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MAY 2015 | Inaugural Issue

Former Denver Bronco reveals NFL’s secret to pain management

Health Breakthrough

CBDs bring the healing without the high


Mother Nature’s beauty remedy



charts a new roadmap to wage a war against Multiple System Atrophy using the medicinal properties of cannabis



e Publisher Guy Bertuzzi, guy@elevatenv.com

from the editor


April 24 will mark exactly 10 years since my father

Beth Schwartz, beth@elevatenv.com

passed away as a result of the effects of Multiple

Creative Director

System Atrophy (MSA), a much more aggressive

Brooke Bertuzzi, brooke@elevatenv.com

form of Parkinson’s. He left us at the spry age of 65. We were bewildered at how fast MSA came on and

Graphic Designer

even more bewildered at the efficiency in which

Christina Cassaro, christina@elevatenv.com

it took away his ability to walk, talk and function.

Digital Services Director

With no cure or even course of treatment available,

Josh Steenmeyer, josh@elevatenv.com

it’s a horrible disease that when given the possible

Account Manager

diagnoses, most people hope it will be Parkinson’s.

Michele Walden, michele@elevatenv.com

Our cover story features renowned chef Kerry

Social Media Manager

Simon who also suffers from MSA. MSA is such a

Jocelyne Childs, jocelyne@elevatenv.com

rare disease that Kerry is the first person I have heard of having the dread illness since my


father passed away from it in 2005. As you can imagine, interviewing Kerry brought on a

Amanda Connor

flood of emotions – seeing him in a wheelchair and hearing his garbled speech elicited so

Erik Kabik

many memories of my dear father and how he suffered.

Abby Tegnelia Michael Todd

I thought it was very important to have Kerry as our cover story because he has decided to chart his own course and be the first in the MSA community to use medicinal marijuana to battle the disease. It’s a brave decision and will not only end up helping him, but also many others in his condition. This all leads me to the mission of this magazine. In 2005 I would have loved for my father


to have had access to medicinal cannabis and all of the relief it could have offered him

Jonathan Fine

as MSA tortured his body. Sadly MSA patients’ minds aren’t affected and so they are

Chief Financial Officer

very aware of everything that is happening to them and so I think effects of medicinal

Cassandra Lupo

marijuana would have also brought some ease to his mind as he watched his once healthy

Vice President of Business Development

and athletic body fail him.

Kim Armenta But here’s my quandary, I don’t think myself or my family would have been educated enough about medicinal cannabis to embrace its use for my father – which is why we Elevate Nevada magazine makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information it publishes, but cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from errors, false data or omissions. Elevate Nevada assumes no responsibility for any claims or representations contained in this publication or in any advertisement. Elevate Nevada magazine does not encourage the illegal use of any of the products or advertisements within. Reproduction in whole or in part strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.

7120 Rafael Ridge Way Las Vegas, NV 89119 Phone: 702.737.8464 Email:info@elevatenv.com 2

May 2015 elevatenv.com

have launched Elevate Nevada. The purpose of this publication is to provide a platform to educate and inform people about the medicinal properties of cannabis and all the healing attributes it provides its users. Take a moment and flip through our inaugural issue and maybe you will learn something that might just bring relief and comfort to someone you love. With an open mind, Beth



May 2015 elevatenv.com


from the publisher First and foremost, our team at Elevate Nevada would like to thank you for reading our inaugural issue and encourage you to spread the word. I would also like to personally thank Jonathan Fine for believing in our vision, Michele Walden for joining us on this fun and crazy ride, the Kouretas brothers for inspiring me, We Can702 for all of their help, my wife Brooke for keeping me in line, designing the beautiful magazine you hold in your hands, and her unconditional love, and my children, Alexis and Jackson, for allowing me to sacrifice my family time and always giving me a hug and kiss no matter what time I get home. The idea for Elevate Nevada started a couple years ago when my mother’s lung cancer returned with a vengeance. Katherine Bertuzzi and I talked every morning on my way into work just so I could tell her I loved her. One particular call was not like all the others. In a shaky voice my mom told me her cancer had returned. Then she dropped the bombshell that she had made the decision to refuse chemo and radiation this time. For me, that was not an option, I wanted my 3-year-old to have memories of her, I wanted memories of her with my kids. When I asked her why, she told me she could not go through the nausea, sleepless nights and pain again, and that at 73 she didn’t want to sit-up in a recliner to try to sleep every night. Without even hesitating I mentioned to her the possibility of trying medicinal cannabis in an edible form that would help reduce her nausea and pain and even help her sleep. Her response was, “No, I will not take dope.” My mother believed that heroin, cocaine, meth, and marijuana were all the same thing. They were all dope and she could not see the medicinal benefits of cannabis helping her through cancer. About three months later I lost my mom and, to be honest, it is the hardest thing I have ever gone through. The moment I lost my mother and knew she refused help because of an unwillingness to educate herself, it became my mission to remove that stigma. This is how Elevate Nevada was conceived. My family has lived in Clark County for the last 13 years and it has become my home and the place where I want to spread the word first. So join me in letting people know that medicinal cannabis patients are just like you and me – they own homes, buy cars, are well educated, and have ailments and diseases that affect them. We need to start talking about the benefits of medicinal cannabis in an informed way. Please take a moment and educate yourself and learn what the benefits are for yourself, a family member or anyone you know who is suffering and in need of relief. Elevate yourself, elevate your neighbor, Elevate Nevada Love, Guy (I am not using sincerely since this came from the heart)


May 2015 elevatenv.com



contents THE FACE OF MSA

Cooking with Cannabis


Kerry Simon takes charge of his course, charting a new roadmap to beat Multiple System Atrophy using medicinal cannabis

Elevated Avocado Chocolate Pudding by chef Kerry Simon


Former Denver Bronco Nate Jackson reveals NFL’s secret to pain management



HEMP: Mother Nature’s beauty remedy


A comprehensive guide outlining the rights of medical marijuana patients


Why doesn’t the will of the people matter anymore?


Medicinal cannabis updates from across the United States


HEALTH BREAKTHROUGH: Cannabinoids bring the healing without the high


Dispensary map & locations for Southern Nevada


May 2015 elevatenv.com




May 2015 elevatenv.com





May 2015 elevatenv.com


e About half of NFL players smoke pot and virtually every single player in the league has a certifiable need for medical marijuana. At least that’s the opinion of former Denver Broncos tight end Nate Jackson, who used marijuana instead of prescription medication to manage his daily pain during his six-year NFL career. “Marijuana allowed me to be an elite athlete and I didn’t get addicted to pain pills,” Jackson said. “A lot of guys prefer (pot). They’ve been smoking weed since high school. The fact you’re in the NFL at all means you have your marijuana use under control.” Jackson, who retired from professional football in 2010 after tearing his hamstring off the bone in training camp with the Las Vegas Locomotives of the now-defunct United Football League, believes the NFL should and eventually will remove marijuana from its list of banned substances. “I hope the NFL powers-that-be look to the country’s shifting sensibilities about the plant with an open mind and allow players to medicate themselves how they see fit,” Jackson, 35, said. “I think the NFL will come around. Studies show that marijuana helps the brain recover from brain injuries. If that all comes to light, it will.” Jackson, who had two touchdown catches in 43 games for the Broncos from 2003 to 2008, said attitudes about marijuana use have already softened among NFL coaching staffs. “Coaches are well aware their players smoke weed. Teams thoroughly vet guys when they’re scouting. They know marijuana is a big part of their players’ lives,” he said. “They prefer guys smoke weed and go home and play video games than go out drunk driving.” Jackson suffered a slew of injuries during his career that he documented in his critically acclaimed 2013 memoir, “Slow Getting Up: A Story of NFL Survival from the Bottom of the Pile.” He broke his leg, dislocated his shoulder, separated both shoulders, tore his groin off the bone once, tore his hamstring off the bone twice, broke fingers and ribs, tore the medial collateral ligament in his knee and more. Jackson, who beat some long odds by reaching the NFL from a tiny Division III school – Menlo College – in his native California, also suffered concussions during his career. He believes marijuana not only helped him manage his pain but helped heal his brain. “I truly think it helps with pain,” he said. “What do pain pills do? They don’t heal injury. They change the pain sensors in your mind. I think marijuana has a similar effect on the body. It has a therapeutic effect on the brain and it can be said that football players constantly deal with brain injuries. “I came out of the NFL with my wits intact. I feel pretty sharp, motivated and smart, and I know I medicated with marijuana all the time. I think it helps the football brain.”


May 2015 elevatenv.com

e A San Jose, California native who has a home in Denver,

“They don’t need to make it a news event and make

where marijuana has been legalized, Jackson still uses

somebody have a somber moment where they say

the drug to manage psychological and physical pain

they’ve made a mistake,” he said. “Meanwhile, they’re on

stemming from his playing days.

the field kicking ass and making the NFL tons of money putting on an awesome show.

“I know marijuana helps me in a lot of ways in my life,” he said. “Now that I’m done playing, it’s helped me

“In the state of Colorado, where I am now, all these guys

psychologically with the elements of PTSD (Post-traumatic

have a legitimate clinical reason to be using medicinal

Stress Disorder) players deal with. And I have legitimate

marijuana. They can go in any doctor’s office and he’ll

orthopedic issues.”

write a prescription for them in a second, because their bodies are destroyed.”

Standard NFL operating procedure for pain management continues to consist of pregame

Jackson is encouraged by the

injections and highly addictive

fact that the U.S. has started to

prescription painkillers.

embrace the therapeutic effects of pot, with 23 states legalizing

“They create addicts,” Jackson

medical marijuana.

said of pain pills. “One of the big dangers people don’t discuss

“It’s just proof that, by and

much is when football players

large, Americans are realizing

leave the league, they’ve got a

it’s not the devil’s weed. It’s not

beat-up body and they’re gonna

“Reefer Madness”,” he said. “If

medicate. If you send them out to

you smoke weed, that doesn’t

the world with an addiction, it’s a


recipe for disaster because they

or can’t be successful. We’re

have money and can disappear

discovering that a lot of really

in their own addiction.”





Americans use marijuana. While Jackson would love to see the NFL simply stop testing for

“It frames marijuana in a new

marijuana, the league currently

light. It’s pretty cool to watch

tests players once a year for street drugs, including pot,

it change. It makes me feel I don’t have to hide it as

between April and August. “If you pass that test, you can

much or feel like an outcast. I’ve kind of shaken off the

medicate as needed all year round,” Jackson said.

stigma that goes with it.”

However, if a player tests positive for marijuana or

Jackson, who has written pieces for the New York Times

another banned substance such as Adderall, he’s placed

and other publications and is working on a fiction novel,

in the NFL’s drug treatment program, where players are

can only hope the NFL will remove marijuana from its list

randomly tested up to 10 times a month and face career-

of banned substances.

threatening bans for multiple violations of the league’s substance abuse policy.

“I’m not advocating that people smoke weed at all,” he said. “But what I’m advocating is for the NFL

“That’s when these guys get in trouble,” said Jackson,

powers-that-be to be a little more compassionate and

who strongly opposes the way the NFL publicly punishes

open-minded to the pain players go through and what

players for using marijuana.

it takes to play.” e

May 2015 elevatenv.com


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Obtained by pressing hemp seeds, hemp seed oil is one of

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acids containing natural proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, and

and protect hands. It is dermatologically tested for very dry

minerals vital for healthy skin. Hempseed oil is manufactured

skin and contains Community Trade hemp seed oil. The Body

from varieties of cannabis sativa that do not contain significant

Shop is located at Town Square Las Vegas.

amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive 5. Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp’s hair care collection

element present in the cannabis plant.

promotes healthy hair growth, while strengthening weak tresses and reducing breakage. Nubian Heritage products are available at select Target stores or www.nubianheritage.com. 6. Hempz Original Herbal Body Moisturizer provides skin rehydrating through the use of 100% pure natural hemp seed extract and pure Vitamin B. Hempz products are available at


Ulta Beauty or at www.hempzbodycare.com. 7. Hempz Pomegranate Sugar Body Scrub is enriched


with 100% pure natural hemp seed oil and blended with


natural sugar crystals to polish and gently lift away dull rough skin. Hempz products are available at Ulta Beauty or at www.hempzbodycare.com.


2 1


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May 2015 elevatenv.com


NAVIGATING THE LEGAL LANDSCAPE A comprehensive guide outlining the rights of medical marijuana patients Writer: Amanda Connor In a storied and colorful 15-year history, Nevadans have gained the constitutional right to use medicinal marijuana. However, because of all the twists and turns the law has taken over the last 15+ years, many patients do not clearly understand what they are permitted to do and might get lost on their travels as they seek to find relief from medical marijuana. The journey of medicinal marijuana in Nevada began in 2000 when a constitutional amendment was approved by 65 percent of the state’s voters. The amendment gave patients the legal right to use marijuana as medication. In 2001, the Nevada State Legislature jumped on the bandwagon and passed a law that created a system for qualifying patients to obtain a registry identification card to use medicinal marijuana for certain chronic and debilitating conditions.The law also permitted a


patient to designate a caregiver. May 2015 elevatenv.com


High Traffic Interstate Locations Reach & Frequency Tourist Locations Creative Flexibility Real-Time Proof of Performance

To qualify as a patient one must: • Be a resident of Nevada

• Be in the care of a Nevada licensed physician

• Be diagnosed with a chronic or debilitating condition including: AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, cachexia, persistent muscle spasms, seizures, severe nausea and severe pain • Receive a recommendation stating that medical marijuana could mitigate the symptoms of the chronic or debilitating condition • Register with Nevada’s Department of Public and Behavioral Health • Obtain a valid registry identification card

A patient cannot be a caregiver and a caregiver can only be a caregiver to one cardholder. Furthermore, if the patient is under the age of 18, the patient’s custodial parent or guardian must give permission for the patient to obtain a



medical marijuana registry identification card. Despite the groundbreaking effort taken in 2000 by the voters that paved the way for the law in 2001, the medical marijuana road came to a dead end. Patients had no way to obtain or access medical marijuana except for growing at home – assuming, of course, they were able to navigate around the detour of legally obtaining seeds or clones without crossing state lines or purchasing from another patient. For several years, patients had a constitutional right that they were not able to exercise and it was not until 2013 that the Nevada State Legislature decided to complete construction on the medical marijuana highway. In 2013, the Nevada Legislature passed amendments to the law that allowed for medical marijuana dispensaries to open and legally sell medical marijuana to Nevada patients (and out-of-state patients) who hold a valid medical marijuana card. Although the path to legal dispensaries has been filled with potholes, legal medical marijuana dispensaries are anticipated to open in the fall of 2015, if not sooner. A qualified patient will be able to purchase up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana

14 May 2015 elevatenv.com

every 14 days. Furthermore, dispensaries can sell patients edibles and/or tinctures that have the same amount (up to 2.5 ounces every 14 days) of usable marijuana. Until then, patients will have to continue to grow their medicine in the privacy of their own homes. A patient is allowed to grow up to 12 plants in his/her private residence. However, remember that the law defines a plant as a seedling, a clone, a mother plant or a flowering plant. A patient is allowed to possess up to 2.5 ounces of usable marijuana. If a patient possesses more than the amount that is allowed, sells to someone, drives under the influence, uses the medicine in public or violates other laws, the patient can be charged with criminal violations and the medical marijuana registry card will provide no protection. Therefore, the patient card does not provide blanket protection or immunity. The opening of medical marijuana dispensaries will affect patient rights. Patients will lose their right to grow once a dispensary opens in the county where the patient is a cardholder (or where the primary caregiver lives). Therefore, once a dispensary opens in Clark County, all Clark County patients will lose their right to grow their own medicine. However, there are a few exceptions (an express lane of sorts). A patient who had a valid registry identification card prior to July 2013, and was growing, will retain the right to grow (up to 12 plants) until 2016. Also, there are a few other exceptions that allow medical marijuana patients to detour around the roadblock prohibiting home grows. These include the fact that available dispensaries are unable to supply an adequate amount of medicine to the patient and that the dispensaries do not supply the particular strain the patient needs. Regardless of the roadwork that has occurred regarding medical marijuana over the last 15 years, a destructive dogleg still remains. While medicinal marijuana use is legal for qualifying patients by Nevada state law, marijuana remains a federally illegal substance. Therefore, any person who is in possession of marijuana is committing a federal crime. However, the federal government has issued statements that it will not go after patients or medical marijuana dispensaries acting within the state law. Thus, any medical marijuana patient (or a person interested in becoming a patient) should be aware of his or her rights and the laws before beginning to use the medicine. Patients can be best informed if they contact an attorney familiar with the state’s medical marijuana laws. e May 2015 elevatenv.com




May 2015 elevatenv.com



Kerry Simon takes charge of his course, charting a new roadmap to beat Multiple System Atrophy using unconventional methods Writer: Beth Schwartz

Photography: Erik Kabik

Declared the rock n’ roll chef by Rolling Stone magazine, Kerry Simon

I also spoke with Kerry’s movement specialist Peter Pinto on March 20,

was used to making splashy press announcements and hosting

who offered his observations of Kerry’s physical condition. In addition,

glamorous VIP openings for his always-on-the-culinary-cutting-edge

I interviewed Kerry’s nurse manager who wished to not be identified.

restaurants located in hot spots as far away as the Dominican Republic

Kerry’s physician at Lou Ruvo Brain Center for Brain Health/Cleveland

and as close as the several he owned right here in his home base of

Clinic, Dr. Ryan Walsh, declined to be interviewed for this story.

Las Vegas.

THE PATH TO PHOENIX TEARS In December 2013 he would again make headlines but it was to be a

Kerry, who will be 60 years old in June, has lived with the disease

much different kind of news story. Kerry would share with the world

for seven years although it was not officially diagnosed as MSA until

that he had been diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) – causing the renowned chef to experience a

the fall of 2013 (MSA is notoriously hard to diagnose as it is commonly mistaken for Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) or

much different kind of fanfare.

multiple sclerosis (MS)). Over the years Kerry has tried various treatments to combat his MSA

Kerry would become the face of the little-known

diagnosis but hasn’t met with much success.

disease that is a more severe and aggressive form of Parkinson’s and affects only about

Doctors originally thought, prior to Kerry’s

four in 100,000 people. MSA is a very rare

MSA diagnosis, that cancer was attacking

degenerative neurological disorder associated

his spine to the point where they gave him

with nerve cells in specific areas of the brain.

chemotherapy. As for the most cutting edge of

This cell degeneration causes problems with

treatments, stem cell therapy, was administered

movement, balance, and other autonomic

to Kerry at Mayo Clinic in early 2014.

functions of the body such as bladder control and blood-pressure regulation. At this time, there is no cure for MSA and no known way to prevent the disease from getting worse. The goal of treatment is to control the symptoms.

In an effort to bring Kerry relief from the effects of MSA, Jason Strange, Kerry’s primary caregiver, looked into various forms of medicinal cannabis. He finally settled on Phoenix Tears, also known as Rick Simpson Hemp Oil, which is a potent and sedative

And that’s where our story begins.

purified decarboxylated cannabis resin with 95 to 98 percent THC.

But not before I explain the parameters of my interview with Kerry

“It’s a methodology followed by tincture oil developed by Rick

which took place on February 10 at his home. Once an avid runner and

Simpson. It is slowly starting to garner attention in the medical

biker well-known for living a healthy lifestyle, Kerry is now confined to

community. More so in Europe because they have had more

a wheelchair and his speech so impaired and garbled that one of his

flexibility recently to do experimentation and perform clinical

caregivers, Jason Strange, a longtime friend who is not a nurse and

observations medicinally, but there has just been a plethora of

does not have any medical training, did most of the talking regarding

anecdotal evidence for various types of patients for this type of

Kerry’s use of medicinal marijuana. One of Kerry’s business partners,

preparation to cure a wide assortment of ailments,” Ari Farar, one of

Ari Farah, was also present during our February 10th interview to

Kerry’s business partners in a dispensary he is involved with, explains

discuss some of the chef’s related investment interests in a dispensary.

of Phoenix Tears.


May 2015 elevatenv.com

e “A lot of people had recommended it,” Jason adds of Phoenix Tears.

Kerry’s movement specialist for the last year-and-a-half, Peter Pinto of

“We went for the strongest one because the disease was attacking him

FitLife Fusion, was surprised by his patient’s reaction to Phoenix Tears. “A

aggressively so we wanted to attack the disease aggressively. There is no

few weeks into the Phoenix Tears, he had rewound time about four to six

real damage or effect this can ever have on his body so we were like let’s

months back to where he was,” Peter explains of Kerry’s physical condition.

go for it and see what happens.”

“He was having an easier time talking, he was having an easier time communicating, he was far more alert. He was able to get out of the chair

Kerry started using Phoenix Tears eight months ago, receiving it orally

a bit more, and he was walking around with me more. It was intriguing to

three times per day: morning, noon and night. He also takes cannabidiol

say the least. I felt like all of a sudden he turned time back.”

Kerry, pictured with caregiver and longtime friend Jason Strange, demonstrates his mobility during our interview on February 10.

(CBD) tablets twice a day which is a compound in cannabis that counters


the psychoactive effects of THC. In addition, Kerry takes CDP or citicoline

When I ask Jason what kind of relief the medicinal marijuana cocktail of

once a day to mitigate or reduce cannabis intoxication.

Phoenix Tears, CBD and CDP brings the celebrity chef, Kerry pipes right up and says “sleep” before Jason can even answer.

The effects from Phoenix Tears were quick and very real. “When we first tried it, it immediately put him to sleep and he got a little high so we

Jason looks over at Kerry and agrees. “Yes, it’s sleep because it brings his

adjusted it with CBD pills because that wakes him up. We saw deliberate

body to rest. It brings him to ease because this disease that he is fighting

motion, we saw his appetite increase, and we saw all these things that we

is a degenerative growth type of thing in his brain. His body is constantly

wanted to have happen start to happen,” reveals Jason.

active in ways where he doesn’t want it to be. Him being restless all day and restless through the nights is very taxing on his system. So, for him, it

According to Jason, most positive were the effects medicinal cannabis had

allows his whole body to calm down.

on his neurological condition. “When people say getting high slows you down and mellows you out that’s a good thing for Kerry,” Jason explains

“And he is feeling good why he is doing it and he should feel good --

of medicinal marijuana’s effect on lessening Kerry’s tremors. “I guess you

there’s no problem with that. It alleviates the pain to his heart and his mind

would kind of compare it to someone who has ADD because they can’t

that comes with a disease like this. It’s a great side effect and it helps with

concentrate, they can’t sit still because their bodies are freaking out.”

depression on so many levels. It puts your mind in a different state and


May 2015 elevatenv.com

e you will be able to deal with things on an easier level. You just concentrate

everything that wasn’t working,” says Jason. “And you didn’t even have to

on the things you need to concentrate on and not all the ifs, ands, or buts

look that far to see the changes and find something that’s going to do this,

that are associated with it.”

this and this. Although it was so frustrating to know we let it progress this far when this was available the whole time.”

Kerry’s movement specialist, Peter, also observed positive signs resulting from Kerry’s medicinal cannabis regimen. “His condition has progressed


slightly but not nearly like it had been and he still has good days and

I ask Kerry if he ever smoked marijuana recreationally at any point in his life.

bad days,” Peter explains of Kerry, who he sees three times a week for

He furiously shakes his head no quickly telling me in one succinct phrase

45 minutes at a time. “In terms of how effective Phoenix Tears has been

that he lived “very healthy.” I tell him that I find that a bit ironic as it is quite

so far, it’s one of the only things that have made a big difference in

well-known he treated his body as a temple and he is now using marijuana

his condition.”

to heal it. He quickly nods in agreement. I ask if he considers himself an activist between his non-profit organization, Fight MSA (fightmsa.org),

Others on Kerry’s medical team are more skeptical of the relief medicinal

and now a public user of medical cannabis. He replies in a garbled voice,

marijuana is bringing the chef. “The only thing we have noticed is that his

“I never thought of that.”

tremors have become a little less,” explains Kerry’s nurse manager for the last year-and-a-half, a R.N. who wished not to be identified and does not

Kerry might not have thought of it, but Ari has. “We want to garner

condone Kerry’s use of medicinal cannabis.

attention and get it to the point where there are actual clinic style studies,” he says of Kerry’s use of Phoenix Tears. “One of the best benefits of a


prominent figure like Kerry Simon trying it and having success and seeing

“We treat, we don’t cure,” Jason says of Western medicine. Ari agrees, explaining that “oftentimes with pharmaceuticals, you have to take other medications just to deal with the side effects of the other pills. It’s just a perpetual thing, you are trying to combat one thing caused by another. Phoenix Tears does a good job of accomplishing what some of these other pharmaceutical meds are attempting to do on the positive side without the negatives ones.” Jason explains that with those positive attributes in mind “we are setting up a roadmap for Mr. Simon as far as his illness is concerned with MSA and how we can alleviate the use of pharmaceuticals and move toward a more medicinal or herbal way to treat him. The fact is he doesn’t need the things that have attacked his nervous system. There’s a medical way to do it with a plant rather than all these chemicals.” Even though Jason hopes to move Kerry away from traditional pharmaceuticals, according to Kerry’s nurse manager, “he is still taking conventional medicine prescribed by his physicians.” But Jason remains undaunted. “What we are doing now with the Phoenix Tears is more about [relieving pain, helping with sleep and lessening tremors]. It was such a relief to see something actually work after

Kerry pictured with caregiver Linda Strange demonstrating his exercises.

May 2015 elevatenv.com


e positive results is that it hopefully will lend credence where the medical community will take note and actually put some effort into it.” With regard to Kerry’s MSA fight and use of medicinal cannabis, it is a potential development his fellow MSA sufferers can look to for finding a little bit of relief. “The outlook was bleak,” explains Jason of the lack of progress in finding a cure for, or even a treatment to slow down, MSA. “With Kerry doing it, it puts a prominent figure in this environment. Everything he is dealing with from creating awareness for MSA to the medical marijuana and even his diet – all of these different things in combination is what is making him feel better and that’s what he is bringing a lot of awareness to.” The combination of Kerry’s celebrity status and his fundraising efforts led to a Global MSA Research Roadmap Conference which was held at the city’s Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health/ Cleveland Clinic last November. Key thought leaders from four continents, 12 countries, 30 academic institutions, 15 pharmaceutical companies and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) were in attendance. The roadmap meeting was inspired by chef Kerry Simon and was held so the MSA Advocacy Working Group Panel could present their recommendations for future advocacy initiatives, according to msaawareness.org. Kerry’s advocacy and fundraising efforts have also kick-started a comprehensive clinic for MSA at the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. The clinic will utilize the best neuroimaging diagnostic tools available and provide patient services to manage symptoms.

DISPENSING THE HEALING But it’s not just not an MSA Clinic at Lou Ruvo Center and fundraising endeavors that Kerry has been toiling away on to the betterment of the MSA community. Kerry has also joined forces with a local dispensary where he will not only be sharing his success using medicinal marijuana, but the Culinary Institute of America graduate will also be sharing his cooking talents. As medical marijuana dispensaries begin to open throughout Nevada during the next year, patients who visit Red Rock

20 May 2015 elevatenv.com

e Wellness will find a selection of gourmet edibles that might look familiar.

In addition to specialized customer service, Red Rock Wellness will focus on

Kerry will be recreating many of his signature dishes, including his famous

edibles. With a couple thousand feet set aside for a kitchen, the dispensary will

Dessert Platter, for Red Rock Wellness.

have the capacity to do a lot of different things including offering fresh cookies daily that patients can purchase while they are waiting to fill prescriptions.

“I was trying to think of prominent local business owners who might be a good fit because the city wanted us to have established people. I thought

“As far as his finer dishes we are going to use Cannabinoid oil to create not

of Kerry, it was kind of like a no-brainer especially with the edibles, and I

something that will necessarily get you high as much as it might help your

also knew he was starting to dabble in it for his condition. So I kind of threw

well-being and you can eat on a daily basis,” Jason explains when mentioning

it out there to see if they were interested and if it made sense,” explains

a high-end salad being created by Kerry for the dispensary’s menu. (You can

Ari, spokesman for Red Rock Wellness, of how Kerry became aligned with

check out one of Kerry’s cannabis recipes on page 22.)

the dispensary. Whether it’s creating Red Rock Wellness, LLC


(tentatively named at


this time) has been

partnering with, paving

approved for a grow


and manufacture license

MSA patients with his







the he



is other of

and has a pending

medicinal cannabis or

dispensary license with

giving a once little-

the city of Las Vegas


but did not receive one

prominent face – these

from the state. In turn,


things are still in limbo


for the operation but

are all still secondary.

plans are starting to take shape. They have a

The Ari Farah, Jason Strange, and Kerry discuss the medicinal properties of cannabis.




consequential, most


thing Kerry Simon is doing right now is

facility at APEX and

fighting for his life.

their retail location will eventually open at Bonanza and Main.

“He is just hanging in there, fighting and looking for a cure. He is fighting this thing every day. And that’s the main thing that I see, anybody who

“We are doing a full breadth of products whether its flower for smoking or

has this disease, who has progress in their day, are the fighters,” Jason

extracts. It will be various things, we are very open-minded and concerned

theorizes. “You can have whatever you want in your system and have a

about the patient experience,” Ari explains. “Every patient may react

support group of people around you that love and care about you but

differently to what the strain is or the preparation of the medicine. For

you must be involved in your own fight and your own struggle and not

each patient we are going to keep a track record. There might be a little

give up.

bit of try some of this, try some of that. We are going to try and find that sweet spot of what helps someone the most because it is early on in the

“It’s his will, his morale and the people around him – it’s a combination of

science and experimentation side and we want to contribute to that and

things but it mostly has to do with him. As with anything that he did or

make notes and make it available for other people to use. It’s going to be

anything he has applied himself to with the restaurants and so on, he’s also

a by-patient basis so we can give them the best medicine for whatever

doing it with MSA and not letting this beat him. He is doing anything he can

their ailment may be.”

to fight back.”


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Inspired by Kerry’s story and his courageous fight against MSA? You can show your support and donate to his non-profit organization by visiting www.fightmsa.org.

Cooking with Cannabis Elevated Avocado Chocolate Pudding by chef Kerry Simon 1 pound of ripe avocados, remove skin and pits


4 ounces maple syrup

Using a food processor, blend all ingredients except for the

4 tablespoons sugar

cocoa powder until smooth and creamy. Add cocoa powder

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

gradually and blend until smooth.

1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar 1/2 teaspoon soy sauce

Chill for one hour. Serve with your favorite tropical fruit

1 cup cocoa powder

or berries.

1 1/2 tablespoons cocoa butter melted 1 1/2 tablespoons THC/CBD butter melted

Recipe can be made with or without THC/CBD.

(Level of THC/CBD should be easy on the system and able to increase regularly for an individual’s specific protocol. The above is merely a suggested amount of THC/CBD quantity.)* *Please remember that when you cook with medical cannabis you are cooking with a drug and the amounts and sizes of the drug and portions of the food ingested should always be taken into consideration. Always start out with small portions or doses and wait 30 minutes to an hour before eating any additional portions. 22 May 2015 elevatenv.com

MUNCHIES made easy

Tivoli Village 450 S. Rampart Blvd. Suite 120 Las Vegas, NV 89145 Across from main valet and Brio 702.722.2000 | made-lv.com MadeLVTavern




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BOUND BY DEMOCRACY Writer: Abby Tegnelia

First, a confession: I loathe recreational marijuana. I don’t like the

Before the law bypassed the meddling Congress to pass at the

smell of it, and it pains me to see people hacking up a lung after

end of February (with the support of such power players as

having smoked it. (“This stuff never makes me cough, I swear!”) I also

Nancy Pelosi), D.C.’s mayor, Muriel Bowser, gave a rousing press

don’t like how anti-social it is, sending people outside to smoke while

conference that dryly encouraged, “Congress to not be so

I sip my wine indoors alone.

concerned about overturning what 7 out of 10 voters said should be the law in the District of Columbia.”

Some might think this makes me an unlikely advocate for its legalization in either medicinal or recreational form. And it does, I

Congress, stay out of it. If laws are in place to support something

guess, because I do not, in any way, shape or form, exactly approve

that legally reached the ballot to begin with, it is awful to watch

of ingesting marijuana for fun. It’s just not my thing. But I also

you try to use an unwieldy spending bill and a splash of legalese to

don’t think that matters at all in today’s current state of affairs. And

try to block it.

thus we wade into politics, starting with one particular incident – in our nation’s fine capital, no less – that has me all riled up.

The legalization of marijuana in the U.S. is happening, whether you (or I) like it (“it” meaning marijuana) or not.

It’s no secret that our government isn’t winning popularity contests these days, with more and more voters throwing up their

I don’t care if you yourself could “never” go through with an

hands and staying home from the polls rather than pick either

abortion; women should have the right to have one. I don’t care if

party. And one issue that really makes my blood boil: when

your church doesn’t believe in gay marriage, because we live in

smug politicians pit themselves against those Americans who do

a country that claims separation of church and state – you

make it to the polls. So a recent kerfuffle in Washington, D.C.

should fight for the rights of others regardless of who you

has me in an irate state of mind.

personally want to walk down the aisle with. And if medicinal marijuana helps some patients feel better, it is their right to

Initiative 71 passed last November in Washington, D.C., legalizing

decide whether or not to partake.

small amounts of marijuana. A whopping 70 percent of voters voted for it, and yet Congress immediately tried to block it, using a

I’m happy to discuss sometime over cocktails – whether or not

spending bill, of all things, as a shield.

you join me in a glass of wine or are a teetotaler who sticks to juice. But thank you for keeping that one on the books, as there

It made headlines across the country, causing Americans again to stop

was a time I wouldn’t have even been able to enjoy my Pinot Noir

and consider how our “democracy” is really defined. I mean, what’s

or a good martini. Now it’s time to be open to something else –

the point of voting if the government (who, let’s face it, no one trusts

whether you have experience with it or not.

anymore) can just “override” the vote of the people based on politics? Marijuana legalization is a brave new world, yes. But we’re America. So Washington, D.C. found itself in a pickle.

25 May 2015 elevatenv.com

We’ve got this. e

e 1





ELEVATE YOUR STATE Medicinal cannabis updates from across the United States


GEORGIA The Georgia legislature approved a bill on March 26 that Republican Governor Nathan Deal will sign legalizing a non-smoking form of medical marijuana for patients with seizure disorders and seven other medical conditions. The bill would allow patients with diseases including cancer and multiple sclerosis to use a non-intoxicating oil derived known as a CBD from the marijuana plant.


IOWA On March 26 members of the Iowa Senate voted to establish a comprehensive medical cannabis program seeking relief from debilitating diseases and conditions. “This is a very important bill,” said Sen. Bill Dotzler, D-Waterloo, before a 9-5 vote by the Senate Ways and Means Committee that would authorize the production and dispensing of medical cannabis for expanded uses and medical conditions. “People’s


NEW JERSEY The state of New Jersey has recently added PTSD as one of the qualifying illnesses for a medicinal marijuana card. The resolution (ACR-


lives, I believe, are at stake and their health and well-being is at stake.”

NORTH CAROLINA After passionate testimony, North Carolina says their state will not be legalizing medicinal marijuana anytime soon. “Legalizing

224) approved in a 44-20 vote would also reverse the requirement that

marijuana for medical purposes is both unnecessary and a slippery

a list be made public of all physicians willing to recommend patients to

slope. We oppose House Bill 78. It could open the door to legalizing

the program – a step that has kept some doctors from joining out of

marijuana for recreational use, which we do not want in this state,”

fear they will alienate other patients or partners.

said Tami Fitzgerald, spokesman for NC Values Coalition.

26 May 2015 elevatenv.com



e MINNESOTA A recent Minnesota Department of Health informal survey of 1,361 potential participants in the Minnesota Medical Cannabis program found about half of the interested users reported their qualifying condition as multiple sclerosis or severe muscle spasms. The state expects to begin enrolling patients in the program by June. MDH Assistant Commissioner Manny Munson-Regala said the law requires manufacturers to have



at least one distribution site open by July 2015 and the remaining three by July 2016.

OHIO Ohio is making a run at legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational use. A group named ResponsibleOhio is trying to collect more than 300,000 signatures to put the amendment to a vote in November. If approved, Ohio will join Colorado, Washington,

7 8

Oregon, and Alaska in legalizing marijuana as a recreational drug.

HAWAII On March 25 Hawaii’s Senate Health and Public Safety committees passed House Bill 321 that would create medical marijuana dispensaries and production centers in each Hawaii county. But first, lawmakers amended the bill to allow dispensaries to begin operating next year. Senator Josh Green, who chairs the Health Committee, wants potential dispensary


owners to be able to grow and prepare their product starting this fall.

NEVADA Democratic State Senator Tick Segerblom sponsored a bill that would allow pet owners to get medicinal marijuana for their pet if their veterinarian certifies the animal has an illness that might be alleviated by the drug. The proposal is in its earliest stages and faces several


legislative hurdles before it could become law. The pot-for-pets provision of SB372 is part of a larger bill that would overhaul the state’s medical marijuana law, removing penalties


for drivers who have marijuana in their blood and requiring training for dispensary owners.

WASHINGTON, DC Hundreds of city residents lined up for “seed share” – an exchange program that helps cannabis enthusiasts grow it at home. “It really does mark the conclusion of the D.C. Cannabis Campaign. We’ve accomplished our goals. It’s simply about the people who have


been buying marijuana from the underground economy,” Adam Eidinger, head of the D.C. Cannabis Campaign, said. “If they grow it, sometime later this year they won’t have to buy it anymore from the underground economy.”


CALIFORNIA San Diego’s first permitted medical marijuana dispensary opened on March 18 in an Otay Mesa strip mall near the international border. The opening allows residents to buy cannabis from an authorized shop in San Diego for the first time since California voters approved the use of medical marijuana in 1996. San Diego joins nearly 50 other cities in California that offer a process to legitimize medical marijuana dispensaries, but it is the only city in this county to do so.

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Q&A e

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MEDICAL MARIJUANA On November 7, 2000 voters in Nevada passed Question 9, amending the state constitution to sanction medical cannabis with 65 percent of the people voting yes and 35 percent voting no. After 13 years of waiting, on June 12, 2013 Governor Brian Sandoval signed S.B. 374 into law which fulfills the state constitution’s mandate that the legislature provide for appropriate methods of supply for

QUESTION: Can state or local police arrest me for using medical marijuana in Las Vegas? ANSWER: Yes, the police can and will arrest you if you violate Nevada’s marijuana laws even if you are a medical marijuana patient. If you have questions regarding Nevada’s medical marijuana laws you should consult with an attorney.


medical marijuana. With the law in place, dispensaries all over the state are set to open this year.

ANSWER: After our physician has determined your eligibility (with a qualifying medical condition), we will submit your application to the State. If approved for a medical marijuana card, you will be allowed to use marijuana medicinally within legal limits.



QUESTION: Do I need a physician or a lawyer to apply to the Nevada Medical Marijuana Program?


ANSWER: You need a physician licensed in the state of Nevada to recommend you for the Nevada Medical Marijuana Program and to sign off on your application. The Nevada State Health Division does not make any medical assessments with regard to your application. Only a physician makes the determination whether you suffer from a disease protected under the Nevada Medical Marijuana Program.

28 May 2015 elevatenv.com

QUESTION: How does the Nevada Medical Marijuana Program work?

QUESTION: How much marijuana can you possess? ANSWER: . Currently, the Nevada MMJ license allows you to grow 12 plants, purchase 2.5 oz. every two weeks and possess 2.0 oz. at any given time.

QUESTION: What medical conditions qualify me for the Nevada Medical Marijuana Program?



ANSWER: Recognized conditions in Nevada are as follows: AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, PTSD, or any condition that causes muscle spasms, seizures, severe nausea, severe pain, or cachexia (disease-caused weight loss and malnutrition).

QUESTION: How does marijuana work in your body?

ANSWER: Scientists in the past several years have discovered what is known as cannabinoid receptors, found in parts of the brain and spinal cord. Not only can they play a part in pain control, they also help control the vomiting reflex, appetite, emotional responses, motor skills and memory formation. If you have questions, contact marketing@drreefer.net www.drreefer.net 702.428.0000


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of Colombian Gold, Thai, and a Swiss landrace strain, users depend

Treats: inflammation, sleep and digestive disorders

on Harlequin to provide clear-headed, alert sativa effects. Unlike most

At a government-sanctioned cannabis cultivation facility in

high CBD strains, Harlequin almost always develops a CBD:THC ratio

northern Israel, researchers at Tikun Olam have developed Avidekel,

of 5:2, making this strain one of the most effective for treatment of

which, at zero percent THC and 15.8 percent CBD, provides all

pain and anxiety, as CBD counteracts THC’s paranoia while amplifying

of the healing power of cannabidiol with no discernible high.

its painkilling properties. Harlequin is well known for its ability to relax

Avidekel has shown promise in treating a variety of conditions with

without sedation, and to relieve without intoxication.

minimal side effects. “The cannabis plant, enriched with CBD, can


be used for treating diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, liver inflammation, heart disease and diabetes,” explained Ruth Gallily, professor of immunology, at Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Sour Tsunami Treats: pain and inflammation Sour Tsunami is a strain that became popular because it was one of the first to be specifically bred for high CBD rather than THC content. The result is a

Charlotte’s Web

strain that’s effective at treating pain and inflammation without producing

Treats: seizures

a significant “high” that is linked to high THC. Sour Tsunami CBD levels test

Charlotte’s Web is a sativa marijuana strain that has gained

as high as 10 or 11 percent, while THC is usually under 10 percent.

popularity as an option for treating epileptic seizures. Charlotte’s


Web’s medical potency is due to its high CBD content, which was specifically cultivated by a pair of Colorado breeders, the Stanley Brothers, for a young epileptic patient named Charlotte. Charlotte’s Web is believed to be the highest CBD strain in the world with 20 percent CBD and less than 0.5 percent THC. As of September 2014, Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil can legally be shipped to all 50 states because the oil contains less

than the maximum THC allowed for

food products, legislation.

according to federal hemp


Jamaican Lion Treats: pain, anxiety, and inflammation Jamaican Lion is a high CBD sativa strain with a concentration of 9 percent CBD and 6 percent THC. Jamaican Lion’s creator first brought the strain to California in 2007, where it was distributed to patients because it induces mild psycho-

activity despite its low THC

content. Few strains compare

to Jamaican Lion as it

eases pain, anxiety, and

inflammation without

intoxication or

mental cloudiness. medicalseeds.com e

Harlequin Treats: pain and anxiety Harlequin is a 75/25 sativadominant strain renowned for its reliable expression of CBD. A descendant

Source: Leafly.com

To find CBDs specific to your condition or educate yourself more fully on their healing properties, visit projectcbd.org.



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e DISPENSARY LOCATIONS COVER THE VALLEY Medical marijuana establishments planning to open in 2015 LAS VEGAS Silver Sage Wellness 4626 W. Charleston Blvd. Nevada Wellness Project 823 S. Third St. Commerce Park Medical 1112 S. Commerce St. NuVeda 1320 S. Third St. Serenity Wellness Center 1800 S. Industrial Rd. Blum LV 1921 Western Ave. Naturex 1860 Western Ave. Releaf 2242 Paradise Rd. Nevada Wellness Center 3200 S. Valley View Blvd. Desert Aire of Las Vegas 420 E. Sahara Ave. Nuleaf Dispensary 4500 W. Charleston Blvd.



NORTH LAS VEGAS Cheyenne Medical 2755 W. Cheyenne Ave. NuVeda 2113 Las Vegas Blvd. North Reef Dispensaries 1366 W. Cheyenne Ave. Waveseer of Las Vegas 5530 N. Decatur Blvd. HENDERSON Great Basin Care 4300 E. Sunset Rd.


UNINCORPORATED CLARK COUNTY Clear River 1975 Casino Drive, Laughlin Euphoria Wellness 7780 Jones Blvd., Las Vegas Gravitas Nevada 7885 W. Sahara Ave., Las Vegas Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary 2520 Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas Nevada Organic Remedies 6877 W. Sahara Ave., Las Vegas TGIG 4647 Paradise Rd., Las Vegas The Clinic Nevada D1 4070 Arville St., Las Vegas Integral Associates 5765 W. Tropicana Ave., Las Vegas LVMC 6332 S. Rainbow Blvd., Las Vegas CWNevada 6540 Blue Diamond Rd., Las Vegas Just Quality 4235 Arctic Spring Ave., Las Vegas Global Harmony 5630 Stephanie St. Las Vegas Fidelis Holdings 3325 Pepper Lane, Las Vegas Desert Inn Enterprises 2900 E. Desert Inn Rd., Las Vegas Nev Medical Marijuana Dispensary 4240 W. Flamingo Rd., Las Vegas Nevada Holistic Medicine 4660 S. Decatur Blvd., Las Vegas GB Sciences Nevada 4850 S. Fort Apache Rd., Las Vegas The MedMen of Nevada 4380 Boulder Hwy., Las Vegas MediFarm 1130 E. Desert Inn Rd, Las Vegas NuLeaf Clark Dispensary 430 E. Twain Ave., Las Vegas Approved by state and city or county Tryke Companies SO NV 3400 Western Ave., Las Vegas Wellness Connection of Nevada 3615 Spring Mountain Rd., Las Vegas Approved by county but not state MediFarm 3650 Decatur Blvd., Las Vegas LivFree Wellness 5155 Dean Martin Dr., Las Vegas MM Development Company 4810 Sunset Rd., Las Vegas NATURX 9120 W. Post Rd., Las Vegas




Approved by state but not county Approved by city

Approved by state and city or county

Approved by state but not county

Approved by county but not state

Approved by city

*Not all dispensary addresses were available for confirmation at press time.

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Elevate Nevada | May 2015 | The Inaugural Issue  

THE FACE OF MSA KERRY SIMON Former Denver Bronco reveals NFL’s secret to pain management Health Breakthrough: CBDs bring the healing witho...

Elevate Nevada | May 2015 | The Inaugural Issue  

THE FACE OF MSA KERRY SIMON Former Denver Bronco reveals NFL’s secret to pain management Health Breakthrough: CBDs bring the healing witho...

Profile for elevatenv