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ELIA CASTINO Student of interior design at the Politecnico di Milano

DESIGN IS my kitchen the table on which I work the plastic chair the coffee cup the black-ink bottle the noise of my computer my pencil case on the floor the crumpled paper cuts the wrong idea, the working idea the research of perfection the color of the wall the book lying on the shelf my leather shoes in the corner the curved line on the paper looking for a stimulus, inspiration the confrontation the huge window through which I observe the hammock on the terrace the carpet on the grass the pink bicycle locked in the street the cornet with two ice-cream balls the chandelier inside the opposite building hall the opposite building the uneven sidewalk the too long step my street my neighborhood the campus of my school its human essence Bovisa’s sunsets Milan and its history the people I meet my friends coming back the need of watching through a different window the necessity of leaving to discover a new culture to learn a different language to write another list, after Canterbury.

Interior Design Portfolio