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Bred in-house by Clade9 for Virtue Las Vegas, it’s a creamy, citrusy, euphoric hybrid of Mel’s Bubblegum, Sour Bubble, Double Dream and Lemon Haze. Let this mellifluous mélange spark joy in your home or bar come game day and watch everything come up diamonds for laser-like focus at tipoff.


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KABUNKY CHEW GUMMIES Kabunky Chew Gummies are a great choice for watching sports because they offer the euphoric and medicinal properties of cannabis without having to smoke flower or concentrates. Whether you're hosting a game

party or attending a live event, they are discreet and potent. “The relaxed feeling our Gummies provide is the perfect counterpoint to the over-excitement sports can induce, especially when your team's losing,” says Nevada MMJ’s Josh Ranck, noting that the most popular flavors are green apple and peach. Kabunky Chew Gummies relax the body from head to toe and are often reached for when needing pain management and a sleep aid—but their powers to boost concentration also cannot be overlooked especially when compared to alcohol, another gameday favorite. “Trade that aggressive alcohol buzz for the gentle euphoria cannabis provides and you'll definitely see a big difference in the way you enjoy the [viewing experience],” Ranck says of the gummies that have 8.6 mg of THC per serving. Terpenes in this product include caryophyllene for its anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties, which keeps you calm when the stakes get high. Humulene for its appetite suppressant properties, which helps you to not eat every bite of food your host puts out. And pinene for its mental focus and memory boosting properties, which help you enjoy the social experience more between innings.

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