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looking for fast-acting, long-lasting relief or even a good night’s sleep, slap on a patch and let the healing begin.

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When you need muscle relief fast, enter Kynd and their soothing balms with a solidly strong cannabiniod make-up of 114 mg THC and 207 mg CBD. “Our infused balm is a multi-purpose healing salve formulated to address skin, muscle, and joint health issues. The soothing topical supports cell production, anti-inflammation, and vasodilation for faster healing while also penetrating deeply into the skin for effective pain relief stemming from sore muscles, rheumatic joints, and even headaches,” says Kynd COO Stacy Castillo. “The level of effectiveness in the Kynd balm is what makes it stand out. We included 14 additional ingredients over and above our THC and CBD CO2 oil, and every one of them offers a unique benefit. Our balm can be used to relieve general inflammation and pain to the musculoskeletal system to improve skin elasticity and moisture and as a source of beneficial antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids. It’s this thoughtful blend of ingredients that combine for a truly revolutionary topical.” Kynd’s Balm is for more than just achy feels, however: “The balm addresses so many different issues and its efficacy is measurable. People see and feel benefits quickly. Our patients use it for an array of different ailments, including treating skin issues, arthritis, post-surgical healing, menstrual cramps, dark spot correction, and many others,” Castillo says. “We see demand from people of all ages and walks of life—athletes, people with arthritis, people who have just had potentially dangerous sun spots removed (once the wound heals), post-surgical care (once the wounds heal), muscle issues, knee problems, back issues, menstrual cramps, migraine sufferers, massage therapists, and the list goes on.”

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