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Taking Advantage Of

YouTube Live To Grow Business


Is your company active on social media? Is it enough to have a page on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? What about videos? It’s great to have presence on YouTube too. If you don't have a YouTube account, you're basically missing out on an easy way to generate new leads in business. YouTube is an incredible platform where a business owner can make more money from the existing customers.

Why is it so preferable? One of the reasons why YouTube is the most preferable video portal is due to its shareability. A video posted on YouTube can be shared easily on various platforms. For instance, if your company has a blog page or a website, you can easily share the contents and link them to generate larger traffic, not only to web pages but also in other social media platforms and email newsletters. However, uploading and sharing the videos is not the ultimate key to generate traffic. If you're looking to increase the rate to a new high, you need to jump on the live video bandwagon. Streaming live video content is one of the most popular options to grow a business. If you like to boost your videos on YouTube, be sure to go for an affordable SEO package provided by professionals in Perth.

How to stream a live video on YouTube Live? Before you start focusing on the marketing strategy, you need to know about the streaming process.

Verifying your identity and account When you're looking to launch a live video, YouTube verifies your account to check whether you are fake or real. Usually, the verification is done over the phone through a text message.

Setting up your encoding software After the verification, you need to download the YouTube encoding software before you actually start streaming. Depending on the device, there are different software for each. Some of them are: • Mobile Live • Mobile Capture • AirServer • Gameshow • SlingStudio • Epiphan Webcaster X2, and • Elgato Game Capture HD60 These are some major encoding software which you need to download before live streaming. However, apart from this, there are some other software which you can choose based on your preferences.

Taking advantage of youtube live to grow business  
Taking advantage of youtube live to grow business  

Have you ever given thought to the fact that a video can change the future of your company's brand recognition? Surprised? Let's delve into...