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infused Hot Sauce and BBQ Sauce are the quintessential ingredients for a cannabis barbeque. They’re allAmerican,” enthuses Evergreen Organix’ Jillian Nelson of the two products made exclusively for Essence Cannabis Dispensary, and each testing in at 1.5 mg THC. “We wanted to create products that elevated the typical barbeque experience, products that were easy to use and versatile so that DIY edibles would be more manageable for cannabis home cooks. We also dosed the sauces at 100 mg each so that a bottle could be used between multiple servings.” Sauce your ribs and save some for later or sneak a taste with a little pinky dip and kick back, relax and enjoy the effects. For a more controlled dosage, mix the “special” sauce with a noninfused variety in equal parts. “Our sauces delve into the savory and spicy realm of edibles,” adds Nelson. As an added bonus, Evergreen Organix has posted some yummy recipes on its blog for inspiration, visit to check out their sizzling cannabis BBQ recipes.

MEDIZIN’S ANIMAL COOKIES LIVE RESIN During the dog days of summer, look no further than the calming and euphoric effects of Medizin’s Animal Cookies Live Resin, testing in at 70.2 percent THC and 2.74 mg CBD. Live resin, a cannabis concentrate that is extracted from freshly flash-frozen cannabis, retains the terpenes, thus, the flavor and aroma of the living plant. The terpenes that inhabit Animal Cookies include 11.18 mg myrcene, 8.09 mg limonene, 5.74 mg linalool, and 4.51 mg caryophyllene. Animal Cookies, a hybrid cross between the legendary Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG strains, “is a powerhouse strain for those looking for classic relaxed and happy effects,” says Medizin’s David Farris. “This is a perfect strain to relax and enjoy the fireworks on the Fourth of July. The calming yet euphoric effects make this strain unique. We wanted to introduce this strain because of the overall quality for a hybrid. It was important for us to deliver a sweet and sour cookies strain based on demand. We had overwhelmingly positive results with this strain; it’s one of our top varieties featured in flower, concentrates and more.” So grab your dab rig and settle down for a sweet summer surprise.

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Elevate july 2018  

Elevate july 2018  

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