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FREE SHOPPERBAG with 2 Maxi pouches of M&M’s®

Free gift Mars International Travel Retail developed a fun ánd practical gift with purchase: The M&M’s shopper bag. A good example of how Mars ITR links its promotional strategy to meet the traveller’s needs.

FREE SHOPPERBAG with 2 Maxi pouches of M&M’s®

Shopperbag: M599 Peanut Maxi Pouch: E110515 (18x)

Crispy Maxi Pouch: E120505 (18x)

Choco Maxi Pouch: E100508 (18x)

A mmmarvellous gift that is both FUNctional and relevant. The colourful M&M’s Shopperbag can be used to carry almost anything, anywhere, anytime. Shopfloor M&M’s can turn serious into fun like no other brand. Our spokes candy Red & Yellow therefore play an important role in communications. Naturally, we offer a whole range of POS materials to support this GWP promotion: One-minute display, dumpbin, poster and display with Shopperbags. Order now! Order a minimum of 6 cases of M&M’s Maxi Pouch, and we will provide you with fantastic, high quality M&M’s POS material to support the Shopperbag promotion.

Dumpbin: M244

Communicationleaflet: Through Account Manager

® M&M’s and the M&M’s characters are trademarks. © Mars 2012.

Contact your Mars ITR account manager.

Display Shopperbags: M599

One-minute display: M499

Execution in market is subject to change.

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