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in—delivery system, bio availability, flavoring, vegan/ gluten free and carb free,” explains Renee Rand of Trew Balance. “Our goal with Trew Balance was homogeneity and purity, no dietary restrictions and we were sure to not use constituents that can make existing diagnosis or conditions worse.” Golliglee encourages anyone using CBD to stay the course for 30 to 90 days to see the full benefits in relieving severe and chronic pain.


KYND CANNABIS COMPANY’S CBD TINCTURE The CBD business is booming and there is a vested

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“When we surveyed the CBD body care market, we simply didn’t find what we were looking for. The products either didn’t work the way we’d hoped, or they were sticky or had an unpleasant smell,” says Julia Fulton of Green Growth Brands (GGB). “Our team of formulators, who have experience at companies like Bath & Body Works, Lancôme, and Unilever, brought our vision to life with the Seventh Sense line of CBD personal care products.” Smooth and non-greasy, Seven7h Sense Eucalyptus Spearmint CBD Body Lotion is a blend of chamomile, shea butter, coconut oil and 100 percent hemp-derived CBD isolate. This lotion is ideal for the dry desert climate because it is a great hydrator offering fast absorption into the epidermis. CBD topicals have also been known to act as antiinflammatories while providing a sense of relaxation with their great smell and feel. Designed to appeal to everyone with gender neutral scents, this product is for those who put self-care first. Available in retail locations across the country, there are also sugar scrubs and body washes in scents such as Orange Bergamot and Chamomile Green Tea. “GGB wanted to bring the power of this incredible plant to the masses in a line of personal care and make it not only accessible and affordable, but a delight to use. Something you would want to tell your friends about,” explains Fulton.

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