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The author envisions a dimly lit room with comfy papasan chairs, cozy beanbag chairs, and cushy loveseats as the main décor for a “coming down” sanctuary created especially for cannabis novices who have over-enjoyed marijuana edibles.

OMG! THC in the ER!

Novice cannabis users’ naivety about edibles result in need for invention of "coming down" sanctuaries


by Deborah Costella, aka Cosmic Muffin

t’s beginning to happen, but no one’s openly talking about it. Except when the scenario is inflammatory, then it makes news. It’s a phenomenon that results in states that have recently introduced recreational marijuana and brought edibles into the market. With the entry of cannabis in the marketplace the truism -- the greater the freedoms given, the more vital education and experience become -- appears to be applicable. This concept applies to almost everything in the cannabis world but is especially true when novices are considering which products, strains, and potencies to purchase for an evening or weekend of fun and recreation. Arming oneself with information and knowledge becomes vital when seeking alternative medications and remedies. Consider those stoners from the ‘60s and ‘70s who have been working on their weed-ucation for years. There are some who have earned their doctorates on the subject. Whether they take a couple of hits off their bong prior to heading to the office in the morning

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