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ELEVEN ANGLING Our mission is to custom-make powerful fishing experiences that will take you from fabled remote flats in the Bahamas, to glacier-carved river valleys in Iceland, Chile and New Zealand, to pristine lakes and creeks in the U.S. Rockies. Eleven experiences are a different kind of escape. We prefer to venture out on our own, away from traditional destinations, in search of new waters, new challenges. Our lodges, motherships, chalets and beach houses are miles from the main road or well-traveled waterways – in a historic farming area, on a glistening freestone river in Patagonia, along the wilderness coastline of Andros, and other unique locations that beckon inquisitive anglers. In each destination, world-class food and lodging are combined with guided fishing from rivers to reefs, and a variety of outdoor activities from the mountains to the sea. Guests of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to join in the adventures, and to improve their skills with instruction from our expert guides. And local cultures present the opportunity to participate in a different way of life, to see and enjoy places known only to native insiders. No matter where in the world they may be, every facility has five-star accommodations, awardwinning chefs, extensive wine selections, and friendly, skilled guides who strive to add new dimensions to the angling lifestyle, and to share with you that wonderful feeling of camaraderie and fresh adventure.

Eleven Experience is headquartered in Crested Butte, Colorado. Eleven represents a new standard in experiential travel. We quench a thirst for unprecedented adventures, authentic connections with down-to-earth guides and deeply personalized holidays for the Adventure Capitalist.




why fish with eleven?




At the root of our identity is the belief that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the comforts of home in order to experience some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes and incredible angling adventures. Our team has scoured the globe for destinations that touch new frontiers, that are sometimes difficult to reach, and yet on arrival you can’t imagine not being there. Although our properties are far from the mainstream, they are custom designed to ensure you have access to all of the amenities you should - unique hang spaces, comfortable guest rooms and more.

We believe your trip should be about you. That means that no trip is ever the same. From the day we first talk with you, our travel professionals take your input and begin planning your dream itinerary. Organizing travel logistics, taking note of preferences, adding non-angling activities, and of course, talking about the fishing, is all part of the deal. We want you to experience the most out of your trip without feeling nickel-and-dimed. As a result, most of our stays are largely all-inclusive – meaning that your professional guides, adventure activities, most meals, house alcohol and local transportation are included.

At the core of the experience is the Guide Team. Our international group of highly-trained passionate fly fishing and angling specialists makes the experience. They look forward to meeting you, learning your goals, and helping you improve. Their enthusiasm in sharing their native resources and local culture is infectious. It’s what sets Eleven Experience apart. Our guides live and breathe fishing. They thrive on getting to know you and seeing your excitement while on the hunt for your favorite fish. If really getting after it on some of the best water in the world sounds exciting, our cast of guides will safely lead you to unforgettable experiences.





This is important. Unlike other lodges or guide operations, we don’t acknowledge “down days” or “weather days”. There are no rain checks. We are always armed and amped to improvise and be creative. If we can’t fish the flats, we’ll fish the protected creeks and enjoy a gourmet lunch. If a river turns offcolor, we’ll take you to one that’s clear. Just can’t make another cast; there’s snorkeling or paddle boarding, or you can just kick-back and enjoy the view. You came to have a once-in-alifetime experience, and this is what you’ll get.

There is not a “right” or a “wrong” way to experience an Eleven Fishing Destination. If you’re a die-hard angler who wants to fish dawn to dusk, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking to fish a half day, or work on your casting skills with your guide, all good. Groups of guys, couples, women only, families with multiple generations? You’re in the right place. Think you want to try bonefishing or trout fishing for the first time? Our guides can’t wait to teach you how. We’re here to design and deliver a trip that exceeds your expectations.

At the end of the day, we strive to create memories that you, your family and friends can share for a lifetime. We believe that connections and relationships that our guests foster amongst themselves, with our guides and crew, and with the natural environments they share, are the most valuable intangibles in the world. Let’s get started.



Why New Zealand? Fly fishing in New Zealand is an experience unlike any other in the world. In this uninhabited wilderness, you traverse rivers and streams, rarely passing another fisherman or even seeing the footsteps of one. The gin clear waters of Mount Aspiring National Park and the West Coast allow for stalking and spotting the cunning brown and rainbow trout that reside here. This truly is a unique sight fishing experience. After a breathtaking helicopter flight, you can test your angling skills by casting large dries at our sighted targets. This will raise the adrenaline of the most seasoned angler and guide alike. It may not always go to plan; but when it does, the catch is worth the effort. Here at Cedar Lodge, we approach fly fishing with respect and care for the environments in which we engage. Our practice of catch and release allows us to encounter large, mature trout and our leave no trace policy guarantees that we preserve our pristine environment. All this leads to an epic fishing experience for you, our guests. I’ve been guiding on these rivers for 14 years and the job has never grown old. Always meeting new challenges, exploring various terrain, and forming friendships from around the world is what it is all about. THIS TRULY IS A UNIQUE SIGHT FISHING EXPERIENCE. AFTER A BREATHTAKING HELICOPTER FLIGHT, YOU CAN TEST YOUR ANGLING SKILLS BY CASTING LARGE DRIES AT OUR SIGHTED TARGETS. THIS WILL RAISE THE ADRENALINE OF THE MOST SEASONED ANGLER AND GUIDE ALIKE.

Myself and the other experienced guides have a passion and knowledge that we are always keen to share. Our excitement levels will often match yours as we search for large trout that might even exceed the elusive 10lb mark. All the guides here at Cedar Lodge look forward to sharing this experience with you and like the majority of our previous clients, this adventure will draw you back year after year. Until soon, PAUL WRIGHT HEAD GUIDE



CEDAR LODGE SOUTH ISLAND - MAKARORA, NEW ZEALAND Tucked in the shadow of the remote peaks of the Southern Alps of New Zealand, Cedar Lodge is a fly fishing and adventure lodge like none other, offering immaculately appointed accommodations well off the beaten path. Fly fishers in the know often consider New Zealand as the trophy trout capital of the world for good reason. And Cedar Lodge contributes in a big way to that well-deserved reputation by offering the ultimate opportunity to target trophy trout in gin clear water.


With more than 30 years of heli-fishing experience exclusively in the South Island region, the award-winning Cedar Lodge is considered the South Island’s premier fly-fishing lodge. Eleven Experience is honored to work with Chris and Shauna Daughters during this transition, and to carry on the legendary tradition of Cedar Lodge. Perfect for the angler and non-angler alike, Cedar Lodge guests can enjoy intimate tours of New Zealand’s most renowned wineries, helicopter assisted hiking, and, of course, world-class helicopter assisted fly fishing led by highly knowledgeable and experienced local guides. Our guided vacation packages are tailored to make you feel at home on the South Island while putting you in front of wild trout on New Zealand’s most picturesque and exotic waters.




New Zealand trout—browns and rainbows—are wild vibrant fish; smart, wary, strong and healthy. These special trout require the angler and fishing guide to stalk carefully, locate the target, thoughtfully prepare for the presentation of the fly, and anxiously anticipate the strike. And while these prized fish are not easy to catch and can be quite spooky, long casts are not the norm. Most casts are made between 25 to 45 feet. The first cast is always the most important. Our fly fishing guides will carefully position and coach anglers so that they can make an optimal presentation. Cedar Lodge’s fly out helicopter concession to Mt. Aspiring National Park affords anglers total mobility to access remote waters where the lack of other fishermen permits unencumbered angling and numerous fishing options. Your typical day begins with early coffee and an ample breakfast. Beginning around 8:45 am the helicopter begins shuttling guests from the helipad located just a few feet away from the lodge to spectacular fly-fishing locations. Depending upon river and weather conditions flights may be as short as 10 minutes and as long as 40 minutes. Streamside lunches are served amidst the rising, bush clad mountainsides, spectacular waterfalls, and the lush native Beech forests of the river valleys. Nowhere else in the world can large, wild, rainbow and brown trout be caught on a dry fly in such a pristine environment. And remember, Cedar Lodge is a catch-andrelease lodge, so bring your camera fully charged. At the end of the day the helicopter picks you up streamside, and you are safely returned to the comforts of your home away from home. Soon after you’ll be greeted with hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and dinner.

SEASON January 7, 2022 - April 17, 2022 SUITABLE FOR Anglers of all abilities, couples, families and corporate groups. BOOKING TIPS The key to planning your trip is to book as early as possible. Give us a call to talk about this unique fly fishing program, and we can begin customizing your trip. Our Sales Team and Experience Managers are here to assist you with all aspects of your trip; Air transportation, ground transfers, activities apart from your fishing itinerary, and any other adventures you have in mind throughout your stay at Cedar Lodge.



CEDAR LODGE Cedar Lodge lies along the banks of the Makarora River and is bounded by the majestic Mount Aspiring National Park. Established in 1979, the lodge is comprised of four guest rooms, a lounge, and a dining area. Rooms are double occupancy with two twins or a king bed with all the modern conveniences including in-room Wi-Fi. Built with the stunning New Zealand landscape in mind, our rooms are designed to complement the serene natural surroundings of the South Island. All four en suites feature furnishings that are carefully curated to build on the beauty of the landscape and create a tangible feel of the outdoors within the interior surroundings. We invite you to relax in the comfort of our lodge and fly fish the pristine rivers that lie just north of Queenstown, South Island. In this peaceful, natural setting in the heart of New Zealand you’ll eat like royalty, sleep like a baby, and enjoy true hospitality.



5 acre property grounds along the Makarora River Max capacity: 8 people Suitable for anglers of all ability levels 4 double occupancy rooms with king or double beds and en suite bathrooms

• South Island views from every room • Helicopter fly out angling and heli assisted hiking • Helicopter concession to Mt. Aspiring National Park


JANUARY 7 - APRIL 17 BY ROOM Starting at $2,480 per night based on single occupancy. Starting at $3,100 per night based on double occupancy. BUYOUT Starting at $12,400 per night based on 8 guests.

INCLUSIONS: Rates include all accommodations, meals, liquor, guiding services, and daily helicopter fly-out (weather permitting). ADDITIONAL SERVICES: All round trip airfare from your hometown to Queenstown, New Zealand. Air Charter or a car transfer to the lodge is available upon request at an additional charge.




Overnight flight from the United States, arrival in Auckland Clear customs, collect luggage, check-in for domestic flight Flight to Queenstown, South Island, about a 2 hour flight. Option: Arrive earlier and spend time in Auckland or enjoy other North Island adventures Arrive in Queenstown. Air or ground transfer to the lodge; about 2 hours by car. Greeting by the lodge staff, orientation, relax, enjoy the lodge property. Chef prepared dinner paired with a fine selection of New Zealand and international wines

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Homemade breakfast each morning. The flyout schedule usually begins about 8:45 am, but times are flexible Fish the rivers and streams that are fishing best at the time of your trip With so many varying beats of water to explore there is something for everyone. If your rock hopping days are behind you, the South Island’s wide-open river valleys offer easy walks and comfortable fishing. Rugged beats are on the menu as well Need work on your casting? The guides are patient instructors. They will also teach you the best techniques for stalking and spotting trout and coach you to get in the best position for making optimal

presentations The pilots and our guides collaborate each morning to find the best water for the day. Flight times are between 10 and 40 minutes Leisurely streamside lunches, prepared fresh each day, with local beer and wine or the beverages of your choice Helicopter pick-up streamside each day for the scenic flight back to the lodge where appetizers and cocktails await, followed by a sumptuous dinner and special desserts



After a hearty send-off breakfast, transfer to Queenstown airport for flight to Auckland and home, or to another part of New Zealand to continue your adventure


From Los Angeles to Auckland, best service on Air New Zealand. 12 to 13-hour flight. Connections available from most U.S. cities to Los Angeles. Connections also available through San Francisco. Please inquire about the best options for your trip. Auckland to Queenstown, 2 hour flight Sydney, Australia to Queenstown, 3 hour flight

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BY CAR • • •

Ground transfer or drive from Queenstown to the lodge, 1 hour 45 min Ground transfer or drive from Christchurch to lodge, 5 hours Ground transfer or drive from Wanaka to the lodge, 1 hour



Book your trip today! CALL: +1 800.903.7761 (Toll-Free) +1 970.237.5985 (International) EMAIL: WWW.ELEVENEXPERIENCE.COM

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Cedar Lodge Property Overview  

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