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egacy is defined by most dictionaries as: Something that happens or exists as a result of

things that happened at an earlier time. I remember when Kobe Bryant's father, Joe “JellyBean” Bryant played for the Philadelphia 76'ers. He was a high flyer with probably the highest vertical leap in the NBA. He was Magic Johnson long before Earvin, having played every position on the team and personified the term “before his time”. NBA General Managers often opt to choose players that have fathers who were players or coaches before those who don't. This is what 17th century aristocrats referred to as good breeding, or blood lines, a term widely used in horse racing. Toolez is a product of paternal grandparents who were an accomplished basketball player/coach and singer/songwriter. Toolez basketball career reached pinnacles that some NBA greats have never achieved, having won a national championship. Now, he has turned to his other god given legacy music, to push that envelope as well. I have referred to the shopping of Toolez to labels as a parallel to his recruitment into collegiate athletics. If this is the case labels should take time to understand the musical lineage of this thoroughbred. One of his uncles is a self taught concert pianist, another a writer with dozens of books to his credit is also an accomplished pianist and songwriter. His father, raised during the inception of hip-hop was a DJ in the Philadelphia area. Toolez' grandmother was a 1950's songstress. Although this publication will focus on the undeniable skills and accomplishments of the artist, Toolez, we urge anyone looking for that rare gem to consider before you choose, the bloodlines of your pick. What makes Toolez great is that he embraces his legacy and understands the responsibility it comes with. Most of us search for who we are, Toolez doesn't look far, he is who they were. Adam Salameh

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