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Begin message: From: L Subject: There were seats or gas on our wager through the air the trashy clouds Date: March 9 3:33:24 PM PST To: S I was ailing

right into

in the air

the future

and I wagered

of a gentle fuck


Begin message: From: L Subject: Your days are rough now your bones blown all to sponge my sweet pup Date: March 12 9:08:32 AM PST To: S Really you are

still the rescue

still here

of me

my root

still the soft

you are really

pup of breath

Begin message: From: S Subject: In trenches finally in the last rites in trials a brash statement of facts treading in rocks there was a canyon there was a piece of shade an overhang there was a pile of sand just soft enough to hide there was a canary Date: March 23 9:33:36 AM PST To: L In underwater underwear

in the fumes through the

masks I saw a fish that’s how I got to this creepy rift I was down and stirred up silt I could not find my way back I tried the ukulele tidal sound technique snorkel relax and blow technique technique

I tried the child pen

the rake the coast technique

grief but I got back

I tried the I got back in

Begin message: From: S Subject: Tonight the clogging breath the dark mesh of corroboration goes with the smell of rot of tricycle venom tonight the inability to love tonight the white winners always the white winners tonight the leer the rustle to go with the trick trick trick tonight the end of light and birds tonight the edge of tolerance the end the cliffs tonight the last shirt the red the child the course of soup I carry a pouch I give the pouch away I carry a mess I hand it over Date: March 30 6:16:30 AM PST To: L

Samuel Ace  
Samuel Ace