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JUST DESSERTS! Enjoy a taste of the sweetest cannabis in Nevada By Justin Alexander


atients as well as recreational users are finding themselves in consensus with Scottish journalist B.C. Forbes who famously said: “Work is the meat of life, pleasure the dessert.” The world of cannabis is increasingly turning to dessert flavor profiles as they develop new strains. It’s a win-win with the obvious upside of less calories in combination with therapeutic benefits. In fact, reaching for a dessert strain at the end of the day satisfies not only a palate-craving after-dinner sweetness, but also a mind and body ready to unwind. Nevada’s cultivations and dispensaries are taking notice of users’ desire to end their day on a sweet note. “Many patients and consumers have told us that they now prefer cannabis over cocktails, so I would definitely say that dessert style strains are becoming more popular in consumers’ evening routines,” notes Jillian Nelson, operations manager for Evergreen Organix.

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