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BIOPURE 7/15 The BIOPURE 7/15 has been designed to deliver compliant purified water at the point of use for a wide range of washer disinfectors and autoclaves to minimize contamination risk to patients.

• Cost effective – provides the convenience of on-demand pure water at a price comparable with purified bottled water

• Space saving – the BIOPURE’S compact size means that it can be positioned under a bench, wall mounted or fitted into a cabinet

• Guaranteed bacterial

specification, provided by integrated purification technologies combined with easy system disinfection

• Water specification is maintained in the reservoir by regular recirculation through the purification technologies BIOPURE 7/15 Water Quality Sensor Feed from Docking Vessel or Reservoir

Recirculation Pump

Water Quality Sensor

PreTreatment Reverse Osmosis

Feedwater Boost Pump Inlet (optional)

Dispense Tap

Reverse Osmosis

Outlet to Docking Vessel or Reservoir Outlet to application

Sanitisation Port

UV Lamp Drain

Optipure Purification Cartridge

Ultrafiltration Membrane Drain


Treated Water Specifications MODEL Make-up rate @15°C Delivery flow rate – maximum Inorganics (conductivity @25°C) Bacteria - typical Endotoxin

BIOPURE 7 7 l/hr 2 l/min @ 15psi (1bar) <1 µS/cm <1 CFU/10ml1 <0.25 EU/ml

BIOPURE 15 15 l/hr 2 l/min @ 15psi (1bar) <1 µS/cm <1 CFU/10ml1 <0.25 EU/ml

1 System to be installed and regularly disinfected following ELGA LabWater installation design guidelines. Sample to be taken from hygienic sample valve and sampled in accordance with ELGA LabWater guidelines.

Dimensions and weights Dimensions Operational weight Installation

Height 460mm (18.1in), Width 550mm (21.7in), Depth 270mm (10.6in) 20Kg 21Kg Bench/Wall2 Bench/Wall2

Install in a properly ventilated area.


Feedwater Requirement Source


Contaminant Hardness

Tap water as detailed below

<1400 µS/cm

<1400 µS/cm

<250 ppm as CaCO3

<250 ppm as CaCO3

Maximum without internal boost pump Minimum without internal boost pump

90psi (6.0bar) 60psi (4.0bar)

90psi (6.0bar) 60psi (4.0bar)

Maximum without internal boost pump

Flooded Suction

Flooded Suction

Free chlorine Chloramine Silica Fouling index Iron/manganese Organics Temperature Flowrate (requirement at 15°C) Drain requirements (gravity fall with air gap)

0.5 ppm 0.5 ppm <0.2 ppm <0.2 ppm <30 SiO2 ppm <30 SiO2 ppm <10 FI <10 FI <0.2 ppm <0.2 ppm N/A N/A 4 – 40°C (Recommended 15 - 25°C) 1.3 l/min 1.4 l/min 1.2 l/min 1.2 l/min

Feedwater Pressure

Maximum with internal boost pump

30psi (2.0bar)

Electrical Requirements

Mains Input System control voltage (not including pumps and UV) Power consumption with boost pump Power consumption without boost pump Electrical protection rating Noise level

100-240V ac, 50-60Hz 24V dc 80VA 50VA 13 amp supply with suitable ELB <45 dBA

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LITR 38764-02

30psi (2.0bar)

BIOPURE 7/15 datasheet  

Cost effective – provides the convenience of on-demand pure water at a price comparable with purified Reverse Osmosis Reverse Osmosis Feedwa...