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JULY 1, 2017


Opening The Dispensary in Reno to recreational marijuana users on July 1, 2017 was “pandemonium and awesomeness all at the same time,” says Manager Jeff Grossman. “We had lines out the building, wrapped around, and tents set up outside where we offered beverages and a barbeque.” Overall, The Dispensary accommodated more than a thousand people that day who were mainly buying flower and pre-rolls with a bit of hysteria in the backroom as budtenders tried to sell everything they could without totally running out of product. “(The transition from) medical to rec sales is not even in the same ballpark, it was an immense jump. In the medical market people still need to obtain an MMJ card so that keeps it limited,” observes Grossman. On that same day, Mynt Cannabis Dispensary in Downtown Reno also experienced a huge uptick in business. “I showed up and there was already a line around the block, it was busy from the start. There was awesome energy, it being a day to make history. The most common thing I heard was from the older crowd saying, ‘we’ve been waiting for this our whole lives’,” says Mynt Supervisor Kayla Fiore, who adds, “people waited 45 minutes to an hour to get in. We had water bottles and stuff for them, but they were just amped to be there.” “Many Nevadans spent their whole lives here with the strictest laws in the state (on cannabis), so to be able to go out and get the help they need…it’s huge,” recalls Cayden Martilla, another Mynt supervisor. “March 9, 2017 was when we opened up medicinally and I would say business went up 180 percent due to the legalization of rec use.” While Reno was on the ball with getting everything in place by July 1, Sparks dispensaries were a few weeks behind them. In mid-July, after the Sparks City Council passed a new business application, most of its dispensaries opened up their recreational marijuana counters immediately. “We went live on July 15 -- it was a good day, we did a lot of transactions and there was a lot of education,” says Steve Duque, vice president of Sparks’ Greenleaf Wellness. “We were a couple of weeks behind Reno but people were very excited to try out our products in Sparks. We had a couple hundred people, it was a tremendous boost in business.” As the newness of the rec use law is starting to wear off, Duque is seeing customers starting to settle in, finding their favorite dispensary and products. “We see a lot of repeat business,” he says. Over in North Lake Tahoe, it was obvious when rec

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