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ELEVENOS Whether it’s a single property or an international chain, ElevenOS is designed for all of the hospitality industry.

High-speed internet connectivity is just the start. ElevenOS gives hotels the power to expand service offerings, promote brand consistency and improve the guest experience. What’s more, ElevenOS enables customized reporting and administrative flexibility to optimize your online guest services revenue.


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FLEXIBLE GUEST PRICING Plans can be configured in many different ways. For example, hotels can provide free Wi-Fi access in the lobby while charging in guest rooms. Or free low bandwidth service might be offered with an optional charge for higher bandwidth service and public IP addresses.

BRANDING The hotel brand experience is fully reflected through a series of web pages that follow initial login. Not only is this effective inreinforcing the experience at one prop-erty, it can also be set up to emphasize brand consistency across all properties in a chain.

GUEST LOGIN The login process starts with the display of the initial web page. This page shows the relevant pricing plans, as well as payment and email receipt options. This can be customized for each individual property. Administrators can configure other languages or currencies.

CUSTOMIZABLE PORTAL Administrators have total control over the look and feel of the login portal page, reinforcing the hotel’s brand. Guests see customized content, brand image, pricing plans, payment options and more. All this can be specific to a property or common across a brand.

UP-TO-DATE CONTENT The concierge or administrator at each hotel can provide updated, real-time content on the portal pages. Examples include weather, hotel activities and local attractions.






Hotel guests see customized content, brand image, pricing plans, payment options and more. All this can be specific to a property or common across a brand. What the guests don’t see is how this level of flexibility and control is made possible with the administrative interface of ElevenOS.

All reporting can be consolidated and run across regions, hotel brands, IT staff or service providers. In addition, access to reporting can be controlled through the ElevenOS permission’s by role system.

Sales and catering staff can set up group accounts for offering Internet to meeting attendees. All attendees use a single username and password to login. Start and stop time, bandwidth, number of users and public IP addresses are all configurable.

ElevenOS Guest Management Software  

ElevenOS is hospitality's leading software platform to manage guest Internet (also known as HSIA). ElevenOS enables you and your network pro...