairy barn to a world-class health and fitness center for our students, including a climbing wall, weight room, exercise loft, and fitness equipment.

Top Left: An archival photo of the dairy barn shows the older boys who were Eliada residents and charged with the responsibility of operating the dairy. Top Right: The newly constructed loft area of the fitness center. The loft will be used for exercise classes, yoga, and meetings. Bottom Left: The center cupola and weather vane commemorate the fitness center’s past as a historic dairy barn. In 1927, “the farm” and dairy cows were donated to Eliada. The dairy operation provided needed funding to Eliada for many decades, and was staffed primarily by the boys and girls who lived at Eliada. Bottom Right: An outside view of the fitness center. New windows and doors provide natural light, while the new steel roof is guaranteed for the next century.

Letter from the Board Chairman Dear Friends of Eliada, The Eliada Foundation board is pleased to report that the past year has been very successful even during these trying economic times. We have continued to stay on course with our sole mission, which is to support Eliada Homes in the provision of services to families and children. In order to succeed in the coming years we need the ongoing commitment of individuals, businesses, churches, bequests and granting agencies to fulfill our goals and the 20 year vision of Eliada. Our strategic planning has been to focus on increasing our donor base, build our endowment funds for the future, and enhance our visibility in the community. The Board strives to maximize every contribution dollar entrusted to the Foundation and has managed our $11 million dollars in assets in a financially prudent manner. We are pleased to report that currently we have no outstanding debt, have allowed our endowment funds earnings to be reinvested for growth, and have approximately $2.6 million in invested funds. Eliada is an organization you can trust. Most highperforming organizations are able to allocate 75% of their donation dollars to programs; at Eliada, a full 87% of every dollar donated goes directly to the students in our care. Our physical facilities have been renovated over the past year in order to meet our ongoing program needs and beautify our campus. We would encourage all donors and supporters to visit our campus and see the exciting changes that are taking place and get involved.

One of our primary goals is to increase our community visibility and our family of Eliada supporters. In order to accomplish that goal we seek out the most efficient fund raisers and rely on the generous gifts and bequests from our donors. A couple of our major fund raisers this past year were the Eliada Corn Maze, the Eliada Charity Golf Classic, and our Christmas Tea. Our development staff, board members and volunteers have worked very hard to support our mission. We realize that the success of our Foundation and the work of Eliada Homes is a team effort and we ask each of you actively support this team with your time, talents and financial support. Please be a part of the Eliada family. Many thanks to each of you and may God bless you all. Sincerely, Timothy A. Kelley, Chairman Eliada Foundation Board of Trustees

Financial Performance Revenue (Eliada Homes & Eliada Foundation Consolidated) Contributions & Fundraising Grants (Private, Federal, & State) County & State Medicaid Investment Activities Rental Income Interest Income Private Pay Miscellaneous Income

$420,588 $351,951 $2,083,711 $6,332,631 $305,803 $17,970 $7,096 $425,804 $2,293

Total Revenue: $9,947,847

Expenses (Eliada Homes & Eliada Foundation Consolidated) Personnel Supplies, Equipment, & Postage Food Telephone & Technology Clothing Utilities Insurance, Licenses, & Fees Maintenance & Repairs Travel Dues & Subscriptions Recreation Activities Student-related Expenses Foster Care Payments Rent Professional Fees Conferences Promotions Bad Debts Interest Depreciation

Total Expenses: $9,841,122

$7,199,645 $280,021 $286,394 $92,404 $18,982 $192,817 $149,566 $339,720 $31,863 $13,579 $16,104 $29,230 $501,523 $41,460 $228,068 $32,396 $91,545 $2,858 $5,042 $287,905

Above: Some of the fundraising events Eliada’s Development Department facilitates. Top: An aerial view of the agency’s annual corn maze. Middle: The annual Christmas Tea at the Inn on Biltmore Estate. Bottom: The Annual Eliada Charity Classic presented by The Littlest Golfer, held each year at The Grove Park Inn Golf Course.

Honoring those who make a difference Each year, we recognize those who have played a pivotal role in the fulfillment of our mission through the annual Founder’s Awards. Four awards are given to the “best of the best” among our volunteers and supporters. This year, the Founder’s Award, the highest honor we bestow, goes to Stewart and Linda Humphrey in recognition of their combined half century of service. Stewart served as the CEO of Eliada from 1981-2002, while Linda established the organization’s first planned giving program. Our volunteer of the year is Dr. Kay Loveland and her therapy dog, Misha, while our employee volunteer of the year is Beth Young, in recognition of her service during the agency’s annual corn maze. Lastly, for their support during Christmas and throughout the year, Dixon-Hughes Goodman PLLC has been named the Corporate Supporter of the Year.

Top Left: Stewart and Linda Humphrey, recipients of the 2011 Founder’s Award. Top Right: Kay Loveland and her dog, Misha, Volunteers of the Year. Bottom Left: Beth Young, Employee Volunteer of the Year. Bottom Right: Dixon-Hughes Goodman PLLC, Corporate Supporters of the Year.

Planning a Legacy Gift In the 1950’s, a young pediatrician named Dr. Mary Helen McConnell learned there was an orphanage that could use pro-bono medical help. She came to Eliada and immediately fell in love with the children she met there. Over half a century later, she continues to be involved. When she married Ralph Schwarzkopf in the 1970’s, she shared her passion for Eliada with him. Ralph became a board member and gave several years of service. Both Mary Helen and Ralph were always donors, but 25 years ago they decided they wanted to do something more. They wanted to make a gift that would ensure that the children at Eliada would be provided for even after the Schwarzkopfs were gone. They began building a trust fund that included Eliada because they believe in our work with children and want to see it continued. Often, we only learn of these kinds of gifts through a letter after the donor has passed away. It’s rare that we have the opportunity to recognize and thank the giver during their lifetime. Thank you, Mary Helen and Ralph Schwarzkopf! We are so appreciative of all you’ve done for the children of Eliada.

Ways to Leave a Legacy Gift What is it?


Living Trust

A trust you can establish to be in effect during your lifetime.

Terms can be changed at any time.

Bequest in Will

A gift you make by naming Eliada in your will.

Gives you flexibility in providing for family needs first.

Life Insurance A gift of an old or new policy with Eliada named as Gift beneficiary or owner.

Provides a way to make a significant gift with little expenditure.

Retirement Plan Gift

A gift made by naming Eliada as remainder after your Preserves plan value and allows you to death. leave heirs less costly bequets.

Real Estate Gift

A donation of real property, either in full or with a retained life estate.

Charitable Remainder Unitrust

A trust that pays a set income to you and those you Provides fixed annual income for donor name before Eliada receives the remainder. or other beneficiary.

Charitable Gift Annuity

A contract which pays you back a percentage of your gift annually.

Charitable Lead Trust

A trust that pays an income to Eliada for a period of Allows you to pass assets to heirs years before you or your heirs receive the intact at a reduced cost. remainder.

Can allow you to live in your home and still receive charitable deduction.

Gives you and/or another beneficiary a set income for life.

Thank You to our Donors Each year, we rely on the support of individuals, churches, businesses, & schools to continue our work with youth in need. The below listing includes all those supporters who gave in any amount during 2010. On behalf of the students, families, staff, and board of Eliada, thank you for your support!

Individuals Dorel Abbott Blan Aldridge Marilyn Allen Danny Allender Harry Allison Kenneth Allman Mark Allmond Frank Ambrose Terry Andersen Walter Andersen G. Martin Anderson James Anderson Marshall Anderson Michael Andry Nathan Arthur Carolyn Ashworth Dennis Atkins Lewis Augustine Kathey Avery-Hoover Michael Babb Stacey Bailey Gloria Baker Juanita Baker Greg and Joyce Ball Harry Barnes Corajean Barrett John Barry Charles Bassett Betsey Bent David Berens Steven Birkhofer Glenn Blackburn Madeline Blom Linda Boone Roger Boone Joseph Bossler Frank Bown Charles Boyd

Patrick Boyer Chuck Bradley Harry Bridges Andrew Brunk Marilyn Buchan William Buckner Penn Bullock Nina Bumgarner Thomas Bumgarner Larry Cabe Ruth Caldwell Judith Callaghan Michael Calloway A Campbell William Campbell William Cannon Avery Carpenter Deborah Carter John Carter Judy Carter W. Carter Allen Case Carroll Case Rhonda Cassada Gerald Cassell Elaine Cave Charles Chapman Debra Chapman James Chapman Linda Chapman Frank Chapo Teresa Charnell Robert Chason Sandra Cheek Peter Ciaccio Kenneth Clark Melvin Clark Natalie Clark Robert Cline

Emery Coffey Isabel Cole Debbie Collins Betty Conway Thomas Cook Debra Cooper Thomas Corbin June Cordell Mary Louise Corn Wayne Coulter Joseph Coyle Vernon Cram Margaret Creasman Patricia Creasman Dr. H. Denniston Crews Obera Currin Margaret Curtis Alan Cutter Jeanne Daniel Thomas Davidson Bonnie Davies C. Richard Davis Gregory Davis John N. Davis Joyce Davis Mary Dean Cindy Dearman R Dedman Joan DeLucca George Demos Brenda Dillingham Thomas Dills Jack Ditto Rufus Dollar Karen Donatelli Barbara Dougherty Nancy Douglas Holly & Ernest Drake Dawn Dubois

Chuck Durand Brad Durden Louis Dwarshuis Thelma Dyer Sharon Dymock Richard Eckerd Barbara Earle Donald Earls Myra Eblen Hope Edick Ronald Edwards Janet Egan Rudolf Ekstein James Ellis Melvin Ellison Dr. Miles Elmore Gail Embler Joan Englishman Charles Epley Angela Evans Doris Exner Eloise Farias Micheal Farlow Eva Farren Dennis Fedyk Robert Finney James Foster Marjorie Foster Charles Frady Helen Franklin Karen Frazier Allen Freeman Robert Freeman Wayne Freeman Harold Friend John Gales Lee Galloway Danielle Galownia Terry Garrison

Franci Gasperson Henry Gasperson Martha Geitner Roscoe Gentry Randall German James Gillespie Donald Glover Ronald Godbold Matthew Godfrey Joel Goldsby Shirley Gonce Gregory Goodman Timothy Goodson George Goosmann JoAnne Gordon Jeffrey Gould Jane Greeley Irene Greer Carl Groth Laura Grover Deborah Gunter Robert Gunter Hector Gutierrez Matthew Hahner Hattie Hailey Amy Haldeman Donald Hall Reita Hall Sarah Hall Corwith Hamill Dorothy Hamill Judith Hamill Gloria Hamlin D. Michael Hammontree Diane Hankins James Hannah Karen(DEL) Hardy Richard Haring David Harrell James Harrington Lara Harrington Claude Harris Gary Harris Hailey Harris Stephen & Myrna Harris Forrest Hart Mr. & Mrs. Larry C. Hawkins Jamie Hayes Ruby Haynes

Dr. John Hazlehurst Leslie Heater Wayland Hedgepeth Christopher Hemmings Deborah Henderson Ernest Henderson Vivian Henson Cathy Hill Dr. Haywood N. Hill Jennifer Hill Kimberly Hipps Cynthia Hobbs Peter Hoffman Wayne Hoffner Paul Holcombe Phillip Holland Peter Holloway Shea Holmes-Murphy Elizabeth Hooper Katie & Charlotte Hornowski Stephen Howard Frank Hoyle Kelly Hudgins Sarah Hudson Thomas Hughes Adrienne Hume Stewart Humphrey Jack Hunnicutt Laurel Hunt Wes Hunt Elizabeth Hunter Robert Hunter Gerry Huntley Michael Huntley R. G. Imbt Danny Jackson Don Jackson Kathy Jackson Donna Jacobs Leslie James W. Randolph Jameson James Jarratt Harvey Jenkins John Jenkins Oscar Jenkins Marie Jensen Mary Elizabeth Jepson David Jernigan Cynthia Johnson

Elsie Johnson Jerry Jolly Don Jones Rebecca Jones Steven Jones William Jones Robyn Joyner Dennis Juelfs Rubye Keever Timothy Kelley Stephanie Kellum Joan Kelly June Kerr Bruce Kimble Michael Kimble Russell King Catherine Kinser Philip Kiratzis Debbie Klutz Diane Knoebber Georgia Koeth Gladys Koon Charles Krug Mark Kurdys Ralph Lambert David Lance Brian Langford Audrie LaTowsky Robert Lawter Floyd Layman Glenn Leatherwood Carl D. Leaven Dina Lewallen Benny Lewis Martin Lewis Hannah Lim Karen Lindsay John Link Karl Litten Sharon Logan Mae Long Nicole Loria Leonard Lovelace Jerelene Lutz Barbara Lynch David Mackintosh Lois Macks Harry Mamlin Walter Mandzak Marcia Marlowe

Graham Mason Norman Mason La Nelle Massey Gary Mathes W. C. Mathis Otis Maynard Robert McAfoos Hugh McCollum Walter S. McConnell Charles McCoyle Julian McCracken Lewis McCrain Mike McCrary Jayne McDonald JoAnn McElrath Latrella McElrath W. Lee McElrath Joe McFee Jean McGuire Joseph McGuire Ian and Aspen McKenna Charles McKinney Jeff McKinney Arlene Mclellan Roderick McLennan Sarah McMahan Richard McMickle Alexander McWilliam Florence Means Jodi Mechanic Bob Merrill Charles Messer Marcus Metcalf Gary Mewborne Lloyd Middleton Harley Miller Harry Miller James Miller Robert Molezzo Helen Monaco-Fitzgerald Jessica Mongiovi Coy Moore James Morgan Norma Morgan Sharon Morgan Charles Morris Doreen Morris Eric Morris Francis Morris Hugh Morris

Gerard Mozian Cora Mundy Roger Myrto John Nichols Robert Noble Robert Oast Gloria O'Reilly Gloria Orr Frances O'Shields Sheila Owenby Melissa Owens Alan Pace Tina Pace Delores Parker Phyllis Parker Howard Parks Dr. Jerry Parsons Kenneth Partin Barry Pate Milagros Payne Lowell Pearlman Donna Peck Paul Penn Clark Pennell Alfred Pfaff Henry Pfister Karen Pfotzer Willard Phillips Arizona Plemmons Richard Ponte Anita Potter Gus Poulos Jim Powell Mary Powell William Pressley Margaret Pruitt Michael Quest Scott Quick Jeremy Raber Shantharam Ramaswamy Roy Ramsey Dick Ransom Michael Ratcliff Michael Rauchwarg Mark Raymond Lucille Redman Joseph Reynolds Monte Richardson Lawrence Riddle John Riggins

Jon Ripley Anne Roberts Michelle Robinson Nancy Robinson Joan Rocamora Peter Roda Gail Rogers Marti Rohrback John Rose Dr. J. Richard Ross Joe Rowden Dewey Rozar Fred Russell George Saenger Sallie Salley Cesar Sastre Wade Saunders Edward Scavelli Calvin Schmidt Ralph Schwarzkopf Russell Scott Jodee Sellers Dennis Setser John Sharpe Alan Shaw Glenda Sheppard Gail Sherman Judith Shumate Julia Shuster Elizabeth Sides Jerdie Simpson Charles Sisk William Slawter Alice Sluder Shirley Sluder Sesalie Smathers Canie Smith Charles Smith George Smith Mary Smith Michael Smith William Smith Clinton Smoke Susan Snell Reece Snyder Doris Sorrells Mike Sorrells Roy Spivey S.L. Stambaugh Lena Stebbins

Harry Steiner Jackie Stephens Phyllis Stephenson Elizabeth Stevens Janet Stewart Margaret Storey Shannon Stout C. D. Strider Donna Stringer Jim Summerlin Clyde Sutton Richard Swanson Harry Swilling James Tanner Phillip Tatler Spafford Taylor Dr. James Teague Glenn Temple Tara Theodossis George Tipton Lee Towery Nancy Toy Ted and Debbi Trivette Dr. Moultrie Truluck Hoke Turner Hartford Tweed Ruth Unger David Upright Mark C. Upright Michael Upright Dr. Randall Vanderbeek Paul Vasey Eugene Voth Lorena Wade Alan Wagner Tim Wagner Sarah Walas Rolland Walk Cora Ruth Ward Robert Ward William Ward Debra Warfield Robert Warren Donald Watrous Martha Weaver Neil Webb Raymond Weidner Dr. James Weilbaecher Evelyn Weinmann Lewis Wells

Ronald West Joseph Westmoreland Edwin Whitaker Pink White Sara B. & Michael C. White Roland Whitmire Ken Wiig Betty Williams Jennifer Williams Larry Williams Rebecca Williams Suzanne Williams Pat Williams Melanie Williamson Roston Williamson Bertie Wilson Richard Wilson Tammi Wilson Virginia Wilson Stephen Windisch Kathy Windsor John Winkenwerder Harriette Winner James Woodruff, III James Wooten David Yawars Traci Yawars Jane Young Lewis Young Reginald Young Virginia Young Dennis Younts Anthony Zecca Steve and Frosene Zeis Lach Zemp Robert Zerden Johnnie Zorn Businesses 12 Bones Smokehouse A to Z Glass, Inc. Adorn Salon Alan H. Shaw Company Asheville Battery and Key Asheville Dental Associates Asheville Hot Air Balloon Asheville Pediatric Associates

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Protection, LL Richard Eckerd Foot Rx Running Asheville Fuddruckers GDS, Inc. GE Foundation Glen Cannon Country Club Great Smokies Medical Center Grove Park Inn Hampton Inn & Suites Harris (Michigan Land Syndicate) HomeTrust Bank Janirve Foundation Judy's Professional Cleaning Service Key Risk Mgmt Service KOHL'S Kuchar Tax Planning and Financial Services Kwik Kopy Printing Land of the Sky Bassmasters M-7 Event Solutions Magnum Opus Graphics Marcis Auto Racing McClain Enterprises Merck Partnership for Giving Mickey's Golf Products Mill End Enterprises, Inc. Morning Star UMC Morris & Sons Cars Inc. Mount Carmel Child Enrichment Center Mount Pisgah Academy Mountain Shag Club Music City of Asheville Nantahala Outdoor Center NASE of WNC Nazarene Christian School and Child Care Nest Organics Parsec Financial Party-T-Perfect Pearsall Operating

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Agency Leadership

Our Mission

Mark C. Upright, J.D., M.B.A. President/Chief Executive Officer Attorney at Law

Michelle M. Robinson, M.S. Director of Development, Eliada Foundation

Marie Jensen, M.S. Chief Operating Officer

Tracey McCrain, M.B.A. Director of Child Development Services

Rebecca Williams Chief Financial Officer

Dennis Hawley Director of Human Resources

Medical & Clinical Direction Dr. Philip Kiratzis, M.D. Medical Director Child Psychiatrist

Georgia Defrancia, L.C.S.W., M.S.W. Clinical Director

Eliada Homes Board of Trustees

Helping Children Succeed

Our Vision To provide the optimal learning environment that empowers children and their families to succeed.

Our Core Values Faith, Hope & Love Excellence Teamwork Integrity

Licenses & Accreditations

Gary C. Roberts, Chair Tax Director, Buncombe County

Sally Pearlman Retired Commercial Flooring/Interiors

Kevin Westmoreland,Vice-Chair Restaurant Owner, Corner Kitchen

John O’Neal General Manager, Waste Management

Charles W. Smith,Treasurer Investment Executive

Kenneth R. Hunt Attorney

NC Division of Social Services

Latrella G. McElrath, Secretary Business Relationship Banker

James M. Lesko Retired Manufacturing Executive

Jean Bauer McGuire, Imm. Past Chair Assistant Professor of Nursing

Karen K. Donatelli Realtor, Beverly-Hanks

NC Division of Child Development: Five Star Childcare License

Debora Burchfield Director, Buncombe Juvenile Detention Center Dr. James E. Weilbaecher Retired, Orthopaedic Surgeon Co-Wefa Lyda President, Eliada Alumni Association

Stuart E. Weidie President, Blossman Gas Chad Roope Investment Strategist Kris E. WIlson President, The Littlest Golfer Bill Smith Director, Dixon-Hughes Goodman PLLC

Harriette G. Winner Retired Director of Volunteers

CABHA (Critical Access Behavioral Agency), NC Division of Mental Health Council on Accreditation (COA)

NC Division of Health Service Regulation NC Division of Medical Assistance Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Western Highlands Network: Corporate & Service Endorsement


Eliada Foundation Board of Trustees

Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP)

Timothy A. Kelley, President Partner, Dixon-Hughes Goodman PLLC


Hugh E. McCollum,Vice-President Private Investment Manager Martin Lewis, Secretary/Treasurer Commercial Realtor Executive CommitteeEliada Homes

Gary C. Roberts Kevin Westmoreland Charles W. Smith Latrella G. McElrath Jean Bauer McGuire

Head Start National Child Care Development Association NC Center for Non-Profits NC Foster Family Treatment Association Smart Start

Eliada's 2010/2011 Annual Report  

Our annual report reviews the successes, challenges, and highlights of the past fiscal year.

Eliada's 2010/2011 Annual Report  

Our annual report reviews the successes, challenges, and highlights of the past fiscal year.