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Message from the President & CEO To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. -Anatole France, Author & nobel-Laureate Mr. Upright and his wife, Donna, at a past Christmas Tea.

Dear Friends of Eliada, I often think of the fact that many of the great successes of our time; every invention, businesses, and social innovation, began with the spark of an idea and a person who saw an opportunity and asked a simple question: What if? At Eliada, we are asking our own What if? questions. What if we could offer real hope to foster children transitioning to adulthood? What if we could use our campus, century-long history of service to this population, and community ties to change the dismal demographics that currently characterize this group? What if we could give these young people the skills, character, and resources to succeed as independent adults?

I am excited to share this newsletter with you because it contains information on a groundbreaking new program at Eliada, one that has the power to positively impact the lives of youth in need for generations to come. It’s an idea we believe is so powerful that, if replicated, could redefine the model of care for some of the most needy young people among us. This program is the Eliada School of Trade Arts, currently slated to open in late summer 2011. After

nearly five years in program development, I am proud to finally unveil our plans for this new service area. In short, the Eliada School of Trade Arts will be a transitional living program and vocational school for young men with a history in long-term foster care. Beginning on the following page you’ll read about this new initiative, why it is needed, and what it will offer the youth it serves. I stress that this new endeavor will be an addition to our continuum of care; in no way are we doing away with the residential programming and other key services that have served youth in need for almost 107 years. It is my hope that after learning about this program, you will be inspired to find a way to become involved. As another story in this newsletter illustrates (the Beatty family story on Page 5), there are many ways, both traditional and non-traditional, to support children and families in need. My door is always open to anyone who would like to discuss opportunities to contribute or otherwise play a role in the launch of this new endeavor, and I thank you in advance for your support. very SIncerely,

Mark C. Upright, J.D., M.B.A. President/CEO Attorney at Law

The Eliada School of Trade Arts: A Post-Secondary Trade School, Character Development, & Transitional Living Program In our most recent annual report, you may have read about an ambitous new program Eliada is launching late summer. The Eliada School of Trade Arts (ESTA) is a new post-secondary residential school developed to specifically meet the needs of young men recently transitioning from long-term foster care to adulthood. The mission of ESTA is to promote the development of useful trades, provide opportunities for character development, and cultivate an enthusiastic work ethic that enables students to become successful. The development of ESTA was driven by the bleak statistics that characterize long-term foster youth. Shuffled between foster or group homes for the majority of their childhood, they are often unequipped and ill prepared for life as independent adults. Overwhelmed by the sudden lack of structure adulthood represents, they find themselves without resources, skills, or support. These young people, males in particular, are at extreme risk for incarceration, substance abuse, homelessness, and early parenthood. They are unlikely to finish high school, let alone complete a college degree. They lack basic skills and education necessary to build a stable future. Without the support of caring educators and mentors to guide them to success, they are likely to fall through the cracks of society. ESTA is poised to offer these youth a unique opportunity. Through vocational and academic training, character development, a support network, and the experience of transitional living, ESTA will give needy young men the tools to become self-sufficient adults and productive members of society.

statistics for youth exiting foster care


of our current prison population is comprised of former foster children.


of children leaving foster care are incarcerated within two years.


of children exiting foster care have not finished high school or obtained a GED by age 19.


of children within 1.5 years of leaving foster care are unemployed.


of children are homeless within four years of leaving foster care.


of former foster children complete a college degree.

three core components of the eliada school of trade arts

Academic & vocational education Fifty percent of instructional time is spent in experiential, hands-on educational opportunities to foster real-world skills. Beginning with the most basic skills and progressing to advanced levels of his chosen trade, each student will have the opportunity to become an expert in his field. Degree tracks will include culinary arts, HvAC, facilities management, & construction management. During the second year of instruction, students will participate in a capstone project in conjunction with established Asheville businesses. This resume-building experience will give the opportunity to practically apply classroom knowledge to on-the-job projects.

The remainder of the educational experience takes place in a smart classroom equipeed with DvD and vHS playback, data projection, video conferencing, and other audiovisual equipment. Students will participate in general and business education coursework, including English, Ethics, Finance, Spanish, Public Speaking, and much more. Classes will be taught by experienced adjunct instructors with the skills and degrees necessary to teach at the post-graduate level. This will ensure that ESTA students are on a level playing field with students in other academic institutions.

Transitional living During the academic term, all students are required to live in a campus dormitory at all times. Student housing will be provided in an apartment-style setting, with two students per apartment and a fulltime Resident Advisor in each building. Providing this type of housing arrangement will allow students a level of independence necessary to foster self-sufficiency gradually. Students will be able to take advantage of Eliada’s campus amenities, including a weight room, climbing wall, golf driving range, outdoor pool, running/hiking trails, gym, and computer labs. Each student will participate in athletics and service clubs such as the 5K team, golf team, ambassador program, and more. On Saturdays, students will be required to participate in highadventure team building activities designed to instill confidence, promote a sense of comraderie, and reward positive behaviors. In addition, students will participate in a series of service projects across the community, with a particular emphasis on those that have congruency with their specific field of study. Adventure activities and service projects may involve overnight field trips to locations across the Southeast.

character development Equally important as the academic and vocational coursework is the character development that ESTA students will receive. Each day will begin with a mandatory chapel service in a non-denominational Judeo-Christian atmosphere. Students will benefit from service learning opportunities, teambuilding exercises, and values-driven mentorship. Students are required to commit to ESTA’s core values as well as a rigorous code of conduct that prohibits drug and alcohol use. The development of personal discipline is an important component of the ESTA experience. With the assistance of residential advisors and mentors, each student will participate in Eliada's Castle Building curriculum. Castle Building is a program that allows individuals to capitalize on the immense power of the strategic planning process in a very personal and meaningful way. Castle Building explores the student's hopes for relationships, spiritual and philosophical beliefs, education and career goals, living environment, and more. From admission, Castle Building will be a primary component of the student experience. Students will revisit their strategic plan quarterly, ensuring that they are able to stay focused on their long-term aspirations.

we need your help!

$50 will purchase school uniforms for one student for one year.

$100 will help to pay for program equipment and supplies for each student.

$500 will purchase books and school supplies for one student for one year.

$1,000 will purchase a laptop computer for an ESTA student.

$5,000 will pay for dormitory-style apartment housing for one student for one year.

$10,000 will hire a college-level adjunct professor to serve students for one year.

The beatty house: continuing a family legacy of giving The Beatty family moved in next to Eliada when Brice Beatty built their house in 1963. Brice was a carpenter and a woodworker; his wife Sara was a teacher. They began building the house after the construction of Interstate 40 went through their family farm. Working to stay ahead of the Interstate work crews, the Beattys and their two children, Letch and Sara, spent evenings and weekends constructing their new home. “I can recall carrying boards and my father teaching me how to lay them just so,” remembers Sara, “I was only in about the third grade at the time. We built big windows because my mother loved to let in the natural light, and I remember my father building bookcases and other things from salvaged walnut he had saved from the farm.” Sara’s parents loved to garden, her father having grown up on a farm. The garden in their new home adjoined the pasture and barn area at Eliada, and Brice Beatty loved to see children playing and tending the farm animals. When Eliada built the baseball field, Brice, a lifelong baseball fan, wholeheartedly approved. “My parents loved having Eliada as a neighbor. My father used to tell my brother and I that some children have a harder start, but everyone needs and deserves nurturing. He believed that if you save children, you save the world,” says Sara.

The family spent many decades in the house before Sara’s mother passed away. In lieu of flowers, her father asked that donations be made in his wife’s name to Eliada. Later, the family suffered another tragedy as Letch, Sara’s brother, was tragically shot and killed while working as an officer at the Employment Security Commission (ESC). Always looking to create goodness amidst painful situations, Sara’s family formed a scholarship in his name at UnC-Asheville.

“It was very emotional for me to let go of the house,” said Sara, “but my parents believed in helping others. My father was always looking for opportunities to serve people in need, and it is such a good and worthwhile feeling that the house he built will give a good home to interns who are helping kids. I’m proud to do it.You give what and how you can, and I would encourage everyone to consider ways they can contribute. My Dad would be saying, Sara, that’s a good thing.”

Recently, Sara’s father passed away at an advanced age. The family home stood vacant for the first time in many years, Sara having moved to virginia much earlier. When Eliada CEO Mark Upright approached Sara about buying the house, she immediately felt it was something her parents and brother would have wanted. She sold the house to Eliada at a price significantly below market value, representing an in-kind donation of $136,100. The Beatty House will open in just a few short months and will house interns who are a part of Eliada’s Residential Interns Seeking Excellence (RISE) program. The RISE program takes new college graduates and gives them the opportunity to rotate through Eliada’s programs, gaining on-thejob experience in human services. In exchange for one year of service, RISE interns receive room, board, and a small stipend. RISE has hosted interns from 5 different countries and 32 states.

Top:The Beatty House Bottom: Brice and Sara Beatty, pictured in their first year of marriage.

Historic dairy barn renovations

An undated archival photo shows the barn as it may have looked soon after construction.

A contractor installs the new metal roof, which is rated to last 150 years!

Eliada’s dairy barn, one of the most identifiable historic landmarks on campus, was built by Amish volunteers over 75 years ago. Dr. Compton, Eliada’s founder, was traveling through the northeast when he received word that the prior campus barn had burned down. The Amish he was preaching to heard the news and immediately traveled to Asheville to build a replacement. For decades, the barn remained an important part of Eliada’s dairy operation.

our campus recreational facility, including our climbing wall, weight room, minibike shop, model train workshop, and maintenance office. As the years have progressed, the barn began to show its age in missing roof shingles, poor ventilation, and general disrepair.

Today, the barn no longer houses Guernsey cows, but is a vital part of campus nonetheless. The barn houses

now, the barn is getting a facelift! With a newly painted facade, a durable metal roof, and HvAC system, the barn will be ready to serve students for years to come. The next time you visit campus, be sure to check out the beautiful renovations!

labyrinth opens in student-led ceremony On September 23, Eliada’s campus labyrinth opened in a morning celebration led by students and attended by staff members, volunteers, and community leaders. The labyrinth was designed and cut by Chuck Hunner, a volunteer, with the assistance of nearly a dozen other volunteers. The purpose of the labyrinth is to provide a meditative experience for students, who will use it to promote mindfulness and thoughtful problem solving. In addition, the labyrinth adds a unique aesthetic to an otherwise unused part of our campus environment. Labyrinths are often constructed and used at hospitals, colleges, and healthcare facilities. Thank you to Mr. Hunner and all of the other volunteers.

Looking ahead: christmas at eliada

Although it’s hard to believe, the holidays are approaching! Christmas can be a difficult time of year for children in residential or foster care, many of whom are spending the season away from their homes and families. Each year, we rely on individuals, businesses, and churches in the community to help us make life brighter for children in need! On the following page, you’ll see a listing of the many ways you can be a part of the Eliada family this holiday season. Thank you for your support of our students!

a time of giving: Opportunities to Help Sponsor a child. Each year, Eliada seeks caring individuals, businesses, churches, and families to help make Christmas brighter for children in need. Sponsors can elect to give a cash gift or shop for children using “wish lists” that the children create. There are also opportunities to sponsor the cottages the children live in- for example, many of the cottages need things that all the children use, such as linens, kitchen utensils, electronics, board games, and more. Above: One of the Christmas cards designed by Eliada students.

Attend the 7th Annual Christmas Tea Cards are available for purchase in boxes of 10. at the Inn on Biltmore Estate. This year’s Christmas Tea will be held December 4th from 2:00 – 4:00 pm and will feature tea service, pastries and light fare, Dickens carolers, portraits with Santa, and much more. Tickets are $50 and are expected to go quickly. The ticket price includes a voucher for discounted admission to Biltmore Estate. Sponsorship opportunities for the Christmas Tea are also available. Be a part of our “Cards for Kids” program. This year, Eliada will offer our supporters the opportunity to buy boxed Christmas cards featuring artwork by our students for $10.You can buy individual boxes of cards or bulk cards for your business clients. 100% of the proceeds from “Cards for Kids” go directly to our programs and services. Give a gift donation in honor or memory of a loved one. This holiday season, instead of material gifts, consider giving in honor or memory of a friend or family member. Eliada will send gift donation recipients a handwritten Christmas card acknowledging your gift. Christmas cards are designed by our students and feature holiday artwork by students in our programs. Consider a year-end gift to Eliada. Christmas is traditionally a season of giving. Like many nonprofits, Eliada relies heavily on these year-end gifts to sustain the many programs and services we provide throughout the year. In light of the troubled economy, Eliada’s needs are greater than ever. Share your ideas with us! Each year, many individuals come up with new and unique ways to help Eliada’s children have a happy holiday. In the past, individuals have given stockings, donated decorated Christmas trees, and given other special gifts to the children in our care. For more information about any of these opportunities, contact the Eliada Development Office by calling 828.254.5356 x 157.

Student Success Story Our Success Stories series was created as a way to communicate with our friends and donors in an efficient, inexpensive format. Each month, we feature one of our programs and the inspiring story of a child whom the program has helped. To be added to the Success Stories email list, just send your complete e-mail address to Randy and Carrie Fugate adopted Chioke at the age of 15 months. Even though he was too young to remember the environment he was adopted from, it was clear that the chaos and uncertainty of his prior living situation had made an impact. Fortunately for Chioke, he had the support of a loving adoptive family who would do anything to see him be successful. From the start, Randy and Carrie watched Chioke bounce between positive and negative extremes. When he entered into public school, he began to struggle. They took him to several specialists and received multiple diagnoses, which was confusing and left them wondering which of the expert recommendations to focus on. Meanwhile, he continued to get into trouble at school. He was suspended and sent home almost daily. Randy and Carrie felt Chioke's issues at school came from his disabilities, but they didn't know how to help him. In September of 2009, Chioke came to Eliada's Day Treatment program. Initially, it was a rollercoaster ride for both Chioke and Eliada's staff. At Eliada, Chioke exhibited many of the same problems that he experienced in public school. He was physically aggressive, confrontational, and unable to accept any feedback. He had poor peer relationships and was often removed from class for threatening other students. It was many months before Chioke was able to remain in class for a full day. Consistency and structure is one of the hallmarks of the Eliada model, and Chioke's teachers stood their ground and didn't give up on him. Over time, Chioke revealed himself to be a very unique, smart, and entertaining young man. As his teachers got to know him, they learned that one of his biggest hobbies is collecting antiques. He is a collector of old coins,

Eliada Academy student Chioke pictured at Eliada’s annual corn maze. phonographs, records, and almost anything that is considered antique. His teachers encouraged him to bring in his collectibles to "show and tell." Chioke enjoyed telling his peers the history of each antique, which helped to grow his relationships with other students. While he once avoided all books with text, Chioke is now able to read books at his grade level. His ability to focus on and complete tasks has improved noticeably. Receiving consequences, once a guaranteed trigger for Chioke that would cause him to scream in frustration, is now met with a simple "ok." While Chioke still has some progress to make before he is able to return to public school, his accomplishments to this point have been remarkable. According to Chioke's mother, his biggest advocate, "Eliada created a safe and structured environment for Chioke to grow in. It's been a saving grace... We are very proud of our son and all the progress that he has made." Congratulations, Chioke! Don’t forget! Sign up at to receive our Success Stories each month in your inbox.

Board member focus: Dr. James Weilbaecher

Eliada’s 2010 corn maze: thank you, asheville! Eliada’s annual corn maze, now the agency’s largest fundraiser, brought a total of nearly 25,000 people to Eliada’s campus! We were fortunate to almost double our attendance over last year, and extend a big thank you to Asheville and surrounding communities for the tremendous support we received for this event. We would especially like to thank our sponsors, including Classic Event Rental, Coca-Cola, The US national Whitewater Center, Corner Kitchen, The Medicine Shoppe, InG, Pack Tavern, Arby’s, Judy’s Professional Cleaning, Dr. James Teague, Hometrust Bank, HPC, 12 Bones, Comprehensive Chiropractic, and many others!

The Weilbaechers volunteering at the corn maze.

Dr. James Weilbaecher has served Eliada as a board member since 1999. now retired, Dr. Weilbaecher spent his professional career as an Orthopaedic Surgeon and co-founded Blue Ridge Bone & Joint. A native of Louisiana, he attended Tulance University before attending Louisiana State University Medical School. Together with his wife Thea, Dr. Weilbaecher raised three children in the Asheville area.

Lastly, a special thank you to the nearly 300 volunteers who gave up nights and weekends to work at the maze. We would especially like to thank our veteran repeat volunteers, Sharon and Michael Hanson, Brock Moore, Beth Young, Margaret Bollo, Donna McCrain, and Dick and Sharon Ross. We hope to see you next year at the maze!

Dr. Weilbaecher founded the student golf program as it exists today. The Weilbaechers provided the majority of the funding to construct Eliada’s campus driving range, and promoted the opportunity to donate equipment at local country clubs. For this dedication, he was the recipient of Eliada’s Annual Founder’s Award for excellence toward fulfilling our mission: Helping Children Succeed. Dr. Weilbaecher currently serves as a member of our facilities committee and provides leadership in directing the capital and facilities improvements across Eliada’s 200-acre campus. He has also served as a volunteer on the Eliada Golf Tournament committee, as well as a volunteer for the agency’s annual corn maze. Thank you, Dr. Weilbaecher, for your vision and service to Eliada!

Top: Children play in the pumpkin patch at the maze. Bottom: Maze goers navigate through the 12 acre field.

Friends of Eliada The following pages list our donors who have given $100 or more since the time of our last publication to the present (July 1, 2009 - november 9, 2010). On behalf of our students, staff, and board of trustees, thank you for your support!

Schools Carolina Christian School Casa Dei Bambini Erwin Middle School Mount Pisgah Academy vance Elementary School Churches All Saints Anglican Church Beaverdam UMC Adult SSC Calvary Episcopal Church Central UMC - The Martha Circle Central United Methodist Church Chestnut Grove Baptist Church Ebenezer Baptist Church, Mary Martha SSC Emma UMC, Good news Class Faith Baptist Church of Asheville Faith Missionary Baptist Church First Baptist Church of Asheville First Baptist Church of Swannanoa Francis Asbury UMC, UMM Francis Asbury United Methodist Church Heavens Saints Motorcycle Ministry Hominy valley Independent Church Living Faith Family Church Main Street Baptist Church, The Faith Class Mount Carmel Child Enrichment Center Temple Beth Ha-Tephila The Cathedral of All Souls Episcopal Diocese Trinity Episcopal Church Walnut Presbyterian Church Weaverville UMC

“The value of a man lies in what he gives and not what he is capable of receiving.� -Albert Einstein

Woods Memorial Baptist Church Civic Organizations Buncombe 4-H County Council District 31-A Lions Club Land of the Sky Bassmasters Order Ahepa Land of Sky Ch. 28 Robbinsville Lions Club valley Springs Lions Club Foundations Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro Community Foundation of Henderson County, Inc Community Foundation of WnC GE Foundation Merck Partnership for Giving SC Johnson Fund, Inc. Sisters of Mercy of nC Foundation The Janirve Foundation The Kimmel Foundation The Marks Family Foundation Trust The Richard Eckerd Foundation The United States Golf Association Individuals Mr. & Mrs. Blan Aldridge Mr. & Mrs. Frank Ambrose Mr. & Mrs. James Anderson Mr. Michael Andry Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Atkins Mr. Michael Babb Mr. & Mrs. Ray Bachmann Mr. David Berens Mr. & Mrs. Harry Barnes Mrs. Corajean Barrett Mr. & Mrs. Michael Barry

Ms. Stefanie Beard Mrs. Betsey Bent Mr. Cecil Beumer Mr. & Mrs. J. Frank Blaylock Mrs. Madeline Blom Mr. James Bloom Mr. & Mrs. Charles Boyd Mr. Chuck Bradley Ms. Bernice Brown Mr. David Brown Mr. & Mrs. David Brown Mr. James Browning Mr. & Mrs. William Buckner Mrs. nina Bumgarner Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bumgarner Ms. Debora Burchfield Mr. Phil Burton Mr. Larry Cabe Mr. Michael Calloway Mr. A. Campbell Mr. Avery Carpenter Mr. Mac Carpenter Mr. William Carpenter Ms. Deborah Carter Ms. Judy Carter W. Carter Mrs. Judy Carver Mrs. Debra Chapman Mrs. Linda Chapman Mr. Robert Chason Mrs. Sandra Cheek Mrs. Margaret Chmielewski Mr. Peter Ciaccio Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Clark Mr. Melvin Clark Ms. natalie Clark Mr. Robert Cline Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Coleman

Mr. Myles Compton Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Cook Ms. Debra Cooper Mrs. Mary Louise Corn Mr. Joseph Coyle Ms. Patricia Creasman Dr. H. Denniston Crews Ms. Eugenia Cross Ms. Obera Currin Mrs. Jeanne Daniel John n. Davis Mrs. Joyce Davis Ms. Katrina Davis Ms. Susan DeeWaard Mr. Gregory Denton Ms. Karen Donatelli Mrs. Barbara Dougherty Mr. & Mrs. Brad Durden Ms. Thelma Dyer Mrs. Barbara Earle Ms. Hope Edick Mr. Ronald Edwards Ms. Janet Egan Mr. James Ellis Dr. E. Bruce Elliston Dr. & Mrs. Miles Elmore Mr. Charles Epley Ms. Angela Evans Mrs. Doris Exner Mr. Dennis Fedyk Mr. & Mrs. Robert Finney Mr. James Foster Ms. Marjorie Foster Mr. Charles Frady Ruth, Bob & Shirley Frantz Dr. & Mrs. Robert Freeman Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Freeman Mr. Terry Garrison Mr. Randall German Mr. & Mrs. James Gillespie Mr. Donald Glover Mr. Matthew Godfrey Mrs. Shirley Gonce Mr. Timothy Goodson Mr. George Goosmann Ms. Rachel Gordon Mr. & Mrs. Allen Greer Ms. Ann Gross

thank you, ms. bonnie louise moore Born in Macon County, Bonnie Louise Moore passed away Saturday, March 20, 2010. She spent her professional career as a nurse working and volunteering for Angel Medical Center. She served in the US Army and was a member of Bethel United Methodist Church. When Ms. Moore passed away, she left a generous bequest of $50,000 to support Eliada’s children and families. This was the first and only gift she made to Eliada. never having children of her own, it was important to her to establish a legacy of caring that would endure even after her death. We were unaware of Ms. Moore’s estate plans and never had the opportunity to thank her for her incredible kindness. All of us at Eliada are extremely grateful. Thank you, Ms. Moore; this gift will make a tremendous difference in the lives of our students. Mr. Carl Groth Ms. Laura Grover Ms. Deborah Gunter Mrs. Hector Gutierrez Mr. & Mrs. Edward Hahn Dr. & Mrs. Matthew Hahner Mrs. Hattie Hailey Ms. Amy Haldeman Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hall Mrs. Dorothy Hamill Ms. Marguerite Hamrick Mrs. Karen Hardy Mr. & Mrs. Richard Haring Mr. & Mrs. James Harrington Mr. Gary Harris Ms. Hailey Harris Mr. & Mrs. Stephen & Myrna Harris Mr. & Mrs. Carl Hawkins Ms. Ruby Haynes Dr. John Hazlehurst Mr. & Mrs. Wayland Hedgepeth Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Henderson Ms.vivian Henson Dr. Haywood n. Hill Mrs. Cynthia Hobbs Ms. Mary Hobson Mr. Peter Hoffman

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Hoffner Mr. John Hogan Mr. & Mrs. Fred Hohenschutz Mr. & Mrs. Paul Holcombe Mr. Phillip Holland Mrs. Peter Holloway Ms Elizabeth Hooper Mr. Stephen Howard Ms. Sarah Hudson Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Hughes Ms. Lynn Hull Mr. & Mrs. Robert Humes Mr. Stewart Humphrey Mr. & Mrs. Wes Hunt Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hunter Mr. & Mrs. Michael Huntley Mr. Kenny Ingle Mrs. Kathy Jackson Mr. Harvey Jenkins Dr. Oscar Jenkins Ms. Marie Jensen Mrs. Mary Elizabeth ComptonJepson Mr. David Jernigan Mrs. Elsie Johnson Mr. & Mrs. James Johnson Mr. Jim Johnson

Mrs. Kathryn Johnson Mr. Don Jones Ms. Rose Jones Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Kelley Ms. Stephanie Kellum Ms. Joan Kelly Mrs. Maureen Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Kimble Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kimble Mr. Russell King Dr. & Mrs. Philip Kiratzis Mr. & Mrs. William Kisken Mrs. Gladys Koon Mr. Ralph Lambert Mr. & Mrs. Brian Langford Mrs. Audrie LaTowsky Mr. & Mrs. Peter Lawson Dr. & Mrs. John Lemler Mr. & Mrs. James Lesko Mr. Benny Lewis Ms. Hannah Lim Ms. Karen Lindsay Mr. & Mrs. John Link Mr. Karl Litten Ms. Sharon Logan Jerelene Lutz Mr. & Mrs. William Lytle Mr. David Mackintosh Mr. & Mrs. Harry Mamlin Mrs. Graham Mason Mr. & Mrs. Hugh McCollum Walter S. McConnell Mr. Charles McCoyle Mr. & Mrs. Julian McCracken Mr. & Mrs. Mike McCrary Ms. JoAnn McElrath Mrs. Latrella McElrath Mr. W. Lee McElrath Ms. Tammy McIntosh Mr. Charles McKinney Mr. Herbert McLaughlin Ms. Arlene Mclellan Dr. & Mrs. Roderick McLennan Mr. & Mrs. John McMahon Mr. Richard McMickle Mr. & Mrs. Alexander McWilliam Mr. & Mrs. Bob Merrill Mr. Charles Messer

Mr. Gary Mewborne Mr. Harry Miller Mr. James Miller Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Miller Mr. & Mrs. James Mills Mr. Robert Molezzo Ms. Helen Monaco-Fitzgerald Mrs. Jessica Mongiovi Ms. Bonnie Moore Mr. & Mrs. Coy Moore Mr. & Mrs. James Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Morgan Mr. Charles Morris Ms. Doreen Morris Mr. Eric Morris Mr. & Mrs. Francis Morris Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Morris Mr. Samuel Morris Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Mozian Mrs. Cora Mundy Mr. John nichols Mr. & Mrs. Robert noble Mr. Keith norris Mr. Alan Pace Ms. Tina Pace Mr. Howard Parks Mr. & Mrs. Roland Parris Dr. Jerry Parsons Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Partin Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Pearlman Mr. Marvin Pearlman Mr. & Mrs. George Phillips Martha Pierson Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ponte Mr. C. Bruce Powell Mr. G. Powell Mr. Jim Powell Mrs. Mary Powell Mr. William Pressley Ms. Leslie Price Mr. & Mrs. David Proffitt Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Pyle Mr. & Mrs. M.E. Quest Mr. Scott Quick Mr. Shantharam Ramaswamy Mr. & Mrs. Roy Ramsey Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Reynolds Ms. Arbie Rhodes

Ms. Monte Richardson Mr. & Mrs. Robert Riddle Miss nancy Robinson Mrs. Joan Rocamora Judge & Mrs. Peter Roda Mrs. Gail Rogers Mrs. Leslie Roland Mr. & Mrs. John Rose Mr. & Mrs. Dewey Rozar Mr. & Mrs. Fred Russell Mr. George Saenger Mr. Wade Saunders Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Schwarzkopf Mr. & Mrs. Russell Scott Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Scott Ms. Gail Sherman Ms. Judith Shumate Mr. Charles Silver Rev. & Mrs. Charles Sisk Mr. William Slawter Sesalie Smathers Mr. & Mrs. Canie Smith Mr. Charles Smith Mrs. Mary Smith Mr. & Mrs. Michael Smith Mr. William Smith Mr. Clinton Smoke Mr. Stuart Smolkin Mr. & Mrs. Mike Sorrells Mr. & Mrs. Ted Sorrells Mr. & Mrs. Hal Starnes Dr. & Mrs. Harry Steiner Mrs. Margaret Storey Ms. Donna Stringer Mr. Jim Summerlin Mr. Clyde Sutton Mr. Harry Swilling Mr. & Mrs. George Tipton Mr. Lee Towery Ted and Debbi Trivette Mr. & Mrs. Hartford Tweed Mr. & Mrs. David Upright Mr. & Mrs. Michael Upright Mr. Eugene voth Ms. Lorena Wade Ms. Sarah Walas Mr. & Mrs. Rolland Walk Mrs. Debra Warfield

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Warren Mr. Donald Watrous Ms. Beverly Watson Dr. & Mrs. James Weilbaecher Mr. Lewis Wells Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Westmoreland Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Westmoreland Rev. & Mrs. Roland Whitmire Mr. & Mrs. Ken Wiig Ms. nancy Williams Ms. Pat Williams Mrs. Patricia Williamson Mr. Roston Williamson Mrs. Bertie Wilson Mr. Richard Wilson Ms. Tammi Wilson Ms.virginia Wilson Mr. Stephen Windisch Mrs. Kathy Windsor Mr. & Mrs. John Winkenwerder Mrs. Harriette Winner Mr. & Mrs. James Wooten Mr. David Yawars Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Younts Mr. & Mrs. Steve Zeis Mr. & Mrs. Robert Zerden Ms. Johnnie Zorn Businesses 12 Bones Smokehouse A to Z Glass, Inc. (Wholesale Glass & Mirror) Active network Advanced Business Equipment Alan H. Shaw Company Alan's Jewelry & Pawn Apollo Flame Bistro Asheville Pool & Patio, Inc. Asheville Tourists Baseball Team AZPAC-Match Program B&B Tobacconists BAE Systems Bank of America Beverly-Hanks South Blossman Propane Gas & Appliance Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Ridge BBQ and Catering Borg Warner Turbo Systems

Brown & Brown of Lehigh valley, Brumit Restaurant Group Carolina Cornerstone Construction, Inc. Carolina Motorcycle Rental Celtic Ocean International Champion Credit Union Champion Supply Cheek Insurance Group, Inc. Cintas Corporation Coca-Cola Cole vending Company Comprehensive Chiropractic Corner Kitchen Davis Technologies LLC Deltec Homes Diversified Machining Concepts Dixon Hughes PLLC Doctors Chambers & Baechtold DDS PA Dr. James Teague Earth Fare Ed Boudreaux's EMDEOn Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC Fifth Element Fire Protection, LLC Fifth Third Bank Fiores Ristorante Toscana Four Way Holdings, L. P. Frankie Bones Gap Hill Landing Great Smokies Medical Center Hampton Inn Haywood County Finance Dept. HomeTrust Bank HomeTrust Bank InG Judy's Professional Cleaning Key Risk Mgmt Service KOHL'S Kuchar Tax Planning & Financial Kwik Kopy Printing Lazy K Ranch LLC M-7 Event Solutions Magnum Opus Graphics Inc. Marcis Auto Racing Mast General Store McClain Enterprises

Mill End Enterprises, Inc. Music City of Asheville nazarene Christian School and Child Care Pack Tavern Parsec Financial Pearsall Operating Company Pepsi-Cola Company Progress Energy Matching Gifts Program Progress Energy Service Company Progress Energy, Carolinas, Inc. Qualcomm, Inc. Quality Recycling, LLC Roberts & Stevens, P.A. Saint Gobain Abrasives, Inc. Southeastern Container, Inc. Southmountain Children & Family Services Springs at Asheville Springs Global US, Inc. Spruce Street Tap, LLC TDA Associates, Inc. Technomic, Inc. The Hop Ice Cream Cafe LLC The Lobster Trap The Medicine Shoppe The Orange Peel, LLC Tupelo Honey Cafe U.S. national Whitewater Center UPM Raflatac, Inc. Wachovia-Wells Fargo Webb Insurance Whitmire Monument Company

This is a publication of Eliada Foundation, Inc., supporting Eliada Homes, Inc. in the mission of Helping Children Succeed.

Eliada Foundation P.O. Box 16708 2 Compton Drive Asheville, nC 28806 Phone 828.254.5356 ADDRESS SERvICE REQUESTED

this year, santa learned how to text! introducing ‘text to give’ Using your cell phone and with just a minute of your time, you can easily text a donation of just $10 to support the children and families served by Eliada. The $10 gift will show up directly on your cell phone bill. It’s never been easier to help local children in need!

text eliada to 85944 and reply ‘y’ Financial information about this organization and a copy of its license are available from the State Solicitation Licensing Branch at 1828-830-4989. The License is not an endorsement by the state. Florida registration number: CH-19854, 100% of contributions are received by our agency.

Eliada Fall/Winter Newsletter 2010  
Eliada Fall/Winter Newsletter 2010  

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