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Voices of Eliada 2007 Annual Report

F RO M T H E B OA R D C H A I R M A N Dear Friends, This year, we celebrate our 105th year of serving the children and families of Western North Carolina. From Dr. Compton’s original vision to the continuum of care we offer today, much has changed both in the philosophy of residential child care in America as well as the needs of those we serve. Our longevity can be attributed to our ability to continually evolve our services to meet the changing needs of the individuals whose lives we seek to improve. In keeping with this goal of remaining a dynamic and responsive organization, this year saw a major addition to our residential treatment milieu. In October of 2006 Eliada opened the region’s only Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF). In this facility, under the supportive guidance of highly skilled clinicians, psychiatrists, and psychologists, children in need of highly intensive mental health services can receive the level of care they require. Pioneering this initiative has not been easy, but has helped to fill a critical gap in services for our region. Our success has been so impressive that we are now preparing to open another PRTF even as this letter is being penned. To be meaningful and sustainable, this type of dynamism must also be coupled with a strong foundation.This year, Eliada’s board members and strategic planning group convened to identify and define our core values.They are:

FAITH, HOPE, & LOVE Eliada was founded on the principles of Christian faith, honoring the intrinsic value and dignity of each person.We offer an environment of unconditional love and respect to encourage the development of spiritual growth and personal confidence as a foundation for achieving ones potential. EXCELLENCE Eliada is committed to excellence in a solution-focused environment. TEAMWORK Eliada is a dedicated and diverse team of professionals who support one another in achieving the agency’s mission. INTEGRITY Eliada is guided by inherent honesty, ethics and accountability.

It is these values that guide and inform all of our decision making, and from this foundation that as an agency we seek to grow.We are continually raising our quality standards, and have initiatives in place to ensure Eliada continues to be recognized as a premium service provider. One of the ways in which we accomplish this is through provision of enhanced services such as our TASC equestrian program, NYPUM minibike program, competitive athletics teams, and STEP free adolescent afterschool program.These enhancements serve as both motivational and confidence-building tools, and enrich the experience of treatment participation far more than the minimum standard of care. These program enhancements are vital for the students we serve, though they do come at a significant cost to Eliada. It is through proactive Development activities that we are able to continue to offer them at all.This year has been a particularly successful one in terms of Development, seeing an increase in planned gifts, grants, corporate support, and individual donations.These gifts and the community support they represent are vital for the agency’s future and sincerely appreciated. Despite all of our successes, the future is not without challenges. Irregular funding streams and the need for long-term financial stability remains at the forefront of our Development and strategic planning efforts. Our facilities, though greatly improved over the last three years, are still in need of updating. With strong leadership, a dedicated staff, and a solid foundation, I feel confident that we will meet these challenges and continue to reach ever upwards in our pursuit of excellence. As always, thank you for your continued support of this agency and the children and families we serve. Sincerely, Stuart Weidie Board Chairman Eliada Homes, Inc.

E L I A DA H O M E S , I N C .



Stuart Weidie, Chairman Jean Bauer-McGuier,Vice Chairman Gary Roberts,Treasurer Richard Sills, Secretary James Lesko,Immediate Past Chairman Debbie Burchfield Karen Donatelli Martin Lewis

Timothy Wagner Dr. James Weilbaecher Kevin Westmoreland Dennis Younts


Co-Wefa Lyda Steven Sizemore Electa Smith Joanne Smith





Dear Friends of Eliada, When Dr. Compton founded Eliada over a century ago, perseverance was one of the primary values he felt was essential to a young child’s development and success in life. It is still something that we try to instill in our students today. There was a young boy named Jason who came to our residential program over a year ago. He had some anger and depression issues stemming from a complicated home life and relatively absent parental figures. His low perception of himself made it almost impossible for Jason to exercise self-discipline towards the pursuit of his individual goals.Through our on-campus work study program, participation in Independent Living classes, and our enhanced service efforts, Jason began to cultivate a strong work ethic and perseverance. Jason and I had a conversation about how to succeed in life. I told him that one way to always stand apart was to enthusiastically respond to any challenge presented. A few months later, Jason obtained a position as a landscaping assistant here on campus. I stopped by one day to ask his supervisor how he was getting along. “He’s wonderful,” the man said, laughing,“It’s the funniest thing. Every time I ask him to go get a tool from the van, he literally runs as fast as he can to do it!” Work ethic, to me, is the patient and unrelenting pursuit of excellence, despite the circumstances. Jason understood this concept completely, as do Eliada staff members.

This month marks my fifth anniversary as the President and CEO of this agency.When I first arrived in 2002, Eliada’s financial future looked bleak.The agency had a rich history, experienced staff members, and effective programs. Unfortunately, there was little in the way of strategic or financial planning to support these vital services. With the visionary leadership of our Board of Directors, the dedication of our staff, and perseverance, we have been able to make tremendous progress in a short amount of time.We now have defined core values, a solid strategic plan, and meticulous accounting procedures that ensure the future of our agency.We are no longer in dire financial straits, we have introduced new programs to meet the needs of our region, and our facilities continue to improve.The unrelenting pursuit of excellence remains the focus of all that we do. I invite you to visit our website at to view our strategic plan and learn the ways in which we plan to strengthen current programs, improve our campus environment, and chart a course for the future. Together with your support we are running, not walking, towards success. On behalf of all of our students and staff members, I thank you. Sincerely, Mark C. Upright, MBA, JD Attorney at Law President & CEO Eliada Homes, Inc.


Mark Upright, President & CEO Marie Jensen,COO BeckyWilliams,CFO

Dr. Hillary Siedler, Clinical Director Dr. Steven Kiratzis, Psychiatrist Dr. Harry Taub, Consulting Psychiatrist


Michelle Robinson,Development Director Dennis Hawley, HR Director Tracey McCrain, Child Development


Programs that Change Lives RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT At any given time, up to 36 students live on Eliada’s campus.We offer two levels of residential care: Level III treatment, in which students live on campus and attend public school or Eliada Academy, and Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) care. Students in the PRTF have intensive mental health needs that require continuous medical supervision. DAY TREATMENT Eliada offers Day Treatment through Eliada Academy, an accredited school for middle and high school students.With the benefit of small class sizes, individualized instruction, and a highly trained faculty, students who have not been successful in traditional situations are able to discover their academic strengths and gifts.


FAMILY PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM The Family Partnership Program (FPP) is Eliada’s Community Support service that provides case management, skill building activities and caregiver support for children with severe emotional and behavioral issues. FPP strives to prevent family disruptions and out-of-home placements, and to instill a sense of hope in families. CLINICAL/OUTPATIENT SERVICES Eliada’s clinical staff provide oversight of treatment services, and therapy in individual, family and group settings. Therapy is designed to enhance the daily therapeutic milieu and to address family needs. Students benefit from group therapies focused on grief, substance abuse, trauma and behavioral coping skills. FOSTER CARE Eliada offers family and therapeutic foster care services. Dedicated and experienced staff members provide foster parents with ongoing support through provision of training and guidance.

CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER SERVICES The Child Development Center at Eliada offers daycare, More at Four, afterschool care, and summer day camp.The program provides 5-star and National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) accredited services at an extremely affordable price, thereby acting as an important resource for working families. STRIVING TOWARDS EXCELLENCE PROGRAM (STEP) The STEP program provides free adolescent afterschool care, incorporating enriching activities and learning opportunities.The STEP program was developed due to the increasing need for adolescents, particularly those at risk for dangerous behaviors, to be involved with a fun, safe, stimulating, and healthy after-school experience. THERAPEUTIC ANIMAL STEWARDSHIP COOPERATIVE (TASC) The TASC program provides animal-assisted therapy for high risk students with behavioral or emotional problems. Currently the TASC family includes eleven horses, four cats, three goats, and a donkey. By feeding, touching, grooming, and caring for animals, children begin to outwardly demonstrate commitment, empathy, and responsibility. NATIONAL YOUTH PROJECT USING MINIBIKES (NYPUM) The NYPUM program motivates children to change their negative behaviors by rewarding positive choices with the opportunity to ride a minibike.The privilege to ride is earned by meeting individual goals set by parents, teachers, and the child’s treatment team. ATHLETICS Eliada students participate in at least two athletic teams, including softball, basketball, soccer, baseball, wrestling, volleyball, track, and more, thereby developing healthy habits and teamwork skills.


students, staff members, and parents reflect on their experiences at Eliada.

By Denise NYPUM By James STEP By Amanda ATHLETICS By Inga

RESIDENTIAL CARE: RESTORING HOPE As Joseph’s birthmother rolled her beautiful baby over into my opened arms, I looked into her tear filled eyes and asked, "How do I say 'Thank You' to the girl who gives me my son?" Her voiced cracked as she answered, "Just love him." I replied, "I already do!" Her eyes again met mine and she said, " I truly know that, or I'd never let you walk out that door with him." I kissed her on her forehead and turned away towards the door. Before I left the room I took one last glance at her lying there in that hospital bed. She was tearfully gazing out the window with confidence that she had done the right thing for both her and her baby. I promised myself to never let the two of them down, and I never did.

Joseph was taken home in grand style, with many family and friends eagerly waiting to see our beautiful child. He was (and still is) everything we hoped for in a son. As he grew we found him to be tenderhearted and very creative. I remember him as a little boy jumping around the house in his little batman cape looking for his Superman suit. He was everybody's pride and joy, and an easy child to spoil being so beautiful and sweet.We were very proud of ourselves that he never wanted for anything that we couldn't give to him.We provided him with everything he could ever want and then some. Unfortunately, years started passing by rather quickly and we realized that we had played a significant role in creating a child who knew no boundaries; a child that expected no consequences and who lacked the ability to make wise choices.We tried to establish boundaries and


Treatment teach him to accept consequences, but we were in over our heads. The blessing in all of this is that Joseph never doubted our love for him and we knew he loved us just the same.

His rebellion was more passive aggressive than "in your face”. In a way that was an easier pill to swallow, but the choices he was making were dangerous and we feared we were going to tragically lose Joseph.We reached out for help EVERYWHERE! We charged Joseph with a Petition for Juvenile Delinquency every time he ran away so that we could tap into the court system for assistance. We hired our own attorney to help us lovingly press charges on our son to get him the help he needed.

It was decided that Joseph would benefit from being placed in a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility. Joseph was transferred from another PRTF into the program at Eliada. The Eliada staff was very professional and treated us as a family unit in crisis, never once judging

There was much guilt associated with having my son placed in a PRTF- guilt that I placed on myself. The staff at Eliada was most helpful in relieving me of that guilt and helping me carry the load. After 11 months of placement I felt that a window of opportunity was opening to bring Joseph back home, and I approached the Eliada Team with my feelings. They helped me sort out a game plan that we needed to aim for to make this happen. We called upon our "Home Treatment Team" and we all met together with Joseph at Eliada with his treatment team there. We set a goal date for discharge and worked very hard toward meeting this goal. On the day of discharge I remember making the long ride back to Asheville. I knew today was the day I would once again take him into my arms and bring him home; home where he belongs, where he is loved, and where everyone was waiting to receive him, but this

time we had a new game plan.This time, Eliada helped us devise this plan to make sure we wouldn’t make the same mistakes all over again. The kids told Joseph good bye and his case manager and the CEO walked us to the car for a final farewell and a handshake.We had to stop by the barn for Joseph to tell "Elvis" the Billy goat goodbye. I remember the tears that swelled up in his eyes. I remember gazing out the car window as we pulled off with confidence knowing we had done the right thing for all of us. Joseph has been home nearly 5 months and we are all still growing. We continue to be grateful to the staff at Eliada for helping us save our son when our family was in crisis. We are all still learning and growing, but at least we are all together on the same porch.Thank you once again. God bless you all.


It worked! The district attorney presented our plea to the judge and together they came up with a plan to get this family in crisis some serious help before we lost our beloved son. Mental health evaluations were ordered, a probation officer was assigned, and hence the ball began rolling. Our treatment team became a saving grace for our family.

us as a failing family. We never missed an opportunity to visit Joseph and spent many hours in the little sun room porch just being together. When you are apart as a family it is very therapeutic to simply just be together. Our therapist and case manager stayed in touch with us on a regular basis and were always available for long extended telephone calls offering me the assurance I needed.

“We continue to be grateful to the staff at Eliada for helping us save our son when our family was in crisis.”


“I feel like the teachers at Eliada know that I like to write, and have really encouraged me to do it more often. Who knows, maybe one day I will write a book about my experiences at Eliada.�


LEARNING AND GROWING AT ELIADA ACADEMY: by April I began day treatment at Eliada when I was in the ninth grade. “Day Treatment’ means that I go to school at Eliada instead of public school. I came here because I felt angry and sad a lot of the time. I didn’t like myself very much, and I guess you could say that I was depressed. I had a really hard time getting along with other kids, and I absolutely hated school. I felt like the teachers didn’t know how to deal with me. If I got mad in class or had bad behavior, which was a lot, they didn’t really have the time to help me.There were too many other kids in my classes for the teachers to be able to take time out to help me work through problems when they happened.

My favorite subject is English and I have a passion for reading and writing. I have been involved in the book club here, and work on the student newspaper staff reviewing movies, books,

and music. I have written lots of short stories, and am working on a novel that I have already written 27 chapters of. I feel like the teachers at Eliada know that I like to write, and have really encouraged me to do it more often.Who knows, maybe one day I will write a book about my experiences at Eliada. Another thing that has been really helpful here is that I have gotten to be involved in a lot of different activities. I have been in a Karate class, worked with the horses in the TASC program, and been in some of the athletics programs. I made friends with some of the other students and got to do things I might not ever have done if I hadn’t been here. Today, I am a much more upbeat person and have been able to come out of my shell. I will probably go back to public school soon, and I think I will do a lot better there than I did before. I think I have a better outlook on life and I know that I am making progress towards becoming who I want to be. I look forward to the future and have hopes of going to college. I want to study English and either be an English teacher or author—maybe both! I am grateful for my time here at Eliada because I know that my day treatment experience will help me reach my goals in the future.

Day Treatment


I was not too sure how I would like it at Eliada when I first arrived. I didn’t like wearing the uniforms, and there wasn’t as much freedom as I was used to having.There were definitely some things that I did like, though. My favorite thing is that the classes are small, and I really like all of my teachers.They are always there to help me, and if I am having a problem they take the time to work it out with me. Here, the teachers really care, and it seems like they love what they do.



Community Support by Kim Purser “This is the most challenging job I have ever had, and the most rewarding.�


When people ask me what I do for Eliada, I often have difficulty describing my job. My official title is “Community Support Worker�, which in a broad sense means that I am a teacher of sorts. However, on any given day I may also be a student, advocate, counselor, negotiator, role model, team builder, safety inspector, witness in court, crisis manager, case manager, documentarian, tutor, or family cheerleader. I work with children and families who are in difficult situations, often struggling to keep their homes and relationships intact. I go out into the communities, into the homes where my families live, to their schools, and to where they work. This is the most challenging job I have ever had, and the most rewarding.

Both boys considered themselves outcasts and developed behaviors to reinforce that perception. They developed a habit of pushing people away before anyone had the chance to get close enough to help, and I was certainly no exception. The boys were determined to get rid of me. During our first interaction they poured gasoline on me, hoping that I would be too appalled and afraid to come back. As determined as they were to get rid of me, I was that much more determined to help them.

When I returned to the home the next day, we began the slow process of building trust. With patience, I began to see progress; small

For me, one of the most fulfilling aspects of the job is the variety and exposure I have to working with many different types of individuals and situations. A typical day for me, if there is such a thing, might involve advocating for a family member in court, working with schools to help students succeed, role-modeling respectful behavior, preparing handouts on conflict resolution and communication, or linking family members with counseling or psychiatric services. Families are wonderful teachers, and I have learned much about patience, humor, adaptability, hope and resilience from them. I work with children who range in age from 4 to 17 and their families. I have worked with Catholics, Presbyterians, Baptists, Jewish, Jehovah's Witness, and Buddhists. My families have been white, black, and biracial. I have worked with boys and girls; those with some money, and some who have barely had shoes. I have worked with two parent homes, those with single parents, and homes in which grandparents and great-grandparents were raising children. I am on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Though there is a great deal of diversity in my career, some things are universal. Every family can benefit from consistency, stability, humor, patience, creativity, and a willingness to communicate. Seeing these things blossom in those that I serve is what makes it all worthwhile.


All of our families struggle with many things at once. The very first family I worked with had so many issues it was hard to know where to begin. Two boys aged 15 & 16 were morbidly obese, angry, depressed and withdrawn, failing in school, and very afraid of going out in public. Both boys had threatened suicide. The mother was overwhelmed and suffering from mental illness herself. Though they lived in the same house, they rarely spoke to each other, did not share meals, and did not identify with each other or society in general. Clearly, this was a family on the verge of crisis.

changes at first, and then larger ones. At the end of one year, the family moved into a better home, both boys began a physical fitness program and lost weight, and the father reunited with the family. Both boys stayed and succeeded in school and were able to get and maintain employment. In addition, the family now has a network of friends and support in their community. They eat meals together and have continued to have "family night� where they turn off the TV, talk to each other, laugh and, most importantly, are no longer afraid to hope.


“My family has gotten so much from our relationship with Eliada. Through each challenge, they have been there with me to support my children.�

Child D



I am the working mother of five wonderful children; six year old twins AJ (pictured left) and Patrick, 5 year old Alex, 4 year old Hope, and Sonny, my two year old. Finding affordable, quality childcare is a big problem for most parents; for me, it was multiplied by 5! We tried a few other child care centers in the area before finally finding Eliada’s Child Development Center in 2005.

The twins entered into the program at age four, which is the first time that I had heard of "More at Four." The twins had a hard time adjusting for several reasons, including being separated for the first time. This was my choice as I knew it was time to prepare them for Kindergarten. Patrick had an especially difficult time adjusting in his new class, so Tracey, the Child Development Director, and her remarkable staff reevaluated his needs and transitioned him to a class that was better suited for him. Although less so than his brother, AJ also had some initial problems.The teachers were respectful of his needs and spoke to him (not ‘at him’) about issues he was facing. It was during this time that we learned the twins were diagnosed with ‘sensory integration dysfunction’, a disorder commonly linked to autism that causes problems with processing information.

This was not the last challenge from the Barlow family Eliada teachers would be faced with. Alex was in the More at Four Class last year and is now in Kindergarten. During his time in the class I had him tested for Autism and it was confirmed that he had Aspergers Syndrome. Without

Hope and Sonny are still a part of Eliada’s Child Development Center. Hope is excelling in More at Four, even surprising me at home by using Spanish phrases she learned in school! This is not a requirement at Eliada, but a benefit. Sonny is in the two year old classroom this year, where the staff has the patience of Job. As two year olds often do, he is learning to explore his surroundings and boundaries. I love knowing that the teachers are right there to positively guide him and help him become a well-rounded child. My family has gotten so much from our relationship with Eliada.Through each challenge, they have been there with me to support my children.The pride they instill in each individual child is evident on graduation day, which is another event that Eliada makes so special. It is an actual graduation ceremony for little people! The accomplishment each child feels on graduation day is indescribable. Would I ever change child care centers? Never. Being a past Director of a quality program myself, I am very picky and would never let just anyone educate my children. One must be educated in order to educate, and I know this is happening at Eliada everyday. What they do cannot be described in words alone- it is in the looks on the children's faces, the feeling in the classrooms, the sounds of the center, and, most of all, how it makes my children feel safe and secure.



Sensory integration dysfunction is not a common diagnosis, but once again the teachers at Eliada rose to the challenge, maintaining their love and dedication. We all learned about sensory integration together, and everyone worked to help my twins become comfortable and make progress.

fail, Ms. Casey and Ms. Melissa, his teachers, stepped up to bat and came out swinging. They educated themselves and in return were able to recognize Alex's challenges and worked with him every day to accomplish his goals. Together, through working with Buncombe County Schools, staff, therapists, and his family, Eliada assisted Alex in becoming a child who was ready for Kindergarten. Currently,Alex is a wonderful student who is making amazing progress.


Foster Care by Patricia Bradley

ADOPT A CHILD: FOSTER THE FUTURE My husband and I became foster parents for the first time 26 years ago, when we felt a calling to take in young girls who were pregnant and alone. We reached out to the unwed mothers we knew through our church and in the community, offering our home and our support. Many of our family and friends probably felt that we were crazy. We had two young sons of our own, who were at that time ages 7 and 9. In addition, there was no payment and no incentive for taking these women in, besides the knowledge that we were making a difference in someone’s life.

We realized quickly that life as a foster parent can be very challenging. Many of the girls who stayed with us were at a very low point in their lives, and were struggling with the decision of whether or not to keep their children once they were born. Our goal was not to influence them, but only to offer our support and whatever advice we could to help them make the best decision possible. We also learned that fostering a child truly takes a family. Our sons were willing and excited to help in any way, which I am sure made the young women feel more welcome and comfortable.

In our lives as foster parents, we have fostered 40 children and adopted 12. Many of the children we have fostered, and 4 that we have adopted, have been through Eliada. Most recently, we have

adopted Leah. Leah has been in foster care since the age of 3, and is now 12 years old. Like any child, Leah comes with her own unique set of strengths, weaknesses, needs, and challenges. Transitionseven positive ones- can be challenging for young children, and both the child and the foster family need a lot of support during that time.That’s where Eliada comes in. I mentioned earlier that fostering takes a family, but it probably takes even more than that. Our Eliada foster care worker, Renee Fisher, has been an incredible support for us throughout our time with Leah. The staff of Eliada’s foster care program is the best I have ever been involved with, and I have worked with many. They truly listen and advocate for the child’s needs, both from the perspective of the foster family and the child. It is this kind of ‘team effort’ that foster parents really need; no one can do it alone! Fostering and adopting is certainly hard work, there is no doubt about that. It is made easier through support, and it is certainly rewarding. Helping to support a child day by day, even though you can’t always see the future, helps that child know that they are loved and cared about. It’s a powerful thing.


Our first formal adoption wasn’t until 1992, when a devastating car wreck left me disabled and unable to work. A friend of mine was considering fostering a young baby boy named Dominique who was extremely sick, and I decided to become licensed to provide respite care for him. Dominique had cerebral palsy, an intensive medical condition which doctors predicted would claim his life before his fifth birthday. While Dominique was in the hospital, the couple that intended on fostering him found another child, and we were asked to consider taking him in. We agreed and fell in love with this special little boy, who added so much to our lives until his passing at the age of 12.

“Helping to support a child day by day, even though you can’t always see the future, helps that child know that they are loved and cared about. It’s a powerful thing.”


“I know that the lessons I learned in TASC, like responsibility and compassion, will help me after I leave. �

Therapeutic Animal

THERAPEUTIC ANIMAL STEWARDSHIP COOPERATIVE: BY JESSICA My name is Jessica, and I love horses. Before I came to live at Eliada, I had never been around animals and never really paid them very much attention. Now, I can’t imagine my life without them. I came to live here mostly because of my own actions. I had a really hard time with school. Probably the best way to say it is that I just didn’t care; I hated school and would do anything to get out of it. I constantly faked being sick, called my Mom to come pick me up, or just got up and walked out of class. I have a learning disability and felt like it was just too hard to sit still for so long. My Mom actually got community service because I missed so many school days. I also had a bad habit of being a bully. I felt really angry a lot of the time, and I didn’t like myself very much. I argued with everyone and usually had a bad tone to my voice. I had a hard time telling the truth or being responsible. That was who I was when I first came here.

Thank goodness for the TASC program. Working with the horses and learning to take care of them has helped me so much. During the first few weeks, I felt like they were my only friends. I would talk to the horses and tell them all of my problems. A lot of the

Carrie, the TASC director, has helped me as much as the horses have. Carrie taught me everything about horses- how to groom them, saddle them, and pick their feet to get out pebbles and things. The horses are really big animals, and in the beginning I was afraid to be around them. Carrie gave me a lot of encouragement and I eventually got the confidence to get really good at it. Carrie taught me how to be around horses, and most importantly, how to be responsible for them. I remember one day, I didn’t want to work in the barn. Carrie said,“Jessica, even if you don’t feel like feeding or grooming them, the horses are depending on you. You are responsible for them. If you don’t do your job, they won’t get taken care of.” That really stuck with me and now I feel like I can understand what responsibility is all about. I feel so much better at Eliada. Because I have been more active, working in the barn and being on sports teams, I have lost 48 pounds and 6 pants sizes since I first came. I know that the lessons I learned in TASC, like responsibility and compassion, will help me after I leave. I am so grateful for Eliada, the TASC program, and Carrie.

Stewardship Cooperative


Especially for the first little while, it was tough to live here. Even though I wasn’t always that nice to them, I really missed my family and didn’t know who of the other kids or the staff that I could trust. I felt really alone.

horses had been abused before they came here, and some can’t even be ridden anymore. Even Amos, our donkey, was abused and is missing an ear. I really felt for the horses and the other animals and wanted to learn how to take care of them.



SUMMER ADVENTURE CAMP: BY DENISE For my daughter, Zubrina, life hasn’t always been easy. She has struggled through school, never really connecting with other kids. She isn’t as able to cope with the emotional ups and downs of life as other children, and thus had some challenges that have made social situations difficult. As a mother, I always felt badly that I wasn’t able to give her everything that parents want for their children. For financial reasons, I had to go back to work when she was just a tiny baby, and never really got the chance to give her life experiences and memories that I would have liked to. Especially during the summer, I wanted her to do more than just hang out at home and watch TV, but I didn’t think I had the resources to send her to camp. When I found Eliada, I felt so blessed.At Eliada’s summer camp, Zubrina got the chance to expand her horizons and make friends. She got to have the experiences I had always wanted to give her but felt were out of reach. Summer camp was the highlight of my child's year. This was the time she could let out all of the pressures of school and just be a kid.

Through the years, she has made lasting friendships with other kids and with staff members. She always looks forward to the weeks she spends at Eliada, basking in the sun and running through the campus fields.The camp counselors go out of their way to make her feel comfortable and supported, and I know that has made a huge difference for her. For me, Eliada’s summer camp has been such an incredible resource. I never thought I would be able to afford to give my daughter experiences like the ones she has there, and I never dreamed that Zubrina would be able to make so many bonds with the people she has met there. I know that while she is at Eliada she is having fun, feels safe, and making memories that will last a lifetime. I have always heard that a mother’s love is the strongest love in the world and with that I agree. I have to say though, that the next closest thing is the love that Eliada’s staff has provided over the years to my daughter. Patience, understanding, and true acceptance… there has to be a special place in heaven for people that have this much kindness to offer a child.

Adventure Camp


When I came to pick her up after work, I would often see her running, singing, and dancing with newfound friends. She would always come home excited to tell me about her days spent riding horses, swimming, white water rafting, or just lying in the grass making shapes out of the clouds. My daughter was able for a few short weeks to just be herself, free from all the emotional and social issues that held her back in other situations.

“At Eliada’s summer camp, Zubrina got the chance to expand her horizons and make friends. She got to have the experiences I had always wanted to give her but felt were out of reach.”



I grew up in a very poor area of Romania. There, I learned to survive mostly by myself. I was taken from my mother at age 5 due to neglect, and was placed in two different orphanages before my parents rights to see me were completely taken away. The orphanages were terrible and I waited for the day when someone would come to adopt me. Finally, that day came. When I was 7, a man came to take my little sister and I to America. In my new family, my two older brothers were huge sports fans. They introduced me to soccer, baseball, football, and basketball. I loved sports, except for soccer, which I could never get the hang of. Things with my adopted family never worked out. I was failing in school and they didn’t really know what to do with me. At age 13, I left their house. My life after that became a living hell. I was skipping school, using drugs, running away, and was even locked in jail. I am not proud of that, and remember those times of my life as being really dark. I felt really lost and like there wasn’t anybody to care about me.


Eliada came into play about 7 months ago. Here, I started running track. One of the staff members who was also my coach was a great influence. He never gave up on me in the field or in the cottage. Running was really hard at first, and I have to admit that there were some times I thought of quitting. My coach would not let me quit and helped me realize that I didn’t want to be someone who was a quitter. I kept trying and eventually completed four 5K races. I am really proud that I was able to do that! I got involved in other sports too, some that I liked and some that I didn’t. Softball wasn’t my favorite, but I LOVE volleyball! I hope that I get to play volleyball forever. Coming up, I am also going to be on the basketball team. I have only ever played street basketball, so I am really looking forward to that.

like sports have saved my life, and helped me concentrate on striving for better every day. Being healthy is great, and athletics can help get your mind and your body in a better state. When I first started running, it was hard because I wasn’t used to it. I thought there was no way I could ever run an entire 5K race without stopping. I kept it up, built up my speed, practiced, and now I can do it with no problem. Coming to Eliada has been like that, too. It felt too hard to change, but now I am changing every day. Maybe I did not have the easiest start in life, but Eliada has helped me to understand that my past doesn’t have to be my future. I can be whatever I want in this world!

t Athletics By Inga


Sports have helped me so much. They keep me busy, and they help me focus on my treatment. It is a great getaway to get out there and run, play volleyball, or just be active. I hope one day I can get a volleyball scholarship and play on a college team. I am more in control now. I am becoming successful and turning my life around every minute. I feel

“I am becoming successful and turning my life around every minute. I feel like sports have saved my life, and helped me concentrate on striving for better every day.”





I’ll be honest: when my mother first told me that I was going to spend my free time after school at Eliada, I wasn’t too excited. I didn’t know anyone there and was used to my routine: come home, watch TV, maybe check my email, and wait until Mom got home to make dinner. I was a typical 15 year old girl, and I didn’t see any need to come to Eliada. My first day, I felt really out of place. I just kept to myself the whole time and didn’t really talk to anybody. I didn’t have the confidence to participate in any of the activites everyone else was doing, like riding horses or playing sports. They also had some time for tutoring. Even though my grades were really bad I didn’t want to ask for homework help, either, because I was afraid people would make fun of me or think I was stupid.

Over time, I started to make friends in STEP. I got better at working with the horses, too. Now, I know how to groom and take care of them, and really love being in the barn. I am not afraid to ask for help with my homework, and I will jump in on a soccer, basketball, or softball game when one gets going.

My grades are getting better every day, and I feel healthier. I didn’t realize how much time I had wasted just sitting on the couch or playing on the computer before I came to STEP. I feel a lot more confident in myself, especially around the horses. I don’t think there is any way I would have ever gotten to ride horses if I hadn’t come to this program. The best part of all is that I know my Mom feels a lot better about me being in STEP than she did when I was home alone. I know it is really hard to be a single parent and that the fact that STEP is free is great for her. Plus, sometimes we have cooking classes in STEP. Now, I can make dinner for my Mom!

Towards Excellence


The horse program was my least favorite part of STEP. The first time we went to work in the barn, I actually screamed I was so afraid. Horses are really big animals, and I was scared I would be stepped on. Carrie, one of the STEP instructors and the TASC director, was really good about trying to help me feel more comfortable.

“My grades are getting better every day, and I feel healthier. I didn’t realize how much time I had wasted just sitting on the couch or playing on the computer before I came to STEP.”


“I think that I will always ride minibikes and maybe even come back and be a NYPUM teacher when I am older.�


NATIONAL YOUTH PROJECT USING MINIBIKES: BY JAMES My name is James and I go to school at Eliada. The best thing about it is that I get to be in the minibike program called NYPUM. NYPUM stands for ‘National Youth Project Using Minibikes’. I love to ride the bikes and think that being in the program has helped me in lots of different ways. I know a lot about minibikes, like how to be safe on them, how to fix them, and how to take care of them. I had to go through a whole book full of lessons and 21 classes before I could actually ride. The classes and bookwork were mostly about safety, but also how to repair small engines. All of the classes were hard to get through, and it seemed like they would never end. When I finally did get to go on my first ride, I was really proud of myself that I had gone through the whole program and reached my goals. I don’t think I had ever accomplished anything that took so long before.

A couple of weeks ago, a group of adults came to learn about the NYPUM program. We did a presentation and a demonstration for them, and I led part of it. Before NYPUM, I would never have had the courage to get up in front of a bunch of adults that I didn’t know and talk. I was still a little nervous, but when I was done I felt great. They all said I did a good job and that they had learned a lot. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be, and I hope that if they do another presentation they will ask me to talk.

I am going back to public school in a few months, but I will still get to ride minibikes. I am also in the STEP afterschool program, and they do NYPUM there, too. I think that I will always ride minibikes and maybe even come back and be a NYPUM teacher when I am older. I love NYPUM and am happy that I came to Eliada!

Youth Project Using Minibikes


NYPUM was great for my grades and for my behavior too. Before I came to Eliada I was failing in school and didn’t get along with any of my teachers or the other kids. To even be in the NYPUM program, I had to set goals with my teachers and my parents. If I didn’t meet my goals, I didn’t get to ride. I love riding so much that I would do anything to get to do it! My grades have gotten a lot better and I am getting along with everyone at school.

Now that I have gone through the program, I help kids who just got into NYPUM learn about minibike safety and repair. The NYPUM program has helped me become so much more confident than I used to be. I am now a leader of other kids, who come to me when they need help with their bookwork or with riding.


F R O M T H E F O U N D AT I O N B O A R D P R E S I D E N T Dear Friends of Eliada, The mission of Eliada Foundation is to support the work of Eliada Homes, ensuring that this important community resource will endure for the next 105 years. In light of changes in state and federal funding and continued uncertainty regarding the future of these funding streams, the mission of the Foundation becomes more important than ever.

E L I A D A F O U N D AT I O N , I N C .



This year has truly been a phenomenal one.We welcomed a new board member, Howard Powell, and made remarkable accomplishments through development activities and investment planning. Legacy gifts, pledge collections, generous personal donations, grant awards, and continued ongoing annual support from our core donor base all combined to help us exceed our fundraising goals for this fiscal year.With these resources we were able to provide facilities upgrades, complete much-needed renovations, and grow our endowment. Thanks to good leadership from Foundation board member Hugh McCollum, growth in our foundation investment balances continues as we work toward building our endowments and maintaining good investment returns.We continue to benefit from our long-standing relationship with the Community Foundation for part of our endowment assets. We are also proud of our continued support of Eliada students through our scholarship programs.This year, three students were able to pursue higher education using Eliada Foundation scholarship funds. It is our intention that every Eliada alumni with the desire and commitment to attend college is able to do so. Thank you to all the individuals, corporations, and private foundations that have so generously supported Eliada over the last year. Community support is an integral part of our success, and a blessing for which we continually offer our gratitude and sincere thanks.

Top Row:Timothy Kelley, President; Hugh McCollum,Vice-President; John Isgrig,Secretary/Treasurer Middle Row:G.Howard Powell; Stuart Weidie; Jean McGuire

Warmly, Timothy Kelley Eliada Foundation Board President

Bottom Row: Gary Roberts; Richard Sills; James Lesko

Financial Performance 2006/2007 Fiscal Year





















$130,509 $43,610



$143,125 $122,807 $122,549 $80,405



$71,272 $27,494








$673,155 $2,019
































June 30, 2006













June 30, 2007




$61,952 -





$37,435 $751












































$396,164 $366,783




























$21,750 $5,894




June 30, 2006







June 30, 2007



Eliada Homes, Inc. is incorporated as a nonprofit corporation under the laws of the State of North Carolina. It has qualified for exception from federal income taxes under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Eliada Foundation is a supporting organization of Eliada Homes, Inc. and is not a private foundation. The financial statements of Eliada Homes and Eliada Foundation have been prepared on the accrual basis of accounting conforming to accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America as applicable for not-for-profit organizations. This year saw challenges in changing funding streams and in payment collection for services rendered.Through proactive leadership, Eliada was able to adapt and succeed in this new fiscal environment. Changes in service provisions and rates, continual efforts to maintain high utilization, and fundraising efforts all contributed to a successful year. Expenses are allocated on a functional basis among various programs and support services. Expenses that can be identified with a specific program are allocated directly. Other shared expenses are distributed to programs and support services proportionately by an adopted cost allocation plan. Investments are recorded at fair market value. Property and equipment is recorded at historical cost or fair market value on the date of donation. Rebecca A.Williams Chief Financial Officer Eliada Homes, Inc. Eliada Foundation, Inc.






$11,000,000 $10,000,000


$9,000,000 $8,000,000 $7,000,000 $6,000,000





$5,000,000 $4,000,000



$3,839,868 $2,100,857

$2,000,000 $1,000,000 $0





Endowment & Investments Linear (Endowment & Investments)




Operating Budget Net Assets




Dear Friends, “If you have much, give of your wealth; if you have little, give of your heart.” I have been involved in the nonprofit sector for all of my adult life, traveling throughout the United States and the world to work for child welfare.The Bible directs us to “suffer the little children”, and to this end I have traveled to some of the poorest countries on earth, returning home to raise funds and awareness for the plight of the neediest and most vulnerable among us. When I learned of Eliada, I knew that this was a worthy mission that I wanted to be a part of.

Working late one night, I was shuffling through the “All About Me” forms when I realized that in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, coordinating gifts, and scheduling parties, I had yet

The number one item on most children’s Christmas list was far from the materialism and excess that characterize most young children’s wishes. Some children wrote that they wanted “a family”,“for my mother to be out of jail”, or “to get better.” Others requested basic necessities like socks, deodorant, or a winter coat. Many scrolled notes across the bottom of their pages reading things like “Thank you and God bless you to the person who picks me”. Asking for support year after year is an intensive career. It is times like Christmas that make it all worthwhile, and supporters like you who make children’s wishes come true.The following pages contain a listing of all of the donors who have made a difference in the lives of needy children and families over the last year. For your generosity and kindness at Christmas and throughout the year, the Development staff and I offer our sincere thanks. Michelle M. Robinson Director of Development Eliada Foundation, Inc.


Christmas is the busiest time in fundraising for any nonprofit. At Eliada, this is magnified as we try to coordinate gifts, holiday parties, and religious experiences for all of the children in our care. Each child fills out an “All About Me” form that includes their clothing sizes, favorite colors, likes and dislikes, and Christmas wish lists.We look for businesses, families, and churches that might like to sponsor a child, and pass that information along to them.

to really read any of the children’s responses. For all my nonprofit experience or perhaps because of it, few things surprise me anymore, but these did.


THE COMPTON SOCIETY The churches, schools, civic groups, businesses, philanthropic foundations, and individuals listed in the following pages represent some of Eliada’s most faithful

CHURCHES AND SCHOOLS Broad River Baptist Church Central UMC - The Martha Circle Central UMC, Covenant Class Central United Methodist Church Ebenezer Baptist Church, Mary Martha SSC Emma UMC, Good News Class Faith Missionary Baptist Church Hominy Valley Independent Church Lower Big Pine Missionary Baptist Church Main Street Baptist, Friendship SS Class Matilda Dryman Circle of UMC Morning Star UMC Nesbitt Chapel UMC/Senior Adult Class Paint Fork Missionary Baptist Church Reynolds Missionary Baptist Church St. Eugene Church Walnut Presbyterian Church Weaverville UMC Woods Memorial Baptist Church

supporters. All have either given consecutively for five or more years, or have made a gift of over $1000 in the last fiscal year. It is their generous support that

CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS Fletcher Lions Club Int'l. Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Kiwanis Club of West Asheville Land of the Sky Bassmasters Rotary Club of Arden

allows us to fulfill our mission of Helping Children Succeed.

CORPORATE SUPPORTERS All Season Siding & Guttering ArvinMeritor Asheville Tourists Beverly-Hanks South BI-LO, Inc.

Blossman Gas Bojangles of WNC Brown & Brown of Lehigh Valley, Inc. Browning Enterprises C & R Masonry C.E. Emery Construction, Inc. Carolina CAT Cole Vending Company Comprehensive Chiropractic Craigowan Ltd. Davis Technologies LLC Dixon Hughes GDS, Inc. The Grain & Salt Society Great Smokies Medical Center Hobson Construction Company, Inc. JSR Construction, Inc. Kanupp Construction Kimmel & Associates, Inc. Lewis Real Estate McClain Holdings, LLC Mill End Enterprises, Inc. Owen Manufacturing Company Progress Energy Service Company Saint Gobain Abrasives, Inc. Southeastern Container, Inc. Springs Global US, Inc. Timberline Lumber Company of Asheville

Wachovia Bank Wal-Mart #1179 Western Highlands Authority Wiggins-Hill, Inc.

ESTATES Estate of Robert Heiser Estate of Shelby Horton Estate of Pansy Kirby Estate of Katherine McElhenie Estate of Vivian Morrow Estate of Inez West TRUSTS Butterfield Estate Trust Jeannette Long Trust James McCallister Trust W. C. Shuey Family Endowment Fund

INDIVIDUALS Mrs. Phoebe Adams Mrs. Geraldine G. Adcox Ms. Mabel R. Alford Mr. & Mrs. Hugh E. Allen Mr. Danny R. Allender Mrs. Frances Allison Mr. & Mrs. Harold R. Allison Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Allman Mr. & Mrs. Walter L. Andersen Ms. Earlene Anderson Mr. & Mrs. James R. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. John R. Anderson Mr. Marshall C. Anderson Mrs. Ruby Angel Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Angermuller Mr. & Mrs. Lewis G. Augustine Mr. & Mrs. Fred Ayers Mr. Michael D. Babb Mr. & Mrs. Scott Banks

Mr. & Mrs. Harry D. Barnes Mrs. Corajean Barrett Mrs. Lettie Barrett Ms. Betty Jane Barton Mr. & Mrs. James S. Bennett Mr. Hugh E. Blackburn Mrs. Alice Blinderman Mrs. Madeline Blom Mr. Edward J. Bonnville, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Roger L. Boone Mr. & Mrs. Walton H. Boring Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. Boyd Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Bradley Mr. & Mrs. E. C. Bradley, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Brady Mr. & Mrs. William E. Briggs Mr. & Mrs. Doster Brock, Jr. Mr. William C. Brothers Ms. Aileen M. Brown Ms. Bernice C. Brown Ms. Mary Virginia Brown Mrs. Merton L. Brown Mr. Ray Bryson Mr. David H. Buckner Mrs. Nina S. Bumgarner Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Bumgarner Mr. & Mrs. Roy Burchfield Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Canfield Mr. & Mrs. William H. Cannon Mr. & Mrs. Jimmie Cantrell Mr. Avery F. Carpenter

Mr. & Mrs. Carroll R. Case Mrs. Ruth Cech Mr. & Mrs. James Chapman Mrs. Sandra Cheek Mr. & Mrs. Carl L. Christiansen Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Clark Mr. Melvin R. Clark Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Clarke Mrs. Raymond R. Cole Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Cook, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Coulter Mr. Vernon M. Cram Mr. Wiley B. Crook Ms. Eugenia S. Cross Ms. Doris P. Cummings Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Davidson Ms. Bonnie Davies Mr. C. Richard Davis Mr. Clyde Davis Mr. & Mrs. Reuel Davis Ms. Mary Louise Dean Mrs. Joan DeLucca Mr. Michael S. Demos Mr. William G. Dixon Ms.Thelma Dyer Ms. Hope E. Edick Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Edwards Mr. & Mrs. Joe El-Khouri Ms. Gail F. Embler Ms. Christine H. Emory Ms. Donnalee Enright Mr. Charles W. Epley


FOUNDATIONS The Cannon Foundation, Inc. Clyde and Mildred Wright Endowment Fund CMP Community Connection Foundation Community Foundation of Henderson County, Inc Community Foundation of Western N. C. The Duke Endowment Ek-Partin Charitable Endowment Fund Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Foundation For The Carolinas GE Foundation Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust

Laurie Roberson Wright Charitable Fund Merck Partnership for Giving Mission Healthcare Foundation Paul S. Amos Family Foundation, Inc. The Richard Eckerd Foundation, Inc Ronald McDonald House Charities SC Johnson Fund, Inc. The Sisters of Mercy of North Carolina Foundation Wal-Mart Foundation


Mr. & Mrs. Ray Estes, Jr. Ms. Debra Evans Mrs. Joan M. Falls Mr. Micheal D. Farlow Mr. & Mrs. Robert Earl Finney Mr. & Mrs. W. Howard Fisher, Jr. Mr. Joseph R. Fluharty Ms. Marjorie F. Foster Mr. Charles W. Frady Mr. & Mrs. Harold B. Friend Mr. Zebulon L. Fry Mrs. Barbara Fuller Mr. & Mrs. Ken Fussell Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Gaffigan Mr. Lee Galloway & Ms. Nancy Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Dewey W. Gant, Sr. Mr. Henry A. Gasperson Mrs. Mary N. Giles Mr. & Mrs. James J. Gillespie Ms. Mary Lou Gillum Mr. Donald J. Glover Dr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Godbold Mrs. Ardis Goeser Dr. & Mrs. Joel W. Goldsby, III David W. Goldsmith & Janice A. Brown Mrs. Shirley Gonce Mr. & Mrs. Carl O. Gray Mrs. Louise D. Greene Mr. & Mrs. Clarence E. Griffin Dr. & Mrs. Robert C. Gunther

Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Hahn Mrs. Hattie M. Hailey Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Hall Ms. Sarah L. Hall Mrs. Edna B. Hammond Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Hanich Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Haring Mr. & Mrs. Brice C. Harris Mr. & Mrs. Forrest Hart Ms. Ruby B. Haynes Mr. & Mrs. Sidney P. Haynes, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Hendrickson Mrs. Louise Herndon Mr. & Mrs. Addison L. Hill Ms. Elizabeth. K. Hocking Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Hoffner Ms. Amy E. Hollifield Mr. & Mrs. Fred D. Hollifield Mr. & Mrs. William D. Hood Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Hoover Ms. Marie R. Hudson Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Hughes Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Humes Ms. Elizabeth J. Hunter Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Hunter Mr. Michael L. Huntley Mr. & Mrs. R. G. Imbt Mr. Jim Jarratt Mr. & Mrs. Howard F. Jenkins Mr. & Mrs. John M. Jenkins Mr. Richard G. Jennings Mrs. Mary Elizabeth

Compton Jepson Mrs. Elsie S. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Jerry A. Jolly Mrs. Wylma Justice Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Kabasan Mrs. Rubye F. Keever Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Kelley Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Ketchum Mrs. Marie L. Kilpatrick Mr. & Mrs. David Kimble Mr. & Mrs. William A. Kisken Mrs. Gladys O. Koon Mr. Donald E. Kosur Mr. & Mrs. Brian Langford Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth D. LaRowe Mr. & Mrs. Harry R. LaTowsky, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Peter R. Lawson Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Layman Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Leatherwood Mr. & Mrs. James L. Lesko Mr. James M. Levins Judge & Mrs. Robert D. Lewis Ms. Karen Lindsay Mr. & Mrs. John D. Link Mrs. Robert B. Long Mr. & Mrs. Reid Lovelace Mrs. Edgar Lyngholm Mr. & Mrs. David R. Mackintosh Mrs. Mary C. Maney Mrs. Susan Maricle Mr. & Mrs. Roy D. Marlowe, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Gerald H. Martin

Dr. & Mrs. W. C. Mathis, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Freno M. Maxwell Dr. & Mrs. Roderick McLennan Mr. & Mrs. Alexander G. G. McWilliam Mrs. Georgia Melton & Mr. Joe Melton Mr. & Mrs. Bob Z. Merrill Mr. Charles W. Messer Mr. Gary W. Mewborne Ms. Linda G. Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd M. Middleton Mr. Harry S. Miller, III Mr. James A. Miller II Mr. & Mrs. James E. Mills Mrs. Peggy S. Millwood Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Mongiovi Mr. & Mrs. James C. Morgan Mr. Charles H. Morris Mr. & Mrs. Frank Morris Mrs. Julia T. Murphy Ms. Wilma L. Muse Mr. William H. Myers Mr. & Mrs. Roger I. Myrto Mrs. Diane C. Nabers Ms. Louise Nanney Mr. Richard W. Nelson Mr. Jack Nichols Mrs. Annie L. Orr Mr. James W. Orr Mrs. Frances O'Shields Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell M. Osteen

Ms. Mary S. Rhodes Mr. & Mrs. Ivan H. Rhyne Mrs. Azalee Rich Miss Monte Richardson Mr. Lawrence S. Riddle Mr. & Mrs. John E. Riggins Mrs. Joan Rocamora Judge & Mrs. Peter L. Roda Mr. & Mrs. Carroll Rogers Ms. Hilda G. Rohlf Mr. Ernest J. Rosenau Mr. & Mrs. Joe G. Rowden Mrs. Edna Rowland Mr. & Mrs. Fred R. Russell Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Rutkowski Mr. & Mrs. Cesar A. Sastre Mr. & Mrs. James E. Sauer Mrs. Beverly J. Schumpert Mr. & Mrs. Ralph H. Schwarzkopf Mr. & Mrs. Russell J. Scott Mr. R. Lee Sechler Ms. Patricia J. Senneff Mr. & Mrs. Richard Setliff Mr. John L. Sharpe Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Shook Mr. & Mrs. James A. Shuler Mr. Forest Sibley Ms. Elizabeth M. Sides Mr. Charles J. Silver Rev. & Mrs. Charles W. Sisk Mrs. Shirley B. Sluder Mrs. Susan Smathers

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Smith Mr. & Mrs. Del Smith Mr. William R. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Reece V. Snyder Mrs. Evelyn Sorenson Mr. & Mrs. Mike Sorrells Mr. & Mrs. Ted Sorrells Mr. Roy R. Spivey Mr. S.L. Stambaugh Mr. & Mrs. Hal F. Starnes Mrs. Lena Stebbins Dr. & Mrs. Harry E. Steiner The Rev. & Mrs. Ralph Warren Storm Col. & Mrs. C. D. Strider Mr. Clyde C. Sutton Mr. & Mrs. Thaddeus Swanke Mr. Harry Swilling Mr. & Mrs. Bobby E. Taylor Mr. & Mrs. James H. Taylor Mrs. Lucinda M. Taylor Dr. & Mrs. Johnny T. Tiller Mr. & Mrs. George Tipton Mr. & Mrs. Lee W. Towery Mr. & Mrs. L. Ray Travis Mr. & Mrs. George Treusch Mr. & Mrs. Hartford Tweed Mrs. Andrew F. Unger Mr. & Mrs. Michael Upright Mr. John P. van Alstyne Mr. & Mrs. William Verigan Mr. Marvin E. Vierra

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Voelpel Mr. & Mrs. Rolland Walk Mr. & Mrs. Boyd R. Warren Mr. & Mrs. John C. Warren Mr. Charles E. Waters, Ed. D. Mr. Donald L. Watrous Mrs. Harry J. Wehrlen Mr. & Mrs. Raymond G. Weidner Dr. & Mrs. James E. Weilbaecher, Jr. Mrs. Evelyn K. Weinmann Mrs. Joan D. Westall Mr. & Mrs. Edwin W. Whitaker Mr. & Mrs. P. V. White, Jr. Mr. Elzie F. Wilde Mr. & Mrs. C. F. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Dean Williams Ernest & Nancy Williams Mr. & Mrs. William T. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Billy Willingham Ms. Pat T. Williams Mrs. Betty H. Wilson Ms. Tammi K. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. James D. Wooten Mr. Daniel V. Yost Ms. Virginia C. Young Mr. John C. Youngblood Mr. & Mrs. Dennis L. Younts Mr. & Mrs. Steve E. Zeis


Mrs. Betty Owen Mr. Paul Owenby Mr. Howard N. Parks Mr. John W. Parris Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Partin Dr. & Mrs. R. G. Patterson Mrs. Milagros L. Payne Mr. & Mrs. Mack Pearsall Ms. Donna L. Peck Mr. & Mrs. Richard Penland Mrs. Jane Mars Perkins Mr. & Mrs. John H. Porter Mr. & Mrs. Tom C. Posey Mr. Gus Poulos Ms. Leslie M. Price Mr. & Mrs. Arthur S. Proctor Mr. & Mrs. David D. Proffitt Mr. & Mrs. James B. Puckett Ms. Amy J. Pulaski Mr. & Mrs. Andrew S. Pyle Mrs. Suzanne R. Pyron Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Raber Mr. Shantharam Ramaswamy Mrs. Robert D. Ramsey Mr. & Mrs. Emmett Ramsey Mr. & Mrs. Roy Ramsey Mr. & Mrs. Dan Randall Mr. & Mrs. G. M. Randolph Dr. & Mrs. Lewis S. Rathbun Mr. & Mrs. Mark N. Raymond Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Reiner, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Reynolds


Thank you to this year’s donors CHURCHES AND SCHOOLS Abernethy United Methodist Church Chestnut Grove Baptist Church CrossKey- A Christian Congregation Emanuel Cathedral Church Francis Asbury United Methodist Church Grace Episcopal Church Holy Trinity Joy Class at Crestview Baptist Church Mooresville Middle School Mud Creek Baptist Church Oak Grove Baptist, Adult Ladies Class Ratcliffe Cove Baptist Church Sardis United Methodist Children's Church Skyland United Methodist Church St. Lukes Episcopal Church St. Timothy's Anglican Mission Unity Center of Christianity West Asheville Presbyterian Church Circle #1 Women of West Asheville Presbyterian Church CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS AMVETS Post #665 Andrews Lions Club Asheville Allemanders Benevolent Patriotic Order of Does Beta Sigma Phi Xi Omega Columbus Lions Club Girl Scouts Troop 221 Girl Scouts Troop 167

Harley Smokey Mountain HOG Chapter Hendersonville Lions Club Kappa Kappa Iota, Alpha Conclave Network for Good Optimist Club of Asheville, Inc. Order Ahepa Land Sky Chapter 28 Showing Our Hearts for Kids The Red Hat Club The Sassy Hatters Red Hat Society Teamsters Local Union No. 61 Valley Springs Lions Club WNC Knitters & Crocheters for Others CORPORATE SUPPORTERS A to Z Glass, Inc. (Wholesale Glass & Mirror) Advanced Bath Tub & Tile Refinishing, Inc. Adventure Treks, Inc. Air-Vent Exteriors, Inc. All Season Siding & Guttering Al's Family Farm Apollo Flame Bistro Asheville Metal Finishing, Inc. AZPAC-Match Program B&B Tobacconists Barnes & Noble Blue Ridge Paper Boatwright Trucking, Co. Bowen Brothers Bullman Heating & Air, Inc.

Buncombe County Information Tech. Canton Forest Products, LLC Carolina Hand Surgery Associates Caron's Contracting, Inc. Centdev Properties, LLC Charter Communications Cheek Insurance Group, Inc. Clay's Automotion, Inc. Claysmith Pottery Cognis Consolidated Electrical Distributors, Inc. Consumer-Tec Electronics Doctors Chambers & Baechtold DDS PA Derrico Construction Electrical Management Services, Inc. Felkel Oil Company, Inc. Fortune Landscaping, Inc Fruitful Ministries FROGS, LLC Gap Hill Landing Giant Cement Holding, Inc. The Giving Campaign Green's Realty of the Low Country, Inc. HomeTrust Bank Industrial Sheet Metal JH Enterprises Jobear Inc. Jodie Libby, Inc. Judy's Professional Cleaning Service Knight McClure Associates The Lobster Trap MAHEC Mailman Mail Management

Marcis Auto Racing McCarroll Construction, Inc. McDonald's Corporation Merle Norman Cosmetics Mike Byer Auto & Truck Repair, Inc. Mitchell's Tuxedos Mountain Animal Hospital Mutual Beauty Supply Inc. MVB Engineering Naval Construction Battalion Center NC Forestry Association, Inc. New Hope Ministries Oslo Packing Company Omega Meats, Inc The Optical Shop Pepsi-Cola Company Poinsettia Groves Powell Industries, Inc. Quality Recycling, LLC Re-Max Advantage Realty Riverside Stump Dump, Inc. S.P.S. Contracting Inc. Sage Photography Sam's Club Sensibilities Site-Works, Inc. Northup & McConnell, PLLC Southern Concrete Materials Southern Furniture Liquidators, LLC SoyKa Eng. Inc Stanley A. Briggs Custom Furniture STAR 104.3 Super Lube, Inc

Swannanoa Cleaners Tel-Vac South Tri-Sure Corp. The Ultimate Ice Cream Company Upholstery Packages & Services US Land Investment, LLC Valwood Corporation W. F. McCain and Associated Walgreen Drug Company Wal-Mart Super Center Store Western Carolina Community Action Whitmire Monument Company, Inc. Wholesale Glass & Mirror Company FOUNDATIONS Avrum Katz Foundation JustGive Kimberly-Clark Foundation, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Bridges Mr. Jerry Briggs Ms. Mildred E. Brooks Mrs. Beulah B. Brown Mr. & Mrs. David A. Brown Mr. F. M. Brown Mrs. Josephine Brown Mr. & Mrs. Fleming Browne, Jr. Ms. Patricia L. Brumbaugh Ms. Marilyn Buchan Mr. & Mrs. Carrol Buckner Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Buckner Mr. & Mrs. Penn J. Bullock Dr. & Mrs. Michael D. Burkhead Mrs. James R. Burns Mr. & Mrs. Russell Burson Dr. Larry R. Cain Mr. James T. Caldwell Mrs. Ruth W. Caldwell Ms. Juliana M. Camia Leroy and Susan Campbell Dr. & Mrs. William K. Campbell Dr. William M. Cannon Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Cantrell Ms. Noelle M. Cardell Ms. Danielle Cargulia Ms. Carolyn L. Carnahan Mr. & Mrs. Jimmie L. Caroway Ms. Claudia P. Cartaya Ms. Deborah Treadway Carter Mr. John Amos Carter Jr. Mrs. Judy Carver Mr. & Mrs. Allen R. Case Mr. & Mrs. Gerald E. Cassell Ms. Norma R. Cauble Mrs. Pamela Cavanaugh Mrs. Elaine W.Cave

Fred & Betty Chambers Mr. Charles Chandler Mr. & Mrs. John W. Chandler Ms. Belinda Chang Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Chapman Mrs. Debra Chapman Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. Chapman Mr. Robert L. Chason Mrs. Traci Chasteen Mrs. Irene Rogers Clark Ms. Jill Cleary Mr. & Mrs. Frank Cleber Mr. Robert R. Cline Ms. Pamela S. Cocke Mr. & Mrs. Hiram S. Cody, Jr. Mr. Don Worley Coffey Mr. & Mrs. Emery W. Coffey, Jr. Ms. Karen Cogburn Mrs. Karen Collum Mr. & Mrs. Myles C. Compton Ms. Lucille Conelly Mr. & Mrs. Ralph D. Conlon Ms. Betty M. Conway Ms. Donna L. Cook Ms. Joan Cook Ms. Debra Cooper Mr. Bob Corbin Mr. Thomas F. Corbin Mrs. Mary Louise Corn Mrs. Leslie Costa Mr. & Mrs. George C. Cothran Mr. & Mrs. James Cottam, Sr. Mrs. B. Paige Cox Ms. Ann F. Coxe Mr. Joseph D. Coyle Mrs. Phyllis Crawford Mrs. Margaret Creasman


INDIVIDUALS Ms. Pamela Abernathy Ms. Anita J. Adams Mr. Fred R. Agnew Mrs. Pamela Ahearn Mr. Albert Allen Mrs. Barbara C. Allen Mr. James E. Allen Mr. Richard E. Allen Mr. & Mrs. Harry T. Allison Mr. Robert Allison Mrs. Hazel Almon Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. Ambrose Mr. & Mrs. G. Martin Anderson Mr. & Mrs. James M. Anderson Ms. Linda J. Andrews Mr. & Mrs. Will R. Annarino Mr. & Mrs. Walter Ashe

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis R. Atkins Mr. William R. Austin Mr. Mikhal Avishai Ms. Joyce R. Babcock Mr. James W. Bailey Mr. & Mrs. Ken Bailey Mrs. Juanita M. Baker Ms. Ruth R. Baker Mr. Ben Ball, Jr. Mr. Harold H. Bangs, Jr. Mrs. Reva M. Barker Ms. Elaine C. Barnes Ms. Karen Barrows Mr. Joseph Y. Bassett Mrs. Mary L. Beach Mrs. Norma Beaty Ms. Rita C. Belanger Mr. & Mrs. James S. Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Scott Bennett Mr. Charles Biddix Mrs. Juliana Bissell Mr. & Mrs. Fred Black Mrs. Pearl W. Black Mr. & Mrs. Glenn R. Blackburn Ms. Sandy Blair Mr. & Mrs. John Blanton Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Blaylock Dr.& Mrs. H. Tyler Blethen III Mrs. Carl. L. Blue Mr. Edward J. Bonnville, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Bill Boone Mr. Joseph Bossler Mr. Miles Bosworth Mrs. Hoyle C. Bowen Ms. Jeanne Bowman Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Bown Mr. & Mrs. William B Boyer


Mr. Wm. Henry Crouch Mr. & Mrs. Oris Crout Mr. & Mrs. Virgil K. Crowder Ms. Obera Currin Mr. Alan B. Cutter & Ms. Joyce Davis Mrs. Bernadette M. Cyr Mr. James Dalmas Mrs. Jewell S. Daniel Ms. Kathryn P. Daughton Mrs. Clara D. Davis Ms. Gail D. Davis Ms. Lios D. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Perry G. Davis Dr. Philip C. Davis Ms. Susan B. Davis Mr. Frank De Rosa Ms. Cindy M. Dearman Mr. & Mrs. Irvin E. Deibert Mr. & Mrs. Boyce Deitz Mr. & Mrs. John W. Dennis Mr. & Mrs. L. Clay Denny Mr. & Mrs. Chuck B. Deyton Ms. Brenda N. Dillingham Mr. & Mrs. George J. Dimartino Mrs. Irene Diston Mr. Jack E. Ditto Ms. Karen Donatelli Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Doran Mr. & Mrs. Wilburn Dotson Mrs. Barbara J. Dougherty Mr. Von F. Ducker Ms. Donna E. Duffy Mr. Chuck Durand Mrs. Mary Ruth Duyck Ms. Esther A. Dycus Miss Elaine Easter

Ms. Shirley Easter Ms. JoAnn G. Ebbs Mr. Jack S. Echols Mrs. Sue Kilgo Echols Mr. Donald J. Eckert Mr. & Mrs. Jim Edgar Mrs. Sharon M. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. James Ellis Mr. & Mrs. Melvin R. Ellison Mr. Bill Ernst Ms. Linda Erwin Ms Betty L. Estes Ms. Carol Eubank Mrs. Doris Exner Mrs. Elizabeth A. Fadden Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Farnham Mr. & Mrs. Wolfgang H. Fischer Mr. Larry A. Fisher Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Flingos Mr. & Mrs. Eddie A. Flowe Mr. Helmut Foerster Ms. Monica Foerster Mrs. Wendolyn Lea Forbes Mr. and Mrs. John Ford Mrs. George Fowler Mrs. Helen R. Franklin Mr. James Frazier Dr. & Mrs. Robert Steven Freeman Ms. Sadie A. Freeman Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Freeman Mrs. Donna M. Frellick Mr. & Mrs. Doug French Ms. Sharon Fuchs Mrs. Mary A. Funderud Mr. Jim Fuqua Ms. Martha Gaillard Mr. & Mrs. John W. Gales

Mrs. Harold Garland Mrs. Lisa E. Garner Mr. & Mrs. Harold W. Garren Mr. Terry A. Garrison Mr. Neil Garroway Ms. Betty A. Gash Ms. Renee Gentry Mr. Paul Geoghegan Mr. & Mrs. James Gibbs Mr. Robert A. Gibbs Mr. & Mrs. Bernard C. Gier Mr. Peter Gignac Mrs. Diana Giliberti Mr. Donald J. Glover Mr. Matthew Godfrey Ms. Rachel McCaffrey Gordon Mr. Lindsay Graham Mrs. Amogene Gray Mr. Bruce Greene Mr. & Mrs. Millard D. Greene Mr. & Mrs. Ralph L. Greene Mr. & Mrs. Allen D. Greer Mrs. Irene Melton Greer Mrs. Frances Gregg Ms Wilma N. Grobe Mr. & Mrs. Rick W. Gross Ms. Laura H. Grover Ms Helen T. Gulledge Mr. James Gunn Ms. Deborah K. Gunter Ms. Ruth Guthrie Mrs. Hector P. Gutierrez Ms. Maggie Hagen Ms. Patsy Hagerman Mr. Aaron L. Hagler Ms. Janice D. Hall Ms. Reita Hall

Virginia W. Hall Mr. & Mrs. Donald K. Hambly Mrs. Ernest A. Hamill Mr. Gary R. Hamrick Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Hare Dr. & Mrs. B. L. Harpe Mr. & Mrs. David A. Harrell Mr. & Mrs. James A. Harrington Ms. Lara L. Harrington Mr. & Mrs. Claude M. Harris Mr. & Mrs. William A. Hart Mrs. Carolyn Rodgers Hatfield Ms. Patricia Hawkins Mr. & Mrs. Richard Glen Hawkins Mr. Claude Benjamin Haynes Mrs. Constance Heck Mr. Jeffery Heck Kimberly Hedrick and David Ogburn Mr. Robert G. Hefner Mrs. Ruth P. Heinemann Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Henderson Mr. & Mrs. Heinz F. Henken Mr. & Mrs. James Hennessey Ms. Vivian Henson Ms. Ida C. Hertzog Mr. & Mrs. Alan M. Hester Ms. Melissa Hicks Mr. & Mrs. L.R. Higdon Ms Claire B. Hill Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Hill Mr. & Mrs. Roger Hill Mr. Walter Hines Ms. Brenda Hinson Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Hobbs Mr. W. H. Hobson Mr. & Mrs. Donald D. Hoffman Ms. Donna Hoffman

Mr. & Mrs. David Jernigan Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Jervis Mr. & Mrs. Paul Jester Mrs. Betsy Johnson Mrs. Kathryn B. Johnson Mr. Roger Johnson Mrs. Tracey Johnston-Crum Mr. & Mrs. Don Jones Mr. & Mrs. Harold L. Jones Ms. Tisha M. Joudrey Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Juelfs Ms. E. Ann Kaehler-Campbell Ajit B. Kahaduwe Mr. Percy A. Kahaduwe Mr. & Mrs. Arnold S. Kalogerakis Ms. Barbara Kanipe Ms. Keith Marcia Ms. Hazel S. Keller Ms. Joan Kelly Mr. & Mrs. E. Richard Keniston Mr. Gene D. Kent (MAJ.RET) Ms. June C. Kerr Ms. Gale D. Kilmer Ms. Emilie H. Kimbrough Mr. Gerald W. King Ms. Catherine Kinser Mr. & Mrs. William Kinsman Mr. & Mrs. Gerald W. Kirkpatrick Ms. Elsie Klemt Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Knapp, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Lee Knight Ms. Helen L. Knipp & Ms. Patricia Jones Mr. Charles J. Krug Mr. & Mrs. Jon E. Krupnick Mr. & Mrs. James H. Kuykendall Ms. Cathy Labruyere

Charles and Mary Ann Lance Mr. David Lance Ms. Sharon D. Lance Mr. Steven D. Landreth Ms. Debbie J. Lane Mr. & Mrs. Alan Lang Mrs. Lois Lankford Ms. Charlotte Laughlin Mr. & Mrs. William T. Lawler Mr. & Mrs. Sterling Lawrence Mr. Robert S. Lawter Ms. Earline Ledford Mr. Robert E. Lee Mrs. Donna S. Leonard Mr. Benny R. Lewis Dr. & Mrs. John Li Ms. Hannah Lim Mr. & Mrs. William R. Liner Mr. Jerry G. Little Ms. Jean Littlejohn Mrs. Robert E. Liverett Mr. & Mrs. Arthur H. Lockhart Mrs. Kathleen Logan Mrs. Mae G. Long Mrs. Peggy Long Mr. Jerry A. Lovin Mr. & Mrs. Gabe Lowe Mr. & Mrs. John Ludovico Mr. Lloyd T. Lunsford Ms. Jane Anne Luther Rev. G. Scott Lynch Mrs. Teresa Macaluso Mr. Dennis E. Maclannan Mr. John O. Maier Mr. & Mrs. Harry R. Mamlin Mr. & Mrs. James R. Marlowe Mr. Spencer Marquis

Mrs. Stephanie R. Marsh Mr. & Mrs. Brent Marshall Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Marshall Ms. Martha Marshall Mrs. Elizabeth Martin Mr. Michael Martin Mr. & Mrs. Norman Mason Mrs. John May Mr. & Mrs. Otis Maynard Ms. Margie L. McCall Mr. & Mrs. Rip McCall Mr. & Mrs. Hugh E. McCollum Mr. & Mrs. Ronald McCorkle Ms. Frances McCoy Mr. Jon McCoy Mr. & Mrs. Michael McCoy Mr. & Mrs. Mike McCrary Ms. Jayne R. McDonald Ms. JoAnn V. McElrath Mr. & Mrs. William McElrath Mr. & Mrs. William A. McFarland Mr. & Mrs. Joe M. McFee Ms. Jean Bauer-McGuier Ms. Tammy McIntosh Mr. Loring McIntrye Mr. & Mrs. Bruce McIntyre Mr. & Mrs. Jeff McKinney Mr. Herbert McLaughlin Ms. Sarah Jaudon McMahan Mr. Richard Curtis McMickle Ms. Nancy McMullen Mr. & Mrs. William F. McPhaul Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. McQuiggan Mrs. Maggie H. Meador Mrs. Florence J. Means Ms. Rhonda and Miss Hannah Melrose


Ms. M. Joyce Hoffman Mr. Peter C. Hoffman Mrs. Elsie R. Hogue Ms. S. Kay Hoke Mr. & Mrs. James G. Hollandsworth Mr. & Mrs. Peter G. Holloway Mrs. Sarah A. Holmes Mr. & Mrs. Robert Holquist Mrs. Juanita Turner Holst Mrs. Linda F. Holstein Mr. & Mrs. Curtis L. Horn Mr. & Mrs. Alan Horne Mr. & Mrs. Hosey R. Horton Mr. Andrew H. Horvitz Frances H. Houser Ms. Aileen Hoyle MC Hudson Ms. Sarah Hudson Mr. & Mrs. John R. Huggins Ms. Agnes E. Hughes Mr. Eugene Hughes Mr. R. Dale Hughes Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Hughes Ms. Lynn Hull Mr. Christopher Hunt Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Hunter Mr. Gerry Huntley Mr. & Mrs. William Hussey Ms. Marilyn S. Iles Ms. Ruth Ingle Mr. George Ivey Mr. & Mrs. Danny P. Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Tom Jackson Mr. & Mrs. William R. James Mr. & Mrs. Laurence K. Jenkins Dr. Oscar R. Jenkins Jr. Ms. Marie Jensen


Mrs. Charlotte U. Melson Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Messer Mr. Bobby Metcalf Mr. & Mrs. Harley Miller Mr. & Mrs. James H. Miller Scott & Janette S. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Willis Miller, Jr. Ms. Patricia A. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Roderick W. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Miller Margie Milonas Mr. Lawrence Miner Ms. Julie Modaff Mr. Robert R. Molezzo Lion Valdo V. Moncada Ms. Marjorie Moody Mr. & Mrs. Billy Moore Ms. Ruth M. Moree Ms. Bette Morgan Mr. & Mrs. F. Dale Morgan Mrs. Gretchen L. Morgan Mr. Tom Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Alvyn J. Morrison Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Morrison Ms. Sherry A. Morrow Mrs. Deborah Morse Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Mosley Mr. James Moutos Mr. David Mouw Mr. Lou Mowad Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Mozian Mrs. Cora B. Mundy Mrs. Dorothy E. Murdock Dr. & Mrs. James W. Murphy Ms. Margaret Murphy Ms. Mary Alice Narsiff Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Q. Neil

Ms. Linda Nelon Ms. Juanita O. Nelson Mrs. Carl A.. Newman Mrs. Marian Noakley Mr. W. C. Noonan Mrs. Blanche Norris Mr. Robert W. Oast, Jr. Mr. Robert P. O'Brien Ms. Virginia O'Kelley Mr. Barry Olsen Mr. & Mrs. Frank Orminski Mrs. Gloria M. Orr Mr. Alan L. Pace Mr. Garvin Pace Ms. Julie Paeplow Mrs. Janet Papke Mrs. Cindy Pardew Ms. Alison Parfitt Mr. & Mrs. Marion V. Parker Mr. & Mrs. Roland B. Parris, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Barry R. Pate Mr. Charles K. Patterson Mr. Larry Peake Ms. Sandra H. Peake Ms. Bernice Pearson Mr. & Mrs. Michael Pecoraro Mr. & Mrs. Paul Peeler Mr. Don Penley Mr. Thomas N. Penley Ms. Elizabeth G. Penn Ms. Sue Pennetti Ms. Elizabeth E. Perkins Mr. Robert E. Perkins Ms. Joy K. Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Pfister Mr. & Mrs. George Phillips Ms. Karen C. Phillips

Ms. Nancy Phillips Mr. & Mrs. Willard Phillips Mr. & Mrs. Ernest W. Phipps Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Pierson Mr. & Mrs. Edward Pittman Mrs. Ernestine Plemmons Mrs. Carolyn Ponder Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ponte Mr. Cedric W. Porter Jr. Ms. Jessica Poston Philip & Carolyn Potter Mr. C. Bruce Powell E. O. Powell Family Mr. M. Phillip Powell Mrs. Mary L. Powell Mr. William Pressley Ms. Judy Price Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Prickett Mrs. Margaret Brown Pruitt Mr. Scott L. Quick Mr. & Mrs. Radcliff Mr. & Mrs. John N. Rapp Ken and Susan Raznick Ms. Judith Ream Ms. Lucille Redman Mr. & Mrs. James H. Reed Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Reed Mr.& Mrs. Ted N. Reese Ms. Monica Renner Bill Reuter Mrs. Vergie S. Revis Ms. Arbie C. Rhodes Mr. Billy E. Rhymer Mr. & Mrs. Arthur R. Rice Ms. Carolyn Richards Mr. & Mrs. Howard Riddle Mr. Gary J. Roach

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. Robert Mrs. Alice M. Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Fred Roberts Mr. Gary C. Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Roberts Ms. Elaine H. Robinson Mr. Jerry R. Robinson Miss Nancy E. J. Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Spurgeon F. Robinson, Jr. Ms. Carol Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Rogers Mrs. Patricia E. Rolf Mr. & Mrs. John R. Rose Mr. & Mrs. Gaylon J. Royer Mr. & Mrs. Henry T. Rutledge Mrs. Evaline Ryan Mr. Michael J. Ryan Ms. Louise A. Sales Mr. R. F. Saltz Mr. Douglas Sams Gerald and Betty Sams Mike, Sasa & Kate Sams Mr. Robert M. Satterfield Mr. Marvin L. Scott Mrs. Mollie Scott Mr. & Mrs. Sidney L. Scruggs III Mr. & Mrs. Alan K. Severn Mr. & Mrs. Alan H. Shaw Glenda Sheppard Mr. & Mrs. Edgar R. Shuford Ms Janice M. Shuford Ms. Marjorie Sigmon Ms. Evelyn K. Sills Mr. Ricky Silver Mr. & Mrs. Hub Simmons Ms. Josephine Simms Mr. James Sitts

Ms. Carolyn Swann Mr. & Mrs. Mike Swann Mr. Richard S. Swanson Mr. Paul Szurek Mrs. Donna Talley Mr. & Mrs. James T. Tanner, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Phillip W. Tatler, Jr. Bill & Billie P. Taylor Mr. & Mrs. John R. Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Joel & Debra Foster-Teague Mr. & Mrs. Jack Tessier Mrs. Lora R. Thrash Ms. Michaleen M. Traber Mr. & Mrs. Terry A. Transue Mr. & Mrs. E. L. Trantham Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Trevathan Mr. & Mrs. Raymond H. Trine Mr. & Mrs. James W. Trull Mr. & Mrs. William E. Trull Mr. & Mrs. David Trulove Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Tucker Ms. Cynthia H. Turnbull Mr. & Mrs. David J. Upright Mr. & Mrs. Mark C. Upright Ms. Daphne W. Urquhart, CPA, PA Ms. Jimmie Gail Van Blaricom George and Elizabeth Van Valen Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Van Wagner Dr. & Mrs. Randall Vanderbeek Ms. Cathie B. Vaughn Mr. & Mrs. Jerome R. Vincent Mr. & Mrs. William R. Vineyard Ms. Sharon K. Wagner Mr. Tim Wagner Ms. Linda H. Waldrep Ms. Gail Ward

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Ward Mr. James E. Warden Ms. Barbara Warren Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Warren Ms. Beverly B. Watson Mr. & Mrs. Eric Watson Mrs. Sarah Watts Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Weaver Mr. & Mrs. Neil B. Webb Mr. Stuart E. Weidie Mr. & Mrs. H. G. Weil Mr. & Mrs. Irwin Weil Mrs. Sherry Weiland Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Welch Aubrey and Rieta Wells Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Wells Ms. Bree B. Welmaker Mr. & Mrs. W. Rainer Wessolleck Mrs. Deborah S West Mr. & Mrs. Ronald West, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Westmoreland Ms. Peggy S. Whisnant Mrs. G. Finley White Mrs. Lois Ann White Mr. Michael J. White Mr. R. M. Whitmire Jr. Rev. & Mrs. Roland J. Whitmire, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John Whitton Mrs. Ruth Wiggins Mr. John F. Wilborn Ms. Louise Wilhelm Ms. Debra T. Wilkie Mr. & Mrs. Corwin Williams Mr. & Mrs. James F. Williams Mr. & Mrs. James Williams Mr. Larry L Williams Mr. Max R. Williams

Ms. Becky Williams Ms. Suzanne Williams Mr. & Mrs. Arthur R. Willis Mrs. James C. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Dan Wilson Ms. Rebecca Wilson Mr. Stephen A. Windisch Mr. & Mrs. John Winkenwerder Mr. & Mrs. Earle Wise Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Wise Drs. Matthew & Kim Wood Mrs. Betty Jean Woody Ms. Paula R. Woody Ms. L. Anne Wray Ms. Barbara Wright Mr. Donald C. Wright, Sr. S. P. Wright Mrs. Willa Wyatt Ms. Whitney Yoder Mr. George Young Mr. & Mrs. Jack W. Young Mr. & Mrs. Marion J. Young, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Reginald G. Young Mr. Ed J. Younger


Mr. & Mrs. Edwin D. Sizemore Mr. & Mrs. Dave Slater Mr. & Mrs. William F. Slawter Ms. Susan Sliwa Ms. Kimberly Slone Mr. & Mrs. R. D. Sluder Mr. & Mrs. E. Bretney Smith, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Canie B. Smith Ms. Corena Silver Smith Ms. Electa Smith Mr. J. C. Smith Mrs. Sidney M. Smith Mr. & Mrs. John G. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Steve Snoberger Ms. Doris P. Sorrells Ms. Mary Ann Spencer Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Sprinkle Ms. Jan M. Stanko Mrs. Cathy M. Steinback Mr. Paul H. Stephens Mrs. Omelia Stepp Mr. E. Eugene Stewart Erin Stewart and Curtis Martin Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Stewart Mr. & Mrs. John H. Stillwell Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Stines Mrs. Caroline Stingel Mr. & Mrs. Dennis L. Stockdale Mrs. Margaret Storey Mr. & Mrs. Karl H. Straus Ms. Susan Briggs Strickland Mr. & Mrs. Stan A. Strohm Mr. & Mrs. R. Noble Summersill Ms. Verlene B. Sumner & Mr. Val Holst Mrs. Ann Surratt Ms. Jeri Swaim


Faith, Hope & Love. Excellence. Teamwork. Integrity. L e a r n m o r e a t w w w. e l i a d a . o r g

2007 Annual Report